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: Tried to change resolution?
I have tried other resolutions smaller than 3840x2160 (2560x1440 and even 1920x1080). But a problem with those resolutions is that some edges start to have aliasing since it's a lower resolution. With 1920x1080 it's even worse. On 2560x1440 the cursor has a slighly acceptable size at the cost of notably jagged edges in the game's graphics.
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: Things you shouldn't do in League [Rebirth]
This is more like a "do" than a "don't", but i thought it'd be useful advice for certain players. And that is to use the "/mute enemy" command, if the enemy team is spamming their mastery/emotes or says annoying stuff in chat that can tilt you really hard.
: Bot Accounts Are Ruining Co-op Games
Are they just accounts to reduce the time of sitting in queue or are they being sold later when they reach lvl 30? I've recently made a second account and I've been having them on my team extremely often as well.
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: even says that its not actually the mmr from league riot already said that no one outside of them got how they calculate it but they say it changes with wins/looses together with other player mmr
Well that's dumb. Why would they hide the actual mmr from us, and especially, why is it determined by the winrate and not pure skill? I don't get it.
: You cant see your mmr nor follow it actually ^^ thx for the build but i still suck with sol and i dont like playing him ^^ it was just an example :P
You can use to look at it. ;)
: I meant that i dont know how to build him ^^ And you know that the system doesnt change your mmr based on how you play yourself but on how much you win/loose?
Well, as far as I've watched my MMR over my ranked games, it didnt seem to drop sometimes when I lose, but it increased. So I assumed that skill determines it, not wins/losses. P.S.: Try this build {{item:3030}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3009}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3102}} it's by far the best on him.
: Why would his mmr drop after a boost? The system just saw him heavily stomping everyone And no.. Even if i build aureiln sol(my worst champion) with a fail build i still wont go 0/8
Because he might be less experienced than the one who boosted him? Typically there is a skill difference of some divisions to maybe some tiers between the one who boosts the account and the one who gets boosted. Take the difference between Challenger and Diamond V as an example: Challengers are around 2.7K MMR while Diamond V is mostly around 1.9K MMR. THAT is a big difference. Even if the guy who got boosted plays 5-10 games then, the system will detect that the player plays less skilled and will re-adjust the MMR to what HE is. He simply doesn't have the experience and skill a challenger has, and so his MMR will drop back down. And what do you mean with a fail build on Aurelion? AD, Attack Speed or something else?
Kian987 (EUW)
: RIOT explain me why you allow this!
I took a look at his overall stats and, according to his MMR, his winrate on other champs as well as the cs and kda, he does belong in the elo he currently is, although the numbers are not that reliable. From my view this guy might just be too lazy to try out new champs that he never played before in normals or he might be using guides that are outdated. I do not see any kind of boosting since the MMR would drastically drop if he played some games after he would've got boosted by someone else.
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Najns (EUW)
: What is the story behind your Summoner Name?
I wanted my name to be "ApocalypseDragonLP", but because of the character restriction I had to shorten it. And the name which I had then sounded so weird I decided to change it to what I have it right now, which I'm also using for the Internet generally. The word "Reck3r" refers to Sergeant Daniel Recker from BF4 ([wiki]( )), rewritten in a sort of leet-form. "Dragon" resembles my love to Dragons.
Eveninn (EUW)
: What are your favourite quotes of your Top 3 champions?
{{champion:136}} "Boop" {{champion:122}} (Dunkmaster) "I'm in the business of dunking. And business is good" {{champion:75}} (Infernal) "Who's a good boy? I'm a good boy."
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: Who else deliberately plays unpopular champions?
{{champion:136}} 4 life Also, he's #1 midlaner in EUW with ~55% winrate in plat+ and being played so rarely, you woudn't even expect such a low playrate.
: My Shyvana Rework
Great Idea! That would make her fit more into the juggenaut sublcass. Btw, combined with a visual update wouldn't hurt too much, would it?
MujinTengu (EUNE)
: A new fresh Passive to be replaced with Sion's current Passive
So you want to have a mini {{item:3748}} plus some bonus lifesteal in exchange for reviving? Sounds good actually. But wouldn't this mean that Sion can't go over 100% lifesteal as he can right now?
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: Veigar is overpowered.
I would like to note some things here: - His R base damage and scaling increases with missing health, so he can't just flash + R an adc any more. So, he either has to hit the stun, doing his full ability rotation or flash Q+R and those extra milliseconds can be more likely to cost his life by getting locked down and killed fast enough fron the enemy's cc and damage output. - He might be an absolute god in Bronze/Silver/Gold/Plat and maybe a bit in diamond, but from there on it's all about the early game, so camping him and not letting him farm is a startegy to prevent such a terrifying scenario of him doing at least 500-600 damage - Because of the removal of his passive giving him mana regen based on his missing mana and the changes of mana regen moved to support items, he can't continously stay in lane, especially in the early game, faming with his Q unless he has {{item:3802}} - Whenever there is a veigar in the enemy team, I always ask my mid laner, if he used his R and then try to roam towards that lane to maybe kill him, if his escapes/stun are down. Yes, I agree that the little evil mage is a true burst whore in the late game, but because of the changes to his passive he has to play more aggressive, running a higher risk of catching the other laner's or jungler's attention to gank him.
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Almighty (EUNE)
> [{quoted}](name=Almighty,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=jdYMh7WV,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-05-05T12:44:34.256+0000) > > **Community:** We want more uses for blue essecne! > _Riot makes Mastery level 6 and 7 unlockable via Hextech crafting. _ > **Community:** OMG Rito u forcing us to use Hextech crafting! > That's gotta be the most dumbest complain from the community. Blue Essence is literally a part of Hextech Crafting and cannot be utilized without it. That's clearly a sign of kindergarden knowledge (nothing against kindergarden kids which play this game and know something about this)
Squarey (EUW)
: Jhin one shotting Baron
How many traps were there?
Almighty (EUNE)
: URF is an EXTREMELY SERIOUS game mode!
I don't care about the meta (unless it's ranked). I play certain champions becuase of their playstyle and the way you can mechanically outplay someone. For me, anything but ranked is for fun. And also: - I always have fun playing and won't let it be ruined by some kind of... tryhard - Premades can do whatever they want but their reports are instantly thrown into the bin because they're false. Retaliation is useless - I'll never obey anyone, I am independant and remorseless - Mistakes can't be prevented, they can just be reduced - I'll not suffer any flaming, there is a little button that prevents it I don't know if this post should be serious or just a joke, but I will never ever take any game serious.
Rismosch (EUW)
: I am stuck in Bronze 2 - Literally
That's got to be one of the most funniest and unusual ways to be stuck on the ladder. _#neverlucky_
DabThe2Key (EUNE)
: Off meta picks
This is also a reason why I am, most of my time in LoL, on the PBE. There they don't care about fun/troll pick most likely. But yeah, that's pretty much the result of strictly following the meta, which turns the "game for fun" into a "hard work place" or something like that.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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: Aurelion Lols
I almost died from laughing so hard. This is so funny.
: To the Rengar bug abusers that never cared to report the bug Riot recently fixed
Lmao, I didn't even knew about this bug nor I experienced it in-game before he got disabled.
Cypherous (EUW)
: It will still likely be 3 parts, all they are really replacing is the air client, the game client itself isn't coded in adobe air so they have no reason to mess with that, they just want to get rid of the outdated middleman so to speak :P
I see. Well, unfortunate though not making it all in one because getting into games like that might be a bit faster. Thanks for pointing that out.
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