: It all very much depends on your champion. The most important thing as Wandering Mist said is match ups, find out who is your champion pool and learn the match ups, have one of two champions you are comfortable to blind pick where you feel comfortable into any match up (you can use your ban to get rid of any you are unsure of) and maybe a few where you are comfortable into particular match ups... this way you will know what to do when and how strong you are compared to your opponent. For example for me I’ve got sion and chogath as two champions I feel like I can blind pick into almost any match ups and not be out of my depth (with nasus being the most notable exception where I ban him). From there I’ve got a few champions I keep up to date with to counter pick particular champions, for example riven, fiora, Quinn and trynd are all champions that assuming I’m pickin after them will counter with kayn, as that’s a match up I know I can get more of an advantage than my mains. From there it’s more advanced stuff. Teleport is a big factor top, you may or may not run it depending on match ups but that’s up to you and your choices... but you will always need to be able to play around teleport. If you are up against one you need to keep an eye on them and try to get a feeling for it’s cooldown and when they use them... if they start teleporting out you need to either follow with your own, interupt, warn your team and punish them for leaving. It all depends on your situation at the time but learning how to punish a teleport is important. You also need to know how to use teleport... which comes from trial and error. Learn what your champion can do, keep an eye on other lanes (particularly bot), and try to get a feel for when you can get something from teleport and when you can’t (watching pro play can help with that, as it’s something showcased best there). Also later on keep an eye out for fights that are about to brew, the faster you can tp there the better the fight will go. After that split pushing is a big thing in the top lane, you are either the split pusher or the one expected to stop the split pusher. If your split pushing know your champion’s limits (when to run and when to stand your ground), make sure you ward, and understand how pressure works... your team needs to be doing something on the map, if they aren’t the enemy team can rotate and kill you without being punished. It’s important to learn when you’ve got the pressure elsewhere on the map to split effectively, or when you need to generate said pressure for your team to get an objective. If your trying to stop a split pusher stay safe, wave clear, understand what their champion can do (for example if you are safe under tower or not), and keep an eye on your team for the aforementioned teleport plays. Those are the main things, most of it is champion dependant so you’ll need to learn that along with your champion but those are the basics of the lane
Thank you for the reply, what champions would you recommend me learn. Should I go for carry champs or stick to tanks.
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Pawning (EUW)
: I don't think you do, I was plat s2 Diamond s3/s4 and I didn't main any role ever. I just play what I feel like and did so ever since I started playing, because I do want to have fun and I actually play better when I'm having fun. If you wanna go for Challenger or sth you may indeed need to main a role, but other than that it's fine playing what you want. Hell I even play some champs I don't even know or played like 2 times in ranked if I feel like it.
You got to Diamond by just playing whatever you were in the mood for, that's impressive!
: I guess it's "simply" up to doing it continuously. There's no sense in playing midlane once or twice. There is no "trying". Do it or don't do it. I am a support main. Recently i tried (sic!) to play midlane, and i got instantly destroyed. My team flamed me to death and it was "no funny Event" at all. But i know: If i want to change my main role, i got to do it with my full heart and dedication.
I did, I tried Mid for a month, I tried Top for a month as well as jungle.
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Petsho (EUW)
: Why do you want to main a role? If you're good at every role that actually is better.
If I was going to just fill every game, I'd end up going support most of the time, which imo is the worst role because I'm not the best at it and I find it extremely boring.
: +1 on this. Why pick a main when everything can be your main?
Eventually I'm hoping to be on a team.
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Garurumon (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lumyr,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=WgoWgGRm,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-03-21T22:50:19.293+0000) > > I'm not looking for a game to get really addicted to, just a game that I can go on to when League gets boring or annoying and still enjoy myself, i find myself not enjoying other games which is what is confusing me most. What I'd recommend: Bioshock franchise, Zelda games (Twilight Princess, Wind Waker are the best ones imo), Kirby's Epic Yard, GTA 5. If you are into RTS I would most highly recommend the Command and Conquer franchise. My favorites and C&C 3 /Kane's Wrath and Red Alert 3. But Red Alert 2 is also a fun game. They're the peak of the prime of the franchise (in many opinions, and some say the older ones are the better ones (which were made by Westwood)). Game Dev Tycoon is also a nice game if you want to kill some hours and you feel creative and smart.
I will look into these games, but in the mean time while I gather some money, Do you know of any F2P's?
Garurumon (EUW)
: If you're gonna play less League, don't replace it with another addiction game. Just do story games. I highly recommend Warcraft 3 TFT on Battle.net if you ARE looking for addiction games, as it has endless amounts of maps/mods that will keep you entertained for long really long times.
I'm not looking for a game to get really addicted to, just a game that I can go on to when League gets boring or annoying and still enjoy myself, i find myself not enjoying other games which is what is confusing me most.
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