: But we want to play whit you :(
but i don't want to play with you :(
GLurch (EUW)
: But then you couldn't play with yourself anymore :[
i'l play with myself tonight so np :P
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: How does ranked works???
basicly youl get decent teammates untill you reach this stage where your in your promos then you get the feeders and bronzelords since riot wanted to nerf climbing
Morti700 (EUW)
: Thresh Clip
its a bit to the short side and the video quality was quite poor, even on hd.
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KMS Enoch (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Respect your Pie,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Xn93Naky,comment-id=0029,timestamp=2016-05-23T21:10:33.573+0000) > > {{champion:40}} main :P > > Seriously. She has so much possibilities in destroying all those other champs on this list. > like the jax main can't even cast his jump on my adc thanks to my fricking tornado blocking every single jump. > nor can he take her down thanks to my ultimate lifesave tool As a jax main I am in the unfortunate position to announce that his W+Q leap damage still applies to the carries. As for the other part it depends on the skill level of Janna and how fed a jax is. Normally a Q+W+R passive proc is enough to kill an adc. Requires insane reaction from the janna to save the carry though
janna is all about reaction. so decent jannas are able to time a shield to come before any spell or projectile. i can proudly say that besides lucians q i have a 99% hitrate of my shields on any spell an adc can use. lucians q is hard though since its not lock on so first you need to decide if it is going to hit your adc before you shield. and as the projectile is a laser only visable for 0.1 second it is insanely hard to shield. im at 50% hitrate on that atm :/
KMS Enoch (EUNE)
: Who is your one trick pony champion and why? Let's share our champion thoughts
{{champion:40}} main :P Seriously. She has so much possibilities in destroying all those other champs on this list. like the jax main can't even cast his jump on my adc thanks to my fricking tornado blocking every single jump. nor can he take her down thanks to my ultimate lifesave tool
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: Yeah, because they removed a huge chunk of healer/spamming champs that were unfun to play against.
wich is fine if that champ has other strengths. some champions don't and it is extremely antifun to play them now. but take maokai he is clearly op. yet unnerfed
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: Never give up on yourself
lol, took me 2 days to go from s1 to plat v lellelel
: Support Lulu: S+ Second time in my life!
i got s on support every single game today. s+ on 2.
: Malzahar Suggestions/Ideas
malz just needs a nerf. riot wants to sell some malz skins though
chill22518 (EUNE)
: Best Mage rn?
just play a reworked mage. any of them really. they are completely broken atm.
: Who should i buy next?
you sir should buy my premium ++ chopsticks for only $99.99 In the stores now!
Geertvdd (EUW)
: Graves or Kog'Maw
both are completely broken. though if you want a tank with that heals back half his hp after one auto and bursts anything you should pick graves
: i can destroy you with a 25 stack nasus. ... ... ... ... mejai's stacks. AP nasus is the king of aram.
: so he got max 23 cs. I smell bronze 5.
he had 35 but most of his farm he got with his w i zoned him while he was in turret range and constantly froze the lane and pushed when he had to back he also didn't last hit with his q and had to use aa and w to farm. i was leona, so basicly every time he lasthit a minion i punched my shield into his face
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ShadWooo (EUNE)
: there is so much freelo champs this season but no support is amongst them, especially not soraka
soraka is freelo. no matter how you spin it. Shes a free lane. can just camp turret. heals like shit. doesn't actually need to do anything can heal people full hp in matter of seconds when building full tank
: Some people have bad games and other times you might just get matched up with players who are less experienced then you. It's just a matter of chance we can't always get the best team mates!
i get matched with people of higher divisions usually. i'm gold but my promos concist of 4 plat people most of the time. they play like they are god or something and go 1v3 on level 1 and just die. then someone ragequits;
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: How did you fix it?
I Didn't, lost my promos to gold 2 cause of it and ragequit ranked for ever
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Declined (EUNE)
: Alright one portion at a time. Whenever you're in in a promotional match, and you leave (for whatever reason) it will count as a dodge, giving you an automatic loss, there is nothing I or Riot can do to change that, what I can do is help you to prevent this from happening again. #To Do From how you describe this problem, it seems to have been going on for a while now, so there are a couple of things I suggest you should do. [Configure your DNS.](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752664-Troubleshooting-Connection-Issues#wq5) If you're having a lot of programs open try to disable them and any background programs that could be running. Please follow the steps in this article: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4edyL_IJWM #Information * Which ISP are you using? * How long have you had this problem? Be careful not to leave any other information than what I've asked for, for instance I did not request the Net analysis tool because it reveals your IP, that information is best handled through support and **NOT** on the boards. So get back to me if you're still experiencing problems after configuring your DNS and disabling background programs. ^_^
thanks for replying. Il run it over. though i should note that support has been bugged by itself. Multiple people including me cannot log into support http://i64.tinypic.com/w9innc.png when you do log in this happens. You get instantly brought to this page. even if email is confirmed and so on. someone made a thread about that problem here: http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/lGRLtUZI-cannot-login-to-riot-support
: Cannot login to Riot Support
i have exactly the same. when i try to login to support it tells me. ''you were signed out'' http://i64.tinypic.com/w9innc.png
Verticus (EUNE)
: Client stuck in crashed game
ive had this in the past too. Just wait, and itl disapeer after a while. atleast thats how it worked for me :P
Declined (EUNE)
: Greetings Respect your Pie The auto loss is most likely a direct result of leaverbuster, without knowing when exactly during the match you left (and if you returned to it at all), leaverbuster didn't only just flag your, but also made you inelligible to win. Can you give us some context on your bug? Any idea what caused the crash, did you receive any errors, is this a common occurence, and so on, please get back to me so I can figure out how to help you avoid this in the future. ^_^
well, i wasn't ingame yet. and never pressed the leave button. It was in champion select during the banning phase. i had selected and banned malphite but the game did not recieve that somehow. And a window popped up saying connection error. Wich is kinda weird since i was in a skype call at the time. and i don't use wireless internet but lan. The game never started, i got a que wait time of 5 minutes and recieved an autoloss for my second placement match (i had won the first placement match and was on a huge winning spree before that) I never lagg out ingame or have any troubles there. Since i use lan my ping is locked to 26 ms. but i fairly often get these connection timeouts in the client or don't know the name. Window where you start games, buy champions, see friend chat ect. in most cases when i get these connection errors my internet is still working on other tabs like internet. I think the error message is usually connection timeout. but again, my connection is usually up when i test if other programs requiring internet work. and in most cases they do. again, i also sometimes get the you have lost connection. reconnect to chat thing out of game. but ingame i havent lagged out a single time in the last 100 games. Since s3 servers have improved alot for ingame problems. But the client still ocasionally gives errors. Another thing i noted is that when i start a custom game i often get a popup message once i start hosting it with a circle spinning and a cancel button. the circle is like a waiting icon and i can't click anything in the background. though when i press cancel it just works fine and i can host my custom game. i don't know if these things are related to eachother but those and some other buggs happen to me some times. these are all bugs in the client and never ingame. i'm using windows 8.
: League client in ranked glitched?
j had something simular during my last placement match. won first. then this glitch during champ select. and it gave me an autoloss. even though my connection was working decently. i tilted really hard cause of that in the game after that.
Sefi (EUNE)
: OP.GGs MMR check is very unreliable, wouldn't give it much weight.
yup, i had around 2045 mmr when i reached plat 5. on other account it sais i have 1645 mmr. i play both actively. and have a 70% winrate on both
MissVendel (EUNE)
: promotion games=troll games?
8 game winnign spree. promos. win first game. second game. champ select connection error from riots side. get autoloss for no reason without even being able to play. Game after trolls and insta flamer. completely on tlt now; thank you riot for yet anoter fuck you towards me. since i'm clearly a toxic player with this useless af green banner i got ingame.
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: Broken grading system
i often get a+ to s-. very seldom s+ but usually, when u feel your doing great your get s+
: Match History isnt refreshing
: he doesn't even have a real weapon.
nope, he only had dorans shield
: Looking for a carry sup
i can aply. main is silver 3 avg kills per game is 1.7, avg deaths per game is also 1.7. avg assist per game is 20.9 I mainly play janna. Can cancel most dashes. but still having trouble blocking leblancs e currently only have a 20% successrate on that. i can render any leona useless. And am able to carry teamfights in some scenarios. As i said, i mainly play janna, since she is the support that provides the best peel there is for her adc, and can save even the worst adc Although i main support, i can fill any role without really feeding. If anyone wants to play, add: world seed .
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D1nzu (EUW)
: 1. Go to queue 2. When game starts, /mute all 3. Press Play Again after game
everybody knows it doesn't work like that.
: Please remove lock requirement
i agree. sorry to see good ideas get downvoted. yet again proves how negative and unfriendly this community truly is.
: Suspended account
its riot. i just got banned on my main for stating my opinion. on a thread deticated to stating your opinion. Maybe if you pay them money they might go through the trouble. but don't count on it m8. they don't look at the individual. they stopped doing that when this game got big. youl just have to deal with it and hope for a response that isn't automated on your support ticket.
Sffc (EUW)
: So, turns out you can actually get a complete report of reports against you; Costs 5 US$
its riot. what did you expect. theyre the same people hiring these embassy's who are just abusing their rights everywhere to feel good about themselves. since they're to cheap to actualy hire legit moderaters and let them do the work
gaby1best (EUNE)
: A good lol recorder?
Squaip (EUW)
: Why are the majority of the ranked people so arrogant?
maybe the majority of league players are just assholes. think about it. especially on the forums
BlackIceXd (EUNE)
: Un-Ban BlackIceXd -Eune
don't count on riot games team. especially there embassy's are a bunch of power hungry douchebags. they wont help you out
: How to win a game where you're 0/5/0 and 5 levels behind your opponent
play a nobrainer like malphite, garen, cait, lux, annie, ezreal,,.... ect.
TTekkers (EUW)
: Because it's abusable - take a duo pair in this scenario: _Oh, we're losing, want me to afk so you get loss prevented?_ _Yea, sure, I'll do the same for you next time_
still, right now it isn't much better. my toplaner just went afk last game giving their nasus top a free lane. 15minutes later he 3 hit our turrets. i don't see how 4 people should get punished for one person not even being there. Thats why leavers in ranked can get punished harder to Avoid abuse. make a leaver loose 5x the lp a normal loss would be.
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: "Instawin for teamfights" what Plus, extremely safe? Have you never played gnar?
gnar requires certain skill to be successfull, malphite is extremely easy. and yet really rewarding
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