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Strigina (EUNE)
: >This is a really stupid function that we can't remake if someone dies before min 3. It's not completely accurate. You cannot remake if the person leaves AFTER first blood. If the person is afk before it, it should trigger. Few sources by Rioter:
But the fact that it didn't trigger means that it was a mistake from Riot's side. Great now i lost LP, because /remake didn't trigger.
Alchemiczka (EUNE)
: It's not true you can't remake when someone dies. We did remake a few times in this situations :/
if it is like that, why couldn't i remake the game then?
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: They should reduce it to 2:30.
or simply remove the 'first blood' rule
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: Can Riot not disable my chat?
Just move the chat window out of sight, that's atleast what i did and it worked well. that's the easiest way instead of muting everyone ^^
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Smittles (EUW)
: I like Vlad, he is my go to champion top lane when our team is full of AD everywhere else, or when I play mid against Zed (he laughs all day against Zed as his pool can negate his entire ultimate if you press it before he lands on you with it) His early is a little crap as you said, so playing him top against a bruiser is risky, but if you can survive the early game with a good amount of creeps, you're in for a lovely mid-late game. Rylai's is a must in any build/situation because Vlad lacks reliable CC that isn't the slow from his pool.
Thanks for sharing! will keep it in mind.
Mìmo (EUNE)
: I was thinking the same thing before is he really good or no, but when i bought him i was" k not bad " just average champ.(many will not agree) dont expect lot i mean you always expect to be something more but its just not that much, i played against him lot and i watched some who are really good with him but in the end he is not worth . Its good if you play in Bronze. (just buy him and you will see why i say this) {{summoner:13}}
Thanks for the specific and explaining opinion. I think i'll wait then :)
: He'll be getting changes in the Mage Update that coming. The details of his changes haven't been released yet, so you may want to hold off.
Oh really? Thanks for the information friend!
MadClown (EUNE)
: He will always be a god to me.Got me out of bronze, his ult is beautiful in low elo and he scales to late game. His early game is weak so it best to play him like a bitch.
Hmm, thanks for sharing your experience, sounds good to me but i'll wait some other opinions^^
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