: See you tomorrow! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
It wasn't "tomorrow" it was 4 months later.
: I was going to say just "lol bye then", but then I saw your name. Dude you're just going to return next season/ meta and complain then, so this converstion is kinda useless.
I guess you're right
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: > I’m done with this game but I’ll take the time to write a post saying how much i’m done with this game to try to get support for my over inflated ego and self esteem.
Try to get support? Did you read everything
: "WAIT NO COME BACK WE NEED YOU PLSSSSSSS NOOOOOOO" ..is what would you like to hear? Sorry to disappoint buddy, ain't gonna happen. BTW something that bothers me > because of the gameplay, it sucks, you either one trick a champion, play meta or get smashed Like, do you know any other way to play league? Seriously, it always has been playing the meta or running through it with a one trick champ as a shield.
I wasn't expecting any of that, just wanted to say how shit this game is right now
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