: I need a cool name for a supp main
: name for katarina and shaco only player
Azzep120 (EUW)
: Yasuo
champion without cooldowns can't really be balanced. yasuo - URF champion.
Kian987 (EUW)
: Yes, it's a risky decision but there's only one way to punish negative players: with punishments. And if it means banning 30% of the player base (let's be real, it's not 90%) I am fine with it. They will go away or change their attitude.
ye maybe not 90% but when i have a game without toxic players at all im very surprised because it's SO RARE.
: Not enough punishments - This community needs waay more and harsher punishments
sadly if they start to perma ban toxic players 90% of community will be perma banned because people now wishing each other cancer starting champ select.
: Vayne perma banned , because she can outplay those tanks with her R>Q and she has late game. Caitlyn? She has only 4,6% ban rate it's perma for you? Twitch is compared to other adcs are broken , he has Q who gives him att speed + R who gives AD and he just show up and instakill squishies , if fed > tanks. I don't like him and never liked him so I can't say anything about him. But you know there are more ADCs not only these. :)
why would you pick any adc except those 3?
: The additional damage has no influence on your armor items though. That's like saying a longsword reduces your item's value, because I deal more damage with it.
ye dude i already said im just a madman. i was wrong all of you were right. adcs are the weakest role in the game. make a petition to buff adc i promise ill sign it up.
: Nice sarcasm , but there are many ADC mains who say the same there is one more popular adc main Phylol , thinking same :)
meanwhile caitlyn, twitch and vayne are pretty much perma banned. i wonder why
: How do you come up with this ridiculously exaggerated number of 60-70%? The typical armor items also include health and a passive effect. How does losing 45% of only the armor part equal a value loss of 60-70%?
i don't know man maybe (just maybe) because lord domininik's regards grants up to 15% bonus dmg against target with higher HP than you. but don't listen to me im just a madman who made it up.
: I think no , why then even one of world best ADC Reckless say that ADC is weak now?
wow if rekkless himself said that then adcs are too weak for sure. you should make a petition to buff them asap.
: If you behind in level , farm, items etc. it's normal but why when everybody in the same level,items and tank building full tank , can one shot squishy [ ADC ] it's that fair? Isn't tank job is be in frontline absorb enemy team damage and protect ADC/Squishies from enemies? But now they just go in frontline and one shot adc <3
There's nothing to discuss. I guess we just play different games.
: That stupid malphite deserves to be killed in 2 seconds for building to Little HP. A tank doesnt need more then 200 armor if the oppoents isnt all ad. But what should a adc do against a tank that builds {{item:3047}} {{item:3110}} and then stacks HP?
he should buy LORD DOMINIK'S REGARDS which SUDDENLY affects HP too. SURPRISE!!!!
: yes and its base armor that is the problem! We had to build 6 offensive items of do pathetic damage. Last whisper items needs to effect base armor to. Ok sure these can be a ap meta but it cant stay like these forever!
yeah man let's make LWs to effect base armor as well because 2700 gold item which makes all armor items like 60-70% less gold effective is sooooooooooo weak right?
: I see 0 games with ADC in match history , then better don't talk that adc is the most broken role :) If he got fed 20 0 , got peel from team and understand his champion , know how to kite , yes he can kill malphite. But if he do at least one mistake malphite one shot him with your 600 armors , fair?
ye i don't play adc i main top that's how i know it's the most broken role in the game cuz when i had 412 armor 4300 HP yorick, twitch was killing me literally in 1.5 seconds. There are no tanks in late game and nobody can even touch adc in late game.
Sharogue (EUW)
: adc to weak?
adc is the most broken role right now. pick any adc, buy Lord Dominik's Regards, kill 600 armor malphite in 2 seconds.
drymonkey (EUW)
: why does evryone say that ..... comeon guys yasuo has to have a weakness or he shuld just be deleted
he should just be deleted yes.
Sunyk (EUNE)
: Christmas map on ranked games
Alex 1ch explained this yesterday on his stream. He said that too many tryhard high elo player including him don't want map to be changed. Rito just can't go against them basically.
drymonkey (EUW)
: yasuo salt
yasuo is an URF champ. the only way to beat champion which has no cooldowns at all is to ban him.
: The Role of ADC´S
adcs should get nerf. all of them. that's what they should get.
: I'm not saying it isn't accurate - I'm saying that since it's not an official source (especially going off of what I've heard about how often it updates compared to the official summoner history feature), it should be taken with at least a grain of salt. Basically, _not_ rely on it as your only source for a lack of punishment, on top of implying that being banned is the only way to get punished. After all, you aren't at least accounting for the possibility that they merely got chat restricted. What I'm trying to say is, your evidence is vague _at best_. In any case, something which I forgot to bring up, just because a player _wasn't_ punished also doesn't mean they'll _never_ be punished. If the behaviour you speak of _is_ a regular occurrence for them, then they will get punished eventually. Just not for the game you saw them in. So at the end of the day, what's even the problem? Because it seems to me like you're less concerned about bringing players to justice and more about getting revenge on someone you don't like.
you can refresh any player in op.gg and it's always accurate. you think i more concerned about getting revenge on someone i don't like? well i think you are a pink dinosaur with a railgun.
flaixman (EUW)
: Autofill bullshit
when they release option to exclude role 99% of players wil exclude support and queues will become 20 times longer.
: Op.gg. A _third-party_ website. Great.
what's your point? do you mean it's lying or not allowed or what?
: > [{quoted}](name=RaveTheory,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=QEcBVA56,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-12-10T19:52:49.526+0000) > > when we said we&#x27;re going to report him and he will be banned he answered &quot;ahahaha check my match history i do this all the time and i will never be banned&quot;. and sadly he was right. How do you know? You only assume they didn't get punished because you didn't see it happen.
because i just checked. his op.gg that's how i know
RoTeax (EUW)
: riot is sleeping
yep. report system pretty much doesn't work. about 2 days ago i got autofilled support in my team. he said "i will jungle solo or duo i don't care". so he went duo jungle with our jungler. when we said we're going to report him and he will be banned he answered "ahahaha check my match history i do this all the time and i will never be banned". and sadly he was right.
ModMayhem (EUW)
: Make this happen Rito
looks like son of thresh and lucian basically


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