s0ulSuckeR1 (EUNE)
: Riot why?
Just to piss you off , because of your shitty behaviour! :<
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Incoming massive Graves buff
https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-WvwgzQTnXH8/WQJB_EHfAVI/AAAAAAABDI4/SgDoZqSpzUIXouf54VoHU39fozBgv7M6QCLcB/s640/Sejuani_Splash_1.jpg That Eightpack of Sej
Teejoon (EUW)
: Wuut? I usually have 1-2 key fragments before I get a new chest. I think I hade 2 key once and no chest. You must be getting lots of chests :o
Belcone (EUNE)
: Feedback-suggestion regarding the hextech key fragment earning system.
u don't get the point x) Why do you think it is possible to buy Keys with RP? :p (Key itself is expensive if you buy too many of em but hey! we got the Chest&key bundles which are "much cheapier") Riot Wants Money So they do things that "manipulate" the impatience of the most people to "force" them to buy instead of waiting and playing The Chests (especially the Gemstone thing) was primary made to gain more money besides of selling Skins and IP/Exp Boost and Rune page and it worked magnificient! in 1 Week a Youtuber invested 500$
Neonchan (EUW)
: Sure it does. If he is sucessfull and the other person tilts both are punished the same, which is dumb. One player at least tried to be decent while the other allready had the intention of beeing a giant turd
it doesn't matter at the end your going on the same lvl (proning and showing)
XFireDemonX (EUNE)
: Feedback: Your Automated Chatban system is a load of bullc*ap
No Need Rule change at all..... there is a reason why it exist
Rismosch (EUW)
: You know what is childish?
kid (defined by physical age) kid (defined by mental age) some kids have a higher mental age some adults have a lower mental age
Infernape (EUW)
: I read it as Kled, the Cancerous Cavalier.
thats what i mean! i wonder if Riot did this on purpose o_O
Rioter Comments
Infernape (EUW)
: Surrender in Nexus Siege.
aacutally it is possible to surrender o0 just had the last game a match were the people surrendernd after 12 minutes still had 7 more mins (last round)
Wukongz (EUNE)
: Which was the first skin you bought?
Jinx skin that came out with her release (only 1 of ~4 total purchase) :3
XrazzeliX (EUNE)
: Illaoi needs a nerf.
Strong with Tentacle , weak without tentacle get the hint?
: how many hours have you wasted on lol?
2,688 hours 112.0 days Would never do it again If you get old one day , and remind this number trust me... you wished you would had used this time for something more important in life D:
Fawkz (EUW)
: |6.9|Patchnotes For Dummies|
don't favor the lazy ones! D: they shall not pass if they don't wanna read :<
: I made a little manly Teemo drawing :D
Mepodis (EUW)
: Whyyyyy is Irelia and Jax in EVERY SINGLE game now ._.
Cause most of the Community JUST CARE FOR WIN :| *facepalm* Instead for fun... On the other hand alot people can have only FUN if they WIN :| *double facepalm* Don't get me wrong there is nothing bad about winning But for me it seems to most people forgot to point of playing games! If you play games just to win you truly lost the point and should head for other things instead for winning in games only... You better go to a casino and just screw up your own play experience instead of others too D: And take things too SERIOUS (for ranked its fine but not normal/aram/other gamemodes) Overall Hardliners will always be Hardliners and Try Hard whatever they want to D:
: The problem with Aatrox
Malphite: Ultimate as engage which cannot be interrupted This is acutally not true it can be interrupted , but don't ask me which champ is able to do this (can't remember) But this happend to me a couple of times i could stop malp ult
: Sion, the absolute hidden op ?
absolutly not if you have to play against a team with at least 3 , 4 jumpers :| then u will get in a serious problem :p
Ibn La Ahad (EUNE)
: As a Malzahar main I don't like these changes at all
Just deal with it There will nothing get really changed A dozen of other champs got reworked and the most of us lost some special unique champs we loved to play... *R.I.P Good old not Casual Friendly Karma* Keep in mind what Kha's motto is ... Change is Good! Even if its not true... not always... But thats the way Riot decided to go and they will continue with it... no matter what Just say good bye hope for the best and try the best with what you get
: Good job riot. You reworked Annie, and still didn't fix her problem
*cough* learn to play *cough* *cough* learn to use your brain *cough cough* I have no fucking problem to play against a anni Compared to a other champ that can dodge the whole enemy spells and still melt squishies in 1-2 secs and tanks in 2-4 secs With insane AS , True Dmg , Crits and double hit every 4 hits :| You should play around at least 10 Years of games with Strategy / Tactics & Teamplay Then you may understand and will be able TO HAVE NO PROBLEMS Vs Anni and certain other champs War & Battles are a dirty buisness And you will need to learn use every little thing to gain the hand over a situation (except cheats)
: I just feel like his E is a weaker Kalista E.
yeah somehow.. that is something i've noticed so far... twitch E have a max stacks (Passive) of (5 i think) while kalista can stack alot of more times.... On the other hand Kalista have actually only 2 real Dmg skills While twitch have 3 but on the other side twitch can attack with R a whole team while kalista can max attack only 1 (with hurrican 3) So overall its balanced again depends on what kit you prefer and playstyle the real strength of the rat beneath in his Q (while enemy may think lets engage they are only 4v5! rat can go invisible or is already and sneak up from behind and wreck the enemy teamlinup with R and E
: In your opinion, should Twitch get buff(s)?
No just no... as someone that sometimes still playing rat (played him alot in early days) His kit is already strong enough (maybe suxx at early but this is how riot wanted it) but lategame rat can be truly a filthy rat.. that just wrecks everyone.... in teamfights (if played well) edit: but compared to other top tier ADC atm he could actually really need just a little buff
GvaBe (EUNE)
: Taric support or tank?
New Taric is just Brilliant! In multiple Ways! He is both and by far more then this! Pure Tankiness through gems! Which can blind/dazzle a enemy with the shiny little gems ! And a can heal in a Area at two spots at the same time! And did i mention the Extravagant shiny AoE which makes AT TWO SPOTS AT THE SAME TIME invulnerable?! And ONLY for the OWN Team :3 Taric will claim the ladder and be the shiny glamerous gem at the TOP of all!
: There is now a limit ...i cant buy key he said i got daily limit... maybe they update it
well maybe just for the keys.... But it would wonder me if its on the chest bundles too ....
: yes but if you buy? then your change get even high or lower??? and there is still the limit to buy chest and keys
what limit? there is no limit there wouldn't be any sense for a limit Since riot is a profit company..... Someone invested over 500$ in 1-2 weeks for Chest Bundles.... just because he wanted the Hextech anni skin Get the point? The only limit is for Free keys and chests but not for buyable ones
: no keys fragments in 8 days?????
There is a easy solution Rito implemented a Buy Key button for RP :| Get the hint?
: dear riot please make my smurf level 30 so i can stop stomping lowbies
Dear Lovely Smurfer Please just stop smurfin! Sincerly A Player that is annoyed by Smurfers Thank you :3
Mepodis (EUW)
: xD im a great player, but yeah people still dont like me cus i enjoy winning lol
D: and i already thought why this bait? But well if this is true , this truly is a bit unhandy to handle for some D: I enjoy winning too but just for myself and if team and enemy was great gg wp But by far more i enjoy just havin fun You can have fun even when loosing if it was a good match and funny round Its about playing games and havin fun dude! D: Thats why we suppose to play games... because all we want i just havin fun!
: I dont get keys.
35 games and no single key fragment.... looks like a scam for me if you get by far more chests than key fragments (rito wants to force us buy keys?!)
worgboygr (EUNE)
: Hextech key fragments bug
nearly 35 games and still no single key fragment For me its now official the hextech is a scam-based-idea by riot to force those of us who doesn't care to spend even more money into the hextech system.... than we used to spend money on skins only >.<
Skere (EUW)
: But... 5 passive procs
+ the build rely on AS devourer and botrk , what runes do you use? Flat dmg (red) or AS(red) and AS (quint)? or MS quint?
Ricklion (EUW)
: Keyfragments bug or riot greed ?
After around 28 Matches still no single key fragment (tomomrrow i will have my next unopened chest...) Nuff said
Gr8m8er (EUW)
: Is malzahar worth buying right now
He is strong and good played him often enough But honestly Malz is only good vs Unexperienced players! The last game i took malz i got screwed up because the enemy team 3 of 5 build the anti CC item (that works like cleanse) (which will destroy ur Ult) and in most cases this is fatal since in the normal case you Ult someone and your team take him down but this doesn't work if 3 of 5 or all 5 take the anti cc item...
: draven, lucian best to carry?
it always depends on the own teamlineup and the enemylineup
: you think its hard for you to get used to it? he´s based on one of my countries biggest heroes, and they fucking give him that face. wtf is wrong with riot.
Its the i don't give a fuck for my Community that made us rich desease... pretty common in the modern age
: hextech is like gambling really i was once addicting buying skins, (have 50) now i pretty much made a rule where i can only spend 10 euros PER month on this game...
Rule #1 There is mostly only 1 Winner at Gambling and that is the Bank :| ^^
Dessem (EUW)
: Before Hextech, I spent €20 on this game after 1 year. After Hextech, it's €140. I need help.
Quite easy Since i know a bit how the Moneysystem works (economy) and how the most companys act on it... Hextech thing is mostly a Scam-like idea from riot side to get even more money from the players that acutally like to get scammed... or at least they doesn't bother and don't really think about it The Hextech stuff + the cards remind me of the good old days of Trading Game Cards (your hoping to get some awesome cards thats why you buy the booster pack and honestly on the long term you will pay more and more.. if u don't get what u want (human greed) but to be honest at least you had something in your hand for your money! Overall Its cheaper to buy RP and Use it for Skins Directly! (skins are totally overprized if you know that they do the work mostly ONLY 1 TIME and Sell it based on the 1 Time work about millions millions of time for around 10-30$.... (scam-like) It would be less scam if rito would add a digital Artbook to the skin that is only available as Digital Goodie Than beeing scammed by buying tons of Chest bundles and having luck or beeing unlucky... Someone on YT spend over 500$ (because he couldn't wait for the premium chests that contains gems for hextech annie) after 500$ he finally got the 10 Gems.... Just think about it There is no problem about to support a company for a free game that bring alot of fun over years But there is actually a problem when the company start to act like a scammer.... (overprized stuff that doesn't worth the money) and people don't care about and still buy the stuff (in the worst case they are buying more than before) company will keep scamming the average players.../customer since its working.... 1 Thing i've learned about humanity.... Never ever underestimate the stupdity of humanity... *blablabla could talk like this for the next few hours but well i won't* PS the Hextech system actually giving more Champion Card shards than Skin Cardshards... (think about it why) I wanted to buy overall like 50 skins But i always remember there is no relation between the invested work , and the price that rito actually want for it... (70% of the skins are overprized hard...) So i mostly wait for Sales but even than i don't buy everything for me its more useful to spend the money on things in RL than spending money into things that are bound to a game or bound as Digital Goodie (that will come one day useless) from the 50 skins that i wanted i actually just bought ~10 skins Once i had blackout saw some skins (even if i don't play the champs often i just bought them because it looked good)... (and i regret it) edit: the hextech system atm is nothing more than a Trap for Money based on Humans Greed to want something specific and trust me since the hextech system riot gain a bunch of much more money
: Thats the idea. Whats the point of getting chests if you cant even open them :c
Buyin the Key for RP (thats what rito actually want)
Larry (EUNE)
: for the 32094823094th time mentioned in the forums, rito said that they will implement something for players who have all champions Just DO NOT DISENCHANT champion shards
actually they said they wanna use the Blue Essence for it, so it is fine to Disenchant Champion Shards
A Plebian (EUW)
: I just saw a video of Redmercy (zed player + youtube channel guy with a lot of gameplay videos and lists and stuff) who invested 500$ in hextech chests; about 10 chests to go he finally got the 10th gemstone and got hextech Annie (his goal) through that :p but yeah. I have been lucky I guess, the first chest I earned (outside of the free one) I got Pulsefire Ezreal. Since Ezreal is the only adc I regularly play (since I can also just spam him mid) I am actually really happy with this. The only problem is that I need to destroy like 6-7 other skin shards before I have enough essence for it :p so I will be busy for 2 months lol.
he could have get the Hextech anni alot cheaper... he just should have wait for the premium chests to come out they contain a guranteed gemstone D: And 500$ on Hextech chests?..... Honestly the Hextech thing Feels like the thing with the Trading Card Games (buying booster packs to get more cards) and we all or mostly of us know what the point was of this TCG but to be honest at least you had something in your Hand compared to some Digital goodies >.<
: > [{quoted}](name=Restlessheart,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=Eo7c8bZc,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-04-04T17:20:19.516+0000) > > why did u trust a company like riot? D: > You should have take the RP you used for chests instead for skins... > After i saw the chest bundles (and took a look at user experience with hextech) are buyable i truly saw the "scam like idea" behind it... > > PS. Even the overprized skins are nearly scam like.... especially if you know that the Designer/Artists do the Work only ONCE and then sell it based on the 1 time work , million times..... for around nearly 10 bucks.... and all you get is a digital "Visual Enhancement" if riiot would add a digital Artbook to the champ the Prices would be less scam... > But well aslong people like to get scammed... rito won't change it.. and all others company too.. ikr, they know what theyre doing :D i dont really mind spending that much money on a game thats been giving me so much fun over the last 4 years, and the reason why i buy these chests is so i can get hextech annie. but i said this in a another thread too, riot knows that a big chunk of this community are collectors and impatiant. riot dont give out free stuff without having a business plan behind it.
then you should have better waiting for the release of the premium chests (with guranteed gems) would be much cheaper for you D: Otherwise i can a agree with you a bit , not much games will entertain you more then 4 years... (for me its around 3-4 years) at some point you really want to support the "good work" and give some money to buy something for you , + with the money riot can keep up lol online. On the other hand there is no relation between the (sometimes incredible expensive prices) and the relatively work and reward of it (one example unmasked kayle is one of the skins if you compare it to other helmetless skins... so all over it its a 50/50 thing you wanna keep the game alive , but at some point the company "scam like a bit" where i think as gamer shall i really support this behaviour? if everyone keeps supporting bad behaviour .... one day there will come bad bad really bad day for gamers... (i'm old enough to see what happend in the last 21~ years and which way this is going) and actually i don't wish any "good behaviour" gamer that it shall may end like this.... i like games too much for it)
More05 (EUNE)
: WTF is this balance RIOT?
thats just a myth.... I've been matched like this many times... (not premade matches)
: i got all champs too and i feel your pain brah im nearing 100 chests and i have gotten 1 legendary skin and 4 gems which i can live with, what is starting to piss me off it when i buy 10 chests and get 7 champion shards, thats stupid! it woulndt bother me as much if i could turn them into essense or reroll 10 of them into something usefull. i hope riot will adress this Problem soon http://i.imgur.com/Wl8vOWl.png i tried rerolling 3 champs into another champ just to see what would happen and i just got khaxiz but unlike the other shards i have his frame turned golden instead of the usual blue/silver.
why did u trust a company like riot? D: You should have take the RP you used for chests instead for skins... After i saw the chest bundles (and took a look at user experience with hextech) are buyable i truly saw the "scam like idea" behind it... PS. Even the overprized skins are nearly scam like.... especially if you know that the Designer/Artists do the Work only ONCE and then sell it based on the 1 time work , million times..... for around nearly 10 bucks.... and all you get is a digital "Visual Enhancement" if riiot would add a digital Artbook to the champ the Prices would be less scam... But well aslong people like to get scammed... rito won't change it.. and all others company too..
Fuuta (EUW)
: Hextech Crafting - Getting champion shards when I own all champions??
Cause rito wanted a way to make even more money! But i agree with you Btw did you guys know if you rental a "champ/skin/wardskin" for 7 days that the Card will dissappear after you used it? To be honest the whole new hextech system Feels for me personally (if your one of the unlucky) like a big whole scam idea.... If you have all Champs (the whole hextech thing is nearly useless) You better buy RP and use it directly for skins instead! On long term this will be cheaper.... instead of buying the Chest bundles... For me it feels like the whole hextech idea was settled with the point how to persuade players to spend even more money into this game.... As far i noticed (from myself and others) You get alot of more Championshards than skinsshards... And specific on skins there are some skins that seems to be in the chest more often than others.... Or the thing with the premium chests.. which will contain gems for unlocking Hextech anni (but this chests will be only available at specific time) This makes me even more think the whole hextech is a scam.... just to milk more the players money... PS. I've got a skin shard in the first chest but its a useless unmasked Kayle skin.... (and trust me alot of chest openers have got this CRAP OVERPRICED SKIN!)
Simple Solution! Just delete your Account and you have nothing to complain about!
: Why are junglers always blamed for everything?
humanity (a big part of it) need always a black sheep which they can blame! D: Especially Internet Community love it to nail down the black sheep :| They can'T deal with it if they do stupid decisions + the most don't realize it..... don't even want to...
: Why are all Yordles obnoxious little jerks?
so yordles are a pain for you? " giggles " what about the other 60% of the champs? :p Nearly everyone is a pain to play against on his own! Well at least... if you can't play properly and use your brain :| and play with caution but deadliness.... Its your own fault :| i just say improve your movement! and tactical strategys and faint " Just as one example " if you play vs poppy just keep away from walls! then you have not really much to fear!
Künther (EUW)
: Riven Or Wukong
Riven + in lategame with enough cdr every 3-4 sec a jump (gapcloser) + shield + aoe cc + "execution" R + strong passive dmg - high skill cap compared to Wu-kong Wu-kong + can get invisible for a short time + 1 aoe knockup cc + E jump + Q dmg + armor pen + easier to learn/play - overall less single target dmg compared to riven overall Riven is the better toplaner and the monkey fits better into jungle and i'm one that hates to play against a good riven :|
yusuf1974 (EUW)
: party ip boost add me
join the channels: Party IP Week 1-100 (try out the numbers) many are full but not all)
flom (EUNE)
: rengar is worthless now
rengar is fine sure he can't oneshot anymore but thats good.... But he is still a dangerous kitty jungle! Just stop trolling urself and deal with it
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