: It doesnt work for me either now.. what the fuck. :c
Mate, it has 3 %-symbols in the link. That's the reason why the video isn't working. _https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0Kh**%%%**pq4Q_
: Game stuttering on certain champions?
I have the same problem with Kalista for some reason. Too bad I can't play her on my current pc since she's a pretty interesting champion to play. {{item:3070}}
: Feeling generous (Free skin!)
1) Galaxy Rumble (Best skin in the game! ^.^) 2) I love it when everyone keeps their cool and don't take the game too seriously but with an intent to win. Those games are the best for me and I really enjoy those. I also really like to watch the competetive play and watch some streamers for fun. (Gross Gore, Trick2G, Nightblue3 and Cyanide for example) Also really like the fact that the game is constantly evolving to something new so it never gets boring. Also really cool you're doing this giveaway man, much respect.
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest series nr 19 (Eune/Euw) Worlds Special nr 2
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest series nr 18 (Eune/Euw) Worlds Special nr 1 GO FNATIC!
PRoxy oQ (EUW)
: So i used my sucky skills to paint me some jINX
Reminds me of this guy http://www.imgbase.info/images/safe-wallpapers/cartoons/he_man/32627_he_man.jpg
Tryknight (EUW)
: Ranked team
Hi there, I'm quite interested to join your team because i'd like to get the victorius ward skin and i still need 27 points to complete it. I'm currently in Gold I (aiming to be atleast platinum before the season ends) and I'm fairly good at any lane i get. (Also Dutch by the way.) Just let me know if there's any room for me left. ^^
: Lag all of a sudden 150-250 ping
Same problem here. (Ook Nederlands.)
TreyMaze (EUW)
: Looking for Silver or Gold players
I'd like to play with you guys, I can play pretty much play any lane, and I'm a gold player myself. I don't play a lot of ranked anymore, because i don't think it's fun playing by myself so that's why i want to join a serious ranked team. Add me ingame.
: Another 4200RP Giveaway
Good luck with your channel dude.
Pronicito (EUW)
: Hahaha nice! Is that from One Piece?
Yep it sure is ^^ (Ace, Sabo and Luffy.)
Pronicito (EUW)
: Show your desktop
Really love this wallpaper, it's so calming. ^^
: Captain Gangplank?
You'll get the skin after the bilgewater event ends.
Dêmon (EUW)
: Why am i so bad?
> I am a Vayne-Only-Player Stopped reading after this.
Nerohype (EUW)
: Interesting matchmaking!
I know that feeling bro{{item:3070}}
: What did you get from your mystery champion?
I got Braum {{champion:201}} Wanted to buy this friendly giant anyways, so now i can get another 6300 champ. ^^
: What are these 4 little boxes on the skin picture?
: adding in facebook
You just need to connect your facebook with League. No need to add people at all. ^^
Bosnis (EUNE)
: Custom Game (GOLD)
The answer to trying new stuff out is a sandboxmode. (No cd on anything, unlimited gold. You get the idea) Closest we got to one was URF.
Pørki (EUW)
: Remove your E-Mail buddy.
Damn, forgot to do that. xD Thanks !
Pørki (EUW)
: Remove your Mail now. 1 invitation left.
Thanks a lot dude!
: Please tell me how to stop being a flamer :)
Well, the problem in lower elo is that people always have the tendency to blame other people. First you should take a look at yourself and think what you could do to make the situation better. (If you're getting camped by the enemy jungler, get wards for example, instead of blaming your own jungler for not ganking.) If the enemy jungler camps your lane, it's easier for your own jungler to focus the other lanes and get them fed. If you keep flaming your teammates, the moral will go down which will probably result in many more deaths. tl;dr. Take a look at yourself first, before blaming others.


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