BleupizZ (EUW)
: Do you want League of Legends to expand and get more permanent maps like Summoner's Rift ?
I'd better not. I don't even play the other modes. ARAM sometimes... but nothing else, unless it gives profit. You see, I've got enough randomness in champions. Every game the matchup is different (and also differently amplified by people's skill). I'd hate to multiply it again by the number of various maps. Playing different champions on different roles gives me more than enough variability. Oh, but if you're by any chance, an OTP (let's say Zed main), you may get bored very soon, that's true.
ζζζ (EUW)
: nice hitbox riotarded games
: Banned for telling a new player to uninstall?
> Banned for telling a new player to uninstall? Full deserved.
Brokenhz (EUW)
: So when is nasus gonna get Nerf?
700 stacks in 30 minutes on top. I dread to see him in jungle.
: > I don't say that she should. I say only that Lissandra can't kill someone as suddenly as Veigar could do it. And therefore, she is much more predictable in terms of making a kill. That's all. Totally true, balanced and intended. There is no problem with that.
Amen. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: She isn't supposed to deal the same damage as veigar. Please don't compare the champs because they are different and play different roles in teamfights. She have a lot of cc and disrupt the enemies while dealing damage and gaining time (ulti+zhonyas). If you want a huge damage dealer, pick veigar or brand, if you want just cc, pick a tank like malphite. Lissandra is between them and she does her job very well. She can engage in the middle of enemies, stun them for a good chunk of damage (not a huge one I agree) and then ult+zhonya (her ult heals her too so she can tank a few spells especially with aftershock) to survive while her allies decimate the enemies. She is also used to keep a dangerous enemy in check during the laning phase since she have a good wave clear and can survive harsh lanes with her kit.
> She isn't supposed to deal the same damage as veigar I don't say that she should. I say only that Lissandra can't kill someone as suddenly as Veigar (for example) could do it . And therefore, thrall appears not suddenly enough. If it was Veigar's passive, it could be effective due to its suddenness. But with Lis you almost always know, when she is going in, and when a champion is about to die. The only thing that helps Lissandra a bit is a fact that she need not deal damage herself. It is enough for her just to be nearby.
: It will if you know how to use it. The ghosts also slow enemies.
It will not if you know how to retreat in time and spread a bit (like when you play vs Malphite). No seriously, Lis is nowhere close to Veigar in spike damage output, and therefore you always know when the passive is going to fire (ehm... to freeze). Kinda if you can sidestep a skillshot, it should make no problem for you to run away from the thrall.
: * They added a new passive that deals damage ==> They nerfed her damage on other spells * They removed the old passive ==> They adjusted her mana costs to compensate So it's all nice. Yes it's only useful in teamfights, she is made for teamfights with all her kit and cc.
> They added a new passive that deals damage They added a new passive that _should_ damage in case it ever hits anyone (usually it doesn't).* Fixed, no need for thanks.
: I'm Silver 3 from last season. But I've had anything from newbie to plat in my bot games, seems the elo doesn't matter there.
Ah! Bot games. I did not notice that.
: champions appearing in bot games (chart)
I think you should specify what elo this is.
: Lissandra passive.
I liked pre-rework Lissandra a lot even though she was not very strong. And after I tried this new "ghost" I stopped playing her at all. Excuse me my language, but this passive (as it is now) is just 100% stupid. They could do a TON of things with the idea of a frozen thrall. But they chose this... nonsense. I really wonder how this could hit live servers at all.
Hansiman (EUW)
: The problem of not many people using Linux is most likely one of the major reasons as to why games don't get native Linux support. There's a huge cost involved to develop a game for a platform, and if the userbase is not large enough, one can ask: What's the point? The vast majority don't use Linux, which is why attention is placed elsewhere.
Yes. Now _this_ is true without a doubt.
: The Champion Banning Issue With League Of Legends
- I am lastpick, I select imbalanced OP. - I see 'my' champion banned - I say "wtf" - I say "okay I troll" - I say "fork you" and other pleasant things, mentioning moms and various mortal diseases - I start the game saying "report <playername>" in chat - I flame half the game But it is EVERYONE ELSE THAT IS toxic BAN THEM REPORT THEM THEY forced ME TO DO THIS. C'mon, this is pathetic. But there's one thing that I agree with. Riots should support one of the sides. Either remind people that banning is always full legit, or say that a pre-pick is more important. Unless they say their word, conflicts will arise daily.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > Don't come telling me "Linux user playerbase is so looooow..." just type "linux" on the boards search box and tell me if that's "just a few" people. It is. There's no going around the fact that very **very** few people use Linux, at least for gaming. [Steam Charts]( show that only 0.82% of their users use Linux. Since Steam is a gaming platform, it's a number that can be used to compare to League users. And even if Steam has 0.82% Linux users, that doesn't mean that all of these would even be playing League.
And how many games in Steam are Linux-compatible at all? And what do you think, would I use Steam to find those? You see, there's a difference between compatibility in a huge ecosystem — and compatibility of one single game.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Does anyone use seperate runepages?
I do. I have 4: "red", "green", "blue" and "yellow". So that I have 4 'basic presets' to manage runes faster and I adjust only some things. There's too little time to do that. Especially if you're last pick. And this time gets even shorter when you have to click "full view, full descriptions" every time (seriously, rito, fix that already!!!11).
: Why isn't there an "forge 10" button with event tokens you get?
It's really good you did not want to turn them all into BE!
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: Do it please; so it will be easier for us to realize how dump people can be to support compony which does not even care about their previlage :) + Buy making 100000 skins their skin's value is decreasing :D With this bug they just accerlerated it :D
Wanna know a secret, pal? ;) "Privilege" is your illusion. I don't buy illusions. I buy skins (when I see fit).
: The funny part is, all that time when you're with them, they don't fight. But RIGHT when you roam, you see your adc fighting, then... dead. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
+100500 here. You stay bot — ADC is behind, farming Make a catch — ADC is behind, farming You're frontline, collecting everything on you —ADC is behind, farming You leave for 30 secs to collect chimes — ATTACk ATTACK, HELP ME HELP ME, ally was slain.
: how is that easy? how can you prove the intent, when someone doesn't follow up on a gank, for instance? maybe he just didn't see it in the minimap, maybe he was trolling, you can't know it
Ah you just don't read. I said that TELLING is easy but PROVING is hard. I can see things (and with a high probability of being right), but one will have one hell of a hard time proving it to other people. That's where the problem is.
Annikins (EUNE)
: I totally love concept of this champion. She's my babygrill. But seeing her in such spot is pretty sad, even doing something small like you mentioned can make her much more fun to play. She can be outplayed very easily, lacks damage, etc. And well, lacks a skin. She only has 1 decent release skin, and hasn't got one for years. She really deserves some love, come on rito {{sticker:sg-janna}}
{{champion:421}} , December 2014, 2 skins total {{champion:245}} , May 2015, 4 skins in shop + 2 legacy.
: how can you tell for sure if someone is "trolling" or just playing bad?
Oh that's quite easy in most cases. The hard thing is to formally prove it, since there's no law and no exact definition. Especially when you have to prove it to the troll in question (and of course he denies everything).
Soyle (EUW)
: Maybe the [PBE buffs (2019-01-18)]( will help her a bit as well: {{champion:421}} [Rek'Sai]( - Base health increased to 600 from 570. - Health growth increased to 100 from 85. - Attack damage growth increased to 4.5 from 3.35. - Base armor increased to 38 from 33. - Attack speed growth increased to 3% from 2%. This can be very interesting together with the new [Hail of Blades]( which is live: PASSIVE: Basic attacking an enemy champion grants 110% bonus attack speed for your next 3 basic attacks. Attack resets do not consume a stack of Hail of Blades. While active, Hail of Blades ignores the attack speed cap. Hail of Blades lasts 2 seconds, and each basic attack refreshes the duration to 2 seconds. Cooldown: 4 (out-of-combat) seconds Hopefully she won't be too strong with these changes. Also still hoping the proposed ultimate tweak will happen one day :D
So the last Ultimate change is kinda not enough, eh? ) Do you know that before she could _only_ teleport to one of her tunnels with her ulti? ;)
: To everyone who didn't get to abuse the loot bug
> don't spend RP on the blood moon event or ANY event for that matter till things are equal. Lol. Sure. I think I'll go get a bit more when I see the next really good skin (like Pug'Maw) **#RItoDidEverythingRight.**
: When will riot do anything about the trolls?
At first I wanted to support you. But when I see people complaining at "AFK farm all game" I remember all those many games where 1 lane gets bullied 4--1 (and no one gives a shit), and then a player is trying to comeback via farm (and everyone throws shit full shovels at him, because other guys want to teamfight now). How about you show us the replay, hm?
: Why is last-hitting such a rocket science these days?
You know, I recently viewed my "year results" in launcher. And funny thing here: my KDA was greater than almost every division, but my CS was lower than bronze. And another funny thing here: this season I climbed out bronze, the first time ever. A coincidence, is it? Or is t not? I think, not. IMO lowest ELO just makes people play for KDA, not CS. In bronze S8 you could be very succesful in farm, but still 10/0 zed would kill you and the rest of the team solo. Or it may be not zed, but just an enemy ADC who started 30 cs behind, but 2 kills ahead. lasthitting in low just not that profitable as snowballing via kills. Sad but true. Since most of the people go through bronze on their way to gold, they just learn the wrong things. That's all. PS: lasthitting on bot is not that hard really, if only for two things. First, support shouldn't try to "help", because it makes minions' HP decrease ratio non-predictable. And also, you shouldn't risk a massive piece of you HP every time you try to CS (i.e. supp should protect you at least a LITTLE BIT).
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: 3 They don't have to make it perfect. Just would be better for them to be reasinable is okey. I am even okey if they say we have tried but we coulnd't manage at some point is also fine. But saying it is gonna take time so we are not gonna clean the mess we created is basically, showing how much they value their content... WHen I got skin shard, I can not use them but these people will be able use them instantly. Then make it like when you have skin chard able to use it insteadly also fine.
Do you understand that the more time they spend, the more transactions people make? Kinda, there's the speed of analyzing accounts, and there's the speed of making more transactions on the same accounts. And if the speed of making new transactions is greater, then you will never catch up with it. > I am even okey if they say we have tried but we coulnd't manage Oh wow! Do you really think that the whole should bend to your will? :D > Just would be better for them to be reasinable They are reasonable. They do it so that they do not deal more damage. And punishing people for using in-game shop (or taking away their earned stuff together with capsule stuff) would hurt way more people than you think. You threaten to leave. But people who think that taking stuff away is wrong — they can also leave. I, personally, think that they should leave sold capsules as they are. And maybe award in some way people who feel hurt because of hextech skins — at the most.
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: Why Riot can not revert the capsules?
It would be easy to revert ONLY the purchase. I.e. "Take away" capsules, "refund" BE. No problem. But once you open the capsule, you start transmuting and mixing things: spend OE, reroll shards, disenchant, upgrade... And you do not spend only the new OE. you most probably spend it together with what you had already had before. Same for shards. Now, to "revert" things you should trace very carefully where resources went, and how exactly people spent them, so that you do not take away what they earned via other ways. PS: how many topics are you going to make to tell us how bad you feel because of these people getting a bit of free stuff (them and not you)?
Lleajy (EUW)
: Hook/grab champion balance
This is called "Lollipop hitzone". Works for every directional skillshot, done on purpose.
: Well, after spending 2K + on the game, I will not buy a single RP from this point on - not until they fix their mistake. There's legit no point in buying more RP - just wait for their next f#$kup, and cash out.
Yeah, you're free to try. Just remember to tell us when you f#$kup yourself with this task so that we can take a good hearty laugh.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: RIOT not reverting the 1 BE Capsules bug is a slap in the face to everyone else who pays for content
Player47 (EUW)
: How do you get an S?
No one knows exactly how S is being issued (rito keeps the formula secret), but at least we know that grade is not based on certain numbers, but rather on comparison to other players playing the same champion (and _maybe_ role matters, too). To get S you should be among the top N% by several unknown parameters. And most probably for this comparison they only take a span of performance for a limited time (last week, for example), i.e. you need not compete with the best players of all times. So. If you have only A... then too many people were better than you.
: Member then there was 512RP skins?
"Member then" what, sorry? I am not sure I got this right... 512RP skins? I purchased quite some of them via weekly sales, 260RP each.
: Why shouldn't we abuse bugs?
> What about long time supporters of the game then? You said it. They are supporters. They did it to support the game. Anyway, did anyone promise that expensive skins are going to be always expensive? What about S-hextech then? I've got God Fist Lee Sin and Pulsefire Ezreal from shards. So what? Am I robbing the supporters that way? I also spent, i think, couple of hundreds euro for the last 4 years (including Elementalist Lux as gift to my friend). Should I hate those who got their capsules for 1 BE? Excuse me, but I don't. I just feel a little sad that I couldn't join the fun and get some OE to upgrade a mythic shard. And I think that grudging money you spent ages ago is not a very pleasant attitude. Little grace in it. Sure, Riots did a painful mistake when they set the wrong price. But purchasing a thing at a price announced is not a crime. Not in a democratic state. Mistaken price is not a bug to be used. And therefore riots can't punish people for that unless they want a shitstorm the size of tidal wave. They should probably amend the effect of the mistake. But how? Take back the goods? But you can reroll, disenchant and upgrade, mixing the stuff you had before and the stuff you've got during the 'megasale'. And it seems, they just can't (have no ability to) revert things without taking away stuff that's been earned via other ways. Tehcnically impossible. The only damage to players I can think of is GEMS. Gems (and hextech skins) were meant to be special and unique. That is true. But again, what can riots do about this? Take back things? I think the best Riot could do here is to award people who _did not take part_ in the madness (but got a hextech skin) with another special unique ultra-hextech skin. that would be fair and nice.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Do you think Tencent pushed Riot into this money-grab Prestige skin idea?
What's wrong with "donater's exclusive stuff"? Let them have it, why not? We already have Victorious exclusive stuff. And Hextech exclusive. Why not let richies have their own unique line? They contribute to the game with their money as well as we do with our time and our skill.
Estradan (EUW)
: Ornn Passive - Please don't upgrade the items automatically.
What? Items upgrade on their own?! So dumb... Who is that guy who designed this? I wonder, would he like his first ever girlfriend to self-upgrade to his wife?
Rioter Comments
: Pantheon needs a full rework into a complete phalanx of 300 warriors that form a cohesive unit to block top lane. Q Spear throw W Push! E Taunt R Hero mode (1 soldier breaks out and goes into slow motion free style mode to kill everything)
Just like Azir's sand warriors {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
wolf jade (EUNE)
: W H Y?
Moar damage! As if she hasn't got enough. IDK... when i first played her, it was like playing an AP cannon. You just shoot your skillshots, not caring about creeps or walls, and voila, tons of damage, ADC should only kill the last 10% HP.
: for me that sounds like standart tea my dather and uncle drinks. but im no fan of lemon and honey
Maybe so. I wouldn't call it 'russian' if not for the other kind of black tea brewing when you do it as strong as you're gonna drink, from the beginning, and therefore use a large tea-pot (several cups at least), and no watering down.
: Favourite tea and how do you drink it?
Have you ever heard of Russian-style tea? =) I.e. black Indian or Ceilon loose-leaf tea, a very strong brew in a small teapot; later you water it down to acceptable strength, add sugar or honey, and maybe a slice of lemon.
Masantha (EUW)
: English breakfast with almond milk. Or a jasmine green tea. Or a peppermint tea. Or a chai tea. OR ANYTHING EXCEPT THE ABOMINATION THAT IS EARL GREY.
Earl Grey is heresy among black teas! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Kits you Thematically disagree with
**LeBlanc.** She's named "the deceiver", but her kit is less deceiving than even the kit of Zed. She's got almost nothing to play the tricks. All she really does is TP forward, shoot couple of times, TP back. And even her ultimate only allows to TP twice further or hit twice harder. Just think of it: you chase a good Zed so often, when he switches between his shadows. And with LB her clone only appears if she's bad enough to lose much HP. And there're others' too, who are much better than LB in terms of fooling an enemy: Shaco, Evelynn, Zoe, Neeko too...
Solash (EUW)
: Kindred Wolf barely does anything despite the fact that the influence of the champion is meant to be pretty 50/50
And also immortality+heal is hardly an ultimate ability of the embodiment of Death. PS: Technically speaking, wolf and lamb have got equal representation in abilties. Q is "lamb attack" W is "wolf attack" E is kinda mixed (you build stack with arrows, and then Wolf bites) R is nothing. But in terms of damage dealt, yes, it's always arrows and hardly any wolf attacks at all.
GaraPoes (EUW)
: Snowdown Token gives 1 Blue Essence
Multitoken to BE. Multishards disenchant, too.
: [SPOILER] Community Boards Updates
Hover-mouse spoiler mechanics are NOT a good idea, guys. In the web mouseOver pop-up elements are very often a bad experience. Especially so if they move other page elements. More so if the active mouseOver zone can change its size when element changes state. Imagine that I make a spoiler like this: > ### [](https://.) text [](https://.) text [](https://.) text [](https://.) text But bigger than the height of browser window.
: Why do you bring human rights or law into this discussion? They are completely irrelevant to the topic and not comparable in any way. >I am trying to say that pricing (and drop rates) are not set in stone. They kinda are actually. Riot Games is a business and they have people there who calculate what kind of prices and drop rates they need to have to keep the game going. So in a way, they are indeed set in stone. They are relative, but those laws of relevancy are set in stone. >They do not really depend on some valuable resource Yes they do. They entirely depend on a valuable resource called money. >And remember, that they are not really free. We actually pay for them with 10-sand 100-s of hours of time. And therefore, the only question that stays is exchange rate. And that rate we can discuss. Right here we can see that you do not think of Riot as a business when you are saying this. They are totally free. Using your time on the game doesn't qualify as a payment. Payment means an equal exchange that includes at least 2 parties. You using your time on the game for free content is not an equal exchange. Riot doesn't gain anything from you using your time. They do not get that time for themselves. They need you or someone else to use money on the game. You could have every single player play 10 000 hours but if none of them use money on the game, the game quickly dies out because it's not possible to maintain it without money. Not an equal exchange, so you are indeed getting it for free. >PS: no really, why do so many people on EUW boards think that law is something set in stone? No one thinks that and law in this specific discussion is 100% irrelevant.
> No one thinks that and law in this specific discussion is 100% irrelevant. If you do not understand how laws and Riot's rules are similar, we have nothing to talk about. > — I am trying to say that pricing (and drop rates) are not set in stone. > — They kinda are actually. > — They do not really depend on some valuable resource > — Yes they do. They entirely depend on a valuable resource called money. If you do not understand how virtual good pricing is different from the pricing of real goods, we have nothing to talk about, again. > They are totally free. Using your time on the game doesn't qualify as a payment. And if you do not understand that in online games players themselves are half of the content, and that "qualifying" depends on who qualifies, and how people's wish to spend time influences income, we have _absolutely_ nothing to talk about. > hey have people there who calculate what kind of prices and drop rates they need to have to keep the game going And if you think that #1 western f2p MOBA with a 10-million audience sets their pricing "just to keep going", you are as naive, as a newborn lamb.
: I agree , Riot is a business and they need to keep it profitable or they will simply will not be able to keep the servers running, employees, contracts and so on. > Riot doesn't gain anything from you using your time. I agree with the main point you made about someone spending money. However, it is important for the in a way that people would choose to play the game just so they have a big community that keeps the game popular and relevant. But yes, that's not an entitlement to receive a bunch of stuff for free.
> I agree , Riot is a business and they need to keep it profitable or they will simply will not be able to keep the servers running, employees, contracts and so on. Of course they are and they do. But software and "in-game property" is very different from real world goods. They do need a sum of X euro every week, that's true. But the amount of income can potentially can be generated by this investment is almost unlimited. And absolutely everything in this scheme depends on how much people wish to spend on things they will not ever own. Furthermore, this wish depends on how much people are going to play, because everyday active audience defines how fast you're matched into battle, and variety of experience, and therefore people's comfort. This all is much more complex than "selling things we've produced to gain a bit more than we spent".
: >What do you think, is it a fair amount of monthly farm (more than a 100 of hours)? More than fair. Way more. They are giving you content, that you would normally have to pay for, for free. It's more than you should get.
There is no "should", pal. Every price tag in Riot's shop is voluntary. Free choice. So many people are fascinated by the fact that before you could not get skins, and now you can! But you know, 100 years ago you could not have personal freedom in Europe/USA if you had brown skin. 70 years ago women could not work in many places. 40 years ago "gay" was a swearword. So... should we say that human rights are a privilege that we should be deeply grateful for? Instead of claiming more rights where it is still not right enough? I am not trying to say that skins are our "right". No, that is not so. I am trying to say that pricing (and drop rates) are not set in stone. They do not really depend on some valuable resource, their added value is ~100% (if we talk about 1 skin instance). And remember, that they are not really free. We actually pay for them with 10-sand 100-s of hours of time. And therefore, the only question that stays is exchange rate. And that rate *we can discuss*. PS: no really, why do so many people on EUW boards think that law is something set in stone? Law is a social pact, remember that. It is not given to us by god. And pacts can be discussed and changed in case circumstances change. And in case of League circumstances changed a lot for the last 10 years. Monthly audience changed. Revenues changed. And therefore privce-per-player changed, too. And it may change again.
: Earned CHESTS and HONOUR orbs FEEL DISAPPOINTING. How could it be improved?
Ranked badly fits the purpose of getting chests, overall. I think that in Ranked it should be something different yet equal to getting an S mark. I played this season mostly Lux mid (and Morgana support when secondary role struck), and can you guess how many games did it take to get a chest? =) Most of the season I knew that I played without a chance of an additional reward. I had to go to Normal to farm more shards and OE. As for this story about champion shards, I think it would be only fair to remove them from S-chest drop. These chests are too expensive in terms of labour to receive only BE (de facto). After all, we've got other trash content there: emotes, ward skins... Instead of champions Riots could add Chromas, I think (shards that require a skin to be activated). Also trash, but not a trash you get every day, at least. PS: I have just opened 5 chests. 3 S-chests, and 1 masterwork chest from event. I've got this: * a Gemstone (+1 more chest), * 2 cheap skin shards (Hextech Sion and River Spirit Nami), * ward skin shard * 150 OE * 2 emotes I re-rolled the cheapest shards into Acolyte Lee Sin, I disenchanted River Spirit, and ward skin, and I forged another ward skin. I.e. all I've got is this: * 1 skin * 1 ward skin * 2 emotes * ~200 OE What do you think, is it a fair amount of monthly farm (more than a 100 of hours)?
Lari (EUNE)
: New champ idea
Numbers. That's where you can evaluate your idea. Let's calculate. You suggest that we combine QWE to make an ability. How many combinations are there? 3*2 = 6. 7 if you add gap closer. Now... Do you really need to combine QWE to make that many abilities? If we check other champions, we shall see that six abilities total is as much as any shapeshifter has got. I mean: Nidalee, Jayce, Rek'Sai... Also, Lee Sin. And that means that you're gonna make a player press 3 buttons where other players need only 1 or 2. I don't think that it's worth it. Do you agree?
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