Kirika (EUW)
: Okay but it wont be nough with that kind of cd. nvm that. why do you want to strip akali off her bruiser build? Thats a fun other way to play her
i feel u. i also play alot of tank akali but its similar to tank ekko. its just way to forgiving. combining assassins like mobility with bruiser like tankyness is always troublesome. u probaly havnt seen the lcs tank akali after she came out. it was a nightmare to watch... on the other hand u can still build bruiser. u just need a dmg item at the beginning. for example u could build ROA and Torment into full tank. or a trinity hydra steraks build. it still works just takes more items to go off imagine u are lvl11 with akali and u have trinityforce and titanic hydra. ur passiv currently would deal 126dmg. (87 base dmg + 60% bonus ad which 39 from 65(25 from trinity 40 from hydra) my rework would deal 130,2 (5 base dmg + 80% AD which is 125,2 (91,4 akali base ad at lvl11 + 25 from trinity + 40 from hydra) so it ends up being even better ur just forced to go for these items and not start with sunfire cape or any other fulltank item. than the current akali would be better.
Kirika (EUW)
: The way you write it here you want a level 6 Akali to have a dash every 2 seconds? that cost 35 energy wich can at that level be refilled every 10 seconds? You sure? She will just R, E, R twice through you and there you go with your counterplay. + she can dash 4 times late before she goes out of ulti stacks. Her e would only be a stupid escape tool and the Q is too expensive to hold a lane. Nioce balance. The job will never be yours. What use has a 4 sec (2.4 late) ability which cost like all your energy?
i forgot to add the refill cooldown ups. Generates one charge every 50 / 35 / 20 seconds. the Q deals almost 200 dmg to minions lvl 1 and its aoe so u can hit all minions if u do it right. that should be enough to hold a lane u should have calculated all the energy costs and refunds through. using Q 2 times cost u 160 energy and leaves u with 40(+ the energy u generate meanwhile doing the Qs but lets just ignore that) cause u do 2 Q u also have the chance to proc u passiv 2 times which gives u 20 energy back per cast so u get 40 back letting u end up with 80 energy. now u could additionally use w to get another 80 energy back which leaves u with 160 energy.
: Support is the role most susceptible to fate... that is, it's hard for you to carry the team (maybe can if you play a mage), so you're more reliant on your other team mates... which means more reliant on RNG - and on your team being better than enemy. Would suggest playing mage (or Pyke) to try to carry more in the mid/late game. Or get a premade together (e.g. ADC to duo with, or jungler to coordinate ganks, or just premade team (though hard to get a full team sometimes!)
put support is the easiest role to get high elo with low skill. a friend of mine is diamond 3 and he is not very good at the game.
: Support
play thresh only. learn to roam. manipulate waves. where to ward. who to focus in teamfights or if u need to peel for ur adc
: I don't know how to improve in this game
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Solash (EUW)
: > nobody likes playing it and the people who are still playing it have zero fun That's a pretty sweeping claim...
tru but i see alot of people leaving the game + streamers and pros mention that there is a serious decline in the gameplay quality which is pretty sad that still after 9 years the game isent what you could call balanced.(but i think riot is doing this on purpose cause they are afraid that when the game is balanced it would eventually get stiff and boring)
: The problem isn't "there's too much damage", the problem is if anything is OP they nerf it to the ground instead of buffing weaker champions, all that happens when they nerf something OP, the second strongest champ becomes OP and the nerfed one is useless, and so just can just keep nerfing and nerfing. Same with when supports were OP, they nerfed it. Then ADC's became OP, they nerfed it to the ground, making them useless and now something else is OP again and a whole new meta was created in bot lane.
thats also a problem yeah. like i mentioned at the bottom of the post, riot dosent want to balance - they want to change. thats why they gutted irelia and now buff other stuff. they dont seek a true balanced game cause they are afraid that it will get boring. still i think there is to much dmg in the game and the difference between dmg and tankyness is to high. champs shouldnt oneshot or one combo you. when i started league at the end of season 4. killing someone instantly was a really rare occurrence that only super feed ap/ad assassins could do, nowadays we have champs that are design in a way so they can oneshot like zoe or shadow kayn etc. in my opinion, when you use your full combo without ult as a midlaner. you should deal like 40%hp so you can try to hit your full combo again + ult for a kill or just force the enemy to go back. so you have a real fight were you actually need to hit multiple abilities or skill shots to win and you have actual decision-making. right now its just hey suprise stun from behind the wall and BOOM ur dead. thats just lame and dosent feel good.
: Well it's obviously why you don't enjoy the game. You pay too much attention to WHO HAS BIGGEST DMG WHO IS BUFFED WHO IS NERFED WHAT ITEM IS OP WHAT CHAMP IS OP WHAT DMG BARON HAS WHAT MOVEMENT SPEED CRAB HAS (sarcasm last 2). Like i started to main Yasuo,im pretty bad for sure and there are games when i go 1/10,but still i play it because the champion is fun,also i dont spend time on reading patch notes,i just open it ,see if they nerfed some champ i like or buffed him,if not,bye bye.Also if they nerfed my main champ,i'd still be playing him,you are just meta abuser and u don't like ur main champ getting nerfed,cry.
thanks for your reply but i need to tell you im not a meta player. i famous around my friends for jungling everything and even in plat 2 i played jhin yasuo etc. jungle for fun. what i don't like is a game were skill isent the most important factor. and this is what lol has become. last game i played yasuo adc and got killed from a nasus in a 1v1 while i had 250+farm and 5 kills. he had 140farm and 2 kills. i started the fight with my ult so i did everything right but still got outdmg by nasus even if i had more kills and farm. the game is just rock paper scissor + hit ur cc first and you win. player skill and input isn't important anymore. (and if you want to argue you maybe shouldnt play on eune which is famous for having a low skill lvl overall)
jacktjong (EUW)
: Zoe is Fine [CHANGE MY MIND]
misses all skills shots. still kills you with w and passiv. fun
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Valkyrié (EUW)
: Looking for a team coach!
: PLAT main adc looking for jungler duo for tryhard s8
i am here for you jungle main with way to many games on kayn just add me KK Raiden
: need a duo to climb duo ranked with 18+ only ts required.
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: yeah season 6 rank is just frustrating over all. rank timers suck champ select never finishes and games get random decide of wich team picked the better comp to win or they just jave vayne yi etc...
btw chillin at 27min in queue
: rank queues
yeah season 6 rank is just frustrating over all. rank timers suck champ select never finishes and games get random decide of wich team picked the better comp to win or they just jave vayne yi etc...
: to all people. i never said he is op. i just think that fact that its so easy for him to kill a person so easy and so fast that the enemy cant even react or outplay him somehow is bullshit
as adc you cant even counter him with items cause there is no item that fits on adc and give you armor or something like that. for apc like malz you can a blade wich gives you the power to remove all debuffs so you have the power to outplay and counterplay ahri malz etc. but rengo? no no chance
: But so many Ult's give almost a ''Free kill''' Take Hard CC of some Supports. or Vayne Ult or Jinx etc etc. Rengar's Ult and Jump is all he has, if u nerf it, he will drop to below 47% winrate into nothingness. Right now hes Playable for the Really skilled players, who can control games with him. But he doesn't win all his games, because he can get countered, imo i feel hes quite balanced compared to many other things right now, even his Pick rate has Dropped, less and less people play him. So no i doubt nerfs or anything are good for him, that would just destroy him.
still he has the power just through 3 items to oneshot a adc in 0,27sec in everystage of the game. if rengo is ahead or not. adc can react or outplay him. you can nothing with skill or knowledge. you just see a red thing on your head and die. if you are ahead or the best player in the world. the counterplay on this ult is almost impossible and only 2 or 3 champs can counter it but the idea of lol is not to pick one champ to counter a ult of another champ. then rengo just goes tanky and still is a big threat for enemy carrys cause his dmg is still enough to kill them, but they have enough time to counterplay etc.
: I dont play him , and I dont like him but he is not overpowered at all. If hes fed maybe , but then again who wouldnt be if fed!?
to all people. i never said he is op. i just think that fact that its so easy for him to kill a person so easy and so fast that the enemy cant even react or outplay him somehow is bullshit
: Rengar's Average winrate is 48 Percent. in Gold Rengar's Average win rate is 47 percent in Bronze Rengar's Average winrate is 47 percent in Silver .. Skarner > Rengar by FAR .. Kayle devourer > Rengar .. Kayle has less counterplay. Just look at Winrates of Kayle after devourer and Skarner They are both within the 55% to 65% even among the lower elo's .. Practically no Skills needed. Just ULT and Kayle Full build + Devourer will do the job.. Having troubles as Skarner ? Just because you know how to play a Rengar doesn't mean he is broken. Broken is on a Whole different level.
the problem is not that rengo is op but you just get a free kill with the ult
: lol when i play rengo ap i just need raba and void staff. then activate ult -> rightclick enemy -> press 2xW -> kill
and vision kills him? you can activate ult on top and run almost botlane with this shit on lvl 18
: Rengar is Good, but not Broken, he has his Problems. When Players play safe.. he usually falls off hard without the early kills. Rengar also Requires quite alot of Skill actually, mistakes in ganking etc, will actually turn him into a Feeder. I have played with so many 0/20/0 rengars's that just hop in and out of failed Ganks. Finally Rengar suffers in teamfights, especially when hes not fed, or Engages poorely. Rengar's only job is to dive the backlines and Kill that ADC, its mostly a Suicide mission and offers counterplay.. If he fails hes usually 0/20/0 rengar <-- this is the case with most low elo rengars. Rengar is only good When you have No vision and hes Mechanically far greater player then you. If you are skilled, Rengar has many problems <-- CC + Exhaust + Vision totally destroy him.
lol when i play rengo ap i just need raba and void staff. then activate ult -> rightclick enemy -> press 2xW -> kill
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