: Greetings forum dwellers. Let me start with my roles and role selection. Having played WoW for 6 years I grew increasingly appreciative of those players who play those roles which are required but not necessarily as fun or as rewarding as others (everyone wants to be DPS but nobody wants to tank or heal). When I started playing LoL I was already looking for a game that I could play for as long as I like and on my own demand. I could play 7 days in a row non stop if I felt like it and had time to do it but I could also just play 1 game (20-60 min) per month if time and obligations would not allow me more. Having all this in mind I asked a few mates who were already playing LoL and / or MOBA games in general. I asked them which role is least popular and of course the reply was - support. That is when I knew support would be my main role. I needed a champ who could fit more then one role as I hated being a noob again. I figured I better start by playing one champ and then advance later on (I started mid season 4). Then I needed a champion who does not get picked or banned often. In addition, I always liked a battle healer concept so taking everything above into equation - "my main champion" award goes to: {{champion:12}} (He also kind of kept me connected with The Horde) Much Tauren such moo. Mid season has brought a small rework to him and although I liked the old heal this change has made his E much more related to what he is meant to be. I always found it a bit odd that a heal was a part of tanks kit. Although he still heals heals now it is much more of a side thing then it used to be. Changes to his Q no longer being a stun will become more relevant when opponents find out how to exploit this and how much of a nerf this is. Nevertheless, Ali gives a lot of presence in battle and he fits my play style well. I was much more into dealing damage, flashy champs, assassins, mages, pew pew...when I was younger. Now I prefer to protect those who do the damage as others have protected and healed my flashy chars when I was younger.
Jesus... 3 champs not your lifestory xD
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1. {{champion:131}} cuz she got nice jokes (JUNGLE)/or anywhere {{champion:427}} cuz the dope highth and that lean tho. (Support) {{champion:254}} cuz them huge fists (2 fists one face) (Top cuz i see teemo get reaked) XD RafenDinger The Guy that couldnt get another name..


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