: Vayne also gets so close to enemies that half the champs int the game can one-shot her like nothing... so stop crying... I play vayne... if her Q didn't crit she would be useless... the only reason she is playable is her huge dmg... because to play vayne in a teamfight where everyone focuses you is playing like an acrobat... jumping round to avoid everything... remember before you say stupid stuff... VAYNE has 1600 HP... Camille can have 3500 with a super OP build because her Q does TRUE DMG... that's more OP than crit... because tanks have damn armor... lets say Camille's Q does 800 true dmg... she does EXACTLY 800 dmg every 1 damn second... it has no CD... Vayne Q has 5 seconds at max level... Vayne is ridiculously hard to play... and because you get killed by a super fed vayne that busted her ass to get so many hard kills while assassins and top laners get super easy ones, you cry about her dmg... instead of thinking how many outplays she has to do to get them!!! Learn the facts...
Vayne is my most played champ. Stop talking like your some lcs pro and stop talking down to poeple. I made a comment and instead of being some high and mighty vayne main, you could just argue your arguments like a normal human being. This lil fuckboi talking about outplays. Bitch please the only outplay there is, is litterally to dodge a skill shot and proceed to 2 shot a squishy! i repeat 2 shot a squishy. The only reason your getting your shit in a bunch is because you dont want her nerfed cus you play her. Well guess what, i play her too.
: What about making it so Vayne's Q cannot crit?
Makes sence. Ezreals Q cannot crit and that is a skill shit. Vayne just gets free crits from auto Q.
: How about a team death match mode.
LoL Anything below high diamond is allready TDM.
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GoodGoose (EUW)
: Where are teams?
Teams are as far as i know being decommissioned in season 7. Only solo/duo and Ranked flex. So i guess there is no need to implement it into the new client.
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: Two Silver 3 players looking for another teammate.
Hello Im also looking for people to play with and it sounds like you guys are in the more "mature" end of the player base like myself. Will try and add you ingame if its allright :) /Zindoge


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