Lùmen (EUNE)
: Not much left to say. Kindred have an amazing design but the champion would escalate into levels of strength that Draven wish he could when they snowball the smallest bit. I had plenty of fun playing them until.. Q CD reduction by W massively nerfed, W heal removed, R cannot target other teammates (a very unjustified nerf, really hard to properly save teammates or use it in fights), Dance of Arrows being a factor in the passive is a complete joke Etc, etc... Rito Games
Ok now i can totaly agree with you and thank you for that (we can all play garen now :D )
: First of all, it's not "She". It's "They". By saying "She" you're talking about Lamb alone, and if you try to win using only her abilities then yes, you'd have a bad time. Now, Kindred is a really good champion; I know from experience. If you want to become a better jungler you pick up Kindred. It's either you're not good enough to play them (Which means you need more practice), or it's that your teammates don't understand your play style and think Kindred is a ganking god (Not true).
Ok friend i see where you going but i had so much games with Kindred that i edn up with that conclusion (sorry for my english) can you tell me then why no one from the pro players are NOT playing Kindred on high ELO
Valdrin (EUW)
: kindred is like rengar hard to balance, if u buff kindred it will be a disaster
You have a point there. Im talking about just a little bit of buff like raising starting AD and Armor just to buff it for the jungle idc really
Lùmen (EUNE)
: They, they.. Kindred are THEY
Is that all you will say
: Buffing Kindred
okey okey my bad jesus
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