: Survival on the rift, some tips and pointers : Part 1
Mada (EUW)
: Excellent idea! They are known as Melee Jayce and Ranged Jayce ^^ But I have an even better idea: stop referring to Kindred as "they", it or she is more than enough!
I think Riot uses the pronoun "they" because Kindred is 2 parts of a whole. Lamb is wolf, and wolf is lamb. But, they're seperate entities but cannot be without the other. Simply, we dont just play lamb and wolf isn't just a think or a weapon. Both are part of the Champion kindred. If we use she, then shouldn't the champions name be "Lamb" instead of "Kindred" cause the word Kindred itself means _related_, which refers to two or more things
: Thresh's collected souls have no interaction with the game (other than giving armor) He doesn't use them to attack or carry out other tasks so there is no point to even list Thresh.
True, since his collected souls is simply his "collection". You wouldn't call someone with a bobblehead collection a they, right?
: It's not a question if he is viable. Every champ is if u want to play him. Even poppy could be viable if u want to play her.
i guess u have a point there...
starly135 (EUW)
: He's still good, it's just that the other two deal very well with the juggernauts and tanks. A good lucian can kite until the sun comes up late game but he still has to do it from a short range.
yeah, i've seen that his range is rather short. but, still, sivir also has a short range, but she's still used even in the LCS
: Lucian is viable, but in a weak spot
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TTekkers (EUW)
: I can dodge it quite easily with Cait & Trist, and slightly less easily with {{item:1001}}, but still, the whole make one tiny mistake and you die thing is really annoying.
sometimes, i feel {{champion:53}} just sits in the bush, saying to himself "soon...."
: So the Juggernaut team is making the Marksmen changes....
as an adc main, really really really hoping they don't mess up the adc role so badly, it cannot be fixed....
Noibla (EUW)
: {{champion:7}} Really? For me, it's mostly {{champion:157}}, {{champion:238}}, {{champion:92}}, {{champion:67}} and {{champion:121}} ({{champion:107}} being a 50/50).
maybe its because those champs either rampage, getting kills all over the map and being a bulldozer to the enemy team, or they're free kills or with laughable damage. And, cause they think they are either gods at their champion or their team is full of noobs even if they're the ones misplaying or being outplayed esp {{champion:92}} , {{champion:238}} , {{champion:67}} , and {{champion:157}}
: * I'm the jungler, * I'm at our base. * bot lane start doing dragon without sweeping the lane or the pit. * 4 enemies are missing on the map including the enemy jungler. * I ping for them to stop doing dragon. * I type for them to stop doing dragon. * Enemy shows up, kills them and start's doing dragon. * I flash into pit, steal dragon, die. * I tell my bot lane to never do dragon without me when the enemy jungler is alive and missing. My face when they say report me for flaming https://static2.emaze.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/whathappened.png
yes, i feel you bro. that is the burden the jungler role must bear
Zerelous (EUW)
: {{champion:11}} every time I am against him someone ends up feeding him and he dominates the game.... Every time he is on my team they just feed...
cause his gameplay is simple. Hide somewhere, then ulti and jump in and clean up
Minstrel (EUNE)
: Hm. I'd have to say {{champion:99}}. As a support. I don't mind her in midlane, but having to work to dodge every single Q only to be caught _once_ in 10 times and proceed to either die or burn summoners' and have to recall, while farming and minding the enemy adc too, is a bit too much for me. Basically, I dislike champs that can burst you down if they land one skill, since you are statistically almost certain to get caught _some_ time, no matter how many times you outplay them. One time is all they need. But then again, I could be just bad ;_;
he Q isnt what's hard with her. Its her E since it can zone you hard esp if she build on ap. And, if her adc doesn't have an execution, then she'll do it for them. But if paired with someone like {{champion:22}} , {{champion:81}} or {{champion:222}} and you're low life. Be ready to dodge
: It really depends on where I'm playing at the time If I'm playing jungle it's {{champion:74}} as ganking him is just extremely frustrating If I'm playing support its {{champion:25}} as her black shield messes up all of my supports If I'm playing adc it's {{champion:201}} because the shield just stops everything And if I'm playing anywhere else it's {{champion:105}} because of his E... But I really can't decide on the one that I hate the absolute most.
{{champion:74}} - bs champion to gank cause of his turrets, rockets, stun/slow and his ulti.... {{champion:25}} - a good one can make {{champion:412}} , {{champion:89}} , {{champion:53}} or {{champion:12}} have a hard time doing their job {{champion:201}} - playing as {{champion:81}} adc is tough with that shield always up... {{champion:105}} - E just dodges everything....
Swittz (EUW)
: {{champion:223}} you want kills? k _runs away with enemy carry in mouth_
{{item:3070}} {{champion:32}} {{item:3070}}
: VLAD. I mean just die already.
{{champion:8}} you almost get to kill him, then he turns into blood and walks away, or just comes back under tower, heals back from your minions and fights again
: {{champion:53}} I utterly hate just about everything he offers. An anti fun champion that doesn't really require any skill to play, and doesn't have a lot in the way of counter play outside of being able to bounce around grab after grab like a rabbit on drugs. The struggle of maining ADC :3
how to counterplay {{champion:53}} : early game 1) {{item:2044}} , {{item:3340}} 2) hide behind minions (he'll pretty much work for it to get into position to grab you, or just sit there in the bush, waiting patiently...) 3) have your support be an aggressive type as well {{champion:89}} , {{champion:412}} , {{champion:201}} and go for his adc. He doesn't do that much damage unless he builds ap 4) when seiging towers, just hide behind minions, and leave once 3 minions are left (since the three will be the last good barrier against him imo) 5) don't overcommit to killing him if he hasn't used his passive, as towerdiving a blitz with a passive up would near be suicide (unless you can outplay him hard, then be my guest) mid-late game 1) {{item:2044}} {{item:2044}} {{item:2044}} {{item:2044}} {{item:2044}} all the bushes 2) if you're the adc, try you best to hide behind your tanks to force blitz to grab them instead 3) minions still work at times 4) be careful of blitz's combo around mid to late game as it does surprise some people Now, i know this may sound bad or unhelpful. But, that's simply my opinions on countering him. If anyone has a better idea, or if my ideas dont work as well i think they should, then please let me know :)
: {{champion:53}} I'd honestly prefer it if Riot would remove him. There are champions that can be bullshit, but Blitzcrank is crossing the line. You can't add a champion into the game that COMPLETELY changes the way the lane is going. You can't approach any turrets because of him in early game, it's tedious and unnecessary. Not even Thresh does that.
But, he has one downside though. He's bad at peeling for his adc, and only has one protections skill, his e knockup
HdtvTh (EUNE)
: Lol lacks roaming, support rarely roams, and the only natural one is the jungler, It would be better to just focus on making the supports more of a roaming role.
and yet many already hate {{champion:432}} because he roams
: {{champion:122}} - Only effective in melee. Complained about _**because people keep engaging him in melee**_. All his damage and healing revolves around being able to hit you in melee, but he has no kind of engage that can't be easily countered. {{champion:86}} - Generally speaking, he is a blunt medium-speed torpedo. Maybe too much damage on non-targets, where he should really just be "too tanky" in those situation. {{champion:82}} - Relies heavily on support engaging first so that he can get to his target. Problem; this isn't hard. Tone him down into a Siege Juggernaut (since he gets his ghost/ghost dragon) and simply make him a slower battering ram, since his team is more than able to use him as such {{champion:72}} - Ouch, poor skarner. Is he still a juggernaut?
{{champion:122}} - has a pull that has a short cast time, hard to avoid. Plus once he's got you, his crippling strike will make it hard for you to get away without {{summoner:4}} / mobility skills before he gets your life low enough to be dunked {{champion:86}} - not much of a threat till he gets {{item:3742}} (and if he decides to,{{item:1306}} ), then along with his q becomes a fast-speed torpedo that can tower dive for days {{champion:82}} - I agree on that one, but yes, I think he should be toned down. Not too much, but enough to balance him. {{champion:72}} - to be honest, I'm not sure exactly... Compared to the other juggernauts, he's pretty...decent. His jungling speed is fast, late game health is monstrous thanks to his shield. But, he just is overshadowed by the other 3 juggernauts in terms of power.
: Log-In Server down ? EUW [Resolved]
Same same. Wonder what's up with the servers? No status has been given yet. Even my login button has been grayed out...
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Noibla (EUW)
: Dear support "mains":
Well, some supports dont favor sightstone. Instead, they buy wards and wait till lvl 9 for their 250 g trinket upgrade. Sure, sightstone is amazing for warding, but it isnt the only way to ward. Blame them or get mad if they don't ward and you guys constantly get ganked/flanked/ambushed because of lack of vision, but you could also buy wards yourself All in all, sightstone is not a requirement in the supp role, but it does a TON of help
: Which is exactly why he's overpowered.
Never said he's overpowered. Just need some skill to play, and alot to play well. Kinda like Vayne, Kalista, or most champs with high skill caps, they're decent champs that turn into monsters in the right hands
: Thresh and Vayne
>pick thresh tend to be bad in the support role Hey, as a thresh main, i feel insulted by that -.- I am a good support before I even saved enough for thresh. And, unlike popular opinions, thresh isnt easy. His kit may be, but landing hooks, using flay correctly, and using the lantern isn't something you can just "pick up and play". Unlike supps like {{champion:201}} or {{champion:89}} who has WAY simpler kits to use, thresh needs a bit of skill to be used to his fullest potential. (also, as a side not, I've seen a handful of thresh players get into bad positions just for souls...)
Arcadeath (EUNE)
: Guess the champion from emoticon
: And you are pretty much telling the whole enemy team that you are going to counter jungle a lot.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: When people flame and lose, they get reported, but when they win it's suddenly okay?
Me, i dont mention it if ever. But i still report REGARDLESS if they carried the game or not. Those people saps the fun out of the game and causes teams to fight and distrust each other (hate seeing adc flame supp for "stealing kills" when it was unintentional then flame again when supp leaves them to help someone else instead cause he was pissed already) To be honest, flamers jst spread their negativity to others, and really ruins a good team at times. I report simply to hopefully save other players from them.
: I know. I've played with good supports. That's why I was trying to plead with other supports to do the same even if they aren't support mains.
Yeah, I guess you're right. Support role is more of team-based thinking rather than racking up kills and dominating. Well, hope they get better (speaking as a adc at times who has to deal with bad supports)
sfts (EUW)
: He doesn't have a slow and there are other adcs with more range and a dash or other mobility.
His W has a small slow when it hits
: You just said what exactly happened. I don't expect the support to be my kevlar vest. I just want them to poke and do stuff uno.
Then, you simply had a bad support. It happens. Not all support players are like that, esp those who like playing the role/ main it. Don't worry, you just go unlucky :)
: Lucian Attack Range (AutoAttack)
I guess thats why they gave him a slow and a dash
: With all the complaints about Graves not being allowed to have his cigar
Why stop at two? Why not 10? With everyone complaining about it, RITO might just overdo it for fun xD
: Dear Supports...
This is very situational. Support's job is, yes, to protect the Adc and help him rack kills to become a monster later on. But, about the support being ahead of you depends on 2 things 1) Do you have a squishy support (ex. Nami, Soraka) or a tanky support (ex. Blitzcrank, Braum) 2) How much life does the support have Though, i get your point. Probably you are running away from someone like a Jinx and you are one Zap! away from death. And your support (still at half life and can take the damage and slow and make it out) stood there beside or behind you and let you die. Then, that's the supports mistake. If he could save you in any way that wouldn't risk his life, then he should've. But, dont always expect a support to do this. Basically it depends, since they also want to make it out and not die. And, if saving you or meatblocking for you might land your enemy adc a double kill, then they have the right to run and leave you for dead if they really cant do anything. But, again, if you're laning with a tanky support that can soak damage, he should be infront. But, if he's a squishy supp like you, expect him to stand beside or behind you.
: Welcome to the Boards! :)
Thank you ^^ cookie for you sir {{item:2010}} (technically, its a biscuit, but I like cookies so yeah XD)
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. Seems like it solved itself by you posting here, because you show as 29 now. =) Sometimes the level doesn't update properly on the boards.
yes, thank you. Dunno why though, guess it does. Anyways, now I can comment and post (as if by magic somehow). Probably the system jst needed to update my stats, and cause im new here and all. Thanks though. Much appreciated ^^
: you're 29 for me
ohh, hehe. silly me. Forgot my own level :p
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