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: Could you give me some advice: how to counter assasin mids?
Don't try to 1v1 assassins as a mage when you are even slightly behind. Don't get into their range especially when you are not on full hp. Mages are ranged use this against them, whenever they go slap a minion basic attack them or use a spell. With Yasuo basic attack his shield when you get the change. Assassins do a lot of damage but most mages aren't that far behind usually, if you harass them good and they get below 50% health you can consider bursting them down with everything you have (assuming you aren't near dead). If you feel completely out-skilled use your range advantage and calmly farm and back up whenever they get close (this only works when you haven't died much yet). If you deny them kills they can't get fed and you still get gold. More champ specific tips: Katerina: * Stay away from her knives on the ground. * Don't assume you are safer because an ally is nearby. Yasuo: * Early on Yasuo actually doesn't do that much damage the only way he can kill is by hitting you repeatedly. Make sure you can walk away from him when he does. * Get good at dodging tornadoes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ EDIT: Most of this applies to the first 10 minutes.
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: You are not compared to anyone else in your game. You are compared to others that played the same champion you did, in the same role. Getting a high KDA isn't good enough for an S-ranking. You need to excel in all areas if you want those ranks, because the people you are compared to did. They managed to get a good KDA without having their CS suffer. So if they managed to do it, it wouldn't be fair to them if others got S-rankings without managing to do the same.
I know how the system works, I just think it doesn't always give the right rating. Maybe I shouldn't have gotten an S but my CS is not that low. I think that the grade you receive should portray your performance and contribution to the match and not how much your farmed. Most of the S ranks I have received on Xayah had little to do with how good I was but with how many mistakes the enemy bot lane and jungle made, most of my S ranks where gained from getting crazy fed and stomping the enemy team in 20 minutes or less.
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: The grade is based on comparing you against other players playing the champion in the same role. "CS counts to much" because other people have good CS on the champion in that role. It's a direct comparison. Riot doesn't set the values.
What MG Cypes said, and in reality it's more nuanced than "Other Swain players have done better". I can with almost 100% certainty say that if Tryndamere would have played Illaoi I would have had more CS. I know a system like this is never going to be perfect but do you think it's fair to get a lower grade than someone with half your kills and assist and 3 times the deaths?
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