Sefi (EUNE)
: if this is a "i've been perma banned" post than no, you are in the 0.000006% that can't take a hint.
A hint to go make new acc and stomp noobies?
: /remake needs to be reworked
People who stand AFK, then go offline at 3:30 to never come back in the same match kinda point out that rework for the remake is long overdue. Yes, remake fixed _some_ cases. It is a good start! But there're many more out there!
SJBaggerX (EUW)
: Pls make Pyke regen scale with champion level
: Stop Playing Ezreal " ADC "
Ludens on ADC Ez? Lol! Every bronze noob knows that it's Gunblade that you should take #3.
bobymoby (EUNE)
: Eternals
They will just add Eternals to Hextech chests later. Which will further decrease skin shards' drop rate. IDK... Who ever cares about few more 'emotes'? What's their 'profit'? Is it to boast that you play long enough and paid the sum? Ehm... Okay.
: Star Guardian {{champion:79}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:54}}
Nah they don't qualify. Not enough kawaii! Star Guardian is for Urgot only!
: Pls make IBG ( Iceborn gauntlet) melee only
C'mon! All you need is to move the AoE damaging zone so that it's centered around caster, not his target. And you could do the same for both Hydras, also. 'Melee only' / 'Ranged only' property is so stupid.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: And you can counter Hextech by spreading your units.
Aye, if your items are spread wide, only some will turn off.
1000 AP (EUW)
: Hextech is why people i know stoped enjoying tft ! NERF HEXTECH
Ah! So a team of Glacials denying enemies just _everything_ via perma-freezing them was enjoyable to you, wasn't it?
: Since we're being grammar nazis here: The correct antonym to tighten is not loose. tight - loose tighten - loosen "To loose" means to set free (a beast for example) or to fire (e.g. an arrow).
Ah! That's so nice of you to explain this =)
: Silver elo is an absolute mess. Here's why:
A bit of grammar rant. > If they loose their lane Lose. It's 'lose'! Win -- Lose Tighten - Loose
: that's the value of 4 regular chests, most "heavy shoppers" (and those that actually are keeping this thing afloat) spend 100+ Euros (or whatever) a month. the occasional shoppers are of no interest to riot as they are not a reliable source of income
> the occasional shoppers are of no interest to riot as they are not a reliable source of income Ehm.... I strongly doubt that. Microtransactions (i.e. occasional spending of 3-5 euros ) are a big thing. Much bigger than you may think. Heavy payers are good. But the sheer amount of people who spend a few euros now and then is what many and many games rely upon.
: well, if you want toxic players, go on like that. wanna know what removing the "1 chest per champion" limitation would bring us? you would have: 1) no more angry players that need to win a chest or lose it because they are nearing the end of the week and are at 4 chests 2) no more toxic players that "need 300 CS to get an S" or "need the kills to get S, sry" 3) better ranked matches as people would focus more on 2 or 3 champions actually maining them to win chests instead of droppin their mains for a month since "i won the chest with him and need to play something else" which, in turn, would make people go in ranked with better knowledge of their champion (even becomeing a mastery 7 champion is useless if you have to drop him to win chests every week) for all that, Riot would lose: 500 RP a month per player. that's it. and keep in mind that those who want those free chests aren't those who spend that much money on the game otherwise they wouldn't care about a chest a week that badly, so you aren't missing anything in reality
> for all that, Riot would lose: > 500 RP a month per player. Does every player pay 500 RP per month?
realKano23 (EUNE)
: Hextech chests are a PRIVILEGE
"Privilege" is what differs a man from all other men. Something given only to you, above everyone else. Something that everyone can achieve can not be a privilege. That was one, easy thing. The other thing is not so easy: the economy of a game. Something that happens between a player and the Riot games. And this "something" is not just BE earn rate, it is bigger than that. It is an exchange of player's time for the emotions given by the game. And those emotions include not only win-loss, but also game progression that includes _all the unlocks_. I could go into details more and more... but the core idea is this: hextech chests are nowhere close to generosity, we get them only because we respond with spending more of our time. And therefore, there's no reason to take them as a gift from Rito. And therefore, any drop/gain rate in the game _can be_ discussed, without any shame.
: Star Guardian Skin 2019 Ideas?
Vote for #StarGuardianUrgot! {{champion:6}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:6}}
: You can't nerf Riven without having thousands of angry obese weebs walk out of their caves screaming they want their waifu unnerfed
Ah that's easy, you just add another "bunny riven", and voila, all is fine. Only this time it will probably be "Kitty".
: I really hate people who play a different champion EVERY game in rankeds
You can't predict their chances to win, looking at opgg? ) POOR YOU! {{sticker:cass-cry}}
Silent Note (EUNE)
: *including projectiles with CC effects Is your life happier now?
I am happy enough, thank you. But still you can't say that wunderwaffe blocks cc. CC just never get spawned. It's like much killing Sarah Connor, you see, so that you never even meet John.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: No it doesn't, and that only proves me right. Literally the first two word of your post are "Yasuo windwall". Yasuo windwall blocks projectiles, including CCs that are projectiles, meanwhile Pantheon E doesn't block anything, things like Ezreal ult will still go through Pantheon's E, he just doesn't take damage from a direction. The two things are fundamentally different, so I don't see the point in you saying that Yasuo's windwall is in Pantheon's E.
> Yasuo windwall blocks projectiles, including CCs that are projectiles Ah! No. You can't say that Yasuo wonderwall blocks cc just because it destroys projectiles carrying it. CC is not a projectile. And therefore you are wrong.
: > [{quoted}](name=Rainfollower,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=stkaQqiE,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-31T14:31:11.465+0000) > > Haven't you ever seen how version control works? > I don't know... check github, maybe? Great, you maybe what, did the job a quarter easier ? Less ? More ?
"I did", ehm? This makes no sense.... what are you trying to say?
: > [{quoted}](name=CampYourLane,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=stkaQqiE,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-07-30T20:48:43.551+0000) > > look at the patch notes and look at previous gameplay and see which version of the game the bug started in. after that, look for something that could've caused it and get the hundreds of people working with me to help. Have you ever seen what lines of code look like before writting what you wrote ?
Haven't you ever seen how version control works? I don't know... check github, maybe?
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: Cuz there are people who dodges games cuz they are autofilled to the rolled they can't or don't wanna play. So by knowing that you will play this role if you got autofilled, at least give you mentality to play the role cuz you agreed to it or if you really can not play the autofilled role than you don't play :D So the dodge rate will drop and things will be slightly better
> or if you really can not play the autofilled role than you don't play :D Ever? :D A warning? Hm. Maybe that could work. If only autofill could know beforehand, which role is going to be crucial to make a match. And I think that it makes the decision when a match is 9/10 complete, and waiting time is already too long.
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: Players who are assigned for role they don't want
> To be honest, I would be happy to wait 10 minutes to play with proper supp, than wasting 5 games to have proper fun. Oh yeah? And how about 30 minutes? And then someone dodges? You say that you are willing to trade. But this is a deal where you can't control the price, because it totally depends on how many people are there willing to play the least desired role.
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: Yeah actually this is very nice solution, I hope Riot can see this. Cuz at least by knowing what role you will most probably get, you are giving consent to play it.
I don't see how this is going to lower queue times.
: That can be considered Griefing and Griefing is reportable, so you can report on the end of game or open a ticket to riot
But no one would care. So let's hope that reporting is gonna be enough entertainment to pay for all the frustration in that game. PS: see also, Anivia, Taliyah, somewhat Trundle and Ornn, too. And all those who can shove/hook enemies out of your skillshot.
: Please dont Humiliate players because of your buggy client
Correction here: Please do not humiliate players. Full stop.
: It may be ugly, but it's no magnificent Twisted Fate or gentleman cho'gath.
Omaeka (EUW)
: TFT Glacial and Demons broken interaction with...
Glacials are terrible to fight against. Even worse when they start casting one by one: Ashe, Sejuani, Lissandra... So MUCH AoE damage, and you're just frozen solid, or your target is untargetable.
Shadi (EUW)
: Can we please bring this sort of discussion back (adding more emotes to the emote-wheel)
I'd rather use keyboard than mouse. For example, in WarThunder I 'talk' in chat pressing somewhat like t-1-3 fr "attack enemy airfield" or t-4-6 for "thanks". Or it could be /6 on numpad. Also I'd rather like them to fix the wheel so that standing still an pressing T(center) I do not click T(down) as a mistake.
: What Champions will be on Star Guardian 2019 Team?
Star Guardian {{champion:6}} to unite them all! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
xZabaksx (EUW)
: What skin would you like to be made for your main?
StarGuardianUrgot, of course! This is #1 to be done! {{champion:6}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:6}}
: Except you’ve missed a big point... I never said remove grevious wounds, I do recognise it’s important... what I’m saying is the current version is toxic and needs reworking. I’ve already said how I would do this * remove from component items, it shouldn’t be that easy * turn them into active item, could be skill shots, could be an AoE, could even be a non damaging ignite... this will supply counter play to these items allowing skilful use like what QSS has. * have them on items that people actually have to think about... All 3 are on items which people get regardless of if there’s drain tanks, these items should be situational items for your match up not things you get in your core build every game (looking at you morellos) * finally rework or nerf every healing champion, like I said this is a two pronged issue that riot have to tackle at the same time... now that grevious wounds is fairer their kits should also be fairer to reflect this. GW stays, it becomes fairer and easier to balance, healing champions aren’t useless by spending 800 gold, and healing champions aren’t stupid until you get GW
> I never said remove grevious wounds I never said that you did. I only pointed that the cause and the effect could be misplaced in your explanation, that's all. Lifestealers' balance is the cornerstone of this all, not the existence of GW items. > finally rework or nerf every healing champion I think, if Riot do this first, they may not even bother with rework of GW items :D No seriously, if they find a healthy way to address life stealers (and those who heal themselves like Pyke, Mundo, or Ekko), GW will stay in the past. It's like with Aatrox rework: they've been trying to tune his numbers for so long! But in the end they just flipped the table and built everything anew. It's just that rooting out self-healing is way more complex than a single champion.
: Yes and no. Drain tanks are unhealthy because grevious wounds is unhealthy... if grevious wounds didn’t exist the amount of healing in the game would be cut in half, simply because as there’s no counter play to grevious wounds healing champions need enough healing to brute force past it. Like I said it’s an arms race, one side gets buffs, then the other side gets buffs, so on and so forth... until we are where we are now where it’s impossible to play against drain tanks without grevious wounds, and impossible to play as drain tanks with grevious wounds... both sides are at fault and riot need to rework both of them.
> Drain tanks are unhealthy because grevious wounds is unhealthy... if grevious wounds didn’t exist the amount of healing in the game would be cut in half, simply because as there’s no counter play to grevious wounds healing champions need enough healing to brute force past it. I think you miss one point here. Tuning numbers (e.g. amount of healing) is cheaper than making and maintaining new entities (e.g. GW items). I.e. if healing could be balanced without GW items, no one would even try this (and GW would stay on the few chosen champions, like Katarina). Now, look at Exec's history. And see pls that we've got three GW items at patch 7. They tried it! And quite recently, too. Now, compare to the history of 'drain tanks'...
: Nope I can’t play Darius to save my life, I always get so unlucky with dunks. Jax doesn’t have heals... and yi is litterally a channel it’s got a ton of counter play... you know what you’ve picked the weirded group for your point... like I’d have expected actual drain tanks. And do you want to know why they don’t have counterplay... because of grevious wounds. If these heals had counterplay and had grevious wounds then these champions wouldn’t be viable it’d be too easy to counter them. So you have proven my point, these champions are stupid, but that’s because they’ve been balanced around grevious wounds. > And if that is not enough, increase cost, remove other properties from GW items. EZ! You think they didn’t try this already... nerf grevious wounds items then healing champions become too strong, then you’ve gotta nerf healing champions or buff grevious wounds, now healing champions are too weak.... arms race I’m not complaining that grevious wounds is too strong, and I’m not arguing from the point of view of a drain tank main (although I do play a lot of them... not Darius tho)... I’m arguing that what grevious wounds has done to drain tanks is stupid... drain tanks have been buffed way too much, and grevious wounds has gotten way too easy to obtain (seriously it’s not even difficult items to get a lot are core builds)... Riot need to sort out this relationship before trying to deal with shield champions... otherwise shield champions are gonna be like drain tanks.... to the detriment to everyone.
> If these heals had counterplay and had grevious wounds then these champions wouldn’t be viable it’d be too easy to counter them. I think you've dropped your logic here and picked it back-to-front :D Are you literally saying that Greivous Wounds are toxic because Vamp Champions are OP?
: Because grevious wounds is toxic and we don’t need to cause more issues for more champions. The problem at the moment is that grevious wounds has no counter play, you buy it and healing is countered no ifs or buts... when against a champion who relies completely on healing to function an opponent buying grevious wounds renders you nearly useless... at which point Riot then buffs the drain tank to be useful, then they become too strong cause they can overpower grevious wounds so riot buffs grevious wounds, then drain tanks die so riot buffs them. It just creates an arms race which results in healing champions being utterly ridiculous and grevious wounds being must buys because the healing champion was balanced around you buying it. It’s not healthy for anyone involved (If you don’t beleive me vlad is strong, aatrox got his healing increased massively, as did mundo... and now this patch anti healing is being buffed... it’s a vicious cycle). Until riot can actually make grevious wounds a healthy stat them adding the same for shielding will most likely result in the exact same arms race for another group of champions... items hard countering champions ain’t healthy
Darius main detected! :D The heal of Darius, Ekko, Jax, Yi, Swain, Vladimir, etc — THAT'S what got no counterplay (other than GW). As for the GW themselves best counterplay is 1 slot of 6. They take place of one item and they cost gold. And if that is not enough, increase cost, remove other properties from GW items. EZ!
: About the ''new'' anti-shield mechanics
I'd rather say: why not add shield-breaking to some item? We already have items that apply heal-breaking (Grievous Wounds). We have items that slow. We have items that make shields better. We even have an item that counters spamming of a single damaging effect! So why not have an item that counters shield spamming?
: to all the people who really thought ranked season will end because there stands Split 2 of 2.
here comes friendly grammarnazi: to all the people who thought season _would_ end. If your 'if' is in the past, then you should demote your future tense after 'then' one step down. will -> would
xAG Rewd (EUW)
: Petition to fire every single person on the balance team.
> Petition to fire every single person on the balance team Ah ye, and hire Baba Klava, the cleaning lady instead. Would be just perfect! /sarcasm off
Sephiro (EUNE)
: My 8 previous games!And a post for supporting the players who are claming that matchmaking is broken
You're right. So many games are purely one-sided. Here's a bit of my recent losestreak in rankeds: of 9 games 5 are total one-sided snowball. Most of the streaks are like that: both winstreaks and losestreaks. Okay, those may balance each other. But the problem is: you still spend twice as much time to get those +25 -17 = 8 LP towards next division. You can't just quit! You're forced to participate.
: And sets up her entire kit, lol.
That setting up is kinda miscellaneous: you need it, but it does nothing itself. While free bonus attack speed gives you quite something! All in all I think OP should just learn a thing or two about Qiyana. She is not very strong, that's true. But that's got nothing to do with her kit. A few tweaks on numbers and she would be Irelia#2.
xxxXFANXxxx (EUNE)
: The Qiyana
> W-worst ability in entire game Literally does nothing gives you free dps via attack speed.
Lariatas (EUNE)
: Game has way too much dmg amp and its unfun.
It's even more fun when ADC appears from stealth and does the same. :D {{champion:29}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:29}}
: I would like everyone to stop saying EZ
> Write his name in full or I will report your ass for harassment. Disgusting. Actually _that's_ why harassment is not something you take seriously (unless forced to). _That's_ why people do not trust harassment-fighters and call them "SJW" and other names I'd like you to hear this, know this and remember this: people like you are the reason of that, because you break people's trust when you use "harassment report" to treat your own mental pains.
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Pyrosen,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=vwp1VqPA,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-02-09T12:39:21.025+0000) > > I thought auto-fill was implemented because of the player base wanting a solution to the longer queue times? Meaning that the majority wanted auto-fill but I can see that perspective all though in most of my games I'm queued with support mains > > I don't think league has the same issues as it did when Autofill was introduced because the player base got larger and larger though in higher rank like challenger I can see that being an issue > I'm Platinum 4 and my queue times are about 15 seconds, I'm assuming it's 30 in diamond, 5 minutes in master and 10/20 in challenger even with autofill but a possible solution for the low elo climbers would be turning it off below diamond > > It gives players a sour taste in my mouth because "HM, IF I WAS JG I WOULDN'T OF FAILED THIS GANK OR LOST THIS OBJECTIVE" if you ask me lol Asking for something isn't necessary the same as liking the solution. Autofill wasn't exactly the most popular when it was released, but it was understood as being necessary because of those longer queue times. Players felt the pain and knew something needed to be done. A while back the team who works on that feature tested "fill except..." where you could vito a role. Queue times grew *massively* because a large amount of players vito'ed support. The system behind matchmaking has a general idea of how many players are queuing up for what role. While you may think "15 seconds - we can easily double or triple that and it's okay!" - the reason it's so low is because it is autofilling as required. If there were enough players selecting all roles, autofill would technically *never* kick in - autofill enabled doesn't mean "we're definitely autofilling you", it means "we'll autofill you if we *have* to, because there's nobody around to play certain roles." Personally I actually think autofill is in a pretty good place compared to when it first came out - you tend to get your primary or secondly role in a large amount of games compared to those your filled in, and then you get that autofill protection if you do have to get autofilled.
: Funny how people call Jax a lategame champ but he gets unkillable from reaching lvl 6
Not unkillable, but very strong, true. AFAIK, the cause of that is that he's got two power spikes: the early one (at 2 items) and the late one (at endgame). Same as master Yi and maybe few other (quite irritating) champions.
: Theres PBE for that. They could just hold champs there for longer.
I'm afarid, not. PBE is different. People there may catch the most obvious and outrageous things, but some core mechanics can only be tested on real bronze guys! {{sticker:vayne-pose}} People on PBE are too good to catch some things, that's what I mean. And not too numerous, too. And they like novelty a bit too much to detect some problems this novelty can cause.
: So few days ago, i reported a kid who said i should %%% and made mom jokes.
I support you there. I am not reporting anyone for anything (except the most clear AFK and 'run it down mid' inting) for half year already, because reporting had never worked for me before. Riot may go and fight toxicity on their own. I don't care anymore.
253IQ (EUW)
: vAyNe iS bAlAnCeD
You give us death recap, but you don't give us stats. Maybe she was 3 levels and 100 cs ahead?
: Botlane in season 9.
Everyone snowballs this season. 0/4 - 4/0 is typical. So many matches, which are totally one-sided
: i don't think u can always see it maybe bushes vision is bugged bc people see me and i don't see their ward and they get close to the bush as if they were warding it like wtf
If you place a ward into bush, it follows the rules of unit in a bush, i.e. would be stealhed unless there's enemy in that bush at the time of placement.
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