Mztah (EUNE)
: Matchmaking system, the forced artificial 50/50 win/lose ratio
> Why does this feature exist? Because it doesn't Or can you show us the code that does it?
: Maybe you were using mouse macros ? Those could show up similiar to a thrid party script I guess.
I remember some rioters saying on boards that mouse macros are not forbidden, and that all the pro players use them.
Axel (EUNE)
: Searched for the term for more info on the web and all the results were about growing cannabis. I am now a proficient _Dee Oh Double G_ and ~~I smoke weed everyday~~ my daily routine includes inhaling the mist that comes out when you set the dried plant ablaze.
Any linear projectile's area of hit looks like a lollipop with the big round candy at the end. Although in this case I'd rather call this a bug. Honestly, this "lollipop" can't be that large!
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rainfollower,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=0xbxAKEO,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-10-21T14:44:41.668+0000) > > Not exactly. By math, he'll be out no more often than every other day. Nope. You didn't think this through. Suppose the following case: - Day 1 - Yasuo most banned champion - Day 2 - Yasuo banned server-wide. Riven most banned champion. - Day 3 - Riven banned server-wide. Yasuo most banned champion again. - Day 4 - Yasuo banned server-wide. Pantheon most banned champion. - Day 5 - Pantheon banned server-wode. Yasuo most banned champion again. - Day 6 - Yasuo banned server-wide... It keeps going. Yasuo would be perma-banned regardless.
> Yasuo most banned champion not the same as perma. Or he would have been permabanned already. Even if he stays on top, he will stay server-banned only 15 days a month. The rest is up to players.
neropa (EUNE)
: Why? I mean what would that bring to the game. I feel like this is would only bring anger and nothing else. I see no benefits here.
Because some bans are currently so popular that it would be a waste to spend one ban option every time for the same obvious champ (and maybe two, when both teams do it). Because some other champions could also have bigger ban rates, if not for this top-#1 who takes all the attention Because seeing champions in ban-rate top charts on the average is quite not he same as seeing them there every other day, in real time. And finally it would be the same as 1000-day club, a reason for Riots to pay attention, only the balance team, not skinmakers. Basically speaking, it should bring more balance into the team compositions. And decrease of toxicity too, because people will rage less because of some new OP stomper getting through the ban phase somehow.
: > [{quoted}](name=Rainfollower,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=0xbxAKEO,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-21T13:43:18.157+0000) > > Hey, I am waiting this to be downvoted into olivion, but nevertheless I'll tell you. > The idea is quite short and simple: > > Here. Feel free to express you rage and hatred towards this idea, please. TL;TR Yasuo permagone
Not exactly. By math, he'll be out no more often than every other day. You can't be #1 if you're server-banned already, you see :D
Rioter Comments
: Petition to buy servers to Riot XD
> Long queue times Have got nothing to do with servers AFAIK. So it'd better be a petition to buy more players for Riot.
: Well, sometimes your internet is gone, even if you have really good internet. One of my buddies has (he is not playing lol though) has mostly a perfect internet and can play every game perfectly. But about once a month his provider just shuts down the internet without any warning. From one second to another it goes from perfect to non existant. He has no chance to know about it beforehand and there is no real alternative for another provider where he lives. Sometimes he can go online 2 minutes later, sometimes it takes about an hour. Of course it is not the responsibility of his team mates, but he is actually also doing nothing wrong. Sometimes things happen, which can't be changed. You can't always be 100% on the safe side.
Sometimes it just happens, that's true. You see, I also loathe the idea of punishing the innocent. But if AFKing/leaving results just in temporary game unavailability (i.e. 24h ban) _without further consequences_, it rather looks like further damage prevention to me, not a punishment. And the full cost of that damage prevention is laid upon the one on the disconnected end. Kinda... every time something serious happens in real life, authorities block the area and make sure that no further damage is dealt. Owner's not guilty, and customers are not guilty, but they have to wait or go somewhere else until this is done. Further more, if the damage is already done, then it is often the place owner who's going to pay for it (maybe via insurance, but he pays). In LOL currently AFKing, soft AFKing and leaving the game in the middle is a common thing. It is very easy to deal damage and get away with it (after you type in that humiliating "I shall not leave a game" once at the very beginning). The price is paid nevertheless, but it is paid by anyone but the wrongdoer. Go make tea and sandwich, and you may ruin another game, while your teammates are paying for the leaver with half-hour of time, each. Temporary long-lasting queue ban would just shift this payment towards the leaver. It may not prevent a ragequit on the first occasion, but it will prevent repeating offenses. And even if it catches someone with real internet problems, it will not tax him too hard. After all, this can be tuned: how it starts working, how often it allows you a free 'technical' leave, how the ban time changes from 1h to 24h through repeated offenses over certain time, etc.
Arkatorax (EUW)
: Final strike and perma banned S1 account with 4k games played and over 1k invested DEVASTATED
You already paid. So who cares? Make new acc. Pay 1k euro more. ------------------- Now speaking seriously. Usually I am strongly against using reports as a threat. But in this case even I can't say this looks justified. Just robot logic, nothing more.
: And what happens if your computer/internet connection crashes? This can happen and is not always in your control. Riot can't differ between going afk on purpose and going afk because of something out of your control.
> And what happens if your computer/internet connection crashes? You go fix your internet, shout at your ISP and wait till tomorrow to play League again. No srsly, why should 4 people suffer if your internet is bad? Why is it _their_ responsibility? It's like assassin mid pinging [ping: 310, ping: 582] at the minute one. Why the hell he goes to battle if his connection is that bad? To feed and to be carried?
ˆHayuˆ (EUW)
: bruh, 95% of my kindred games are in mid or adc, and why the hell would you max W first. you need the Q cdr and everything, it only buffs your cd from 18 to 14 and your base dmg from 25 to 45. and yea, the heal passive helps you stay in lane, but why does that thing exist. does it make any sense at all for the champion kindred to have that. i'm not saying it is useless, but it's just random.
I mostly use it to zone away enemy champions. You let out the wolf and make sure he chooses the right target (if not, hit them once, and he does). Once you do that, they can't stay in wolf's area. If you max W first, the damage would be quite real in the early game. They'll have to retreat all the way out so that he targets something else. And that is the point for me.
: But i get 14 day bans for saying to someone he plays bad and is trash . :) Game 1 Pre-Game Mind Is Blown: ban pyke .. Mind Is Blown: odd no pyke In-Game Mind Is Blown: ashe ? Mind Is Blown: omg so bad Mind Is Blown: so bad this ashe Mind Is Blown: fcking noob Mind Is Blown: bronzil Mind Is Blown: my fault for sure? Mind Is Blown: god ASHGE Mind Is Blown: u guys are bad Mind Is Blown: see ashe Mind Is Blown: look at this fizz ahahaha Mind Is Blown: u are Mind Is Blown: u are fcking bad Mind Is Blown: cause u suck so hard Mind Is Blown: bronzil Mind Is Blown: u already had -30 farm Mind Is Blown: report me for fake ? .. she is playing bad and i am reported :D Mind Is Blown: idiot ashe Mind Is Blown: yo are Mind Is Blown: you are Mind Is Blown: very very bad Mind Is Blown: easy double kills at bot Mind Is Blown: but u played as a pus Mind Is Blown: if zed Mind Is Blown: has the option Mind Is Blown: to ult me and ignite me Mind Is Blown: it means u suck Mind Is Blown: so bad Mind Is Blown: so so so bad Mind Is Blown: even in my hook they cant get em Mind Is Blown: u losing to a blue kayn with conquorer Mind Is Blown: hopeless ashe Mind Is Blown: ashe died? Mind Is Blown: 80 farm ashe 20 min Mind Is Blown: bg Mind Is Blown: kayn ncie runes :D Mind Is Blown: me ? Mind Is Blown: u did 0 ganks too Post-Game Mind Is Blown: ahw so cute .. lets report support for us playing bad :) Mind Is Blown: i got more gold then ashe Mind Is Blown: nough said Mind Is Blown: same damage as ashe Mind Is Blown: nough said Mind Is Blown: they blame me for losing ? :) i got more gold then 2 players and i am support tresh, i even got more damage then our ad c ashe. Mind Is Blown: enemy bot was premade too lol Mind Is Blown: and i nearly fcked it Mind Is Blown: if ashe was a bit better .. gg ( ? this is typical i got more gold and damage dealt as tresh, vs my ad c ashe . ) thats sad super sad. but i get reported ok lets read next . ) Game 2 In-Game Mind Is Blown: si Mind Is Blown: hence wukong Mind Is Blown: i was looking at my options Mind Is Blown: malzahar would have been good too for me Mind Is Blown: ofc merc Mind Is Blown: did u smite ?:/ Mind Is Blown: noww Mind Is Blown: for a plat player u sure suck Mind Is Blown: yes in flex it says platinum mmr Mind Is Blown: and u are unranked here so ... 10 games to go Mind Is Blown: he only push push like a silver 5 Mind Is Blown: wow lucking shit Mind Is Blown: \right Mind Is Blown: and my name is santa clause Mind Is Blown: bronze Mind Is Blown: bronze dive Mind Is Blown: bg Mind Is Blown: me ? Mind Is Blown: or u Mind Is Blown: u sir Mind Is Blown: lost ut Mind Is Blown: no Mind Is Blown: no u dumb Mind Is Blown: only vlad is dead Mind Is Blown: fcking trash silver Mind Is Blown: \i had no ult up Mind Is Blown: u blind fck Mind Is Blown: muted reported Mind Is Blown: u throw Mind Is Blown: me ye Mind Is Blown: amumu no Mind Is Blown: right Mind Is Blown: bg Mind Is Blown: bg Post-Game Mind Is Blown: fcking dog mumu Mind Is Blown: goes baron in a pincered area vs a veigar brand Mind Is Blown: ahahahahahaa Mind Is Blown: ye that was my nxt item Mind Is Blown: u inbred Mind Is Blown: Inbred dog Mind Is Blown: nice baron call amumu Mind Is Blown: very good Mind Is Blown: while 4 members are alive Mind Is Blown: with 3 of them being very strong at a pincered side Mind Is Blown: dont play ranked amumu Mind Is Blown: its bad for u Mind Is Blown: ps u just screwed my winrate with wukong more , 56 % it was not probs 55 % Mind Is Blown: keep grinding those good calls Mind Is Blown: 2.64 KDA 4.6 / 5 / 8.6 Mind Is Blown: nice kda kid Mind Is Blown: much wow Mind Is Blown: carry me sensai Mind Is Blown: 0 Mind Is Blown: this is just a hangover acc ? bad calls ? Mind Is Blown: it wasent my call Mind Is Blown: to do baron Mind Is Blown: i just farmed top a bit more ... while u can help me take tower Mind Is Blown: u go baron Mind Is Blown: oh he left to ruin another game Mind Is Blown: sad Mind Is Blown: How can u do baron vs a veigar khazix brand and karthus being alive . they took 4 kills pushed mid with baron buff and took 2 inhabs, then they ended the game.. fun time with this ammumu shotcalled o Mind Is Blown: shotcaller of the year ( so yeah the game wasent going that bad, but then suddenly our jungler amumu decided to do baron at 20th minute.. with only enemy vladamir being dead, me being at half hp and used my ult.. to kill vlad obviously ) then i farm top a bit so that the lane is pushed out, i ping them not to do baron , they still do it, all 4 die ... the take 2 mid towers + inhab + bot 2 towers and inhab with the baron pressure ) eventually we lose .. yes i am reported no surprise there ) Game 3 ah yeah i remember this one we had a DRAVEN MID ! enough said ? no a squishy jungler and a squishy top and us bot ... so yeah gg ? i should have dodged this one tho ... but ofcourse i am reported in game 3 too . Game 3 Pre-Game Mind Is Blown: ban pyke Mind Is Blown: ty Mind Is Blown: draven mid Mind Is Blown: letz goo Mind Is Blown: in my promos Mind Is Blown: les goo In-Game Mind Is Blown: kanker troll Mind Is Blown: ebay kindje Mind Is Blown: if draven goes 0-3 in lane im leaving to my other acc Mind Is Blown: got no time to waste Mind Is Blown: adios then Mind Is Blown: u dont care anyways Mind Is Blown: kanker miet Mind Is Blown: no i see u die so ill do the same Mind Is Blown: every time u die ill die Mind Is Blown: ok Mind Is Blown: fiora come kill me Mind Is Blown: every time draven dies ill die too Mind Is Blown: \wow Mind Is Blown: just healed all back in 2 hits riot nice Mind Is Blown: who put this Mind Is Blown: ofc Mind Is Blown: riot fck u Mind Is Blown: .,.,,,\\ Mind Is Blown: hoiw when im dead Mind Is Blown: maybe gank 1 x Mind Is Blown: maybe gank when i got r Mind Is Blown: no ? Mind Is Blown: lets just let fiora pounce on me Mind Is Blown: \350 gold nice Mind Is Blown: ? Mind Is Blown: i didnt change my masteries Mind Is Blown: it was on summon aery anyways Mind Is Blown: sej fioora duo Mind Is Blown: and fiora is .. g2 Mind Is Blown: nop Mind Is Blown: why ping me ? Mind Is Blown: draven went top :D Mind Is Blown: poof Mind Is Blown: poof Mind Is Blown: wtf Mind Is Blown: no scope ? :O Mind Is Blown: ... no wards Mind Is Blown: at baron Mind Is Blown: ... Mind Is Blown: ... Mind Is Blown: wp smurf kiddo Mind Is Blown: how can u duo with a silver 2 thoi ? Mind Is Blown: gold 2 this game is so bad Mind Is Blown: u dont see fiora pushing ? Mind Is Blown: its my promos ofc its draven mid Mind Is Blown: what u do in tf? Mind Is Blown: throw some axes? Mind Is Blown: poof Mind Is Blown: bg Post-Game Mind Is Blown: i am vs a elo boosting scum .. and get 0 ganks Mind Is Blown: 0 Mind Is Blown: what does karthus do btw ? Mind Is Blown: 0 ganks Mind Is Blown: and a draven mid Mind Is Blown: ofc this shit game is lost in promos And poof 14 days ban ? this is riot .
> Mind Is Blown: i got more gold then ashe What was cs and KDA of you both?
ˆHayuˆ (EUW)
: Kindred Mini Rework Idea
You know, several patches ago I've been playing Kindred as ADC. And this "gradual biting" helped me so much that I maxed W first quite often (especially vs players who tried to press me hard). Also the passive part — that healing you get — helps to stay in lane, too.
: Games are too short... You only really get to experience the game when you are full build and the games where that does happen lasts for 60 minutes. Riot's been changing the game to be faster over the years and I honestly don't enjoy what its become and its why so many big names are quitting the game like Siv HD, Keyori etc.
> You only really get to experience the game when you are full build Ehm... no. The whole idea of 'a golden age' (early/lategame champions) is that some of the champions are stronger with 0...2 items, and others need 5...6 to obtain full strength. And the rate of getting items is variable, yet not too much variable. Basically, in such a setup you will be able to build 3-4 items on the average (check gaussian dispersion). And that is exactly where 'the real game' is. If the game mostly ends before 3-rd item, then early game champions are too strong. And if it is full build every game, then it's late game hypercarries' meta.
: What is so damn fun about playing a 4v5?
I can understand how it can be. But TBH Rito makes it harder to surrender using this open-vote system. It would be easier for people to just give up if they did not see how their teammates had voted before them. PS: Also, to be entirely honest, I see so many people who want to surrender at 0/3 on any teammate. And I think this claim is not really justified. I do believe you. But we meet "ff15 I go afk" as a kind of ragequit a bit too often nowadays to take it same seriously every time. So many snowflakes around!
Kisushi (EUW)
: I watch either a vod or a live game but i never receive the reward of the mission
I have been seeing this kind of topics since early spring, since the beginning of 2019 season. And I ran into this couple of times myself, trying to get this reward... No one is going to fix this on general scale. No one cares. =(
: can someone just tell me how does muramana stack and fastest way to do it
Yes, it has. No, not only basic attacks. Every time you _auto or spend any mana_, you gain +5 mana. And you gain a kind of virtual 'stack' that will expire 12 seconds later. If you have 3 stacks, you can't use this effect. I.e. there's a limit: +15 mana total per 12 secs. These fancy cooldowns are very much like the passive effect of {{item:3097}} , actually.
Jordmore (EUW)
: Revert Modekaiser-Im gonna keep going until they say stop or ban or they do it
> In my opinion, he improves on him visually however bunny_ears.jpg {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Why toxicity happens
Before you start decomposing and explaining _reason_ of toxicity it would be nice if you defined the toxicity _itself_. You know, everyone thinks that it is obvious, but if you try actually saying out loud what you mean, you will be surprised at how no everyone sees it differently than you.
: Is Sion bad or good?
Low-pick champions often have a bit of advantage over popular ones because people forget (or even do not know at all) what are their mechanics. Old Urgot was not too strong, yet when I piсked him, people had no idea how to play against me. It may influence your Sion experience. BTW, try Sion support full tank. It's lot of fun, too!
: Autofill torture
No one ever said that you can define how many more minutes you would wait. This is defined by the number of players on the least desired role, because you won't get into battle until you get one. For example, if you have 50 Zed mid players in queue and only 4 junglers, then 4 Zeds will play, and 46 will wait until the match is over and maybe some of those 4 leave (and that juglers will stay).
: probably because tft ain't a game mode it's just a new game in the same universe it's like saying hearthstone is a gamemode in wow yeah cuz that's the same XD also it's funny that they say that they launched ARAM even though the players were the ones doing it even before the release XD
: I’m a little pissed off... The High Noon skin line
> I then realised that Skarner is a champion who hasn’t received a skin in over 4 years, and what is Skarner? There is a "1000 club". A club for those champions who haven't received a new skin for the past 1000 days. And Skarner won't feel lonely there, believe me! =) > however it’s not fair on the players who do play other champions. Don't play other champions. As easy as that. Riots have long been hinting at that solution by ignoring all the "gameplay minorities" and giving love only to the chosen few.
: From Honor 5 to Honor 0 - How league made me a bad player to have on your team.
This is a very nice example of how the toxicity spreads over community, once you can't confront it pro-actively. A very nice example of how competitive and sportsmanlike environment dies without maintenance. You story is important because it is not only your story, but also the story of many and many other players who traveled the same path.
: sure ... not many melees build that tho ... i havent seen it once on melee since it was nerfed actually
{{champion:11}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:23}} are all hybrid (AFAIK), melee and and benefit from lethality and attack speed. Maybe there are others, too...
: well you need to get 6 autos off before rageblade stars ... you cant really hit 6 times instantly at the start of the fight you can press R whenever you want ;)
3, if you're melee. Or did they change this recently? And by a pure coincidence that fits "Hail of Blades" perfectly :D
: yes .. they nerfed {{item:3124}} and {{item:3161}} is literaly {{item:3124}} on steroids ... but if you noticed the gamebalance is nowhere to be seen lately so what do you expect ...
Not exactly. Shojin requires an Ultimate as a battle starter. That's a very special condition (it's just that Jax fits it perfectly :D)
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Make it so that Sona is immune to Fiddle's E, because she's already mute and can't be silenced.
Make it so that Sivir can't auto attack until her weapon returns from Q. Same for Draven.
: As a jungler what do you expect the laners to do?
1. Wards!!111 I hate it when I seem to be only one to set any kind of vision riverside (and all the rest is in wallside bush) 2. Do not sit under the opposing turret. When all three lanes do this at once, you all are open, and the other jungler is free to pick whatever he likes.. 3. Do not ping like mad if you're backing or low. Really! Pinging 'help' is a request for immediate help. If I see 'help' x6 at toplane, I will most probably go there asap. 4. Help me, too. When needed. If you see that half the team is beating me at my red, then it is also your problem, not only mine. Reporting me won't do anything good here. 5. Ping me 'back' if I you're not following. Don't just stand there. I really expect you to react in some way. 6. If I spent all my HP ganking you, I am going to have those several hits (Elise, Lee Sin) or even a minion (Nunu) to restore them back a bit. ************* PS: Rito, fix the pinging wheel already! We have Alt+click, we have V-click for 'back', now we also have B-click for 'ward'. How many more random buttons do we need to communicate?
: Ye, it sucks. But its worse because it was duo to their maintenance and it happen to a lot of players at once. 100% their fault and now we probably aint getting that lp...
That had also happened because of something technical on their side.
: 11 lp = maintenance
Happened to me once (at least), many weeks ago. It was... disappointing, you know.
Peαnut (EUW)
: What you're asking is almost (if not it is) impossible. What you can do to avoid said problem from occuring is stopping the queue and restarting it.
it is possible. It'll just lengthen waiting times greatly. And therefore: why do it? Only to soothe fears of some players?
Ratatouka (EUW)
: make it so you don't play vs the same players when someone dodges
No one cares about your champs. Unless they have something against you in general. I strongly suspect that you did something in that lobby that was not taken lightly. BTW if you wait couple of minutes after lobby disband, all those non-friendly players will go to battle without you. You will miss them, naturally.
: For reference, I can still find the data when I'm in front of my computer with the tools to do so ;).
Is that an acknowledgement of the fact that _deleted_ posts can be seen by any Emissary? Or mods only?
: So, this means I need to put, for example, 6 glacial champs on the field for this mission? Sometimes I really don't understand what Rito wants from me and I complete missions randomly xD
Yes, and probably play them 1 full round at least.
11wildy (EUW)
: I've got 21 unopened chests and no keys/fragments I wish I could afford buying some keys to open them all :( I need the orange essence to craft some skins
You know, I think we would both win if I could give you some keys in exchange for some chests.
Eygenikos (EUW)
: How many Hextech Keys/Chests do you have?
~5 keys, ~50 key shards, 0 chests. I forge keys once, then I wait until I spend them all. Last time I forged keys at the beginning of this season, I think.
Krimkrise (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=me and 4 chimps,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=7dBG57Kr,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-09-18T10:19:56.601+0000) > > i basicly run around till she wastes her Q then u go all in on her. Yeah, that was what I am talking about. HOW do I go all in on a lux. > [{quoted}](name=Krimkrise,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=7dBG57Kr,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-18T10:15:11.005+0000) > Even if i manage to dodge, how am I supposed to trade hard back? If my support doesn't hit a heavy cc nothing like this will happen. If I go in after hers spells are out I am dead by because it's still 2 vs 1 or loose much hp. Besides, from lvl 6 on lux just spams everhing in a one second frequency.
> If my support doesn't hit a heavy cc nothing like this will happen. Your W is a very nice kind of hard CC. It is not much good as a damage source, but it is great for catching. All you need is your support hitting your target once with any kind of damage. Once you root enemy in place you can auto and Q. Would be very good, if that's you 4-th auto. Aaaaaand... that's mostly all in that foregoing 'all in'!
Krimkrise (EUW)
: How to play against Lux
Poke her. Lux can't heal herself, and she hardly can cast her shield in time once you do an auto. Her cooldowns are short, but not that short, and she's got only 1 hard CC (on her Q). You, on the other hand, have a very nice boost of speed on every crit. And you also have your cartridge that may ricochet to her if she is close enough. And you can deal a lot of damag with that single hit. Also, you can shield yourself with minions: her Q will hit no more than two entities on its way. Another weakness of her is her mana: she can't just spam infinitely. While you can save mana, doing mostly autos. {{item:3094}} helps a lot to poke. And {{item:3009}} help you to sidestep skillshots. But TBH, yes, offensive support is a hard matchup currently. Especially when they spam and oppress you without a stop. IMO mana hunger is the only thing that in current meta can stop such bullies as {{champion:99}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:45}}
: >Nah. I'm not gonna create a witch hunt over something as insignificant as this. There's no witch hunts involved. If someone wants to dispute a moderation action, it just ends up in a discussion and review. No one gets into trouble, so there's not really anything to worry about there. If anything, these are actually helpful (when legitimate). There is no set bar for these things with how "mean is mean" and how "we're being oversensitive". These end up fostering discussions where we can kind of realign a bit better. >I agree all people have different points of views, but this is just being oversensitive to something random for no reason. I didn't flame anybody, simply stated what should be the obvious, but I guess my choice of words gave the other party the ''upper hand''. Rendering the entire text as ''offensive'' over one word that wasn't used as the mod describes. I don't know the full context of the thread to be honest, but personally I agree that this was maybe a bit OTT. But I also don't have your history handy either. There's a decent amount of contributing factors that go into these decisions, not just "this comment has a bad word or is mean". >''Don't respond in an argumentative manner'' ....this is how arguments argue.. that's why it's called an argument. But the thing is, I didn't respond as they say in their text ''in an argumentative'' manner, I responded in a sarcastic manner. Yeah this is more to clarify on the point of maliciously worded posts, like the above that I answered to attempt to foster discussion. But it's also to hone in on having _**debates**_ rather than arguments - argumentative indicates that the situation has deteriorated at that point.
Oh, I can give you full context, because I am that other guy. I already removed the topic in question, but basically it was a gameplay suggestion in "Creations & Concepts", concerning supp items' mechanics. I suggested to change them and added a poll to see what other people think of this. Very soon I get a comment that you can see on the screenshot provided by TS. Ten minutes later after I run out of ideas of what could I answer to that 'stop having ideas' message, I just hit 'report' and choose 'offensive' checkbox. It seems, the message have been removed after all. And several hours later I killed the topic, because most people said me my suggestion was bad. That's all the context you can get.
: You're forgetting the fact that the people playing in that elo apparently have the skill level on that champ of that elo. As long as you always play to win, you never bother anyone.
> You're forgetting the fact that the people playing in that elo apparently have the skill level on that champ of that elo. Only they get a kind of normals in their ranked instead of competitive environment fit for thir skill level. > As long as you always play to win, you never bother anyone. A lie.
: You don't understand a big part of what I just said: - I don't ruin any games for anyone, because I'll be out of those leagues within no time, so I'm not taking away anyone's competitive environment - they can still learn on a different account, they'll just be placed in iron. I never touch iron, so they still have a place. - even if you're iron, you can still use a different account to learn on in ranked. Even if its not easier to learn for them per se, but because you just don't tank your main. Since I'll always be playing to win, I will never be intruding anywhere. The provisional matchmaking change from this year made sure of that.
> You don't understand a big part of what I just said Oh I understand what you _say_. I just do not trust your estimates. > they can still learn on a different account, they'll just be placed in iron. I never touch iron There's always bottom. Where do THEY go when their living space is taken by upper league players who want to practice in easy risk-free environment? > even if you're iron, you can still use a different account to learn on in ranked Ah but you forget one little detail, their 'competitive' space is not competitive any more because it is overrun but higher-Elo players who use it to practice on a secondary acc that is of no value to them (and therefore, there's no need to care about match result).
: Within 3 games of playing ranked on that account I'm basically silver 4 already. When I started playing adc on my smurf, I actually lost my first few games cause I didn't have proper champion knowledge, only after a few games I started climbing, and so did my rank and Mmr. Soon I was playing balanced games again. Same with midlane now, I'm trying to learn zed, and if he's not banned, I usually lose lane to silvers, cause I have no clue how zed mechanics work. Yes I have plat level map awareness and game knowledge, but that's truly not going to carry every game. Since my champion or lane knowledge is low, I'll play balanced games, because low elo is less team based, and more winning lane based. As I learn I'll climb, and I'll keep playing balanced games. Provisional games start you out in like bronze 1, and then give 60 lp per win if you do it right. I'm not bothering any actual bronze players. Hell, my first ranked game on my smurf I was matched with high silver and low golds, I lost 3 games in a row on my newest account. You really don't have to worry about me ruining games. On some champs I'll play like a truly new player. And I'm not about to play normals, cause I'll just get my ass kicked each game and learn nothing. > And where will those guys learn their newbie mechanics if they want to change a role? They can make the same choice I did. Either play normal games, or make a smurf. They're free to make a new account, put a lot of time and effort into leveling it, and then trying out the new champ or lane on their smurf without having to worry about tanking their main MMR or rank. I'm not stopping anyone.
> ...When I started playing adc on my smurf, I actually lost my first few games cause I didn't have proper champion knowledge > ...I'm trying to learn zed, and if he's not banned, I usually lose lane to silvers > ...I have no clue how zed mechanics work. > ... Yes I have plat level map awareness and game knowledge > ...They can make the same choice I did. (except that they can't because you took away their competitive environment where they could learn, and they can't go three leagues below to the next sub-bronze or sub-silver) That is exactly what I call the wrong mindset. Exactly the reason why smurfing accs should be as much expensive as possible to make and maintain. This is the best reason to make this 5-lvl ranked requirement, ever.
: I want to be able to play a new role or a new champ in a competitive setting. Normals are not a competitive setting I can't suddenly start playing adc in soloqueue on my main, since I've always climbed with top or jungle, which I'm better at. If I'm say, plat 4 with top/jungle, and I start to play adc in ranked on my main, I'll feed and feed since I'm bad at that role. So if I have a smurf account where I can start playing adc, and learning as I climb, it's a much smoother experience. Currently learning to play zed on my smurf
Ah that's very good that you want a place to learn. But what's about those other 9 people every game who get a teammate like that? Have you thought of them? You know, those bronze guys who try to play serious in a competitive environment of their own at the top of their skill, and suddenly they have an adc with 0 champion experience and platinum-level basic skills and knowledge? And where will _those guys_ learn their newbie mechanics if they want to change a role?
ˉˉIˉˉ (EUW)
: No. Champion level has nothing to do with knowledge and imagine the pain if you started maining a new champ and had to play 20+ normal games just to be allowed to play him in ranked. This would be ridiculous. Also, think about smurfs or people who played the champ during free rotations before.
In free pick you can get to level 4, I think.
: You thinking that smurfs are stopping this from happening is ignorant as hell. The real argument is that it would prevent people from swapping champions in champion select. THAT is what prevents this from ever being a thing and nothing else.
I never said that smurfs stop this from happening. I said that smurfs would downvote this into oblivion (meaning that Riots won't even see the topic). It is not the same thing. > THAT is what prevents this from ever being a thing and nothing else. No. What really prevents it from happening is that Riots do not see the described issue as a problem, at all. If they decide one day that it needs fixing, they will re-design it all from scrap in no time and throw it into our faces. Just remember how Draft pick appeared all of a sudden. And then autofill feature.
: What's wrong with smurfs?
Wrong MMR Wrong Elo Wrong punishment rating Wrong mindsets behind those accs.
JustClone (EUNE)
: I tried to explain you once... I will try one last time, being as basic as I can get. {{champion:119}} is throwing axes at people for 1k dmg. {{champion:238}} on the other hand should evaporate him, so he stops throwing axes, as fast as he can. It is normal. And here comes the deal. If {{champion:117}} is not totally incompetent, and can Heal+shield + turn that {{champion:238}} into woodland critter... While at the same time {{champion:119}} is also decent player, and kites and positions well during the fight... It is obviously impossible for zed. On the other hand, if {{champion:119}} just got demoted to IRON 4, and {{champion:117}} is his 10 yo little brother, with the motor skills only capable of cylindrical grasp... the case is closed. So what I am trying to tell you as short as possible. COMPETENCE DECIDES. If you cannot play adc, let it to gosu and tyler and pick anything that does not require such mechanics.
Ah but there's only one little detail you forgot to mention: {{champion:119}} throws an axe for 1k damage at... two items, I think? Or maybe three? ************* > If {{champion:117}} is not totally incompetent, and can Heal+shield + turn that into woodland critter... Also you: > If you cannot play adc Kappa.
: 1 - I agree about the smurfs and boosters... it's kinda retarted if diamond player plays in bronze account to boost his newbie friend that will get carried let's say to platinum and then drop back in bronze while ruining people's games because he simply doesn't belongs there. 2 - About the flamers you can just mute them and play your game, in games where someone decides to feed or troll/not even try you should stop be trying too and move to the next game because there is no point to waste your energy in such games. 3 - About tutorials... really dude? You need tutorial for pressing 4 keys that have description which explains what they do? You must be special case... 4 - That's your own problem how you spend your time. If you are like me, being able to play only after work for 2-3 hours and whenever you got any free time left during the weekend then you shouldn't even try to play competetive. Play the game for fun and don't bother to play ranked. You can still improve playing that way and you won't get tilted of ranked lose streaks. 5 - About streaming people won't watch you for your rank but for the streamer you are. Theres many casual players that streams league and still gets visitors and you can also stream many other games not just league.
> 3 - About tutorials... really dude? You need tutorial for pressing 4 keys that have description which explains what they do? You must be special case... No, you need tutorials to explain such things as lethality, armor shred, grievous wounds, early and late champs, and those 120 unique champions that you encounter from the day 1. > being able to play only after work for 2-3 hours and whenever you got any free time left during the weekend then you shouldn't even try to play competetive Ah this would be nice to be added to the tutorial, too. Because you see: most adult people can play only in the evening, 2-3 games a day. And besides ranked, there's nothing much to do in league. No goal. No real reason to play.
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