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: You forgot Gnar, and Mordekaiser (although I am not sure how does it work with Morde, it either reduces number of hits, or just doubles the on hit portion of damage on his 3rd strike if timed well; will test it and let you know). Bard can also work with it, I've seen it on One for All. Twisted Fate with his E, Varus with W, Tahm Kench with passive, Fizz with active W, troll Braum, troll Caitlyn, Ekko works well, I've used Devourer build on him. Although after Rageblade you must go full tank, and must have full AS runes if you are to make the best of the item. Diana could do well too, and maybe troll Vi.
ooh, Diana would be good, I used to play diana with nashors tooth and the previous version of rageblade then go ap tanky (crytal septer), works a lot better than I thought it would because the damage on her passive is really decent
: it works with aatrox, nocturne and skarner. The item is pretty bad though right now. The phantom hit passive starts working only after the item is fully stacked. It costs so much and doesn't give any initial attackspeed before stacking, which means you need to have attack speed before you buy the item for it to become useful.
If it works on Aatrox then i can imagine the item being really strong on him, the effect would more than make up for the lost ap, but yeah not a good item to get first, maybe if your snowballing a bit or maybe after you get Blade of the Ruined King. I might try Aatrox top with rageblade, he seems stronger this season, the passive attack speed he gets from blood well and ultimate is much more noticeable
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: problem 1 Diana has very poor already combat stats that can allow her to constantly AA the enemy. She is tanky for a glass cannon assassin, but she doesn't come close to fighters such as Jax, Irelia, etc whom in addition to having good kit for this, they also build tanky. problem 2 Diana's main goal in team fights is to DELETE the target that can dish the most dmg from the enemy's team. This is what makes her strong, the ability to get rid of enemy's strongest unit instantly also means she will receive way less damage from the enemy team in a team fight. As per example: If the enemy has a Feed Vayne/Azir/Ziggs. Diana can kill them in less than a second all game long starting with the late of mid game, so the team fight will be 4v4 (until diana gets her cooldowns back), then it turns into 4v5. problem 3 Rageblade needs a bunch of auto attacks before it procs. For this item to be useful on Diana, you have to charge it 4 times in advance. So, you standing still, as Diana, while attacking the enemy 4 times in a team fight, its rarely going to happen. And the main reason is, if you do this, you die. Despite having overall high starts, she doesn't have the ability other rageblade users have. For example: Jax He has his dodge which ignores auto attacks for 3 seconds. So all dps from AAs do not happen on him. Then he has his ultimate which gives him a bunch of MR and Armor. Kayle, another rageblade user, for 2-3 seconds she takes no damage. Irelia, she can stun her enemy (a stunned enemy does no damage), and usually builds 1-2 offensive items and then tank (not off-tank, but tank). Trynda, he doesn't die for 5s or so. Udir: again, stun and in additional to this, inbuild life steal and shield. Diana only has her W and that's not insanely strong either. Its amazing for an assassin, not so much for a fighter. The additional hp from this skill overall doesn't add to much, its: 200+60% ap Assuming you got ~500ap, that will mean just 500 more hp, around 3 {{item:1028}} The problem is that you build tank, the less hp your shield gives you. And the less you build tank, the less effective your shield will be. For an assassin, the extra "over hp" can make the difference between life and death. For a tanky/fighter champion, 500% = ~20% of their hp. Not THAT huge of a deal when they block auto attacks for 3 seconds (that would be like 6 attacks of ~500dmg from the adc), or take no damage what so ever, etc. This is why, building anything but assassin on Diana is counter intuitive. Just like playing ADC Ahri. In some games it will work, but in most, it won't. edit: {{item:3116}} is an off-tank/utility AP item. It should never be present on Diana. Unless, you want to play her in a more non-viable fashion. But whenever you choose this road, you are not allowed to blame your team or their build.
I can see your point about Diana being build round taking down the squishys but the reason I always got Nashor's Tooth because I found that in the late game champions are so naturally tanky you won't be able to kill them in one Q&R combo (squishy champs somtimes require double tap R to finish leaving you dead in the water) and you dont have the ability to fight normal bruisers. So I wondered if investing further in Ap Attack speed is worth it. The build I posted only works you have tanky teammates of a lot of cc on your team, but when it works it really works.
: I've been playing jungle Diana for 6 months now, preseason didnt really change my build (aside from masteries ofc) {{item:3931}} ->{{item:3020}} ->{{item:3143}} ->{{item:3157}}-> {{item:3102}}-> {{item:3115}} I find it far superior to anything else (and I've tried alot). With this build you are hard to kill (very few champions can do it 1v1) and your damage is enough to kill of any squishy with ult + 2 passive procks (4 AA). I dont like rageblade, because it requires stacking. By the time I've dealt 4 AA, my target is usually dead and Im searching for the new one/retreating
To me this build seems really bizarre, but if it works for you I might give it a try.
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: WE NEED more CDR items for APs!
Completely agree, with some champions who have long cooldowns its not viable to get 40% cdr (unless your fed) because you miss out on getting the more essential items, items that have more of an impact like, rabadons, zonya's, lulu's.


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