I'm plat smurf, ex diamond, ex coach of a chall team, and i'm smurfing on this silver 3 acc if u wanna join me : RageT Fawn
: Silver II Mid/Support LFT
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: [EUW] Team searching for a Support and ADC for our 5s Team! [Dia5+]
Hello i'm an experimented Support main, i play since season 1, ex Diamond 2 (max league reached in season 3) ! -Ex support player on many serious teams. -1st MENA TOURNAMENT (North Africa's ONLINE LCS ) -1st Morocco FAST CUP Tournament -1st Moroccan Cyber athlete tournament .... And the list is long ! 2014 : Best Support North Africa 2015 : Best Leader Team North Africa 2015 : Currently Coach of a Challenger Team ! PS : If being player with you seems better for me, i'll stop coaching the Chall team ! Champion pool : ALL SUPPORTS, First 6 supports on the pool : Janna , Thresh, Nautilus, Bard, Braum, Lulu Platstyle : I can play all Playstyles, deffensive, offensive, peeling mechanics, engaging, frontline ! Game Knowledge : I know pretty much every single champion, every item 1- Mechanics of Vision Control . 2- Shotcalling . 3- Decision making . 4- Strategies . _________________________________________________________________________________________________ My attitude : I accept criticism, but i will never agree about something that i know and i'm sure that its wrong that comes from anyone - My shotcalling is a bit harsh and seems like if i'm screaming as a MAD or Angry guy, but that is just my voice and way of seriousness that i got, not raging or flaming , as some people that i played with didnt like my way of shotcalling - I never flame, or get mad when losing, or mistakes made from the mates, BUT, when i tell my teammate to NOT do this, but HE ignore me and does it, and then FAIL, then, i get mad and i tilt ! I can say : I told you to not do it but u still did it and now it will makes us get behind ', but i never mean something bad, i'm a human, humans who has emotions, gets mad, happy, sad, thats the human kind and nobody can do anything about it ! i've been honnest about my attitude. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ What i dont like : I dont like people who thinks they know everything even when they are wrong or saying bullshit, that gets me mad ! I dont like people who tries to be bossy on there teammates instead of leading them ! I dont like racist people , who calls there teammates by the name of there country instead of there nicknames, who trashtalk about religions, origins ! __________________________________________________________________________________________________ When its about a 'Serious team', i'm definitly serious and i dont joke when its time to play/train, we can laugh and discuss later when we end ! Currently i'm Plat 5 but its just that i'm not making effort to climb, since i have lot of work coaching a challenger team + Coaching individual players on an organisation ! Currently i'm smurfing on "RageT Fawn" (online now) , but you can also add me on "Bora Kim", or skype : Jabawookies92 Or even facebook : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008702056198 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ About me : I'm 19 years old, i study Cinema seconde year, from Morocco Marrakech, gamer since i had 6 years old, played almost all kind of games but after i found League in Season 1, the real story began ! PS : I'm able to travel countries for big OFFLINE TOURNAMENTS
vekSLoL (EUW)
: PLAt 2 ADC looking for MAIN SUPP duo
I have a great friend who mains support his name is "Bora Kim" , he has a really great knowledge as he is a coach of a challenger team and i've seen him looking for a duoQ lately ! add him and ask : Bora Kim
: LF EUW high gold > low dia duoQ partner
Support here , experimented, maining support since season3, maining ADC since season 2, ex diamond in season 3 ! ADD : Bora Kim I play all chamopions, i main all supports, and all adc ! (I main BOTLANE in general ) I have support mechanics, vision control and all !
Jorogumo (EUW)
: What's the ideal rank for your duoQ partner? And what rank is your smurf ATM?
My smurf is named on the description : RageT Fawn, its Bronze 1 atm but should be Silver 5 once i wake up The ideal rank for my duoQ i'd accept Platinium + smurfer ! But if he is good enough to end games minute 25 i dont mind his rank !
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