: Recorded replays have no sound
Yep same here! And I was just going to share a triple kill to my mate and make him proud. But not the same effect without sound. :/
: is the pass worth it?
I think it depends. I got it because I'm a "new player" and I don't have all champions yet. I don't really care for the skins, but I wanted to speed up the process of getting access to more champions, and the extra tokens considering how much I play have been totally worth it. :) they stack up pretty fast too once you got the worlds pass.
Daishar (EUW)
: If I was a new player I would never play this game. Leveling up = smurfs, toxicity, trolls, afkers. I dont know how someone new to the game would enjoy playing that.
It's weird. This is not my experience at all. Been playing for almost 4 weeks now. Level 36. I think 1-15 was the roughest stretch, community wise. But I still enjoyed the game. If people got toxic I just muted them and focused on my own gameplay and laughed away any mistakes I made. To be honest it's all you can do. As a new player you can't be held responsible for not knowing the game as well, the only responsibility you have is to do your best and learn. And with that mindset I have been enjoying 99% of my games. Yes, I get tilted when I feel like the worst player in the world. But I don't get hung up on it. Overall, my new player experience has been great. I have people on my friends list I didn't know before that I play with now, I rarely get called out anymore and when I do I know it's on me.
: Just got blocked/banned for my first time playing on first day for "feeding up"?
Sounds like the worst of luck to be banned? My advice to you is to do it in this order: tutorial, co-op vs ai (intro), co-op vs ai (beginner), co-op vs ai (intermediate), aram, SR 5v5. When you have completed every item without getting completely destroyed, I'd move on to the next step. Co-op isn't the best mode to learn a "real League" match. But it should get you on board the game and realize what you can and can't do without dying. :) Good luck and welcome!
Mada (EUW)
: Welcome to the game ^^ "feeding" basically means "intentionally dying to the enemy so the enemy gets an advantage and your team will lose" If you got punished for that, the game believes you did just that. It might be a false positive and if you just started the game, it's highly likely it is. I get the feeling that everyone who played the game for longer than 2 weeks seems to forget the first days of playing the game ^^ For how long did you get banned? I think if it's longer than a day and you are really interested in playing the game, you might as well create a new account and redo the tutorial or send a message to the support.
This is so true... and as somebody who just recently started playing. I can almost catch myself thinking "how was this not obvious". The game is very very overwhelming when you're new, but you easily forget how overwhelming it was.
: New Player here! Just a few questions..
Hey, welcome to League! As a recently new player as well, I've gone through the different levels and figured I'd give my input on some of your questions as a "recently new player". > First thing is the community as a whole, I more often than not get people that are endlessly flaming in the game and they expect new players to do things perfectly Yeah. Unfortunately. So here's the thing from my experience. When you are at a lower level the matchmaking is more all over the place, and on top of that smurfs with alt accounts are also low levels so you'll get matched up with them. This opens up for a mess. Alot of low level players are actually smurfs, many of them aren't even good smurfs. But they think they know the game better than everybody, since they are a smurf and you are just a low level pleb so they will be extra bossy, extra toxic and it increases the odds of having a bad game. What I can tell you though, keep levelling up. When you get to a higher summoner level and have the appropriate MMR on your account, the toxic people are less frequent. And actually, when I'm playing draft now. People aren't flaming me, or calling me out for missed skill shots. So my advice, stick to it. If people are flaming you, or giving you "?" pings and you find that it affects you - just mute them. That's what I did. I listen to constructive advice, but flaming toxic kids gets muted straight away. At the level you are at now, you don't need the negative attitude, you just need to focus on your game and be the best help to your team. And ultimately, only experience will give you that. > Thirdly is trying to improve on the game as a whole, I've been told to just stop playing PvP and just stick to bot games but I feel I won't get better vs. programmed ai that do the same things and with other people that end up 54/0 Vs them. For me this is a balance. I'd say the three main areas of importance in League is pvp, farming and macro. Obviously bot games won't give you a sense of real pvp, but it will give you a sense of how much engagements hurt on various champs and it will make you practice farming. It's a really good practice for last hitting. PVP games will give you an environment where you need to put pvp and farming into practice and be aware of the macro and help your team and apply pressure the best possible way. This can be kinda overwhelming when you are still learning the game and/or the champions. I still play bot games to get the feel of the flow, rotations and timings of a champion I'm unfamiliar with. But for real actual improvement in my gameplay, you go to pvp matches. Because just like you said, there's a very hard cap on how much you can learn from bot games. But, core fundamentals of the game are details that always can be polished and improved. And I think that's where bot games shine as a training resource. > Fourthly is Riot points, I'm just wondering if it's worth buying some to get some champions that appeal to me or to just keep grinding levels, and if I'll gain enough essence from doing so to get the ones I like I bought RP points when I had 40-50h into the game, felt fair to me. I was enjoying the game, bought a bunch of RP and picked up the new player pack and digital collectors edition that was on sale. Gave me a bunch of champions to play around with, and yes, a few of them that I got I now consider "main"ish. It really depends, the grind to get blue essence to unlock the champions you want can be a drag. Anyway, again, welcome to League! I hope you get over the initial rough patch and feel free to add me ingame if you want to play a game or two. :)
: So the new font size is a bug and will be fixed asap. Here is the answer i got in german unfortunately: > > Hallo, > > danke, dass du uns diese Fehlermeldung gesendet hast. Dieses Problem ist uns bekannt und wir arbeiten mit Hochdruck an einer Lösung. Leider kann ich momentan noch nicht sagen, wann das Problem genau behoben sein wird. Um die Spieler nicht zu verwirren oder zu enttäuschen, geben wir die Daten der Veröffentlichungen von Fehlerbehebungen erst dann bekannt, wenn wir den Zeitplan mit Sicherheit einhalten können. > > Ich möchte mich für deine Geduld, dein Verständnis und dafür, dass du dir die Zeit genommen hast, uns diesen Fehler zu melden, bedanken. Bitte lass es mich wissen, falls du weitere Fragen hast. In case you don't speak german just copy paste to google translator I am to lazy for it.
What kinda German is that. Where's the over the top german formality with "Sehr geehrte NoticeMeLoli," ;) Thanks for the info!
: Is there a better server for me to play at? I'm far from pro, so I guess this will have to do then.
Well. Actually, when I wrote that I thought they had some more alternatives with English speaking population. The closest node for you I imagine would be Turkish servers @ Istanbul. But. That's listed as Turkish language. So, perhaps European servers are your best bet then. :/
: New account free stuff
I've gotten a lot of free stuff. But the only hextech chests so far (at lvl 25) have come from somebody getting an S rank. I did get a hexchest + key from something too, but I think it was a mission? Or the odyssey orb? Other than that the loot has mostly been the basic champion capsules and glorious capsule at lvl 10. But from just levelling up I've gotten a ton of champs, a ward, and two skins.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: We're simply not allowed to have bad games, according to a vast majority of the player base
I don't fully agree with you there. Let me start of by saying my perspective is different, while you've listened to people armchair for 5 years I've only been on this thing for 5 weeks. But, if anything, at least I have the new player experience fresh in mind. First of all, "Only if you plan on playing with friends", I don't agree at all. I do play with a friend of mine occasionally, but I almost enjoy solo queues even more. That's just the kinda of gamer I am, just queueing up and getting into a game without being dependant on anybody other than the team I end up in. And, I was telling my friend the other day just how much I enjoyed League of Legends and how rewarding the new player progression system feels. I'm at like level 25 now and I've enjoyed every step of the way. Unlike some other triple A franchises where progression only are arbitrary goals and assets rewarded for stupid things like exploration, the real sense of progression here comes from seeing a significant increase in skill every day. Not that all is fine and dandy in candy land. Every other or third game I'll get matchmaked with somebody who's obviously the Rocky of League. The Tom Bradys and Michael Jordans of League and certified armchair experts. But, I guess I'm rather tilt-proof these days, and I see these people as the exception in my games. In my head I visualise them as 12-year old kids raging and having a fit about how they would do better, that kinda makes it easier for me to go "yeah yeah shut your face" internally, and if needed, I just mute them completely. Although, I will admit that them calling me out with a "?" after a missed skill shot, as if I do not realize that it would be better if I hit that skill shot, it will have an impact on my gameplay until I get them muted and forget about it. Which is roughly 2-5 minutes. Longer post than I intended, but, I just wanted to point out that as a new player, I was way more scared of the toxicity in the game BEFORE playing it, than I am now. And I'd like to chime in with a shoutout to all the MLG pros on the boards. Trust me, I don't wanna miss my skill shots. I do want us to win the game. And you, as the better player, will get a much better teammate if you act supportive instead of dismissive. I've learned that throwing out a "gj!!" to somebody can make em raise the roof, and that seems like the better option rather than sweeping their legs. RemindMe in a year to see if my perspective has changed ;)
: What's the normal ping for good game-play?
Hey, why are you playing EUNE if you are from Qatar? 140-150ms doesn't sound too bad considering the distance. I live in Sweden and I get 30-40ms to both EUW and EUNE. Personally, i feel that 30-60 are within the "good ping" these days. And anything above 100 is, arguably, a bad ping. With that said though, I grew up playing Counter-Strike at pings like that. So if you're not trying to go pro it should probably not be too big of a thorn in your side, albeit not optimal.
tomer (EUW)
: I'm toxic
I mean... even if the guy did you wrong according to the meta, based on your chat logs you are not making it easy to take your side or to view you as a good team member. If anything, with your behaviour in chat, you are just adding fuel to the fire. Coming across as an unfriendly elitist-know it all, that makes it hard to even want to help you. Seems to me that you should do some introspection and reflect on how you are perceived by your teammates when you act like this, and what benefits you would get in your own gameplay and state of mind by being the bigger person.

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