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Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: List an underrated champion of your choice and explain why (s)he is actually incredibly strong
Modifi (EUW)
i play since s3 so far i have only surrendered twide. (other times my team agreed on it without me.) only wussies surrender!
Hansiman (EUW)
: > I'm winning lane 7 games in a row and we still always end up losing Winning lane is not the same as winning the game. If you can't bring the advantage you get by winning lane with you to late game, then that's something you should work on. The game isn't over once laning ends, it's just getting started.
the problem however lies in the fact that some games are unwinable. if you get surrender votes at 12 min or something and everyone is tilted try to win that game... like 3 games ago, we win a teamfight, get a 1k shutdown and then my 4 teammates decide to ff.
: Yeah, always those bad teammates, right?
hes got a point. I'm winning lane 7 games in a row and we still always end up losing game1: All lanes win. Jungle gets in argument with AD jungle decides to run it down because he doesn't want AD to win. Game 2: Jungler goes 3/24 feeding every single lane kills. Game 3:Bot won. All other lanes lose combined 0/12 Game 4: Bot won, all other lanes lose.
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iquesdee (EUW)
: Automated 'justice' system makes clear mistake, Riot support refuses to admit to it.
i mean not gonna lie i'm on your side but eedtspasjent in dutch phonetically translates to "aids patient" if you read it like a dutchman would. This being said it's way to subtle to be bannable in my opinion since you won't notice if you're not looking for it. I mean leagues tribunal system is programmed by idiots. I've seen people with names like n2ggerh4nter or shit like that get let through.
: that's actually a stupid statement. don't get me wrong, they WANT you to believe what you just said buuuuut...i got a 10 games chat restriction for calling my jungler "moron" once as he was farming raptors and waited for me to die to then jump in the middle of an enemy push and dying too (i understand i might be hostile to him but even the rioter only pulled out the "moron" in my ticket so i assume that's the offending part). i only got one chatlog for that, while everyone knows that people get up to 3 chatlogs worth of insults when they make those "unban me" posts. so, i wrote a ticket, the rioter dismissed me with "if you break the rules NO MATTER IF YOU GET REPORTED ONCE OR A HUNDRED TIMES you get the punishment" and "ONE report in ONE game is enough for the punishment". now, i want to add that i too met people who told me to "take a break from life" and i reported them...lo and behold, they are still around, they didn't even get a 14 days suspension as they kept playing after the report and, IF ME CALLING SOMEONE A MORON GAVE ME MY PUNISHMENT THE MOMENT I STEPPED OUT OF THE GAME, i see no reason why THEIR punishment couldn't be as quick as mine. oh, and before you ask, YES i was a first offender, only one chatlog from someone who got honor 5 every season since the honor rework and often was deemed the "most honorable" so, yeah, Riot is full of BS. So, i think i know how this thing works now. the bot does something more than checking your chatlog, it checks your PURCHASE HISTORY.if the reported player spends more than a set amount of money in x months, he will either get a lighter punishment or none at all, simple as that. If this isn't the case then, please, explain to me why there are so many differences in the bans? was me calling a guy a moron equal to THREE GAMES OF HEAVY INSULTS? was the "moron" more offensive than the "kay way es"? until riot gives us PRECISE explainations on why in the nine hells the reports are so flunky, i'll stick to my "THE GUY GIVES US MONEY, LEAVE HIM BE" theory.
ive straight up gotten 2 accounts permabanned without ever getting a single chat restriction. First one was even honor level 5. thats when i realized this game is made by incompetent morons and i've been toxic ever since. If in 2000 games you can't even get excused for one bad game where it gets too much then you know it's not worth it to try and grind honour levels.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Wanna know what? It kinda is insecurity. Kek
please stop with your whiteknighting everywhere here i rather have 5 toxic people that are good at the game than someone like you who thinks he has the moral high ground.
Deprecious (EUNE)
: I think you need a friend buddy..
He's the kind of kid that thinks he's cool because instead of calling people out he spamm pings them ingame.
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=RetroMagpie,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=J77Zj0s1,comment-id=000200000000000000000001,timestamp=2019-05-15T09:58:01.882+0000) > > I think being told you suck is very different to telling someone to kill themselves, replace your example with the N word and I think you would be hard pressed to justify not blanket banning the term, %%% surely falls closer to hate speech than an innocent jape and I'm not super keen on down playing it. Being told you suck 20 times in a row is not the same as being told to %%% 20 times in a row. > > Sure people might get caught saying what does %%% mean, but surely you can manually review and say, oh he was with his friend and joking, or he was genuinely asking what %%% meant, but by giving people a free pass, or having an attitude of people being told to kill themselves is not in itself suspension/ban worthy I think it is a dangerous precedent, I am somewhat disappointed because I am really f**king tired if being told to kill myself in this game and I had hoped when I got suspended it was a highlight of riot engaging in a 0 tolerance policy. > > As I said, looking at the worst case scenario, which is the one that usually leads to severe outcomes, it's not outside of the realms of possibility that a teenager could be bullied into suicide with repeat calls for their death with no-one being given a punishment from riot for their behaviour, thank you for giving me some some of your time insight into the process, even if I find it disappointing it's nice to have some understanding of the mechanics behind a system that otherwise feels unscruitable. I'm always happy to discuss the weird edge cases with people - at no point have we ever said our systems are perfect, nor are we going to claim they are. %%% is one of those "seriously, don't say it" words on our end, and it is very much up there alongside the N word like you mentioned. I'd say the behaviour is probably the same in that if you said it a single time without any other context, you *probably* wouldn't get an instant suspension. It may result in a chat suspension, or just a really, really heavy "any more bad behaviour and you're in trouble" weighting as with %%%. As mentioned also, if you feel super strongly that whatever they said should be looked into deeper, you can submit a ticket to support. It's generally easier to retroactively punish someone than to not punish them, because punishment feels super bad - it may take a day or two during busy periods for support to review false bans, which means a day or two of no gameplay for an innocent player. Conversely, a day or two to read a report means they play an extra day or two that they normally wouldn't, but it feels much less bad in regards to punishment.
it's not about your system being perfect it's about it being ridiculous to begin with. Why are people allowed to run it down in my game 3 games in a row yet theyre still playing while the second i call someone out out of frustration. Boom 14 day ban. Why am i being taken away my ability to play? i'm not running it down. I'm ending every game with most dmg most kills and most assists yet i'm being taken away my ability to play. you shouldnt be banned for saying things to begin with. Say something --> chat ban run it down -> banned from playing. The only reason to explain your current system is the fact that riot wants people to lose their skins and other crap they wasted their money on. no other game has a tribunal system as ridiculous as league. do you really think banning people will make them less toxic? delusional lol it even works the other way around. Sad truth is that americans don't know how this kind of logic works because their country is based upon dumb systems. their logic is based around punishing people instead of solving the impeding problem. you can even see that reflected in their police, and prisons. Thats the reason league will always stay toxic. Inting gives you a free pass. Shit talking someone gets you banned. Want less toxicity? chat ban people. Want less people running it down? actually punish people when they run it down maybe?? My point is that that the current system is based on this fake ''justice''. People get punished hard for things but the end result is a more toxic game. The european point of view would be to try to minimize toxicity. In my honest opinion toxic people need to be stimulated and guided towards being less toxic. Chat bans are still OK in my opinion. If you permabann someone theyl just make a new account but now loaded with even more frustration. And if you don't trust me on that, try making a new account and look at the players there. levels 5-20 are the most toxic place of all places. Simply chat banning people instead of permabanning would not only make people less tilted. it would also keep these toxic players away from potential new players. But just remember. It's not the people that are toxic. it's the game that makes people toxic and brings out the worst in them. I've personally been both honor level 5 for 3 seasons, and extremely toxic to the point i got banned. There are very few reasons to respect other players as human beings and the more you play the more frustrated you get and the more toxic you become.
: 6 times in a row 14 days bans
i got insta 14 day ban (no chat restriction or shorter bans) and directly after that a perma ban. this happened over the span of 2 months. i had previously played that account for almost 6 years at honor level 4-5. Had over 4k games on it. before the 14 day ban over those 6 years i had never once gotten a chat restriction, temp ban or toxcicity warning. Not even any form of punishment. my account got perma'd after i got into an argument with 2 premades in a 3v3 normal game. I think it might be easier to get banned when you have accumulated 1k worth of skins on it... oh the 14 day ban i got a chat log from a game i had played 2 months ago. I didn't even know what it was about...

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