NitroDaxs (EUNE)
: New client and key fragments.
What are Key Fragments? Sorry I forgot.
: Dear LoL Community
/mute all You're welcome. :)
: [Concept de champion] Liliana, Carefree predafear
RazerX (EUW)
: Easy, make your friends cough up the money. They got you banned.
He's obviously lying, come on. lol
: Public ban appeal.
I hope you get IP banned, cheaters are the worst! Good riddance!
: Please bring in report option in champ select. So many x role or feed.
: Account security
Just don't share your login information.
: Botting accounts in Bot Games, Aram And Normal Games. How did Riot let this happen?
I never saw a bot since I started playing PvP on Summoner's Rift, no idea about the other game modes.
: Bots Making Game Unenjoyable
I had the same experience when I started playing, just add 2 friends and queue in, 3 people should be enough to easily beat beginner and intermediate bots.
: Merkai Gaming - Community.
Did you misspell you teams name in the thread title or on the banner?
antibes (EUNE)
: Feeders vs Flamers?
You can always play Normals, there is no Rank to lose there.
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: Actually, it's always 12 fragments per ~~month~~ 28 days. I always earn enough fragments to open all 4 chests. The chance of getting a fragment after 12-th really drops significantly, but it's possible to earn all 12 fragments for 2-3 weeks of 4 week period. The period starts when you earned your first fragment ever ( I guess ). Also fragments can only be earned for wins.
What's your secret?
: Key fragments
You can get 6 key fragments per month, after that it becomes virtually impossible to drop any. You basically can get 4 Hextech Chests per month, but with this system you're always 2 keys short that you'll have to buy with RP if you want to open your free Chests. If you want a skin just wait for it to go on sale or buy it directly.
: why i should be punish if you don't fix your errors
: Young urgot skin
Read the lore.
: TEAMSPEAK IN GAME. Would be really helpful
I don't want little kids cussing and screaming in my bloody ear, if a teamspeak option is ever added I am uninstalling the game and never looking back.
Byakurän (EUNE)
: I will change your life
{{champion:122}} How is this fair to the enemy team?
: It's not pay to win, but pay to get out of elo hell or get off from curse accounts. i saw my last baron steal where i was talking about O<O dude fu cking diamond 5 AGAINN and I play even better. life is soo unfair
If your account is cursed like you claim, you should visit a psychic or priest to get it cleansed.
: Can you report morons with potato computers?
I get annoyed as well when I have to wait 10 minutes in the loading screen but you have to understand not everyone is privileged enough to own a modern PC. You sound very ignorant and sheltered, kiddo.
: Is Riot okay with sites like Uproar?
Garbage website anyways, don't bother with Uproar.
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