: If you have "permaban" in title and the chatlogs in the body of the post then the ban is 100% deserved.
i wish all of u were on that game this i just unfair that %%% off was for me i didnt call anyone that
MusicaroN (EUW)
: First of all you should never put in so much money in this trash game. Secondly you should have learned that in 2019 it is best not to type in chat at all. But I agree, this is nothing more than competitive trash talk, not even Club Penguin would ban you for that, and their ban policy was pretty strict. I repeat, do not give any more money to this excuse of a game company named Riot. Let them make skins that nobody buys, let's see them struggle gaining it's community back or at least doing something for it, stop blindlessly buying every new skin when it comes out, you're a part of the problem you know.
U right i should not use money as a excuse. But the point is riot only show my chat and i was just trash talking the enmy team cause they were making jokes of me. Im not right but they are not to and if i get ban they should to.
iTiddles (EUW)
: dafuq u mean for no reason xD you literally tell people to "cry more" and flame them, if people are flaming you just mute and move on with your life, I was in your position once you're not getting unbanned my guy
are u joking? this is my chat do u know? the whole enemy team flame so much more if im getting perma why dont they get to? i repotted them for flame. they didnt got. this is not fair at all and that cry more is for the enmy team that were saying i suck %%%% and my mother jokes. oh look this is not fair at all and riot will remove it im sure
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