Vayneiac (EUNE)
: Why dont you just google it lol
Wasn't sure if it was accurate. Thought I would just ask league itself...
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Budsbàm (EUNE)
: Hello. - as a player who lives in the Middle East, playing in the EU server , i always have 90 pings so i haven't really experienced hard lag "except if it's from me, so if its about the ping , it's pretty fine "if you are talking about lags from the distance differences" - also as an Arab, i'd let you know that 50% of Arab players that i met , or know irl , are toxic and rage a lot ,especially when they die or lose. so even if they opened up a Middle eastern server , i wouldn't transfer to it because i dont want to be told "kos omak" (%%%% your mother,in arabic) every time i kill someone.
Habibi you cant assume that the player base will be toxic XD
Mada (EUW)
: what's wrong with the one in Istambul?
The ping is the same for me. around 140-130.
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