C9 Shiny (EUNE)
: Although I agree with focusing on your own individual play and learn from every mistake, you missed the point. There is something we can do about the people we get matched with, but we, as players can't do it, the system has to be slightly changed. We, the players offered suggestions and solutions, but we don't have the power/permission to alter the system files, so it's about as much as we can do. In that moment when there will be more people standing up for themselves, the system has to change or it loses it's target market. But as long as the majority is in agreement with you, saying there's nothing I can do, the system will not change. This is how everything is designed today, to give you the impression that you have freedom of choice and everything, and that "things just happen, we can't do anything about them" mentality is the right and healthy one to use.
You honestly think that there will be some kind of revolution? Riot is making millions regardless of what you feel. And it's always been that way too. This is jsut you trying to make the game (and miserably failing) to benefit YOU. You don't want to improve the system, you want to it to be bias and make it so you win more games rather than make a healthy game. In reality, you can win most games, you simply hvae to be good enough So in short: you are frustrated that you aren't good and think it's the game's fault while in reality, it's simply you being bad.
C9 Shiny (EUNE)
: So the TL;DR version is: Accept being shit on (despite you are a good person) and try to get better at getting shit on, or just kill yourself. Sounds about right. This is how you enslave people. Why would you want a change in the system that could make it decent for everyone? Nah, just deal with getting shit on or kill yourself.
Nope, you missed the point. I'll make it a bit more simple: The only thing you can do is focus on your own indiidual play and learn from every mistake. There's nothing you can do about the people you get matched with but you can learn from your matches. There's always something you can improve.
5oulDARK (EUW)
: League of Legends doesnt reward players for being good
While I get the frustration, it's just unavoidable. You could be the best player, but you might have the worst player on the team. So are you going to carry because you are THAT much better than everyone else despite the feeder or will the worst player ruin the game because you are incapable of undoing of what that player does. That's the question really? How good are you? Are you good in the laning phase? In teamfights? Objective calls? Micro/Macro play? Csing?.... If you hit all these points and still have problem than maybe it's mentally. Maybe you drag yourself down and psychologically set yourself up for a loss. You can't tell me that you don't have any flaws. Don't get me wrong, I too struggle with how meaningless it at times can feel but that doesn't mean that I'm without fault. The only thing you can really do mate, is to look at yourself objectively and work on that. I'm not saying it is easy to do that considering how idiotic some players can be both mechanically and in terms of mental state but that's all you can really do. A post complaining about it, is not going to change a damn thing. Get good or quit.
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: But what if you're a shit player and the rest carried you to S1 by luck?
Well, you could say that but personally, i'd say that going 8/0/6 or 4/3/7 or 2/1/3 or 8/3/7 or 8/1/11 or 15/5/6 means that I'm doing something right. A bit harsh, besides, how could i have possible climbed from SV all the way to silver 1 by sheer luck. If i was genuinely a shitty player, i'd be at bronze 1. I'd even say that because i'm a relatively good player, i can climb despite getting a lot of horrible teamamtes.
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: Thing is These giys are more likely on the enemy team and not on yours. And just a fun fact, if u have 180k on lucian but still cant carry in silver then you should look at yourself ^^ Im here with max 23k on my highest which is barely lvl 5 Still i easily steam role in high gold (75% winrate gold 2) with nearly all adcs Graves,twitch, lucian, kalista, caitlyn, sivir , corki etc etc without having quantity games with them. I have qualitix games i learn smth fast -> but even i mess up in gold sometimes and then i only have 1 ranked with that champ and im getting flamed at... 0/11 is a bit harsh but he isnt silver for nothing AND yeah his opponent might be a better play than him
> These guys are more likely on the enemy team and not on yours. Well, check my match history, look at the people that i've been matched up with and be suprised. A LOT of these dudes just randomly play champions they've barely played. > And just a fun fact, if u have 180k on lucian but still cant carry in silver then you should look at yourself ^^ Oh boy, i mean this is a comment where you don't even do research before you talk shit and don't actually know whether i do or do not carry. I've had plenty of games where i carried. Just today I've had really great games where i put the team on my back and completely annihilated the team. This isn't about me thinking that I can't get out of silver elo and blame others for it. In fact, i record every single game and watch them so i can improve. If i belong in silver 1, then i belong in silver 1 but that's not what the thread is about. A lot of low elo players sabotage their own games by playing champions they've barely played. Just today I had a game where a dude picked kassadin even though he only had ONE game with the champ. He scored 16/15/2 and was completely useless. You can look it up if you don't believe me. I'm fully confident in my ability to get out of silver, but i will not say that i'll easily get out of silver. It'll take some time and it'll take even more time to get to gold 1 and it might take me a 1000 games. But I don't mind that. The reason I'm confident is because my first season i hit gold, my second i hit gold and now i'll hit gold again and this time try to get to platinum. I just got unlucky wiht my placement matches where it put me completely back to Silver V. > 0/11 is a bit harsh but he isnt silver for nothing AND yeah his opponent might be a better play than him 1. It's not a BIT harsh, it's completely throwing away any kind of chance of a victory. 2. Just because someone is currently in silver, doesn't mean that they belong there 3. Just because you are are in silver doesn't mean that it's a normal thing to do. I've been climbing from Silver 5 to Silver 1 and I've not had one game in the 151 games where i fed THAT hard (because i play champions I like and am comfortable on, which is the entire point).
: "Here i am with 180 000k experience as lucian, trying my absolute best while the toplane maokai died 11 times without getting a SINGLE kill in the entire game." Why would you mention the kill if it didn't prove your point? If he gets camped until no tomorrow, his score is very justified. That can happen. That doesn't make him a feeding asshole just out to ruin your games though.
Just because i use Maokai's score as a point, doesn't mean I think that kdr is always a clear sign of what went down in a game. At times people do get focused and can't actually survive. But that's not what this post is about. It's not about getting focused but about the fact that certain players in elo, play champions they've barely or never have played before and feed. YOU in particular can't use a hypothetical situation to proof a point because it didn't actually happen (SVD replay.gg, look up the game yourself). Not to dismiss that getting focused can be a cause to a lot of deaths BUT in this case it has nothing to do with the discussion at hand. By the way, you actually can avoid dying. There a very few games where you have no control over whether you die or not. 99% of the time it's you making the mistake that led to your death. And it's especially true when you play first time whatever and have no idea what you are doing. Furthermore, my point about him not having a single kill and plenty of deaths is to show that he had no positive impact and in fact has a lot to with why he lost. Finally, I don't think this individual was out to get me but i just don't see the point in playing a champion you know nothing about in ranked. It's a waste of your time, you won't learn anything because people like that don't actually care about improving OR winning which is the entire point to playing ranked (obviously so is fun).
: Yeah, because kills are the perfect measurement of skill.
Perfect measurement? God no. But it can at times show your performance in a game. If you go 1/7/1, that means that you overextended too many times and fed the enemy team. If your score is 7/0/8, that means that you had good positioning and didn't die at all. I also never said that kills were a measurment of skill nor did I imply that. It's not even the point at hand.
: "People picking champions they are not familiar with for genuinely no reason at all." Yea. Thats definitely new. All the other years Silver players usually only picked champs they have mastered perfectly. But now the problems are real. Silver players picking champs they cant play. Oh god. Cant carry the weight. The silver problems are real right now.
Is this even a real comment? Just because someone is silver, doesn't mean they are uncapable to limit their champion pool to 4 instead of 30. I'm silver and i have (as i said before) about 180k experience on lucian. I'm talking about playing champions they are COMFORTABLE on. It's not that I'm expecting silver players to play like diamond players but silvers players seem to like playing random champions for no reason. Which is why they then end up feeding. It's a problem that can be easily avoided. Sure, they can still feed with their best champion but honestly, I've not yet seen a match where I didn't win when everyone had Level 5 mastery on their champion. It's a fact that if you focus on one champion, you become a lot better a lot faster. It's in dozens of guides. Oh, and I love how you base your entire argument on ONE sentence. It's like judging a book because of its intro. Maybe read the whole comment before typing a sarcastic comment?
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Kinez333 (EUNE)
: Like I said I played only Rengar,Zed,Wukong and Lulu and I tried irelia and Annie and Garen I think,rest of those I never played.I never said it was impossible,I said it harder because people wont help you close out the game,and unless you can do it 1 vs 5 you have higher chances of losing :/ That was the whole issue,and I didnt have wukong until I got enough Ip to buy him.
> And I often give smurfs to my friends to play league from time to time if they want(I didnt play any ranked on this account until several days ago,you can clearly see the difference in winrates on champions I play like lulu,zed,wukong and rengar) First things first. That's called Account Sharing and that's against the rules. So, i could technically have you banned if I would send this to riot but i'm not going to. Secondly: You are full of it. You've played nasus, yasuo, Ashe, Cho gath, Twisted Fate, Teemo & Irelia in the past 5 days. Or did you not play before you made this thread? Or did you play 4 games and decided it was too difficult and starting making a thread without actually trying? And finally: the worst thing that happened to you in the past 7 days is that you had at times a 4 losing streak. at times. And you have all these champions on your smurf but not the champion that you are a winning streak with? Again, that just points to your arrogance. You didn't feel the need to get yoru best champion to get out of silver. And well, you NEED wukong to have that massive win streak. Again: EGO & ARROGANCE.
Kinez333 (EUNE)
: Well I just won 15 games in a row xD and Im already Gold IV,I will maybe be Gold 1 tomorrow since im skipping a division most likely :D if you have doubts,just stick around,follow my progress and then you can see me in diamond :D if thats ok with you. Also I think my mental fortitude is quite okay,noting wrong with being salty from time to time
I just checked up on you. You made this thread two days ago, which is also the time where you were randomly playing different champions and not scoring well on them. Now, from my perspective, you took mine (and most likely other people's) advice Proof: > He has too big of a champion pool. This dude played around 30 champions already. This shows me (considering this thread) that he's arrogant. Thinking he can easily stomp no matter what he plays. > Maybe just stick to two roles and 4 champions and you'll probably get to gold in a blink of an eye. And look at that, you started playing wukong almost only and instantely climbed to Gold 4 plus going from a 40-45% to a 55% winrate. Conclusion: You came back into game, thinking you would destroy low elo players without playing your best champions. You got salty and your ego was wounded and starting bitching on how "impossible" it is to climb. After you stopped being arrogant and started playing your best champion (WUKONG), you climbed easily out of Silver preaching as if, "you were just salty". Talk about an ego.
: > Don't play to win. Play to improve. **When you improve, you will win more frequently.** You quote the part that explains why you should focus on improving and you start a rant that winning is better than improving?
I never said that winning is better than improving. I said that we ultimately improve so we CAN win. It's a pretentious statement that is about an ideal situation rather than the actual situation. Shoudl you really focus on improving when an AFK or a feeder comes around? We should not get upset about situations that are so frustrating? my rant is about the fact that it's almost impossible to focus on your own gameplay, only think about what you are doing wrong when so much shit is out of your control and how DUMB people can be. I'm not claiming to be this godlike player; I know very well how bad i am. But just because i have a lot to learn, doesn't mean I don't have the right to an opinion or have the right to be frustrated.
Kinez333 (EUNE)
: This is a lot of hate coming from you.I suggest you relax take a deep breath.Read what I wrote,then read what you wrote and see how all of that was already answered.I always win my lane,at the moment of this writing this post I was frustrated do due several reasons already mentioned many times through this post.I have left silver 1 and by the end of the weekend I will probably be gold 3,so chillax.Also common thing you people fail to realize is,yes even a diamond player can screw up lane.Imagine that.I win my lane and my matchups 90% of the time.Some times I get greedy or make a mistake thats costs me my life,that dont mean I cant play the game.So again chillax and have fun :D PS: Forgot to say,KDA doesnt win games,I had an average of 3-4 KDA even in Diamond 3 because I do not care for it,if Im gonna die and my team is gonna win that teamfight,then I will die,no regrets.Simple :) Experience in Silver in a nutshell xD http://9gag.com/gag/a4Y2Lbd
This isn't about hate, it's just unlikely and most likely untrue that an actual diamond player would say all these things. Not too mention that you deflect every valid point you can't argue with. So far, atleast I've not seen your main diamond account. Which says enough. You genuinely sound like a salty player who can't do well consistently and is blaming random factors for it. That doesn't mean that i'm hating you, but it just means that I'm not buying it. And yes, kdr doesn't always win games but it DOES represent (more or less) how you perform in those games. You can have a perfect score even if you don't win a game. The problem mate, is that you aren't performing well for someone who's claiming to be diamond and on top of that, you have the mental fortitiude of a low elo player. You are the first "diamond" player who complains on how he can't get out of low elo. And why should we believe ANYTHING you say. You claim you are diamond but don't give out yor main account. You claim that you win lane but show no proof of it, you claim that you've played with pro's but show no proof of it. Literally all you say are statements that we should just take your word for it but the actual game performance shows another story. I am relaxed and I'm having fun when i play this game but that doesn't mean i should take the word of a random stranger saying he's diamond while struggling in low elo.
: A Guide to Improve Your Behaviour
> Don't play to win. Play to improve. When you improve, you will win more frequently. This game is all about WINNING or LOSING. Ranked especially is designed to give a meaning to your WINS and LOSSES. We improve so we can WIN. How can you just turn of that competitive side to a competitive game? I should not care about winning and focus on improving? I genuinely feel as if those who write that are full of it. How can you not get upset when some dude goes AFK. Sure, i'm not talking about raging but just getting frustrated. Frustrated against a teammate that just is not cooperating, feeding, etc... I don't get how I should play ranked but not care whether you win or lose and only focus on your own gameplay. How do you even do that? And hell, do i have to blame myself when someone genuinely ruins the teamfight because of their horrible positioning or just getting caught randomly at their jungle. I'm sick and tired of people telling others that they should take responsibility for something they didn't do. You can lose games because someone in your team messed up. Wins and losses in particular are about who is the luckiest of the bunch IF you don't have the skill that easily surpasses a certain league. example: I got an afk and lost the game, then I got a teammate who picked Jayce who didn't know how to play jayce and lost the game because we didn't have a tank. Then i WON a game because me and Sion had great engages and the enemy adc got caught a lot. league isn't just about 1v1ing. There are so many external factors that goes into this game. Not being frustrated about those random factors seems, in my eyes, impossible. I'm not a player who flames, who's chat restricted but what this guide tells me is: Forget about teammates who you are with for atleast 20m, who can say the dumbest shit, who can do the most dumbest shit and ruin your game and focus on what You did WRONG. Like really? Yeah, I shoud have used the shadow clone jutsu, teleported to the guy who AFK'd my game and play for him. Or teleport to the guy who picked jayce, smack his head onto the wall, pick Poppy (which was his main champion, just didn't feel like playing) for him and then return. Come on already. I'm just not buying this crap.
Kinez333 (EUNE)
: Well I have grown weaker mechanically and I know that very well,but like I said Im not that much weaker,2nd and I did say several times in the comments that this is my smurf account,not the main one.And I often give smurfs to my friends to play league from time to time if they want(I didnt play any ranked on this account until several days ago,you can clearly see the difference in winrates on champions I play like lulu,zed,wukong and rengar).Also problem as you pointed out well is I am unable to hold everyones hand.I may know when Im strong and weak and my power spikes as well as those of my enemies,but my team does not.I have no real way from stopping them from engaging 2 vs 5 or trying to fight as splitpush team vs a teamfight team.Or whether they got early game champions on no.For example I had a afk jihn last game(he came back eventually,like 10 min into the game) and katarina on mid who was heavily dying. So katarina is vs Brand,they got Vlad top and Evelynn jungle and Nautilus bot,1st item she bought was Liandrys,now Im not a Katarina expert,but I think vs 4 ap Abysall would be at least 10 times better,in that whole game he never even got abysall,nevermind the fact he wasnt in a single teamfight,he would just go in and die,and then later he would just w8 go in to ks and die.We won that game technically 3 vs 5 because our Diana was fairly good and Janna did a lot to save us,Jihn also helped but he was really behind a good part of the game. TL;DR : People go willy nilly and I cant stop them from making mistakes and throwing sadly. Also I have met a lot of players in Diamond who are toxic as hell,they feed,go afk on 1st blood. Bjergsen once did the same on EUW,in the past season,he played Jarvan mid,he got 1st blooded and the he just went afk :D Ah good times,also Incarnation played TF so badly once he didnt use hit ultimate a single time to get into a teamfight :D he just used it to tp back to late.Also most of the LCS players I met had chat bans,only one who didnt was Yellowstar xD (he is a good guy too). So dont be fooled and think just cuz someone is high elo,they play everything perfectly or act sportsman like. :) Thanx again for taking the time to write such a big comment and express your view in a nice way :)
> Well I have grown weaker mechanically and I know that very well,but like I said Im not that much weaker Not only is that an excuse but a blatant lie. Dude, you have a 2kdr in silver.... That isn't just mechanically weak, that's pitiful for someone who's claiming to be diamond. > I did say several times in the comments that this is my smurf account,not the main one Never said that this was your main account, but you haven't given your main account name, you just say you are diamond and call this your smurf. I'm not going to just believe you simply because you say so. > Also I have met a lot of players in Diamond who are toxic as hell,they feed,go afk on 1st blood. Bjergsen once did the same on EUW,in the past season,he played Jarvan mid,he got 1st blooded and the he just went afk :D Ah good times,also Incarnation played TF so badly once he didnt use hit ultimate a single time to get into a teamfight :D he just used it to tp back to late.Also most of the LCS players I met had chat bans,only one who didnt was Yellowstar xD (he is a good guy too). So dont be fooled and think just cuz someone is high elo,they play everything perfectly or act sportsman like All just shit that you can easily make up. No proof means that all you are doing is saying things that can't be fact checked thus you think that i'll automatically believe anything you say. Ultimately, the problem isn't even about "playing perfect" or "act sportsman like". It's the fact that someone who CLAIMS to be diamond skillleveled is complaining on how he can't carry a bunch of silvers and easily get to Gold 1. Yes, some games you cannot win with afk's and what not BUT that just an excuse you have for every loss you get. If you TRULY were a diamond player, you'd beat the ever living crap out of your lane opponent, take their corpse and beat the crap out of the enemy team with it. Diamond players are able to utterly dismantle SILVERS when they play their best champion at their best role. They have the experience AND the mechanical prowess to outplay their opponent and snowball their lead into a win. Let's also not forget that you completely ignored other points i mentioned. So there's that. You claim to be diamond yet you can't averagely hit the 4kdr mark, in fact you are not even 3kdr (when i checked). So either you are crap at lane and need to be carried in order for you to be useful OR you are good in the laning phase but don't know how to snowball your lead. Either way, you are three leagues from what you say you deserve and are. Maybe, you might want to tone down the arrogance and realize you need to build up what you were. Because if you truly were diamond, we wouldn't be having this argument in the first place.
Kinez333 (EUNE)
: Problem in this game(Ranked)
I call bullshit on this one. If you have a 50% winrate, you'll get out of your league. That's how the system is designed. People that are stuck in low elo (someone like me), doesn't have the mechanical prowess or game knowledge to snowball and keep a lead. Diamond players in low elo should not only either gank the shit out of the opponent or win the lane harshly, but should know when and when not to teamfight. This is the first time that I've seen a "diamond" player (which btw, he just says he is with no proof) complaing about an elo that is literally 3 leagues behind him. Let's assume that he was in fact diamond: 1. The meta changed harshly and the game fundamentally changed. Meaning that you now have to play alot more teamoriented to win a game. Meaning that maybe this guy was a lane bully, and then kind of played his own game. If you ignore your teammates and don't hold their hand every step of the way, you are going to lose. 2. His mechanics are crap now. League is a game where you need to practice constantely. Sometimes you should take a day off because of tilt mode BUT you do need to play it consistently to keep being well... consistent. Not playing for 8 months means that you are mechanically weak. Meaning that you are no longer diamond but silver considering everything that changed and the fact that you didn't play league for 8months. Now let's get back to reality: 1. Diamond players don't feel entitled to their league. I've genuinely met a lot of diamond players and they are knowledgeble and humble. I've in my three years of playing this game, never came across a toxic diamond player. They are down to earth and at worst neutral players. 2. Looking at his op.gg clarifies a lot of things: He has too big of a champion pool. This dude played around 30 champions already. This shows me (considering this thread) that he's arrogant. Thinking he can easily stomp no matter what he plays. Maybe just stick to two roles and 4 champions and you'll probably get to gold in a blink of an eye. 3. He has an average kdr of 2.54. That's bad for someone who's claiming to be a diamond player. Diamond players should be ATLEAST 3.00 considering how much more they should know about the laning phase, teamfights and objective control. TL;DR: Either this dude's a liar or he's lying to himself.
: Why does riot ban? (for using bad words)
try and say bad words when you're working. See how that turns out. Get back to me!
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: Let's roll with the assumption that just like every other league player ever in the history of all time, you also simply have a startling amount of bad luck. Then what? Let me spell out your two options: a) continue sharing your sobstories with whomever will listen and remain confident in your knowledge that you're better than the shitters in your elo range b) quit fixating on your team's performance and concentrate solely on your own. Are you flawless at this game? If you can convince yourself that you're not, then that means there's room for improvement and something left to strive for. Focus on that. Not gaining elo. Accept that the only measure of control you have over your team is not making them play worse than they already are by typing things in teamchat. That's it. If you soloqueue, your team is simply an rng factor and you will have bad luck streaks. The most likely scenario is this: If you're not deluding yourself by claiming to consistently do well in lane then you're probably a bit better than most others in your elo range. The problem being that you're only - a bit - better. If you want to consistently win games, you need to be significantly better, to the degree where you can singlehandedly carry games. And that requires more than just winning your lane and telling yourself you did your part. Winning lane means nothing if you can't translate that advantage into an advantage for your team.
This is always the typical response: focus on your own gameplay and ignore everything else. That's impossible. How can I not be at least ticked of about the fact that I did well but got stomped because my midlaner just said: Fuck it, let's play TF that i've never played before. And why is that so bad to feel that way? Or why is it bad that i share my frustrations with the community. Whether it's productive or not is kind of irrelevant. This is still a game, I have no intention nor do i have the talent to become a pro. I can still be upset to do well in NOrmal draft but then getting cockblocked by my own teammates. I'm someone that can improve my gameplay but also judge others around me. Even though that might not be prodcutive, i'm still a human being. If you can genuinely go robot mode, focus on your gameplay and not be affected with how your teammates are doing than honestly: Kudo's to you sir. Meanwhile back in human land, it's frustrating to try and be better when your teammates won't help you or let you carry the game. The game is usally over before the laning phase ends. And that sucks. And yes, complaining about it or as you put it: have sobstories, is not going to help or reverse my losing streak. But that's not really the point. I don't magically expect for people to all of the sudden be great teammates, it's just that i'm frustrated, needed to share and see what the communities thoughts are and maybe get some nice words in between. It also helps talking about it so you don't go on a raging rampage when you are in game. It might be selfish but hell, why wouldn't I try and cheer myself up after losing TWELVE games.
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: Do you report people for being "noobs"?
i wish you could report people for not giving a shit. When you go 0/7 without the intent of intentionally feeding but still not really care regardless, you should be reported because you have intentionally a negative impact on the game. In short: you should reported for being an asshole in game.
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SKT Apathy (EUNE)
: Tryhard Does not exist, Not in Ranked, Not in Normal... It just doesnt exist.
It doesn't make sense to call someone a try hard in the most competitive F2P to date. Your entire experience is either WIN or LOSE. going 0/12 isn't something, i personally, enjoy. I do try my best to win every game. Because why else am i playing a competitive game? If I just wanted to relax i'd play an offline game. Calling someone a tryhard is just dumb. You're a tryhard because you want to make that person feel bad in a game because you are losing. Face it dumbo's, we are all tryhards.
Cænatyx (EUW)
: Yet even if they didn't ask politely, giving there desired roles to them wouldn't have only showed great team spirit towards them but to the rest of your team mates as well.
I don't understand why it's THAT important. Why would I do SO much effort in a normal draft? This is a game and in a mode where teamsynergy doesn't really matter. Most of the time in normal draft we are learning champions. So everyone is just trying to focus on their own gameplay. Why would I care so much about not only strangers but strangers who are rude? So that everyone can be happy? You forget one thing though: What happends to me? I end up at toplane, having an awful time because i'm very uncomfortable and don't have that much practice in top meanwhile the botlane has a great game. we end up winning but I don't feel like learned much. I just got my dick kicked in and got carried. But in a normal draft, it's nto about winning but learning about the things you want to learn. In my particular case, it's to master Lucian. Get to know every match up, learn how to cs better, how to cstrade, how to trade in general, how to put out the most dps and lastly improve on teamfights. That's what I'm learning right now. So me picking top is already boring and not fun and I don't even have a reason to do so. Or atleast not a good one. Team spirit is nice but with strangers that can't even be polite, the team spirit is already going to be miserable. I just made the choice to not get bullied into a role that i disliked. Like i've said so many times now: If this was ranked draft, i would have not even thought about it, they would have gotten the role and i wouldn't have said a word. But considering I have my reasons to play normal draft AND they were immensly disrespectful and rude, I won't give them the role 100% of the time.
Cænatyx (EUW)
: if they que together and then wanna play bot, again, together, why would u deny them to do so? to show them how u wouldt let them decide that u wont go bot?
Did you even read? Probably not. It's not about the fact that i denied them. It's what lead me up to denying them the role. They were toxic and threatening me to report me if i didn't give them what they wanted. I've said this about a million times but what the hell: If they would have been nice, i would have probably given them the role (it depends on my mood)
: So after reading all your comments I have to advise you that as someone else pointed out your not doing much better than the peeps who insist on pre-made bot lane, and at least they have the effectiveness factor behind their argument. Before you jump at me just think about it, you see this as 'just' a game where it's all about YOUR enjoyment and not about satisfying some strangers interests. (who may or may not be dicks) I'm going to assume you agree with how I've stated you see the situation, and in that case a few things apply that you should consider: 1: You can't think MEMEMEMEME and demand others don't. If you were the guy who always went top nicely without making a fuss ever and was sad you never got to bot lane, well dood that sucks. But your not that guy, your not entitled to the sympathy that guy is entitled too. (That guys a doormat, but hey) 2: This is a TEAM GAME, not single player. Your ability to work with others and think of their interests is every bit as important a game skill as champ mechanics, positioning etc are. As a species we struggle to get along with others we don't understand, but in a game of league, other team members interests=yourinterests 3. Normal draft is for practising ranked, play normal blinds for simple rift play. Perhaps instead of being mad you could practise somehow making these pre-mades work well with you, good teamwork exercise tbh 4. At the end of the day no matter what happens in our efforts to punish or resolve issues we encounter with other players we usually fight fire with fire or get dragged down into the emotional whirlpool of toxicity that's ever lurking to ensnare us. It's just not really worth it, some pre-mades ruffled your feathers, your B****ing about it on here, someone else is going to get bothered that your mad it's all just a lovely chain of woe :D 5: From much thought and experience the main source of problematic interactions in this game stems from everyone assuming everyone else just exists to be an obstacle. Occams razor dood, Dem random pre-mades probs aren't out to ruin your day the less assumptive motive would just be that they think their doing a decent thing for the team and don't expect opposition/ are shocked to be met by it. Perhaps you should try nicely explaining that despite them being pre-made you'd really like to adc and perhaps once of them could take another role. Might not work, but hey at least your trying. You haven't the right to be distressed others don't try getting along when you don't either. Hell I try and I usually leave peeps to it if they don't comply, wish more peeps like me would end up in meh games lol. "You can have adc", "Oh no sir, I insist you take ADC", "No no old chap, it's splendid for you to ADC" :D P.S and remember the whole pick order thing is there just as a fail safe if communications break down and it's entitled person vs entitled person. Sad that you treat it as a baseline. :/
Everything you've typed, should be directed to the people that tried to take me hostage, were impolite and then flamed when i didn't give them the role. You make me out to be the bad guy and start throwing around fancy words and what not. But really? You rather let some kids make fun of you, make you go where they want, be impolite and arrogant so that you can win a normal draft? I don't know what's worse: You having no backbone or that you are so focused on winning that you rather have a bad experience and win than to have a good experience and lose. I will emphasize this again: This was a NORMAL DRAFT. You want me to give them the role when they aren't even nice about it so that i can win? Why should i care THAT much about a win? ultimately it's a meaningless statistic and you get about 20-100 IP(more with the daily bonus) more if you do win. Apparently you don't read that well because I also said that if they would have been nice about it and treat me with respect I would have most likely give them the role. It's the circumstance that's important here. This is about principles. I'm not going to give a role to some spoiled kids that can't even say please and thank you. When i want the ADC role i always, ALWAYS, ask for it nicely. And if I don't get it, so be it. I pick what's left for me and I have a good time. I don't go: Sorry first pick but I'm ADC. You won't give it to me, REPORTED. And then proceeding to pick the ADC regardless of the fact that ADC has already been taken. You generalized me and that's ALWAYS a bad idea. You think because of this particular instance where i didn't give the role, I'm a toxic and selfish player. Wheras this is one of the few times where I refuse to give the role. If i was as what you say I wouldn't get an icon for good behavior for an entire year. I will say this: If this was ranked I would have let them go ADC and support for sure. Because unlike what you think, i'm not that selfish where i rather lose a ranked game than to give them a role they want even though they acted like huge dickweeds. Ranked is where i either lose or win something. And considering I made the choice to either win or lose, i'll do anything to try and make the odds better. But it WASN'T ranked. Lastly: your first comment REALLY pissed me of. Communication? They didn't say a WORD before i hovered over lucian. I'm not joking. The communication wasn't even there, they legit were expecting that we magically gave them the roles. And they from what i can tell, were just waiting to see if someone picked either support or adc and then would 1v2 to force the person to go somewhere else. That's not proper behavior, you ask for something that you want and you treat the person that you want something from with respect. If you don't care about others, you should not expect me to care about you.
: You must be really fun at parties
I am, i know you aren't because you don't know the difference between racism and discrimination.
TheGauntler (EUNE)
: SO
Here's a question: why play ranked if you can't play all 5 roles? I'd recommend going normal draft and get to know the roles you don't know how to play.
: My hat off to you for not generalising premades! Oh wait...
So far my experience with premades (in terms of normal draft) have been bad. Every time, but I mean everytime you pick a role they think they are entitled to, they start flaming you and go x4 report or x2 report. It's not generalizing if the experiences are all bad. And even if it wasn't, it's against the rules to be specific and talk about a specific summoner so I rather generalize then to get kicked of the forums so that you can feel better about yourself.
: ........did you win?
Nope, they forced toplane out of his lane. So we had no jungler. the toplane was nice enough to go jungle with ignite (can you imagine how that went?) I got turretdived and then got 1v1'd by kindred adc (that was my bad) Midlane lost on its own. It was bad... just bad.
Zanador (EUNE)
: I simply don't understand why would you make a topic about the idiots who pair up and not even mention the ones who don't. Even tho they are acting the same, they ruin games all the same, and they are disrespectful in the same way. If anything, my problem with topic titles like yours is that they misdirect the attention from the problem to a segment of the problem. There are already lots of people who hate premades just because they are premade, and nothing more, and simply don't realise that most of the time they only recognise a premade part of the team when they are either bad or act disrespectfully. And nobody has any idea about how many times they have met premades that were ideal teammates, just because as good teammates should, they adapted to the needs of the team right away. So basically even tho i think that your frustration is valid and reasonable, i also think that this topic is misguided by the very reason you just said.
I did not misdirect anyone. The title is EXACTLY what i then say in the thread. You are arguing about an issue that yet again is not at hand. You are just making a fuzz to make fuzz. If you don't have anything to say that isn't off topic, don't say anything at all.
: > [{quoted}](name=Syfes,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=aIIgOUWI,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-10-22T15:40:44.755+0000) > > Had a game where a premade was mad that i didn't let one of them go ADC and decided to ruin the normal game. They, despite knowing I already picked ADC, still picked it. > > The hypocricy and self entitlement of premades is really annoying. > They think just because they are in a party, they get to decide who plays where. Don't get me wrong, if I'm last pick or i'm under the premade, i will respect the pickorder. > > But for some reason, premades not only think that they should get whatever they want but they expect everyone to just comply. > > If i'm third pick and the premades are fourth and fifth, I'm going to pick whatever role I want that isn't taken. I might give the role to the premades if they didn't act so entitled. When i picked ADC as third pick, the premade that was fourth wrote (paraphrasing): I'm premade so yeah I'm ADC. > > And this is blue side, where fourth and third are different rotations. So he actually not only expected to get ADC but he thought that just because he's premade, i'd just give up the ADC role. > > There aren't any rules that say that i should give up my role when some kid tells me he's premade and that he is going to go that role. > I believe that there even was a thread about how pick order is above call order by a Rioter. > > Yes, it's not cool to not give the premades what they want, sure. But if you aren't going to ask it nicely, then don't expect me to be nice either. I have given up my role for people who ask me nicely (at times). But acting that self entitled when you aren't even picking yet just makes me go: yeah.. no. > > Stop acting so self entitled and ASK NICELY. Implying you're entitled to pick w/e role you want. You = / = them. Literally.
No i'm not implying that. That comment though xd Feeling entitled means that you feel like you have the right to something no matter what the circumstances. I even said that i will pick something else if i can't get the role I'm aiming for. In this particular situation, ADC is open. And I get to pick. That's not being entitled in any way. It's just that i'm not going to give up a role because i had AT THIS PARTICULAR SITUATION the right to pick ADC. If the situation was reversed and i was last pick, i would NEVER pick ADC.
: Premades are racists
You mean that they discriminate. Racisme is based on race. You can't be racist when you don't even know how the guy behind the PC screen looks like.
Zanador (EUNE)
: While i agree that people should respect the pick order, allow me to tell you guys why exactly nearly everyone who posted here so far, is wrong: Solo players do this too. Seriously, if you think that only duo players troll in normal or even ranked games because they didn't get the roles they want, then you act like you have never played any LoL matches. Same thing applies if you say that duo players tend to do it more often. Yes, solo players won't claim their right to a role saying "i'm premade", but i'm sure everyone has met at least one "diamond smurf", "challenger on another server" or just " *** you, i wanted to play the new champion". At the end of the day the thing that Syfes describes has nothing to do with premades, and everything to do with idiots. And while two idiots are definitely worse than one, it is also true that one is plenty enough to ruin any game if they want to. tldr: everyone needs to respect pick order, not just premades, and more people must learn the magic word: "please".
You made an assumption out of something that wasn't said. Nobody said that solo q players don't act like asswhipes. They do, they most certainly do. But that's not the discussion at hand.
: Think of it this way, do you really want to play with a support who is going to not play very well with you because you kicked his friend out of lane? :D Also unless the pre-made bot lane are actually completely not on your skill level and absolutely have less experience then a pre-made is far more likely to play well than two random's. It's the logical and most efficient set-up. Why are you intent on making your team less effective exactly? Pick-orders not worth much anyway, its best to try and juggle teams as much as possible to find who can do what the best/ has the most motivation for the role :P
I hate when people don't read shit. It's a NORMAL DRAFT. Not too mention it's a video game. The fuck i care about efficiency. It's about how I play the game and what my experience is like. ESPECIALLY in a normal draft. If you are the type of guy who plays so that he can get compliments then that's cool for you. But I play games to have fun.
DonPodriego (EUNE)
: Or you can respect the fact that these guys maybe skype and have better communication that you with a random support of SoloQ,although i totally agree about how they ask it to you,its about having a good attitude not being negative^^ Friendly as always,Peace
It's normal draft AND i'm not going to respect two douchebags who can't even ASK to play a certain role when they are the two final picks. Not only that but I don't play LoL so that two kids who don't have manners can play what they want. i play LoL so i get to play what i want. Obviously, i obey the pick order, I'm not a hypocrite. But if i get to play my role and people act like dicks, guess what? I'm picking that role every single time.
: Well there is no rule to play 2 marksmen in one game, but if the intention is to ruin the game. Then it's not allowed.
They picked the ADC role just to spite me. THey even forced toplane out of his lane... Yeah.. they were that much of an ass.
Bondegg (EUW)
: While I agree premades can be right D***s about these things, I get the pick order but it's a team game, I think sometimes youve just got to swallow pride and take one for the team, however annoying it is
If you read what i wrote, i was talking about a NORMAL DRAFT game. Meaning that winning isn't on the high priority list. Of course, winning is awesome but most of the time people go to normal draft to practice. It isn't about pride. It's about the fact that this is a GAME. And i'm not going to let some twats (sorry for the language) act all douchy and take the role that I AT THAT PARTICULAR INSTANCE have the right to take. I'm at a normal draft to practice, to put bluntly, i rather lose and have a great performance/game then to win and be bored out of my mind. I hate top, mid and jungle is boring for me. If i can avoid playing them, i will. Because this is a GAME and i play it not to satisfy strangers but to have fun. Again, don't get me wrong. I will pick what's left if i'm last pick nor will i troll if i don't get what i want. That's called manners and having respect for the rules and the game. But if I'm first pick and some premade douchebags order me to pick anything other than what i want to play in a normal draft because they think they own the role, i'll pick the role EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Sure, i could have gone jungle, but for what purpose exactly? So that strangers that I don't even know, who don't appreciate the fact that i gave them the role can play what they want? Don't mistake this is as a situation where two premades who were kind and asked for the role politely and then,i the big bad meanie, refused. They didn't say a word before i picked ADC. All of the sudden one of the premades is passive agressively ordering me around and saying that i can't pick ADC because he said so. With a :(. Not only do they not respect the pick order, not only did they not treat me with respect, not only did they insult me when i picked the ADC role but they TROLL picked the role that i had picked ANYWAY and lastly they EXPECTED me to do what they said. And then tried to make the enemy team report me for "trollpicking". Of course when I intervened, the enemy team assured me that i wasn't going to get reported and they would actually report the bottom lane (KARMA). Truth be told, if they would have asked nicely, and they had been nice i would have been like: Fuck it, let me play the old sejuani woman ice pig combo. But if you think i'm going to let some arrogant teenagars who are spoiled as hell act like they own the game, you are sadly mistaken. i'm gong to cockblock them. EVERY. SINGLE.TIME. Does that make me selfish? Sure, but i'm not playing games so i can be a saint and have strangers thank me. I play games to have a good time. PERIOD.
: > But if you aren't going to ask it nicely, then don't expect me to be nice either Obviously thats not completely wrong. But you should think about the question whether your ego is more important than winning the game. Pissing of premades doesn't really increase your winchance, even if you are morally right.
I wouldn't do it in a ranked game but considering it was a normal draft, I'm not going to sacrifice my role for two arrogant premades who think they get what they want every time.
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: Keep in mind normal draft WAS the queue ranked restricted people got sent to as punishment. I don't know if this changed with the recent changes in handing out punishments and restrictions but it's always been a reason for me to second guess playing normal drafts.
Keep in mind that normal draft isn't ranked prison for those who can't behave. It still, despite the fact that you need to win certain normals to get back into ranked, is not a new mode that was designed to just teach those toxic members a lesson. It's been around since the beginning and it's used to either have a casual game of league or to learn a thing or two about your champion/lane.
: This doesn't seem like an issue restricted to Draft pick. Its just people being obnoxious/rude in general. I've seen it in Team Builder, Blind Pick, ARAM, etc. Just ignore it.
Agreed, obviously LoL is just a game that draws out these kind of emotions out of it. But it's kind of weird though that people expect the best out of you in a normal draft. Just from an objective point of view, you can actually just GAIN lp. It just depends how whether you lose/win and how long the game has been going. You don't lose anything. This kind of behavior would be expected if someone intentionally fed. But considering my situation, it's just over the top agressive.
Snow Enix (EUW)
: Bah, here ya go mate http://listenonrepeat.com/watch/?v=jK2aIUmmdP4#Different_Heaven_%26_EH!DE_-_My_Heart_%5BNCS_Release%5D Smile :)
thank you for the link! Listening to it right now!
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Kurbeh (EUW)
: Wii U Games can be competitive, like Smash Bros 4 for example :<
Yeah of course, i was generalizing to make a point :p
Eveninn (EUW)
: \*hugs\* \(^.^)/ It's fine. \*pats your back\* It sadly happens. And idiots are bound to be in a community as big as this one. However, don't let those 2 idiots ruin your experiance with others, and enjoy the games without idiots even more! It sometimes is sad that 1 toxic Player can ruin a whole game by themselfs. But enough games without any toxic Players happen! Those are the games you are looking for. ---------------------------------------------- And... whenever you get a game with a flamer: Just start thinking about how you gonna Report him after the game, the report will gently nudge his case a bit closer to the System, more reports come and push together, then the case finally touches the System and it sucks it in, The System carefully analyzes the whole case, piling up sin upon sin, till it decides on a punishment, and hits the red button. And soon afterwards, the shock on the flamers face when they see they got punished, _possibility no 1 (fictional, but nice to imagen):_ how they suddenly get filled with regret as they realize, wanting to cry upon what they did to others, wanting to apologize but can't anymore, not to everyone, they clench their first and swear themselfs to do their best to stop flaming. _possibility no 2 (realistic):_ How they cry, go to Boards or the likes, get condemmed by the community, not wanting to accept that they flamed, getting angrier and angrier as they try to hopelessly and helplessly argue against the People telling them that they deserve the punishment, their head reddening from anger until it slowly gets bigger, to the Point where smoke shoots out of their ears and their head Pops like a ballon filled with hot air soon afterwards. :3
I like this post!
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