VIT Laati (EUNE)
: IF you can get your mid laner 2-3 early kills, he is already ahead enough to carry.
Oh! Congrats! You have a nice opportunity to provide couple of replays which prove this point view and disprove mine. I.e. 2-3 early kills on mid, support neglects his ADC's needs, enemy ADC is NOT underfed, mid carries, win.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: I'd rather roam than to be the servant of an "I go 6 item late-game ADC I carry". Usually mid laners' power spike is earlier than "ADC's" If you get your mid laner ahead, it pays off more than babysitting your ADC for 30 minutes. ADC isn't the reason why bot is a duo lane. And currently, ADCs aren't even mandatory. Besides, they aren't called ADCs anymore. They are ~~marksmen~~ markspersons.
> If you get your mid laner ahead, it pays off more than babysitting your ADC for 30 minutes. Sometimes so. But only in a case of hard snowball (like 10/1). Or in case _the other ADC_ gets underfarmed *too*. Maybe in Diamond this is different, but more than half of the playerbase plays below gold.
Shamose (EUW)
: Hextech Crafting needs a mass disenchant feature.
: Because as the TEAM Support, my grade should be tied the well-being of the squishiest and likely most immobile member the team? And it really doesn't account for the fact my time could be better spent roaming and assisting the rest of the team than babysitting not.
Well... that's exactly the mindset that should be slightly corrected (preferably with a sledgehammer, but this thread will do, too). Squishiest? Yes. The least mobile? Yes. THAT's why you stay with him half of the game and help him to grow up until his damage output is the highest one in the team. And if you don't, you will be 1 player short in any teamfight. THAT's why botlane is duo lane now. And THAT's why he's called "ADC" — "AD Carry".
Demacianin (EUNE)
: Lux possible changes
You should just build Lux mid a bit like a support. Not wholly, but just a tiny bit. Lux mid, E-> Q -> W, Ardent Censer 3-rd item W whole team -> everyone deals more damage. Anyway, shield scales with AP, so it will be useful even with no supp items. Shielding your whole team twice is not an ability to sneer at.
Rioter Comments
: Is Riot thinking about reworking Kha'zix ?
13/1 is where almost any damage-dealing champion rips you to pieces (if you're, say, 3/3). That is not the issue iof Kha. That is an issue of snowballing mechanics. There is a fine thread somewhere here on Boards about such issues in general. You may wish to upvote it a bit more. PS: this. Snowballing, oneshotting and all-or-nothing champion design.
Vilkiss (EUNE)
: Yes, i said he deserved that report, i said it 3 times, once in each.
What you did is called "calling reports". And it is officially punishable. You may report anyone. But you shouldn't suggest other people to do the same thing. Kinda... Report is a thing between you and Rito. And calling it out loud in chat is a kind of mobbing.
Vilkiss (EUNE)
: Never it was me, this time, i had my mistakes, i repented, for a whole year i kept clean, no swears,no insults, no reports spam, but this time, all i wanted was to report a player who neglected his role in the game, wich if you get a player who stays in the jungle only to farm the entire game and does no gank while the enemy jungler is knocking the inhibitor from your lane down 20 minutes into the game, i'd say he's wrong somewhere, not entirley, but somehwere he's 100% wrong.Furthermore, he flamed me when i asked the ganks, he told me that he won't, after i called him early on, and after he really did not gank 20 minutes in, i got the final measure wich is, the report i called.
> [15:33] Aatrox: report lee > [15:35] Aatrox: x9 > [26:01] [All] Aatrox: rEPORT LEE SIN[27:53] > [All] Aatrox: Report this dude Weren't this you?..
Vilkiss (EUNE)
: I really need to talk to a riot employee about this .... mistake i call it
You call reports? You deserve it. You see, reports are not a club you wield in your hand to punish those you don't like. Neither it is a thing to threaten people with. Report is only a way to let Riots know that someone intentionally broke code of conduct and deserves punishment. This time it was you.
íGengar (EUW)
: If you legit feel youare not having an impact as support then just mix the two ideas together and play a mage support who has CC or heavy damage. {{champion:143}} rushing liandries for example can single handed carry bot lane and then also perform well in team fights with her ult etc.
This is a bad advice. I see such support behaviour very often as an adc. And you know, it always ends the same way: fed aggressive support still does all the cc, but adc hasn't got enough damage (bcause not fed enough) to do the impact.
: Is it nearly impossible to climb out bronze as a supp main?
I mained support a season and a half. My average stats as Morgana are now above diamond. Stayed Bronze 5 until I switched to midlane and learned to be on my own.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: Then since we are in disagreement lets wait and see what happens shall we?
Yes, time will show. Still I strongly dislike the approach of TS.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: time will show. this system is new and now it is showing its effects. if you climb to gold and lost the skin YES it will affect your mentality cause you wont want to lose your skin in the next season. same stands with diamond with plat etc. let me ask you something did you get any restrictions this year?
> YES it will affect your mentality cause you wont want to lose your skin in the next season You did not read this, did you? When you play a game of toxicity you do not care about rank anymore. You just playing "driving people mad" game. Win/loss conditins are different in this game. It is not about defeating LP system anymore. It is about defeating your immediate teammates via cancelling their agenda and maybe NOT getting caught as long as you can. > let me ask you something did you get any restrictions this year? I think where this is going. But okay here's your answer. No. I do not get restrictions at all. Not as much as a warning.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: and how is your experience shows that? cause as it seems this year toxicity was hit hard. especially now at the end of the year, that most of the toxic players lost their rewards and alot of them have permaban accounts. the way I see this year Riot have started winning the war.
Do you really think that people who lost their rewards and accounts are going to vaporize?) I personally don't think so. Will they get happy maybe? Again, hardly. Now, did this "hit" influence toxic people's motivation at all? Mind that a "toxic" person relishes in ruining other people's experience. He has probably already stopped playing climbing game and now plays a game of pushing people. What do you think, will this loss of climbing rewards prevent him from playing this game he plays?
CJXander (EUNE)
: Legends of toxic players : This game is dying!
Read several threads @ Check some of those on @ generalize @ now its "you KIND" @ now it's "because they are bad or get banned" Man, how about you quit this "center of the universe" syndrome yourself? Kinda before you talk others out of it? I do not know whether league is dying or not, I can talk only from my own experience. But my experience tells me that Riots are slowly losing their battle against "toxicity".
Zanador (EUNE)
: Well, you certainly put a lot of effort into misunderstanding everything i've said, but because i like the challenges, i'm ready tell you your mistakes here. And while i am not from the CCCP, i was born in a satellite state while the union was still in power, so i'm ready to address those comments from you too. Well, in the first part, you intentionally misinterpret nuance, but we can start with your example. In your office, you do talk to your co-workers in your capacity of an employee of the company by default. You try to make my comment sound ridiculous by bringing up a possibly minor mistake in a verbal conversation among two people and say how stupid it would be to complain to the CEO about it. And yes, it would be. However let me ask you this: if the CEO of a partner company arrived to your office building and you would go to them and slap them in the face, do you think that it would still be considered on the individual level? Or if you verbally abused a co-worker in your office while the representatives of a partner company were present? If you think that your actions only reflect poorly on you, then you have much to learn about teamwork and about groups. As i said later on in my post: in LoL if you talk to another player, and you are toxic, then you spread the idea of League's community being toxic. You even if you never flamed someone outside of the community, your actions have consequences to the whole group. On to the second part of your post: The biggest difference here are the due process and the human rights. The CCCP ignored both and issued severe or capital punishment for minor offences. It did this, while it's rules were explicitly against personal freedom and freedom of speech, so those "minor offences" wouldn't even be illegal in any sane system. Every country and every group of people have rules towards their individuals. Going against these rules in a democratic country or a western company would result in an investigation and adequate punishment if the accused was found guilty. In the CCCP going against the rules often resulted in execution or torture and the blacklisting of the family members. If you don't see the difference, then you don't know history and civil rights. And finally on the third part: While i briefly touched on this in the first segment, i can elaborate a bit further here. The difference between the state you didn't name and a normally functioning company is simple: your analogy is completely different from what i said. Read the things i wrote again: it is not a problem that some people do bad things in a company. Their actions should have adequate consequences and the system would remain just and fair and nobody could raise a valid criticism. However in these examples the investigation and the fair judgement were missing completely. Again, a company has the means to deal with it's employees internally in a fair way. However if they fail to do so, then the outside groups, for example the media in this case will reprimand the company. So in your analogy, the state we do not name is not the company, but the media, and the group of people you didn't name is the company. The reason why this analogy does not work is because a group of random people do not have the system, power and authority to investigate, judge and enforce within itself, since they are part of a country, and according to the social contract, they have given up these powers to the state. So the state we didn't name was unfair, among others because it punished people for not doing something they had no legal right to do. This and literally hundreds of pages worth of injustice, cruelty and inhumane conduct. So i hope i've been able to clear things up for you. If you still don't understand something, feel free to ask.
> Well, you certainly put a lot of effort into misunderstanding everything i've said No, not at all, it was obvious. > TL;DR Now, THAT's called 'effort'. It was a very long way to say "I am sorry I said a stupid thing, I did not mean it". Sorry, I won't even spend my time on reading that. Cause... if you can't express simple things, then you probably do not understand it yourself. Just keep this in mind pls: you can put up a lot of clever arguments, but people en-masse will choose the most simple and stupid way to do things, as the always do. So maybe your smart philosophy costs nothing.
Zanador (EUNE)
: Because when you are employed by a company, when you talk to your co-workers, to customers or any outsider, you represent the company. Your crude joke, friendly banter with a co-worker or your one-time bad remark might be the most prominent impression the company makes to someone. In Riot's case your behavior or comments might negatively reflect on 2500 other workers and in extension 100 million players. When people talk about how the community of LoL is toxic, do you think that every single player is toxic all the time? We are having a peaceful and civilized conversation right now without flaming and toxicity, so surely that can't be the case. But both you and me are labeled as toxic to an outside observer because we are part of a group. This is the same with Riot. If they allow their employees to just say and do anything without moderation, then even if only a small percentage of them is toxic, they might all be labeled as toxic and in this case, sexist. As i said in another post after reading the blog posts on the subject, it is currently my impression that the vast majority of Rioters are well behaved and supportive, but since the company as a whole lacks the methods of dealing with their toxic members by either disciplinary actions or firing them, they opened themselves up to a lot of backlash from outside. If they don't want that backlash, if they don't want to be controlled by outside forces, then they need to moderate themselves. So in conclusion, without bringing ethics or morality into the picture, if the mentioned person is found guilty in those accusations, then he needs to be fired, because he makes Riot vulnerable and undermines the stability of the company.
> when you talk to your co-workers ... you represent the company Oh wow! That is definitely a new word in co-working relations. Next time I have an unsatisfying answer from my colleague, I shall go to the Head of our company (two floors above me) and tell him that he had been represented badly just now. I think he will laugh his head off when I tell him what you told me here. Next, I think, I should go downstairs to the artists' department and tell them the same thing. I just hope they won't call ambulance to get me to a psychiatrist ASaP. > If they allow their employees to just say and do anything without moderation Waitwaitwait. I have already heard this song being sung. Like... "if we let people of our People's State to do or talk with foreigners without any moderation..." This was quite popular once in a state named "The United Soviet Socialistic Republic". USSR. You know, I was born there. So... are you going to introduce in-company KGB to us? > might negatively reflect on 2500 other workers Ah! But we can go into History again with this. There was once another state where sayings and deeds (either true or false) of few people have been declared the sin of every one of their brethren. I am sure you know what state I am talking about, so I shall not bother to name. But I will name the principle behind this, and the trend overall. "Joint reponsibility" and "Witch hunt". So... are you sure that you shouldn't stand against such things?
: > [{quoted}](name=tsokifshecries,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=0rEjJ4Eo,comment-id=0004000000000000000100000000,timestamp=2018-11-09T19:34:32.582+0000) > > I don't mean the act, I am fully against the act. > I mean, talking about it because it shows the intent. Its not a laughing matter, its not less horrible only cause its being talked about. how would you feel about walking into a room at work and somebody talking about drugging and raping you? Well I personally would feel threatened and would report it not only to HR but to the police as well. Same as hearing somebody talking about about going to their high school with a gun....
Oh my god. But it is! As absolutely everything else is, in the right circumstances. Context means everything. And if one gets worried for real just hearing word "rape", one should really talk to a psychologist. Cause people usually do not rape each other.
Xonndar (EUNE)
: Why RITO WHY ?!
> One plaintiff said her supervisor told her, "Diversity should not be a focal point of the design of Riot Games' products because gaming culture is the last remaining safe-haven for white teen boys." Well, that's just so ironical. In LoL you can be severely punished for just saying certain things (zero-toleration list) And now Riot is going to be punished because of saying certain things.
: Riot Why You Allow Multiple Accounts?
I'd rather ask why *don't* Riots allow it. If you could make infinite number of accounts with the same credentials (e-mail), less people would register absolutely new ones. And it would be easier to control their placement.
: Ornn role in the store
Should be Vanguard, I think. I.e. attacking tank.
Smerk (EUW)
: You can get any non-limited skin in hextech system. And since 8.5 patch ultimate and mythical skins drop as permanents and not shards
Shamose (EUW)
: > I thought you couldn't get Ultimate skin from crafting system? Of course you can. And when you get one you get them permanent. No orange essence required.
Thanks! I did not know that. Nice feature!
Rioter Comments
: I now get why people complain about ranked players at the end of the season
AFAIK Normals do not let people play by their MMR. So... blame partially goes to Riot here. People may be selfish, yet they need a mode where they would be matched by skill (~MMR), but no LP could be lost.
: holy moly just played another game and got flamed ultra hard again. Wasn't even playing as bad this time.
If you wish we could play a game together. Me as Elise. And then you have a replay. Or I could just share a replay with you =)
: How to play elise?
I am not very good on her yet ( I started to learn recenty) but that much I learnt already. **Default AP build:** Start Q, Max Q. Start blue. Lvl 2 E to speed up Scuttler (root dercreases its resistances). You can gank at lvl 2 already (E to teleport, E to root). Blue jungle item, chilling Smite. Lichbane would help, too. Basically, build AP and MagPen (like AP assassin). Your main source of damage is Q in spider form. It depends on missing health, so you want to use it as a finisher. With high AP and lots af Mag Pen you can deal a TON of magic damage with a single attack. Clear jungle in spider form whenever you can (abilities are mana-free, movement speed bonus). Unfortunately, Elise is bound to switch modes often to gain more spiderlings. Runes... I am not sure. I am not good with runes at all. I would use Dark Harvest as typical jungle keystone. There's also a **weird alternate hybrid build**. Start W, max W. Max attack speed and everything on-hit {{item:3115}} {{item:3074}} {{item:1419}} maybe also {{item:3153}} and you deal all your damage with spider's auto attacks under W attack speed boost. Start W allows you to invade easily (spider gives vision). unlike AP build, here you use your Q to close distance, mostly.
: Thats good for you but I dont cs well with champs on mid lane and I am not that good on mid at all but thanks for you're suggestion
You know, I thought the same at the beginning. But the trick is: if you're good as a support mage, you will be as good as a mid mage, most probably. Morgana, Lux... Brand, to start with. Veigar, Vel'Koz, Taliyah, too. Anyway. If you think you don't like the idea -- I've got no objections of course. This is your decision to make.
kvothre (EUW)
: Why is it not possible to bind 2 keys for 1 action besides using ctr, alt or shift?
HAH! But this would a very good solution to the problem of accidental flashes while trying to type. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} Or it could work the other way round: you type only holding a button (ctrl for example), "enter" only sends a message. Riots please SEE THIS!
Rioter Comments
Sadik (EUW)
: Yeah man what u said wasnt cool ... %%%%%%ed %%%got ??? its 2018 man . And u must not ever ever in ur life encourage suicide even when joking ,,, Thats a really serious problem in the world. Dont joke about it . Deserved perma
This all is wrong in every possible meaning. > Dont joke about it. That is a very bad demand, man. I was offensive on the previous comment, because I couldn't express how bad it is. I still can't find enough words to express how wrong it feels in every possible way. But think of this. People who demanded "stop joking" — it was them who organized a shootout in Charlie Hebdo. I can understand not joking in the face of those who ran into such a tragedy. That's called respect. But otherwise... > ??? its 2018 man . And u must not ever ever in ur life encourage suicide even when joking 2018 so what? Weren't people killing themselves 100 years ago? Oh they were. It always happened. I find your lack of reason to be offensive.
Hansiman (EUW)
: That simply wouldn't make sense, since accounts are all part of the same system. Chances are you don't get a warning now because you're not breaking the rules to the point where it warrants a penalty. For mild toxicity, you won't get punished for a single game, but rather when you're displaying a negative trend in the games you play. The reform card only shows a couple of very recent games as an example of your behavior, but it's not a complete list of the games you broke the rules in. --- > I very often report people, and I do not see instant feedback anymore This is intentional. The feedback is intentionally set to rarely pop up under certain conditions.
> That simply wouldn't make sense, since accounts are all part of the same system. Dear Hansiman, I work in IT, and I have seen more than once as different parts of the same system suddenly start working differently in the most unexpected ways. Overflowing stacks, incorrect bit depth, datetime settings, etc.
KerberosFi (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rainfollower,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=cRgzxb6V,comment-id=000100000001,timestamp=2018-11-04T21:49:30.543+0000) > > Nah. Modern "psychologist" invented a new definition for gender as a socially defined thing. "Sex defined by socium". IDK why this kinda-scientist couldn't take make up any new word for that. Because it's more important to have as exact definition for something as possible than have fancy word for it?
Taking a word that is already in use and forcibly change its meaning doesn't really look like a good way to make an exact definition.
: Season 2
You know... I have a strong suspicion that some older accounts (of season 5 and older, at least) kinda slipped out of the report system's attention, permanently. Got lost. Their reports do not count, and system may overlook them being reported, too. While newer ones still report and get reported very well. My own experience is this: I flamed a lot in the past (although not using stopwords), but I have never seen as much as a warning (except one back in season 5). I very often report people, and I do not see instant feedback anymore (it happens once in a year at the very most, although I play daily).
Febos (EUW)
: I'm not going to lie. When I clicked on the discussion I thought you were being serious. Question: {{champion:203}} What gender are them? Both? {{champion:61}} What about her. For all I know machine constructs don't have gender. But if she does then... {{champion:154}} "He" can be whatever "he" wants to be.
{{champion:112}} is transhextechincal now, I think {{champion:53}} is the same as Ori {{champion:161}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:121}} are of unknown sex. Although sex exists in the Void (Rek'Sai is female) {{champion:57}} {{champion:427}} are _trees_. {{champion:63}} _had been_ a male before his body was possessed {{champion:54}} {{champion:72}} ehm... do silicic lifeforms have two sexes? {{champion:9}} is a _scarecrow_ (in the past: a Summoner conjured) {{champion:56}} is a.... demon? Whatever. Dream-haunting monster
: Give males' rights back!
Vote for #StarGuardianUrgot!
Mus1cbox (EUW)
: I got one Nautilus Champion Shard in an S+ Nautilus chest
Getting only champion shards in "S" chest is typical.
Rioter Comments
: Isn't sex=gender?
Nah. Modern "psychologist" invented a new definition for gender as a socially defined thing. "Sex defined by socium". IDK why this kinda-scientist couldn't take make up any new word for that.
N o (EUW)
: i identify as an apache attack helicopter and I am highly offended by this mission of LoL!
Rek'Sai is a female! That is stated in her Bio :D And Graves, TF, Varus are men. That is for sure, at least.
: this is all it takes for you to lose your account
How old is your acc that met that guy in Diamond?
: how to improve on bot lane as adc
I tried to play ADC main a season ago and had exactly the same problem. Whatever I picked! Kog'Maw, Tristana, Jhin, Ashe, Miss Fortune... I solved this problem by switching to mid. Now I do not depend on my supp and all my mistakes are only my own mistakes. Well... This season I climbed to the next league this way.
Gwn8 (EUW)
: Баг с мышкой
Граф. планшета нет? Едва ли это бага Лольца и тем более Ахри.
Efferonox (EUW)
: You don't need to get the s yourself a pre can get a s as well. Also just be happy that you get something for free this wasn't even here before.
Like having some random cad in my topic trying to sound smart? Ah ye sure.
Efferonox (EUW)
: No, you can buy the chests without a key (its cheaper). I don't wanna say anything with it I am just giving you the facts/options. You get keyfragments for your honor. but you didn't got your chests with the s scores or at least you missed out on 17 this year already. Would you have gone for them you would actually be very happy with your honor rewards because you still had chests to open with them.
Well, did I not state that I was not skillful enough to achieve every possible free chest? That's whats I am. I think I should not be blamed for that. If I could get enough S-marks, I most probably would. So. A discount, then. A 30% discount on a lootbox with a random content.
: Riot made the option to trade usually temporary mission loot, to one of the following; hextech chest, or key. Buying both is usually not efficient, but if you have one in grand majority it shoult be very worth to go for the needed part. This way I got some balance into my loot section. {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
Hm. I have seen key shards. And I have seen self-unlocking orbs. But I do not remember an option of chest without a key.
Efferonox (EUW)
: Buy chests? Also focus more on getting your chests with the s scores you only got 28 this year you could have gotten 44/45 by now. So basically riot gave you the option to get enough chests to use all your keys you just didn't got the chests when they where free for the taking.
AFAIK when you buy chests, you also get keys in a bundle. Anyway. Do you want to say that my honor reward is an ability to spend some money? Thank you I can do this at any time
Rusope (EUW)
: Can you be good at League if your mechanics are bad?
> because I am not a teenager anymore, I'm not even in my twenties anymore Well, I am almost 33. Good?.. Not even gold, but I am climbing. I understand a lot, but I usually suck at 1 vs 1 battles. You know... besides everything that had already been mentioned (shotcalling, wave control, faceroll champions, etc), I shall say you this: in many cases playing some champion good is not so much about being fast, as it is about doing the same familiar things. I.e.: if you play Zed 100 times and learn couple of typical combos, and you will be better than many and many Zed players. If you also understand his builds, pros and cons, you will do even better than that. Although that may be not enough to carry you up to challenger/master tier.
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