: FPS Drops + Game Freezes
Riot doesnt really care. I think this started 2 patches ago and i still have this. Im afraid of playing ranked because of this shit. I just restarted my pc in the middle of a ranked game and im hoping i can get in withour crashing again
: The game frozen, I restart the PC
You're lucky you can still play if you restart your computer I restarted twice and still cant play because it freezes in loading screen
xKamyRx (EUNE)
: I Have THis Problem Too. My screen Freeze Then I have to Reset My Pc. I was In Silver I Promo Now I lost 10 Game Becuase of THis SHi.t Update.LOok at Me Now Im in SIlver II With 0 lp. o Plus I have 5 Min Punish For Que
Same here Just starter a ranked game and now i cant do shit and im gonna lose lp Luckily i dont get banned
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: I think Yasuo is missing something very important.
Im probably about to get hated hard but i dont rlly mind I myself play a lot of yasuo just for fun. There are some stuff that you should do to be considered a "good" yasuo player (such as using E+Q and then R so you can deal more damage or abusing canceling animations using his wind wall) but that doesnt mean you cant get fed af by not doing anything. People just need to learn how to counter yasuo and i say this based in his win rate. In bronze, people just play him and dont really try to counter him and thats why his win rate is way above 50% (i think its near 55%) but in higher elos his win rate is something like 48% because people counter him in those elos. Baiscally you just need to know wether you should or shouldnt engage him. For example if you see he is surrounded by a full canon wave you just dont fight him cause you know he will dash around like crazy. In this kind of situation just wait for fewer minions or none at all and all in him Or basically just ask for your jungler to gank lvl2 so he will be forced to play safe the rest of the laning fase. However i find it true that he has a low af cooldown on his ult lategame (a bit higher than 30seconds). Riot should probably just make it 45 or 50. About his Q its cooldown is decreased by attack speed so build frozen heart or something (althought that wouldnt make much diference) And about his E just wait there are no more units for him to dash to besided yourself What i mean with all of this is that people hate on yasuo way to much when they could or should try to learn how to counter him Once you know some of this stuff it should be pretty easy so f*ck him up.
: when ppl see u go for a 3 star unit they start hate drafting u so u can't find it. its just so disgusting but u can't do anything about it.
That happened to me I got shen in draft and someone picked him before i could
KerberosFi (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rekkles InBronze,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=141gXWni,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-07T04:39:50.577+0000) > > Just got out of a 35min tft game where i was in first place for about 20min of that time. Was lvl6 and about to get a tier3 garen and **shen** which would give me 3 more slots for new champions. However, that whole time i couldnt get either a shen or a garen which meant i couldnt get more champs which meant i coulnt do anything about my comp. I literally got from 75hp to 29hp without changing my comp cause of that. The champions i could buy were majorly tier 1 and they werent in my comp. > On a different matter, **i got 4 full items the entire game: THREE (3) sword breakers and a rabadons**. But thats not whats tilting me. Incorrect. You got following components:3 chainvests, 3 negatrons and 2 rods. Now I wonder how you ended up in the following items as you very least had chance to take other items from carousel at least trice. For instance, if instead of one rod you had 1 B.F.sword, you could make the following items: Guardian angel, Ionic spark, dragon claw and thornmail(or actually save the 2 chainmails for better items, eg. redbuff for lucian, GA). I personally prioritize B.F.from every carousel, if I don't have one laying around, just because it avoids forementioned scenario you had, it enables gunblade for eve, void assasins with spatula and finally because guardian angel is busted. Secondly, I wonder why were you even trying to 3 star shen, and especially why were you 3 starring shen and garen in same comp? As you said you had your bench filled with crap. Don't start 3 starring 2 units before you have valid comp, you just get bench filled and are unable to buy better units and kill your economy by spending gold on 3 starring. Honestly, only comp in which you might want to focus on 3 starring like you did is void assasins, and that's because only expensive (4 or 5 cost) unit they might want to get is cho, and not even always as they can go with kassa. In anything involving knights(garen) or blademasters (shen) you want to have those high cost units because otherwise you fall on flat with your face, and you should want synergies more than 3 stars anyway. But about bugs you are right. They are irritating and need to be fixed.
At the beggining of the game i wasnt able to pick any champion so the game randomly picked shen for me. At first i thought about doing both noble and assassins but i had no damage that early so i ended giving up on the assassins part and tried to get a noble and ranger comp. As my only tanks were garen and shen if i ended up selling shen it would be hard for me to get another one who could replace him. About the items i mostly got both negatron cloak and chainvest repetitively throughout the game. Its true i could have match them with other items but i only got the rods at the very end so i was left with 3 negatron and 3 chainvest the entire game with no more items. And because i was first place that whole time i was only left with 3 champs to pick from and none of them had good items. I think i picked 2 negatrons from that and 1 rod at the very end
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: yes heavy fps drop dunno if it's my trash pc or recent patch lol
> [{quoted}](name=Luther King Jr V,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=EgRtExE2,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-14T14:00:12.837+0000) > > yes heavy fps drop dunno if it's my trash pc or recent patch lol i think its because o the new patch, i've seen some streamers having the same problem
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: gotta enjoy the train hate
Tbh came here today only to see that my position in queue to login was the same number of posts complaining about the client xD
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Shamose (EUW)
: > the default splashart didnt change at all. That's false. Old https://img00.deviantart.net/4a1b/i/2014/313/4/f/ezreal_splash_base_rework_by_su_ke-d85w2uj.jpg ----------------------------------------- New https://i.imgur.com/69P1tbU.jpg[IMG]
Ik the gauntlet changed in every splash but i mean the whole splash
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