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: It's your first pick who will get him and then switch him with your last pick. If you're not lucky, then it happened, so what? Stuff like that is bound to happen every once in a while. You got counterpicked, there's an enemy Shaco god in the jungle, the 13/1 Draven just came up from bot lane and twoshot you. _It happens._ Doesn't mean you have to ruin the game for your own teammate. Or, doesn't mean you can't at least communicate with them. Actually, you'll still have a 30% chance that it's a Yasuo top who feeds his ass off and wins the game for you.
Okay, so what if someone on your team get's autofilled, and wants to play Teemo support with ghost and cleanse? Additionally, not all players own all champions, so it's mildly unlikely that you would get to swap champions.
: Why doe s a "Bronze Boarder" dosent exist?
Riot give Bronze players an icon, so they can choose to use it or not. Some players wouldn't WANT to show off that they were the lowest possible rank in the previous season, I mean it's not going to really make your team less likely to flame you, in fact knowing that you were bronze would just give them ammo to use.
: Because Bronze-shaming is a thing. It's not exactly an achievement to get in Bronze, since it's literally the lowest rank you can have. Even if you lose all your games you will still end up in Bronze because there is nothing below that. The idea of the boarders is to show off your achievement...and being bronze simply isn't an achievement, since you have to achieve absolutely nothing to get it. In addition to that, Bronze players are sometimes made fun of, so it's probably best for them if others don't know which rank they have.
It's also why Riot give Bronze players an icon, so they can CHOOSE weather to use it or not.
: PLEASE! Implement this to prevent champ-select trolling!
No, because if your fifth pick wants to play Yasuo, and so does their first pick, who's going to get Yasuo? Not your fifth pick. That's why bans are there.
: when you play a game for 1lp
Riot should make it so if you win a Ranked Game on 99LP it counts as a win or something
zvitor (EUNE)
: Kayn needs a buff
Why is this downvoted to shit? He's right.
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: buff kayn.
I mean, every game I've played Kayn, he literally does jack shit. His scalings are awful, and takes WAY too long into the game to actually do something useful. A rank 1 level 6 R dealing 150 base damage is REALLY awful.. He really does need a buff imo. EDIT: Also what's with the 0.1 AD ratio on his Q?? Does Rito have ANY idea how bad that is?
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: A Volunteer's contest - The Useless Contest [CLOSED - voting in progress]
: 2 week ban without any previous punishment.
I mean, what did you expect to happen if you're using racist terms? Hell man, if you're gonna flame just curse instead.
: Banned for 3rd Party Modifications
Sometimes if you have any kind of programs that interact with League in some way i.e. Curse's voice chat or maybe Elophant's application. It can count as a 3rd Party Modification. If you aren't using any scripts or what not, then it might most likely be a bug or just an error in the system.
: League of legends 14gb patching?
Might just be a bug. The actual size of League is around 2 or 3 GB if I recall correctly. Maybe just restart the installer?
Valzuuuh (EUW)
: I believe honor system is working as intended, leveling up to Honor 3 is not supposed to be fast process, it can take weeks or months. > Also I cannot see anyone else's honour level on profile. Is this a bug? I'm pretty sure this is intentional, even though i don't know why :-/
Thanks for the info! <3
iCrystie (EUNE)
: "Dark Humor Is Like a Child With Cancer, It Never Gets Old."
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Scheise69 (EUNE)
: mundos passive
{{item:3123}} Yep. This item is what makes playing against those types of Champions actually fair.
: I got S rank and i didn't get a hextech box
You can only get 4 chests per month (by getting S ranks, or players on your team getting S ranks), so you probably have already gotten 4 this month.
: TOP 10 HATED Skills
{{champion:84}} R 3 Dashes. Broken. Unfair. FUUUUUUUUUU-
: Can someone review my ?
You have the MMR of a Silver 1 Player apparently. Keep playing dude, play your best champs, potentially any carry champs if you can. You'll get out of there soon :)
SpirSgel (EUW)
: hum? Is my english that bad, Im looking for 2 mates to power lvl on 3v3 lane, not going to share my account
Ah my bad, your post doesn't give much context to what you actually want to do lol
: No i did NOT! But it's still same... Somehow?
Hm. Submit a ticket to: I've never heard of this happening in all my years haha. See what support make of this.
: Silver is cancer...
Yeah but, no matter where you are, you'll probably hate your rank unless you're Diamond 2+
SpirSgel (EUW)
: Looking for ppl to fast lvl League account EUW
It's against the EULA to give other people access to your account. Even if it's just bot games. So asking people to log onto your account and level it is indeed, against the rules.
iSeaSalt (EUW)
: Buff The Starchild
Just play another support? Soraka is MEANT for as you say, Heals, heals, and heals. You can't expect Rito to make her also have tons of crowd control as well as her ridiculous 2 second cooldown healing. She's balanced as is. You want tons of CC, play Leona or Naut. Notice they do not have ANY heals, because they have a lot of cc.
True Sight (EUNE)
: How to easily check your ping.
You could make this code into a .bat file and it would work as an efficient ping tester :)
: Silver V - 56 LP from Silver IV 19 Lp with ONLY one lose? WHY??
Not possible. Did you leave any ranked games during champion select? Usually you get a penalty loss of LP if you leave a Ranked game while in champion select. Otherwise I REALLY don't know what could've happened.
Undecisive (EUNE)
: I hate this f**king community
So, you hate the community, because an enemy Swain decided to counter-build like a good player? Okay. Then counter-build back. He buys armor, buy Lethality. In fact against Swain specifically you should get {{item:3033}} and that covers TWO factors, the armor pen AND his healing. Think dude.
: Moving to another game ?
Yeah! Curse Riot for changing your password, because they obviously always do that?
: How do auras work?
With Sona, when a player(s) enter her aura, they gain all effects of it, even if they exit the aura. With her Q specifically, it means that allies will only gain the on-hit magic damage while they are IN the aura. If they launch an auto attack, it will only deal the damage if they launch it while inside. If they leave the aura while it is travelling, it will still deal the magic damage.
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: I'm gonna spoiler this one :-( We have a 1337 filter for obvious reasons - 3 is e, 8 is b, 4 is a. Together, this makes the word "eba" - which is a naughty word in some languages. Most likely we'll do an unfilter for the client in English on this one (as it doesn't mean bad things in English! ^_^)
Huh. The more you know I guess.
Ókâmí (EUNE)
: Garbage client
Remember when everyone commented about how garbage the new GUI was? Yeah I don't either. Because players got used to it.
: It's annoying, yes. Though nowadays I use the loud sound when logging in after a patch as a "I should read the patchnotes.. AND TURN THE VOLUME DOWN BECAUSE I CAN'T HEAR MYSELF THINK."
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Kamdoro (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=RageFuel,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=2jrXmTrI,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-05-20T15:37:51.942+0000) > > Pretty sure smurfing is against the rules in almost any game. It&#x27;s not enforced, but it&#x27;s still against the rules. Link to this rule you're talking about?
: Since we got to know the item i always wanted a champion that could do this. I'd like to have this permanently! It should get some extra stats tho because if it's just a fun item why would we buy it?
TTekkers (EUW)
: Supports returning to bot lane after a warding mission .... disguised as the jungler. Jungler just showed top-side .... was top laner in disguise .... jungler ganks mid. I approve.
Exactly! It would make for such awesome plays/baits!
: Voicechat is NOT coming to League! [EDIT]
Good. If voicechat was in the game, it'd be as bad as CoD, or even worse. 8 Year olds saying they've "%%%%ed your mom" etc. Screaming into the microphone and not using any form of useful communication. Not even to mention half of your team would probably speak a different language all together anyway.
: vs. AI games
> Dear Riot, I am trying to level my smurf Pretty sure smurfing is against the rules in almost any game. It's not enforced, but it's still against the rules.
Gasburger (EUW)
: So.. why aren't we allowed to change club tags?
I agree, it is indeed very annoying. I also hate the fact that in the new client you can only create one Club. If you already have a Club, you can't create your own one, or another one.
Chara Bot (EUNE)
: pray for me
Normals or Ranked games are no harder than eachother, every matchmade gamemode is dependant on MMR. So either way, you'll be placed against the same level/skill of player in every gamemode. (Unless the chance that a premade team of 5 players with a few plats/diamonds are with them) But usually if that happens the matchmaking chooses players dependant on the Game's MMR. Which is basically an average MMR of all players who join it.
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: Man Announcer Voice
Might be for the upcoming Dark Star gamemode? Or maybe a teaser?
FearFact0r (EUNE)
: Trash New Client
Yeah I hate the percenting new client too
: I'm gonna get so much hate, but...
Hahahaha, nice one! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: The amount of games with Yas in them is huge. He wins much but loses much. Most Yasuos I get in my games have a lvl 7 mastery.
He's basically like Riven, if he does poorly, he's terrible for the rest of the game, but if he does well, he can basically single handidly win the game, which is what is unfair. Of course he should have an advantage if he's fed, but not something so huge like he has at the moment.
ExpStealer (EUNE)
: Because ego. Watch any movie or play any game related to war. One thing you'll notice is how a General, for instance, would never listen to anyone lower in the ranks, even if they're on the field and obviously have a better understanding of the situation than a General, who sits in a chair hundreds of kilometers away. Not really the best comparison, but... There are, of course, exceptions. I had some "higher ups" agreeing with me here before. But that's a rarity.
They basically think that because they're a higher rating, anyone with inferior rating has no knowledge of the game. I've played this game for 4 years now. Just because I'm stuck in Bronze and I haven't improved my skill, doesn't mean I don't know things about the game.
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