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: yup. good old riot, being PG..... PG 2years old i guess this isnt flame, not bannable flame, but then agian i say that no one should be ever banned for flame. Talking sht about your teamates doesnt influence the game anyhow, you know what does?? being a 0/4 adc, being a 0/4 top laner, being a 0/4 jungler. THAT influences the game cuz ur feeding gives enemyes free win and wastes time and effort of other 4 teamates.... nope, lets ban a guy for saying "adc is troll" and "useless bots" hell yeah, justice served btw OP if you want me to one up you, one of my ACC was banned for talking praise to my teamates, but with a twish, the entire game was on all caps, so the system tought its sarcasm and banned it as toxic behaviour xd still laughing at that to this day
Sadly you do not see what they typed to me. You see only one side on coin. They were flaming me, they were blaming me for their mistakes. Apparently you see only my messages. As I said I have been flamed hard, it was my bad that i reply and I agree o this point, but if someone is dying on purpose do not you say for example 'adc troll' ? Is taht reason to get chat restriction ? If they call me 'fcking animal' and 'boosted dog' is that fair ?
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