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: Captain here, No offense but until your out of Silver you should focus on your gameplay, not on your team. I am Gold 3 and I consider myself to be a low-medium Elo player and in this Division it happens 1/5 games, that your teamcomp etc. decide wether you win or loose. Furthermore you have to look at the Math behind climbing. Lets say your better than your current division. If you look at 100 games your game consists of 9 players with your Divisions skill and 1 player - yourself - with a much higher level of skill. I have a 52% win rate and I climbed from silver to gold this Season. But considering the stats mentioned earlier you would have to win 60% - 70% of your games, because you are far better than your team/enemies. With a 60% winrate you will be in Challenger in >200 games. I hope to see you there soon :) *captain flies away*
Santastic is 100% right.
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: Champion Mastery
Had a lil conversation with a guy from riot via mail. Was asking about why u can't get any mastery tokens from any other map than summoners rift. the answer was simple: champs are balanced for summoners rift so u only get tokens there. so u can basically gain masterypoint in "unbalanced" modes (to me there is no balanced mode in league), but only max out on summoners rift. I don't see the logic in it. either the modes fit for champion mastery or they don't. they don't just fit up to some point...
: You seem pretty drunk or you havent played the game just enough... I thought you were joking but you seem serious about this hilarious post!
u are not worth wasting my time son. just quit talking bullshit and stay quiet until u found ur brain and ur balls again. then take some time to use ur brain or w8 till ur grown up and it really starts mattering if u use ur brain. wont answer ur shit anymore kid :*
: Dude are you serious? Things will get worse with chats where a 4man premade will bully the 5th guy to do as they say or "get reported x4 and banned for a year" Nonsense....if you hate the game so much why dont you just quit it?
1st: how do u expect ppl to bully others? the reports have to be judged. judges have to be serious riot workers, not random community kids. this leads to ur point of bullying being complete bullshit :) on the other hand u will be right: systems like the tribunal (biggest fail in riot history) won't work. (added the point in the opening post so it becomes clearer for u) 2nd: I dont hate the game, i hate flamers/racists/u all know the list.....
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