: It is what it is man. Do better next year I guess
Still Missing Logic.. No Rito support around who can answer my question? Yeah i will, i wont write anything.. maybe u will get a ban for the word League or Legends :D
: its after 22 of August so if you got reported at the start of the season you still have a chance to get the rewards.
Yeah and this is bullshit.. Why is someone getting those Rewards when he/she was banned at the start of the season, but someone who was banned after 22 August wont get those Rewards? Missing Logic.. Ban is Ban.. At the Start or At the End of the Season.
Raxyel (EUW)
Its pretty damn shitty, that u wont get any rewards, 'cause u got ban after August 22.. You are playing friendly and nice the whole season and then u get one ban and u will get nothing. There is no logic?!?! Why u wont get something after THIS date? Why not the whole season? Its unfair.. What ever someone will comment.. this is bullshit and one more reason why this game sucks more and more :D


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