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Kyutorias (EUW)
: Server issues?
Im stuck on loading screen, me and some other guy 100%, and one at 70% and the rest all at 0%.
: Any Good Movies You Guys Recommend?
> [{quoted}](name=TheDarkPrince87,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=MTQU07Ov,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-10-02T07:18:55.101+0000) > > It's been a while i didn't watch any interesting movies.. it doesn't matter what type of movie.. what matters is me not turning the movie off after 15 min and thinking about playing ARAM.. last movie i've watched was ( Hot Tub Time Machine ) and i enjoyed it ^^ Mad max fury road. I guarantee you will get some white spray paint and send you're self to valhalla after watching it. We will witness you warboy!
Ear (EUW)
: Ear we go again.
I didn't click "ok" to close the image... Not tired at all. Probably should zhonya now... For ever.
m0hler (EUW)
: Hi, I would suggest that you just block this player and you won't hear from them again, it will also remove them from your friends list. There is no moderation or restriction for mutual chat between friends. Hope that helps.
So If I add some one, theoretically speaking I can say what ever I want? P.S I learnt a lot about my mother from league players. Rather amazing how much they know :3
Ebola san (EUNE)
: Yeah!!! Rito nerf that broken{{item:3157}} kit!!! Where is that balance you are talking about??? But then again, better nerf kassadin!!!
RIto gave us flash for those cock ups, kassadin every 6 seconds :') He been nerfed many times though, Used to silence for free trades.
Ebola san (EUNE)
: Damn!!! I just found my way to chalenjour as a Zed main!!!! From now on, always ban {{item:3157}} in every game!!! Challenjour, here i come!!!
Screw kayle and lissandra! Dat zhonya ult too OP. Sad zed has sad clones {{champion:238}} :'(
: Faith in player base lost. All I can do I laugh about it because getting mad is just a waste.
You really have too. At the end of the day you wont remember the next day if you get mad, How ever me and my friend have had a laugh out of this till this day. I used to flame a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, and I have no idea who I got mad at, Just a wasted effort and easy loss :P
Ebola san (EUNE)
: Pls, tell me that this is a made up joke and not a real response!!!! PLS!!!
100% Genuine... My freind was on TS with me, It certainly made our day.
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: K, you clearly are the best player in League, I am inferiour, even though my Mentor playing at Master level calls your post BS too.
Drunken is correct in all of this, "Go fuk Urself" is chatting out his arse. FYI, With the new smite, I now take cinderhulk with leona... running smite and exhaust. Making the HP from ruby sightstone actually useful, combined with the hp from the gold gen item, also empowering the active, followed by a warmogs. 20 mins in on a good game and ur sat on a shit ton of hp. Sometimes I might swap warmogs for rod of ages. Its all about making the item useful. Just to chuck in there I DON'T main support. Im a jack of all trades support being my weakest but it don't take a genius to work out basic stuff like this :')
: So yeah, another night, another game with TONS OF BOTS.
They build better then most players still Disregarding viegar
Proxiart (EUW)
: My struggle song as main support - Mad World cover.
I main jungle and its so true. Because the ADC is so toxic the blame goes on the support. They feed 5 kills by the time I have done my first round of farming. You go bot lane get some amazing help from the support while adc is farming! Then the adc flames the jungler and arghhhh. Ive had games where ALL 3 lanes where behind, like base turrets on the 22 minute mark and all 3 lanes say "Report noob jungler" Regardless of the fact that my first gank was against a 5-0 fizz 5 kills in like 4 minutes xD I litually just bought my jungle item on first B! :')
: If they have a really bad win rate and are still at the same rating as you it means all their losses are against people better than you and all their wins are people worse that you, so they balance out at your rank.
How can they be loosing to people better then me when they can't even call the correct roles. How do these trolls get matched so high up then people actually trying?
Paparaz (EUW)
: i asked... so! Thanks for telling me is not true!
Check there profiles on lol king, check there total games played and there win/loss. Will tell you if there just really bad or are bots. Lets face it bots will only ever get out of bronze. EDIT- Amumu has played 18 games in ranked and lost ALL 18 Ashe has played 19 games in ranked and lost all 19 You have been unfairly punished here. There defently bots or really really, really bad. Also check out my point about this all
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lndy (EUW)
: Diamond Smurf need Top and Mid laner [Silver/Gold] - RANKED 5'S
Hello, Im silver 5 player, In silver 4 promo 3rd time in 2 days. I am a strong mid laner maining ahri. 100% win ratio 10 games. Hit me up- Turret Tourettes EUW
: Looking to begin coaching (free of charge)
HI there! I am a silver 5 player :) I am looking for a coach to help point out my weaknesses and improve on them. I primary play solo/duo and I play all lanes. I often find my self getting fed/winning lane but being unable to carry late game. Fine example was me going 11-0 with swain but when it came to fights I was focused down and slain. My in game name is "Turret Tourettes" EUW. Im looking forwards to finding a coach able to help improve my overall competitiveness and decision making to get up the elo ladder.
: > [{quoted}](name=Turret Tourretes,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=TNpFsjVw,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-07-29T13:02:13.906+0000) > > Hey hit me up, EUW- Turret Tourettes. I won 7 games in a row got my silver 4 promo :3 Won 1, Lost 1, Fair and square then got a troll garen support ;') Lost the qualifying went straight into a game won it! Got up to around 90LP. Next game lost it, Knocked me down to 66 :O I main ahri, swain, lux, olaf, nidalee. Currently undefeated with ahri 9 games 100% win ratio. > > Seems suitable for me :D I've also lost my last 2 games right now, dropping me down from 69 LP to 33 LP, just because of an AP Yorick Support (wtf is this?!) and a fed Swain. Just added you, after finding out your real name: Turret Tourretes, instead of Turret Tourettes :p
Ahha I had a name change recently. Such derp of me. Ill be on at around 5-5:30. I tried Yorick support yesterday, Was amazing!!! But it had more bad things then good things. Mostly bad, Bad but amazing. I didnt try it in ranked dw... It wasnt me :D
TheVojo (EUNE)
: I suggest you re-visit forums when/if you gain elo.
: Looking for Members to join my team
Hi there :) I am a silver 5 player :3 I got out of bronze 3 in 2 days due to a bad provisional start over all I have above 50% win ratio with ranked. I main mid, ahri. Currently sat on 100% win ratio with her, 9 games :) I was taught to play by diamond/plat players but I wanted to climb the ladder my self. Having the worse luck currently. 4th time I get silver 4 promo and it started so well, 1 win, followed by 1 loss. Followed by a last pick garen forcing him self top, making a 2nd pick gnar support. :( Was 1v2 bot and still nailed the adc haha :D Anyway send me a message Turret Tourettes EUW
: Silvermate looking for DuoQ/Team
Hey hit me up, EUW- Turret Tourettes. I won 7 games in a row got my silver 4 promo :3 Won 1, Lost 1, Fair and square then got a troll garen support ;') Lost the qualifying went straight into a game won it! Got up to around 90LP. Next game lost it, Knocked me down to 66 :O I main ahri, swain, lux, olaf, nidalee. Currently undefeated with ahri 9 games 100% win ratio.
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