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Shmoeggle (EUW)
: Invasion: It's possible!
What champions did you have on your team? Also I heard that rage blade is really stronk, correct?
Scynthex (EUW)
: earning rewards after a chat restriction
Salty. The game is about gameplay not the cosmetics. ^^ Downvoted.
: 3 question 2 about my username
1. No, seems kind of childish. 2. Top rules of having a good username: -Use proper English -Use capital letters -Don't use numbers -Don't be too generic (e.g "EUW Riven Main" or some sort of verb) -Descriptive words give meaning to your name (e.g. "The Fading Echo") 3. Minions are the true evil of Summoner's Rift
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iKáya (EUNE)
: Starting Serious 5v5's Team. EUW
_"in game name"_ : SnowEmperor (EUW server) _"Possess a somewhat flexible schedule and maintain an active account"_ - Monday - Sunday (play daily) _"Willing to commit time to scheduled practice"_ - Usually 6 hours on a week day and 12+ hours on a week end - Weekdays: 3PM UTC - 11PM UTC - Weekends: 12AM UTC - 12PM UTC _"You've experience from past about 5v5's ranked team."_ - Previously in a team with 3 Diamonds and 1 challenger - Started at the end of Season 2 - Have 3000+ games played total (shared over two accounts, over two servers NA/ EUW) - Received coaching from Challenger player _"Skype/TS/Curse, Communication is a Prio."_ - I have a working and decent microphone- I have Skype and Teamspeak _"5 of your favorite champions in your role"_ **Jungle:** - Rengar - Jarvan - Gragas - Rammus - Elise - (Nautilus/ Skarner/ Udyr/ Kha'Zix) _"your biggest strength and biggest weakness as a player"_ **Strengths:** - Objective control - Vision control - Early pressure/ganks - Setting up effective ganks - Excellent peel with tank junglers - Tilt doesn't effect me much (only makes me tired) **Weaknesses:** - Need a reminder of my limits (when not to engage a fight) - Would prefer if we had a shot caller as the pressure gets to me as a jungle main
Kate Bush (EUW)
: Ok. {{champion:33}}
{{champion:33}} O.K.***
Axel Xty (EUNE)
: HARROWING hype is real
Incoming spooky Rammus ball! Spooooooky taunt~ {{champion:33}}
Bombardox (EUW)
You're fishing for upvotes. If you expect an upvote create a thread which raises a discussion.
: 4 Flashes burned for Teemo! [EPIC FAIL]
When your whole team is Bronze but the enemy team is Diamond {{champion:17}}
: About Sivir's Boomerang Blade
Your post is in regards to aesthetics but function is more important when playing a game, since you play Sivir you should know that Sivir is able to auto-attack during her Q animation, if she didnt have her boomerang blade, imagine what the animation for auto-attacking would look like. Lets just cut out the realism here okay? Its a game c:
: [SUGGESTION] Allow placing an image directly into a post.
Kolfin (EUW)
: Stop typing in the chat ? If you have the option to manually disable the chat, you will have the option to enable it again before your flame ... If you have to ask to RIOT to made something to prevent an act from _yourself_, i think it's very scary. What will be the next step ? "make a program to remind me i have to eat and drink, Riot please ! " ?
You have a valid point but there is a difference between the time it takes to press the "enter" key to type and the "enable chat" option, I have no clue why someone would go enable their chat again if they know their limits. Besides what is the harm that will be done? If people know their limits they should be able to act on that. Lets be honest here, there are more negative players than positive players in this game. Now you may say "How will people be commended for friendly?"- you can praise your team in the end-game screen and what is also good about it is that if someone is negative on the end game screen, you are not forced to listen to it because you leave. Back to my original point, "stop typing chat?". Tell all the thousands of negative players that. Do you really think they will do that? If someone is enraged, they will try to get their feelings across. It is human nature and if you really want to be a Nazi about this and say that you can train people to control themselves rather than give them the power to mute themselves then you really need to reconsider your opinions on this. Sorry for the long response
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