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you're kidding right? every 5 min? it's every 2 %%%%ing seconds
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: ***
calling me an uneducated swine and a noodle handed degenerate sure was pointing out the good things me. i wish i could meet you irl, then i'll show you my noodle arms ^^
: You are level 264 in league, "having a life lol" what a noodle handed degen you are yikes.
at least i'm playing the game myself, unlike someone who just watches it. edit: also notice how you have been insulting me this whole time, really says just how good your character is.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mcgalakar,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=fhhG22Wc,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-11-27T13:50:43.265+0000) > > They are probably down voted mostly because seeing another thread (3-4 per day) gets annoying. Like, can't some people just use a search function? Necroing the one year old topic is bad, but posting 4 topics with the same question per day is even worse. This^^
and about that, when was the last time someone asked when will the arabic language will be coming out? pretty sure it was around riot's 10th anniversary. also, boards asking when the essence emporium is coming out are everywhere, each with +5 upvotes at least. feels kinda weird when the reaction to repetitive boards differ when it's not about getting chromas.
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: They are probably down voted mostly because seeing another thread (3-4 per day) gets annoying. Like, can't some people just use a search function? Necroing the one year old topic is bad, but posting 4 topics with the same question per day is even worse. About racist comments, there is no excuse for that. You should report players like that.
well tbh it turns out i was wrong about the racist comment so i'll remove that from my board.
: I was quoting Slikker on that post you uneducated swine. 0161 Manny on the fockin map sha allah sha allah.
well sorry for having a life and not watching streamers play a game all day instead of doing that myself
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: I checked and there are no games recorded wtf?
then send a ticket to riot and explain your situation.
: the neeko issue i get it, but how is nami a bad word, it literally means "go sleep"?
nanni means go to sleep (and i'm really surprised you know this since this is a spoken word in the tunisian arabic accent and that is only used to talk in a cute way with children), nami means my vagina, in a vulgar way.
: Username change caused me to get perma ban :(
check your match history to see if there are matches that it was not you who played them, if there is, then someone opened your account and trolled you. if that's the case, riot won't help you.
: U sure?
well i meant the way neeko is pronounced and yes, i'm sure, since i'm Arabic (btw there is a difference between spoken and written Arabic, there isn't actually a word for %%%% him in written Arabic, but there is in the spoken one, and it's neeko. you can probably imagine how my parents react when i be shouting to my teammates "neeko the bush") also, not sure if you realize this but, Arabic has its unique letters, so typing nami and putting google translate on Arabic doesn't actually do anything.
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: Even if it's just someone's idea - sounds cool
: Nop just lies
here's the source
Drupu (EUNE)
: Essence Emporium when?
9 pm gmt in euw, probably the same in eune?
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SamoCiba222 (EUNE)
: Can you help me
if you have +2 honor, just wait. you'll get them.
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Garson211 (EUNE)
: Hey stop complain,new skin coming soon.
is it akali or yassuo? oh wait don't tell me it's lux right?
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: Pls keep us up to date. I've the same problem.
turns out i couldn't use my username because it was being used in my pbe account, and they told me they can switch my pbe username with my live username.
: The Q of sion has no effect if mordekaiser throws him his R
this is actually not a bug: when sion presses q, the spell is getting channeled in the living realm, so when he takes you to the dead realm, your q doesn't exist there. this happens with any spell, not just sion's q (ps: this also happens when exiting the dead realm). so, ban mord every game if you're playing sion.
: Pls keep us up to date. I've the same problem.
i submitted a ticket but they ignored me, so either my username was actually taken for real (even tho ratatouka is a unique name that i made and no one ever uses it), or they just can't help us with our problem. plus, a username doesn't affect the game, so this problem doesn't take priority to riot support.
Ehhhh (EUW)
: What do you mean making them into Riot accounts?
check the e-mail address that you used to make your league account, they're changing them into riot games accounts.
: contact riot support
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: Dark star Taric
i made a skin idea long ago if you want to check it ^^
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: Heimerdinger deals much true damage?
i rarely see heimer soling baron, but i always see jax, yi and udyr just destroying baron with jungle item of attack speed and one and a half item.
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G2 Mati (EUNE)
: cant login
just a quick reminder, that "blah blah blah X_X" is more important than"unexpected error" or "cant login", especially if you're asking for help. just sayin. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Vision Bug on the map Patch 9.20
this actually happens a lot to me: i see enemies in bushes where we don't have vision, i sometimes even see baron/drake hp when enemy team is doing it when we don't have vision and no one is near it.
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: Nooooooooooo! Hopefully you have Rammus!
nah sadly these are all the ones i did {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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: Miss Fortune drawing/ Microsoft paint/ sketch
when you have drawings of other league champs, but no drawings of mf... fml
Arkatorax (EUW)
: Final strike and perma banned S1 account with 4k games played and over 1k invested DEVASTATED
you should not expect riot to turn a blind eye to your bad behavior just because you pay them. if you're being a %%%%%, you get banned. and to get perma banned, you must have been a %%%%% in so many occasions.
2K Legend (EUNE)
: Looks really cool! How long did it take to make that thresh and ekko?
A LOT! like 9 hours. i don't really remember i did them about 1.5 years ago. thanks tho.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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Evidence (EUNE)
: %%% that lottery system,moreover do u have problem with conmpleting misions?
nah my missions are working perfectly. i did mine before clash was released so maybe that's why.
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