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Why don't you add in Collection ( Skins ) which people can see what skins you have and make them in categories for example , Ultimate , Legendary , Legacy , Epic etc.. would be nice to be honest.
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: 1. I like the way ppl COMPARE champions ults. I mean it's really stupid. 2. Your arguing about FED adc like they are immortal and have 5000 HP. Fed adc isn't building Randuins or smth like that. They are squishy. And it means you can kill them( wow). 3. She will be nerfed soon ( very high winrate 54%).
i compared lucians ult with Mfs cuz i really liked lucians ult it was nice to like deal nice dmg if u shoot accurately thats the only reason i compared it .
: Mf Ult Needs Nerf...
also her E range is so pretty broken lel
: It needs to be tuned, not nerfed. Total damage may remain the same, but should be shifted to the end of cast, like it was before rework (due to old impusle shots passive)
Well Maybe getting it Tuned might fix this.
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