: In the article I was reading about it, there was no mention about reduced progression. If you were honor level 3 in the past, perhaps you did not pay attention at seasonal reset. With honor level 3, you started your new season at honor lvl 2, checkpoint 1. Perhaps this is why you felt it faster. After the punishments, you most likely went back to zero, and you need to build it from the beginning, even reaching honor level 1. A checkpoint is around 1 month. For me, at least. But I think it is faster if you play every day.
Okay that all seems to make really good sence and sounds atleast very plausible (considering I am technicly taking advice from a stranger on the web xD). Thank you for taking the time, helpful internet stranger {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
: Based on the honor system's FAQ, when you get punished, your honor level decreases or wipes and it **starts over**. So, you always build up honor, it just gets decreased when you gets punished. Shortly, yes.
That makes sence I guess. Would there be any reason to think that the process of ''collecting honor's'' toward your next honor level gets reduced as your account gets punished multiple times? Or is it completly based on your current behaviour? Somehow it feels really slow to level up my account again, and I had it back to honor level 3 were the flair should show up again but it didnt at the time. Ty for your time to reply in the first place btw!
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MSF Akito (EUW)
: probuilds. net only shows pro players who played certain champions - champion.gg gives you the most common runes, builds etc. So Shaco's main role is in fact jungle. And I'd recomment playing him in the jungle only, unless your name is Pink Ward. You should obviously go for electrocute (or dark harvest if thats your playstyle) and full AD. For toplane or support you should go for AP, because it gives you much more utility. Glacial gives you even more utility and helps your team. So this might be the best option if you're looking for a support build. But again: Shaco's main role is jungle and he uses an AD build.
Hey there, Sorry for the late reply.. Life had me busy.. Ty for taking the time to reply! {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
Yadua (EUW)
: Honestly thank you for responding since you are i think the only one who bothered yourself to read those chat logs (according to what you said) but i have to disagree with half of what you said or more because as i said you see situation only from perspective of chats, which is really faulty in my opinion because it gives no clue whatsoever as to what happened in the game. First of all i can assure you that between my lines of chat there is always something written by either enemy or my team, in lobby it was pretty much sentence for sentence between me and teemo. As for hello, nobody says hello in my games you can't really argue with me about that because it's the truth, maybe it happens every few games but it's mostly ignored by everyone, sad reality of this community. Me calling it a bug in chat is justified from my perspective because how can i explain the fact that alt-tabing from loading screen in order to close chrome caused the game to be unable to be alt-tabbed again, there was no way for me so i had to quit>relaunch so i used bug as reason because it was quite possible. Me voting no for surrendering is again spitting in my own face, because when i came back in the game late i played normally and tried to make a difference i even got a few kills on my own somehow, but gang and yi still sat in the base, so from minute 7 to minute 20 they sit around in base running around and arguing with me. What's more this is normal so i play the game for fun and i see no reason to surrender in normal when anything can happens, winning 4v5 is one of the few things that happen, that's why i kept telling gang and yi that they were bad because even without me they could win this game but by abandoning it from (not sure when they started afking, i came back in minute 7 and they were already in the base and top lane was pushed hard) they are the reason for the lost game. One thing that made me laugh is that you are glad person like me is banned when i literally meet ppl in the game calling (not really directed to me) how their mum, dad, sister or someone else from family is (particular profession) or that you should hang yourself or neuter yourself for being bad or using actual racial slurs, and despite reporting these ppl i never received feedback report (assuming that only when person reported by you is banned you do receive this notification). And when i checked similar thread with ppl calling for unjustified bans, i see them mentioning that they did use magical k** words or calling racial slurs, so not sure how can you group me up with those ppl. But i guess there's no use in defending myself because every person who responds to this threat is incarnation of angel, who says hello, apologize for every mistake, gives advice on anything to players and when they are target of insults they ask what's the problem, can i help you resolve it, etc. Honestly i hoped i'll receive answer from more day-to-day players who didn't get ban despite acting like humans but whatever, my fault.
I dont neglect the fact that you have feelings too, but from their point of view and what I can gather by reading trough what you yourself are saying (in those logs) you were full of negativity from the getgo instead of opening on a more positive note, which from their point of view then makes sence that they wouldnt be the most friendly towards you once you do get in the game. But the problem lays in your actions when they mistreat you.. As everyone has been telling to you.. Riot looks at YOUR actions only, and this is done by an actual person going trough multiple logs, not just of that game. Just because someone is unfriendly or toxic, trying to take over your lane, follow you around in the jungle or is trying to ruin YOUR fun in playing the game doesnt mean you have to sink to the same level and do to them what their doing to you. And.. If you are afraid those people that hurt your feelings are getting away with something dont be afraid of that. Remember when I said an actual person reviewed every side of the story and looked into every report filed (and part reports)? This counts for them aswell... By having your account banned you atleast know one thing for certain now.. There has been an actual person that looked into all those people who (according to you) mistreated you.. Which means atleast their accounts got flagged and if they mistreat someone else who then files a report they will recieve a fit punishment aswell.. Taking what happened to you into account. It all depends on how you look at the situation, just have to find the best angle.{{sticker:poppy-wink}}
Yadua (EUW)
: Give an honest opinion, should i be banned for this?
First of all, I've read trough your entire bit and am a little annoyed that I can only see your part of the convo. Sorry, this is all a bit negative from your standpoint but its my honest opinion after reading your post and re-reading it while typing my reply. But anyway, here go's.. You enter the game and you dont even say hello, (there is litteraly no sign of you ever even trying to be nice) you go right on with negativity at Teemo that his champion isnt a support champ.. After which the whole discussion begins over which champ should go were (you have 7 lines words in that tiny chat window and its all about why Teemo would be bad.. only then you start defending your own pick which means Teemo probably didnt like that wall of text and critisim from you and talked back.. which is his good right btw when you start a game or even a convo like that..) **Secondly, the reason why they couldnt remake early** (I think you chickend out with your Leona mid pick and tried to make it so they would have an early afker and would remake..) is because **you kept trying to reconnect.** The client realises this and then holds off on giving the all clear on if people are allowed to vote for the game to end early without the need for a full team agreement. So each time you logged in and tried to reconnect the client held off on allowing an early surrender, which means its YOUR fault why they couldnt remake.. So.. at this point all the people on your team has seen from you is judgy and negative behaviour and arguably a more troll pick then Teemo support, followed with an disconnect and them not even able to remake. So at that point they get to have the plesure of your company again which you dont even start of apolizising for the disconnect.. (To them you say it was a bug and to us you say it was because of an mistake....?) and you start of going at them right from the getgo up untill the very end. Even in the end your telling them its because of a bug.. (contradicting my friend..) you vote no on surrender votes just to make their game even worse then you made it in the first place because your at that point holding the team hostage till it doesnt require the full team to agree, I dont know if you think you were the first that came up with it but people have been doing this for a while now in order to be even more annoying then they already are. You litterally are the sole reason why this game was lost and why people didnt have a fun time playing a normal league game. From the very beginning up until the end everything you have done was counterproductive and just outright annoying. And this is something you generally only see on weekends when kids are home from school. I am actually really happy to see you get punished like this, simply because a chat ristriction would litterally be spitting on the face of those 4 people on your team and anyone who ever had the misfortune (pun intended) of having to play with someone who behaves like you did on their team. An account ban means much more then just those 14 days in terms of access and visual stuff (like the honor flair) and everyone says they dont like the visiual stuff anyway but the moment they see someone who does still have their flair they have a small feelsbad feeling for half a sec. So yea, well deserved I'd say and good to see Riot does do their job in terms of keeping games fun. No sign of you being rasist but you were the catalyst of all negativity in those 25-30 minutes. Atleast you havent used that account much if its 5 years old and only level 110. Anyway, back to league, {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
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Pikaguif (EUW)
: check surrender@20
read the last line of my orginal post.
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Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Are you another "mid main"? If yes then you will be forced out of your lane many times... Same goes for top. If you want to play in peace then learn adc/jungle/support Hopefully Riot will add more champions like Pyke to allow supports some fun 😍
Good point, cause I do main mid and top secondary. Wasnt really aware that people are actually fighting over that lane, maybe its my account level but people hardly ever do that in my draft games anymore.
Baka Red (EUNE)
: Some pieces of advice: - Turn of all chat. That doesn't help with toxicity from your team, but it helps a lot. - Lane stealing: Stay on the lane. If it is a ranked match (I guess it isn't since you might be too low level to play ranked), you report them after the match. If it is blind pick; there are no assigned roles even if you yell a lane first. You can play with any number of mids for example, so if someone decides he is too badass to be elsewhere, you have as much right as he does to be there. Granted, you will most likely lose, but wouldn't you lose anyways with the annoying guy like him? - Never talk back. Always play to win. That protects you from the [IFS](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/207489286-Instant-Feedback-System-FAQ-). - Avoid using team chat for anything else than morale boosting & tactics discussions (and avoid using it in general; I practically never type more than 3 lines during the match). - If someone's chats, emotes or pings are annoying you, mute them by selecting correct mute buttons under tab menu. Report the negative behavior at end of the game match. And remember; never talk back. That will trigger IFS and you will soon find yourself punished even more harshly than you have been before. Study the punishment system description under the link I provided above. - Have fun, even when you are losing. Well, try at least! You can learn how to fight and resist as the underdog, and sometimes you can make it a comeback victory.
I guess I should turn off all chat till the account reaches level 100 then, maybe around there it gets a little less bad. And the never talk back but just play is/can be an issue too if I'm having an particular bad day so I guess it all just comes down to having the least amount of contact with your teammates as possible xD Which is kinda sad if you really think about it but yea. Sadly I'm well aware of the IFS and how that can backfire, but then again that was my own fault.
Remmeh (EUW)
: How do people do it?
Hey guys, I didnt expect to get this much response so quickly so rather then replying to you one by one I thought I'd try responding like this. So basicly I guess there is no way around it then just basicly ban atleast half the people I play with, which I actually find kinda sad cause I rarely see actual flaming on my starter account. Thank you all for taking the time to reply, I had hoped there was an easier or more hopeful answer but atleast I know what to do and expect from/on a second account.
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Tarolock (EUNE)
: yea that animation is really confusing... first i thought its swain with his hand, never wouldve guessed that its pykes q lol as for the triangle its the PROJECT universe/skinline, or maybe Illuminati!!!
Shamose (EUW)
: Skull guy is Pyke. The upside down triangle is the logo of PROJECT. https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/PROJECT
Ohh, that explains so much. ty!
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Fëalnort (EUW)
: Keep copies of the support answer. If it is still not resolved when it expire, ask for a full refund or for riot to put the rewards on your account, with a copy of said answer in the request. If they sell an item they know is not working, don't fix it and refuse to refound it's basically illegal. If they refuse the solutions above, just go to reddit or any lol social website and post your problem with the proofs. don't posrt on this forum, not enought users they don't care, go for reddit, tweeter of facebook. They don't like bad publicy like this , should make them move.
Thnx, I will keep this in mind :)
: are you sure that you watched the right videos?
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Remmeh (EUW)
: Watch and earn rewards not completing
I'm bumping this in hopes it gets some responces
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: Hi, I had the exact same problem yesterday and today. Looks like a client issue to me! I live chatted with the support and they told me they'll look into it further on their end along with the devs, since it's not something on our end causing it apparently. Hope your post gets upvoted!
Lets hope it does indeed. Could you please keep us informed with what support ends up telling you?
: go to shop > account > purchase history and check if its there
It does say I'm suposed to have gotten a ward skin (it doesnt say I got the mystery box, it just says that it was a ward skin (ward of draven to be exact). It has todays purchase date on it and considering the fact that its the only thing that I've gotten today I'm asuming thats the right one. Doesnt ahow up in my inventory anywere though.
: relog, happens with hextech loot aswell sometimes
Ive tried this but it sadly didnt work.
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Hansiman (EUW)
: There's no android or iOS release of LoL.
Cool, ty for the answer =)
Shamose (EUW)
: Having played mobile mobas I'd say hardware wise it'd be possible on higher end phones. But controls are gonna be shit.
Does that happen in league though? Would explain some of the things im seing sometimes =/ I wouldnt want my teammates to be playing League on their phone and really hope league doesnt have that option.
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: > Please dont point out that these numbers can vary I'm afraid there is no way around that. It just extremely depends on...everything. Any average value is absolutely useless here. But there is, in my opinion, a much more effective way to judge the average advantages of certain runes. What are runes supposed to do in the end? They are supposed to help you win games. And THAT is something you can look up. Lolalytics provides detailed statistics about the winratios of all runes on all champions in all lanes in all Leagues and also shows you how many games those are statistics are based on (so you can get an idea how valid that data is). That's pretty much the best somewhat valid information you can get about the effectiveness of runes.
Hey and thanks for your reply. My issue is from the fact that even if I base my runes purely on winratio I still dont know the damge/healing I get from those runes is sufficient enougn. (I actually dont know if those numbers I mentioned in my op for example are bad, decent good or amazing) And when it comes to numbers people tend to know were the cutoff is on if something is good. (i.e. if you dont get x amount of damage from x rune its worth/not worth compared to X) (hope that makes sence, my English isnt the greatest so tried explaining it as best as I could)
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: %%%%ing boozekill indeed, i had like 5 days to pick from work break from last year (days i didnt use for hollydays) i chose today and tomorrow, i wake up and see this %%%%ing shit. If they had previous anounced about (urf/sylas) were coming later, i wouldnt use this days i had. Was all hyped for nothing, thanks riot.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
exactly this. And now we get to look forward of having to do these things around toxic 10yo griefers who either ban the champ if they dont get to play it. Or go beserk if you happen to get it. Weekend are always unplayable if you want to take the game atleast somewhat serious, now we have to sit trough that AND try to play ranked and the new champ....... For me it makes league unplayable during weekends cause it just causes tilt that echoes trough the weekdays if the tilt is to big.
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Èclair (EUNE)
: Prestige Kai'sa looks just bad IMO. Wouldn't even buy her if it was 1,3k RP skin. I guess majority of players would neither but the appeal of this skin makes it somehow understandable. Yet, a limited edition crap is still a crap.
I'm a sucker for premium limited edition content xD Especially when I get it for free by just playing the game. Value wise its just seems stupid to give up either 24 random skin shards or 4-8 permanent skins after re-rolling.
: Dont be one of those people. I did the same thing with dawnbringer riven, wasted 1820 rp then i realised i dont want to play riven top. Now its collecting dust. Only difference is you will waste more money (or tokens).
Yea, and I did this with the God king Darius skin aswel. Got it the day it was released purly for how awesome it looks. Dont play him anymore even now I perma ban Darius himself. And the kaisa skin got me a bit worried because even though I love how it looks (especially compared to the K/DA versions) but she is pretty OP right now so is probably going to get nerfed. Alot of people, like for example Scarra seem to think so atleast. That, and its an champion without much of an early game lane so shes hard to play (or atleast harder then other ADC's) I dont play ADC in general so wont use the skin much, the incomming nerf are all pretty big downsides towards getting the skin. The upsides to taking the skin; I wont be getting a bunch of random skins that I still have to pay their orange essence cost for in order to actually use them. Re-rolling cost's 3 skins so even if I get the maximum amount of 24 skins and I would reroll all of them that means I'd effectively get a minumum of 3 and an maximum of 8 permanent skins. Its an premium limited skin, meaning that after some time has passed you'll see it less and less and so you'll be able to show it off more often. (im the kind of person who puts value in that) I like Taylor swift, and as mentioned to me personally the Kaisa skin looks much better (imo) then the K/DA skins, and I dont care much for kpop in general. Thank you for your input and time to take the time to reply and vote :)
: Honor level
I'm in the same position. Cussed people out for in my eyes stupid mistakes, mainly because I was frustrated with myself and stuff happening beyond my control. I am someone who loves to collect and show off, and I have to say not getting that Graves skin is hurting my feels pretty bad. I tried getting my honor level back up to two in time but thats not happening. Here is the kicker though; Having this punishment did do its job. I am nicer in my games now, barely flame and try to make it more of an habbit to mute people with obnoxious pings or that dont have the common decency to talk English in games. So overall, the punishment did have the effect that Riot wanted. Cause while its going to take a full 365 days before I will get my first end of season rewards I sure as hell will make sure I wont be missing out of it because of my own behaviour. Cause thats what put us in this position in the first place. The way we reacted to something we didnt like. Noone forced us to start flaming or communicate with the people that ''did us wrong'' in the first place. We let ourselfs get baited into it and its our fault for falling for it. I agree, it sucks to lose out on end of season rewards (when a season lasts for an entire year) because of behaviour that is isolated within a timeframe of days rather then weeks or years, but in the end we have full control of our own actions and thus the punishment we recieve. It legit sucks, and I hate being confronted with it each time I see my end of season reward progress, I wish it would be difrent, but I also notice the difrence in my behaviour in games so the punishment does work and probably shouldnt be changed because of this. Cause as I mentioned, I am making sure I wont be missing out on end of season rewards next year because of my own stupid fault.
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: So i got banned by trollers because i wanted to play a game respectfully
From what I have been told they doublecheck these types of things. You get flagged by the system by your insane amount of deaths and the reports that came with it but your gameplay still actually gets reviewed and looked over. If its then found that you were actually doing this intentionally then you get your punishment. And for the record, they dont just randomly punish you for this one game (I did my research as I was afraid of having my account taken away due to ''fake'' reports). You probably racked up alot of extra ''bad karma'' by your behaviour in other games, and this intentional feeding was probably just the tipping point. My theory is that you have been unsportsmanlike towards non-premades in your gaming session with friends, or have just an shitty track record in general and this is were you finally got punished for your behaviour. (I had the 14 day ban too and while I felt that what I did wrong to recieve the punishment was minor, my behaviour in general towards the 14 day ban was terrible and if you put ALL of what I did together I did deserve the 14 day ban, and my gutt tells me that you deserve it aswell) No offence , but you probably had it comming. Especially cause the 14 day ban is I think the punishment if your a second offender. (meaning you have recieved a punishment already, and you know what they say about people who have been warned..)
Remmeh (EUW)
: Your oppinion needed! (Also some general questions regarding world pass choices)
1.1k views.. Not a single reply.. Common people help a person in need!
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Museco (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Remybucksaplenty,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=NJFtUbW6,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-05-30T13:26:59.739+0000) > > But my question to you is how do you practise last hitting under the tower properly without having to jump trough multiple hoops in order for the enemy lane to actually be pushing? You could start practice mode, block the first enemy wave with a training dummy in their base to delay it. remove it and youre good to go{{champion:119}} And here are some tips: Pay attention to the attack pattern of the turret. It always attacks the first target that moves into range until it is dead obviously. What if multiple Targets (an entire creep wave) are within range? Cannon minions are the top priority target here, followed by melee creeps and then casters. The turret does NOT attack the closest target BUT the priority target. (Cannon>melee>caster) this attack pattern often allows you to "prepare" cs. IF you are under pressure (possibly info you didnt even ask for!) No seriously this might help you to turn the tide onto the enemy: Enemy Champions damaging you under your turret CAN delay turret shots when within range. Use that time to retaliate (trade) if possible or to again "prepare" cs. But be aware of the fact that losing lots of your hp is not worth 1 cs. (Maybe if its a cannon!) Be aware of the enemy, standing alone under a turret to take cs while multiple enemies are around can get you killed easily. Be sure to have possible gank routes warded to keep the enemy jungler/midlaner (whatever it is that might threaten your existence!) from setting up a dive. If you are ranged and/or have the ability to poke your enemy away from further damaging your turret DO IT. Every time they Auto attack your turret you might want to go in to punish it. (since their Auto attack is not ready briefly) also be sure to check out how ability/Auto attack Damage on different champions behaves with the turret shots and gather experience. Maybe this helps…. or.. not... well at least i hope it does! {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Thank you for taking the time to write all this down, I didnt realize I could delay waves and make it so the other waves would push in. Very cool sugjestion! Defenatly good for having an guaranteed way to control waves while still being able to jump into an game mode solo as to not have interfearence from other players/annoy other players with what I want to test/try out. Kind of an cool way to use the turret aggro to mess with your opponents CS-ing while you have them pushed under their own tower though, never even considered that was an option. And I do get dove alot, like even as Sion people try and TD me quite a bit, not always with success as the tower aggro plus the passive makes it pretty dangerous for them but there are times were they just destroy me and take the tower. In my defence though, I dont have much of a clue on how to properly deal with fighter champs yet though xD I just ban Darius whenever I play with a Tank and hope for the best xD
Exhibit B (EUNE)
: Without any Attack Damage items: Caster minion = 1 AA + 1 tower shot + 1 AA Melee minion = 1 tower shot + 1 AA Cannon I don't remember well but I think it's 7 or 8 tower shots and an AA. Look up DongHuap, he has a video explaining minion wave management perfectly.
Thanks for the sugjestion of loooing up Donghuap, defenatly will check and see if its something for me. Melee minions take 2 tower shots and an AA though :P
iSneez (EUNE)
: To practice to be better at Cs, I played very hard champions to cs and not used abilities, for example play Maokai or Malphite, or any tank with low base attack damage. They are very hard to last hit with them and if you manage with them you will be better in general with all others. You can also try in practice mode with Braum or Alistar also very hard to last hit with those low damage guys.
Thanks, I genrally do this already though as the champs I play have quite a bit of waveclear (right now pvp I play mainly Sion and Xerath) so using abilities to train cs-ing kinda feels like cheating. :P Thanks for the response though :)
Silisa (EUNE)
: This is what you do: you wait for the first enemy wave, intercept it and get the creeps to follow you, then lead them to your minions. Once they reach your wave, break the agro (go into a bush or something) so your wave can take it. The enemy minions should now ALL be focusing only ONE of your creeps - meaning that the enemy minions will kill yours faster end effectively start to slow push towards you. Then you just wait for them to reach the turret (might take a couple of waves tho). I hope this helps.
I really like this idea, it happend to me a couple of times on accident but didnt know thats what caused it. Defenatly going to try this out!
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Remmeh (EUW)
: Flaming and untiling/ranked rewards
Thanks for the quick replies, very helpfull!
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