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Kalviras (EUW)
: I mean ranked is a nightmare to play this season so I wouldn't be surprised, 5-5 in promos and now on a losing streak of teams who die before I finish my first clear and will no doubt soon switch to a win streak, they've just made it way to obvious they manipulate the match making to force a 50% win rate this season
I keep seeing you complain about the game, but you're at 35% winrate, i'd say git gud. I climbed from Iron2 on this fresh account to silver2 in like 2-3 days.
Kalviras (EUW)
: you are probably in a loss streak, every now and then for whatever reason Riot likes to give you a loss streak, don't worry though in a few games time you'll be on the team with all first choice against auto-fills and inters and it'll balance out, happens every single time.
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: Client occasionally plays the 'Awaken' song when loading up
Flenkr (EUW)
: Language Settings
i just set up my league client in korean. make a shortcut and then click on properties. afterwards, look at the target. GO ALL THE WAY TO THE END. Press spacebar and write: "--locale=ko_KR" Double line, without commas it's pretty neat.
DeejayF (EUW)
: The "gg report my inting teammate" when he had a bad game needs to die already
: I hope not, the game is snowballing hard downhill, there's data of it and you can feel it every time you queue up for a ranked game. Hopefully they release something decent and let this fiesta of trolls die along with the game since they will never be able to do anything about it.
EUW ranked time is 1 second, what do you mean feel it through ranked queue
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Sinking (EUW)
: Season 10 worst season start?
matchmaking sucks, I am gold 2 player, got put into iron 2 this season on this fresh account from the first game, in which I had 5.6 kda. it's a joke at this point. I have to grind 600 games this season to get to at least gold. every game is a dice roll: if I get 6-6, good team, win, but if i get anything other than 6-6, it's a loss, gg, go next, all my team git gud.
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Just play better, and tryhard as much as you can against them.
Febos (EUW)
: The first game gives a provisional rank. As the name implies, it's not the final rank. Basically, it means you will not be placed below that point. Also, you will climb quicker during the provisional games. All of this information has been explained, in great detail, many times before.
It doesn't really make sense, though, does it? Even if I win a game with 50 kda, it doesn't even matter. I get placed in iron 2 no matter what. It's pretty pissing.
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: Friendlist bug
This happens to me on NA and EUNE too. Post-lobby chat, when someone writes something, instead of the said text appearing down, it appears up. wtf.
soulis19 (EUNE)
: Teamfight tactics Mobile
Don't bring good games to mobile, where 9yo kids play it :| It ruins the fun of the game.


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