: So it turns out riot is fairly arbitrary in punishments
The fact is, riots punishment system is awful! Some players will have a one off toxic game and be hit with a 2 week ban even tho they have a clean record including 0 chat restrictions, while others can spam toxic messages or pings and even run it down mid 3 to 4 times without even getting a warning. I say bring it to the people give us our tribunal, I will serve my server for a small price of 100 rp per case 😂👌💲
: Can we please have just 1 dodge in promo's
So true and if you get disconnected then you automatically loose promo, that has happened a fair few times, or someone will be mad because someone else banned their shaco and will play disco nunu and you loose your promo cause no one dodged
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: How riot finally listened to the players
It's a shame because it's not like lissandra yorick xerath or velkoz couldn't don't have the champion kits to make cool or funny skins. Where is my Halloween wicked witch of the North lissandra skin or my optition velkoz?


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