Shukr4n (EUW)
: If he s good he will listen to you
If he is good, wouldn't he already know to watch out?
: {{champion:21}} is one of the most nerfed champs ever lately. She was nerfed: 1) To kill her as a support (Her E still carries the nerfs it got when Thunderlords was a thing. Now Thunderlords does not exists anymore but of course E is still nerfed) 2) Directly nerfed because lethality was too good for her 3) Still nerfed indirectly because at the end lethality was nerfed not matter what ...what she got to compensate for that? ATTACK DAMAGE GROWTH : [1] ⇒ 2 (which can be considered a partial compensation for the base AD nerf she got in 7.22: BASE ATTACK DAMAGE : [46] ⇒ 54...).
Try {{champion:21}} with these runes: The trick is to make good use of the true damage you can do when you impair someone's movement with "E" (Make it Rain).
: Full ap Janna? What? Usually you go redemption, athenes unholy grail, boots, maybe twin shadows, ardent and now with shurelyas you have a 6 item build... Same with lulu, sona depends on the player tough.
Well, you gotta remember that the lower ELO you go, the more inexperienced players are playing, they haven't figured it out yet.
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ModMayhem (EUW)
: Wow - Im honestly giving up :(
I'm in a similar situation, but I main support. Supporting inexperienced adc's can be very frustrating (especially in ranked where I generally feel like most team mates I get is just a bunch of inexperienced players who also thinks they know everything), and the same can go with inexperienced supports that THINK they know what they are doing.. but they don't. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Context: Taken from a match I had as Ezreal. {{champion:117}} : I can't do anything about this blitz. {{champion:81}} : Huh? You have Q, W and E, should be plenty of stuff you can do, mate. {{champion:117}} : No, Lulu has no counter play against blitz. {{champion:81}} : {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Having good adc and support can make a lot of difference, even if jungle, top and mid isn't doing too hot.
: So..... Fiora can block some incredible sht!
She can even block {{champion:86}} ult, witch suck sooooo much if you play {{champion:86}} . She just becomes impossible to kill, when you have her low enough to ult her then she blocks it no prob, and that's probably the only time you will have her low during that fight.
GreenMood (EUW)
: Silver support looking for a good adc to climb ranks !!
Hi, i am also a Support main (I'm good with most supporty supports but can still play all the other supports.). I am in Silver too, i would love to have an ADC climbing the ranks with me. I would prefer that you main adc. RedReaper2991


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