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: You may have misunderstood what I was saying. I definitely encourage - it's just the some people assume because they don't get a response of "you're right, I'll ban them!" nothing is being done. Player support will investigate and act appropriately, they just won't tell you what they've done :).
Ah in that case i totally agree! ^^
TheCrumb V (EUNE)
: Suspension
As long as you dont show logs it is deserved until proven wrong
: That's not really adding nothing. You mentioned in this point >However I've never seen a feedback message pop up? And this was the correct response. You generally only get those pop ups around 10% of the time. >How are these players punished, and how is their ban verified? I have the recordings for the games where they inted, but do riot even bother checking, and if so how? It's checked by a system - if the game reported indicates it may be intentional feeding it will also review other aspects and then make a judgment at that point. If you want to escalate it further, you can submit your evidence to the player support team here: However, it's worth noting they won't share the outcome of it for privacy reasons.
> However, it's worth noting they won't share the outcome of it for privacy reasons. I don't agree on that. Just because you don't get verification doesn't mean you should not do it. Trolls deserve to be banned and if you have video material with proof I would sent that for sure!
Andrasta (EUW)
: Alistar's bell is %%%%ing annoying
Good to see that moocow's bell is doing his job. Really motivates me to continue doing this haha ^^
LoveTaps (EUW)
: I just got the worst ranked game ever.
Wait.... so you are surprised that a promo game got trolled???? hahahahahahahahahahahaha
: My nerf / buff list for the next patch
> Now comes my buff list. > > {{champion:55}} she doesnt feel good anymore , her early game is pretty hard , she has bad wave clear and her early game damage isnt that great till she has gunblade and i think she gets outclassed by all other Assasins. So because she is unable to instakill multiple people at lvl 6 that easy anymore she needs buffs? Katarina is perfectly fine. You just expect her to be a death machine that can also easily farm at all lvls doesnt mean she needs a buff...
Febos (EUW)
: My guess is it has something do to with how their system was built. Is that a temporary suspension or a permanent one? I'm not banned, so I don't know, but can you access the store and buy skins? Actually, what can you actually do when banned?
Got a 14 day ban. The only thing you can do is buy RP
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: > if people start trolling i will just join them because hey np its not flaming so i wont get banned :D I mean, you're becoming part of the problem you claim to hate so congratz?
: I was gonna say that I'm glad you learned what you did was wrong and that it's super easy to not flame and accept that neither you nor riot can fully keep people under controll, but I see that you haven't learned that much at all. No matter, the next punishment coming your way is a permaban, and believe me when I say that the system **does** punish trollers, akf-ers and inters, you just never get told about it. This is just one of hundreds of examples.
: How to level up in honor ??
Will take approx: 1-2 years to restore
ScratchHelp (EUNE)
: Deserved or not ? 14 days suspension
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: I swear, once I was a witness, one little child played league in Internet Cafee, and he inted with Singed, dieing into tower and standing in one place, waiting to get killed. I watched the whole game with my eyes. He ended up 0-12-5 with proper singed items but yes he did int the game. Literally 5 minutes after the game, a messege poped up " Account banned for 14 days". Riot system banned him automaticly for inting. Why isnt that the case here? This guy was 0-13-0, still playing... this singed atleast had 5 assists.
The case you are referring to is probably of the good work of the system. Like you said he stood still in one place waiting to get killed. When you report a player for inting, the system will check multiple parameters like: items, deaths, time the game took and also the movement of the player. It probably detected that the player wasnt moving at all, even when he got attacked and in that way died multiple times. I am afraid they were not able to detect these sort of things in your "allied" teammember. Dont get me wrong the last thing i am trying to do is defend the system but as Torpedosheep mentioned, the system is far from flawless, thus there will always be more victims in people like me and you that play to win in comparison to the actual feeders. i dont know what your rank is and what role you play but if you want we can team up which at least makes the chance of getting a troller shrink by 25%
: Int Feeding.
I can be really short about that. No they wont. If he gets a ban it will be for flaming and not for inting. Not so long ago there was a thread about a nunu inting for over a hundred games and riot responding that they could not prove that he was trolling even tho he was not able to get a kill in any of those games. I know how frustrated you are. Same things happen to me all the time. The only thing you can do is mute, accept your loss and dont type because when you type chances that you will get a punishment are significantly higher..
Eye Vérn (EUNE)
: Best mid laners?
{{champion:115}} just make sure you ban {{champion:7}} :D
: When is my honor gonna get unlocked?
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Be lucky you only got a ban, not ending up on someones death note. Things like %%% are not tolerated no matter the context and are instant punishment.
> [{quoted}](name=Scrinnid,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Aqb9Uo0e,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-04-22T12:30:16.840+0000) > > Be lucky you only got a ban, not ending up on someones death note. > My god are you on a like hunt with your SJW-friends?
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: Player deranking and trolling
Be carefull with what you say. Because the rito police system will try to filter any word you say and use it against you. Meanwhile troll and afk all you want. You are free to do that and will go unpunished! Have fun destroying peoples games! :)
: How is everyone today?
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Cosantoir,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=qbLRk64K,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-04-13T10:40:32.052+0000) > > FRIDAY WOO!!! > > How is everyone today, have you any exciting plans for the weekend? > I'm just back from Spring Split finals in Copenhagen so really need to get my league fix in. Yeah my day is great! So far 7 games with 4 trollers and 3 times a player went AFK so i lost my promo's again. Made me tilt. Flamed, got reported and now i have chat restriction and honor 0, where the reform card showed one game i got reported cause i told a player who said gg its lost after 1 minute: With that cancerous attitude it is gonna be hard. So yeah life is good! :D But at least i know that the trollers and afk'ers go on unpunished and they will have a great weekend destroying other peoples games!
: {{champion:75}} is unpreferable, he needs time to build up his Q .. which low elo would hardly be able to provide purposefully.
Depends, I consider nasus in low ELO easier to stack and able to have a bigger impact on games with less Q stacks compared to high ELO where your stacking will most likely be prevented by a good enemy player
: Choosing top mains
Hi there! Looking at your champion pool and considering the part that you struggle with getting CS there are some champs that are pretty easy to farm with and are also strong! As an {{champion:6}} main, I just love Urgot. He may struggle a little bit early but once you reach lvl 4-5 you will have a great time! CS with Urgot aint hard because of his passive and the base dmg of his Q, and besides that you are also good against most melee champs! And ofcourse nothing is more fun than hitting your ULT and just draw that enemy in while the all chat bursts into tears with your enemy player spamming: "nice ult" "balanced" and "qq" Just be carefull for champs like Gnar etc who you just cant reach. Another Good top choice is {{champion:58}} thanks to his fury and Q, which makes CS pretty easy and you have the sustain to keep yourself alive while trying to go for that CS. Also playing Renekton is not that hard if you want to focus on the CS! :) Personally I also love playing Kled but he is way more risky to play with since you will most likely in lower ELO's try to go for the kills with him and try to scrape up the farm later. Also like in earlier comments, try to get some tanky runes and if you struggle with CS and fighting at the same time, take a champ that procs colossus since it will give you the shield so you have time to either fight back or get out to safety. So recap: I suggest you try {{champion:6}} {{champion:58}} or ofcourse {{champion:75}} Good luck!
Renamed12 (EUW)
: My client download takes forever
Im still here with the problem? Nobody in this community that can help me? :(
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PepijndM (EUW)
: Also Warwick sniff-sniff has a toggle, so Enemies don't know you're there. So why doesn't Sunfire Cape have a toggle? x)
Warwick sniff-sniff. Thank you for making my day!
: NCS forcing me to play SUPPORT despite being a JUNGLE main
TBH I think most people need to stop complaining. This whole situation is getting out of hand. It's like when people ask you what kind of watch you want for your birthday, you say: well a rolex or some cheapass watch. You get the cheapass one and you get upset that that person didnt buy you the rolex. I understand that it can be frustrating sometimes that you don't get your first role, but dont act like that wasn't the cause before the NCS. There will always be more popular roles like mid and jungle, even though i think a support can be more usefull sometimes. So don't act like you are forced to play support. You have a lot of options, but like you said you dont want to play other lanes. I suggest you also try to get some experience with other roles since chances are high you will have to play them now and then if you dont want to be a support all the time.. ;)
: Placements are a mess, the s6 struggle
I was Silver 2 last season. played my promos 4-6 and got placed S5. Seems fair. Its all about your mmr. You can be gold 5 but with a shitty mmr you will be placed in bronze. Its not rocket science. At the end of the road you will get placed at a fair point to start for you.
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Renamed12 (EUW)
: Servers are a disaster
I am no PC-nerd or something. I don't know what drophacks are and didnt even knew they existed. Sorry for the blames rito. But kinda sad that people just downvote my thread without even reading the rest. Hope you can find those drophackers!
: Played the whole day, no problems...
2nd game in a row now that game freezes. Cannot reconnect. Game crashes. My internet is doing fine otherwise i cant upload this. The games are not registered so it doesnt matter if i was winning or losing but at this moment I am wasting my time and that is very frustrating. It's not cool at all if I want to play and i have a chance of games just dissappearing or freezing....
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GrimmBones (EUNE)
: A problem with the current LeaverBuster system.
It doesnt make a difference. The point of leaverburster is to punish people who ruined the game for 4 other players by going afk. What you try to point out is some nice thinking but this is the real world. If you know you have strict parents, play when you are sure you dont have to do stuff If you know your internet is crappy. dont play ranked games. This is like saying: I dont want to flame people but i just cant help it.
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: I really don't get it! :(
Welcome to the world of the glorious Riot support mate ;) where answers stay hidden and good arguments get %%%%d with a cntr c cntr v FAQ
Renamed12 (EUW)
: Ranked Restrict + chat restrict while not even saying a word
Well. what could i possibly say in the pre chat except for: pref mid but can fit if needed. Only one time i said izi after a game where the enemy team was only flaming on us. But if thats whats get me banned for this long, i can stop playing this game. Already been through the "support" section of rito. But my stats with janna support 0w8l are better than the riot support.
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Un Payaso (EUW)
: Ranked restriction
Welcome in prison island. you wont get out of it anymore.
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Renamed12 (EUW)
: Looking for people to start a Ranked team!
Hello Guys, small update. We have tested a couple of top players bot none of them fits in our team (skillwise and social) So we are still looking for a top player! Also adc's!
PewPewNerf (EUNE)
: Hey, I would like to apply as a jungler, currently G5 in promos for further information feel free to add me. I am from the Czech republic, I think we would comunicate well in English. nick: PewPewNerf
Hi there. If you want i can make you the 2nd jungler in our team, but you wont be playing much games tbh. Don't know if that fits you?
: Gold IV Adc looking for a support
are you interested in joining a ranked 5vs5?
Renamed12 (EUW)
: Looking for people to start a Ranked team!
We are still looking for adc's and supports!
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Kritya (EUW)
: Gold Player Looking for Team (ADC/Mid/Top)
Hi there. I've added you in game!
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