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: All for One
5x ivern kappa
: Just now this happened again. And i tried to restart client but it will not help, when joining que i get this error message. im now in low priority queue becouse of this happening... Basically client dont even know that i am in game. lost good account here for climbing. Right after posting that picture, this came out even tough i have no game i could connect into. How i am supposed to climb back to plat, if i get punished for something that is out of my own hands and im getting qued also alot worse players when this lowers my mmr, that makes huge difference for support main to try get out of thrash elo. Im gonna stop playing league for this season atleast for now, until some good adjustments are being made.
I don't think it's riot-side since there'd be a big outcry from people under similar circumstances. If you feel like trying to fix it try contacting riot technical support and running some tests on the hexflash repair tool or whatever that one program riot made is called. Try a different connection too, I sometimes use my phone data to play if the weather is fine (affects signal) and I'm lagging on my router. Other than that, I agree. Don't play ranked until you resolve this issue. In the end your victory of reaching Plat will be extra satisfying :)
: > [{quoted}](name=RewardWanted,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=GAuRdAfa,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-23T09:15:04.451+0000) > > When it happens to me I restart the client and automatically get reconnected to the game. this
>e621 Rengar Sick, I like it...
: Leaver (Remake) Bug
When it happens to me I restart the client and automatically get reconnected to the game.
Aqualyn (EUNE)
: I only wanted to offer basic ideas so they could make something bigger out of it, obviously if they really wanted to, they can think of something better without me , its just me thinking that Talon is so irrelevant for them so i just gave it a shot , Talon deserves more love and attention , thats all
Well, it's way too vague for any decent story so... Sorry to burst your bubble...
R 1 P (EUW)
: Most of banned accounts are a good worthy accounts ! If they unban it players will feel like they have given a secound chance and they will start to be serious this time and the hype will be back!
No. Toxic players remain toxic in more than 95% of the cases. The accounts would become either throwaway or end up on eBay. League isn't dying and I'll be surprised if fortnite is still talked about next year.
R 1 P (EUW)
: Eyey chill dude! You have no right to say that !
Ironic *insert Palpatine*
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Why is league so much about gang warfare and so little about skill?
Other mobas don't have this problem? Really? Have you ever played Dota, like, the towers are basically exaggerated cannon minions, and you can swap aggro too! I personally would like slightly stronger turrets, but face it that if anyone without armor or a lot of hp does the tanking then it's a gank bound to go wrong. 4 people running at you will obviously need more than a turret to counter, hence your own jungler and mid should roam or pressure better
Aqualyn (EUNE)
: New Talon lore
Maybe it'd be good if it was well-written, but it doesn't really have that much impact so I personally don't even think it would matter as it is now. If you end up writing it then maybe, but...
: same as reports? xdd report punish regardless if you are friend or not lel
Yes, but multiple reports just plainly don't matter, especially pre-made ones I think
: > [{quoted}](name=Magneset,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Baq3EPcb,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-22T20:19:26.226+0000) > > "Protecting a team mate from flame" > > lol > > You do know the mute button exists? You have no reason to defend yourself or anyone else. Mute and report, simple as that. > > Also you used the phrase "k y s" which usually gets you banned instantly. yeah they were flaming my pre and they were threatening us too as well as inting. i feel that perma is a bit harsh
Down voting every comment won't help, get a new account if you wanna play, don't if not. You know what you did was wrong, yet you try to convince us as you convinced yourself that you did "the right thing" while in reality you're far from it.
: In mine
K- nah, it's low hanging fruit, but nah.
Modifi (EUW)
: Why all Keystones suck on Yasuo ?
Fleet footwork if you want to make your lane opponents cry as you heal up any dama they sneak past your shield. Pta if you're a damage only pleb. Grasp of the undying for the tank yasuo. You don't need anything more, just hope you don't face someone as hell-bent as me against any ad midlaners on a bad pick {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Just a quick feedback
It depends on the character. If the enemy takes a early good champion then you'll obviously get stomped early, or even easier if you get together for bad fights.
batatebra (EUNE)
: Does premade honors matter?
Nope, don't think so, same as reports. But you do get the ribbon next game tho.
Yung Seng (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=KneesockZ,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=mBiqUA45,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-22T21:02:29.077+0000) > > Why are you complaining about solo queue? Yes sir. I seriously cant climb. I cant carry my games but I think i play good enough for team. I dont know what to do???
Play another game and pray to whatever you think will give you a bit more luck
Yung Seng (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=hi im cristoh,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=mBiqUA45,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-03-22T21:06:59.074+0000) > > Nice runes, nice cs, nice build, nice champ Hi! As you can see im GOLD , not some DIAMOND , CHALLANGER SO LEAVE MY CS AND OTHER SHIT AWAY
This makes no sense. You wanna climb, don't you? Do one of the easiest things you can do: listen.
Yung Seng (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=hi im cristoh,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=mBiqUA45,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-03-22T21:06:59.074+0000) > > Nice runes, nice cs, nice build, nice champ I knew this will come cuz people like u are so annoying. IM NOT SAYING IM GOD IN THIS GAME. IM SAYING THAT I CANT WIN MY GAMES BECAUSE MY TEAM SUCKS
No, you are saying you're good (as you think you should climb) while you're not. You could improve so much and actually climb but instead you refuse to learn that matchmaking is a cruel mistress. You know that stomp game you had earlier? The day before, and the one before that? Those are players that could be complaining just like you right now. Smell the roses and realize that you can't always be lucky.
: So what is conqueror even good for? What is it supposed to achieve?
It's supposed to be fore bruisers that struggle against tanks rn and for prolonged fights
: Cant send a ticket at support
Try clearing browser cache or try another browser :)
: Unfair and harsh banning system
If you're trying to tell us that your ban was unjust then you better prepare some evidence to show us otherwise. Yes, you'll get chat restricted for negative and insulting behaviour, and your restrictions will only keep getting worse. The next step is 14 day ban from the game and after that a perma ban. If you think riot would rather ban people than let them enjoy a game and fund them, then you can claim that all you want, but positive players with no problem playing seem to be doing just fine. If you get tilted easily then just spend some extra time thinking before hitting enter. Think about the consiquences of what you say. while you have 16 chests to unlock I'm stuck here with keys to spare, ironic huh?
themeee (EUW)
: leveling system
Considering that leveling stopped at 30 a while ago I don't think anyone can determine if leveling is faster or slower, but overall you're probably recieving more BE than before due to capsules, chests and the likes, it's just that you need to play more to get a sudden incriment of BE rather than just getting IP on the way. As for leveling speed, it shouldn't be too changed I think. Anyone know the exact numbers?
: I've been banned from LoL, but... I've stopped this game 2 years ago.
Contact riot support, but unless you've recieved unsolicited bank transactions (via a credit card saved to your account for faster checkout) or mail logins, I don't think there's much reason for alarm. Good luck :)
iSneez (EUNE)
: keep game clean and safe for childrens
Yep, and don't forget to encourage them to play strong women with goals and ideals, like {{champion:420}}, {{champion:22}} or {{champion:39}}, and to see with {{champion:164}} that old people are awesome and respectfull, not to mention {{champion:103}} telling us about love and loss in her lore, {{champion:99}} who stays happy and positive even tough their entire country literally would rather see her hanging if they saw their powers. Other interesting female characters with meaning in them: {{champion:1}} , {{champion:69}} , {{champion:131}} , {{champion:114}} , {{champion:145}} , {{champion:429}} , {{champion:43}} , {{champion:55}} ... Oh wait, why am I listing all of them if it can easily be summed up that all of them have _character_ and **relatability**, I wonder. _Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm..._ Oh, also, did you see riot remove frostbutt irelia's skin-specific buff? Anyone else? Just me? **Cough**
: Thanks for the recommendations. It's just an annoyance really. The chat logs are some passive aggressive farcical stuff you'd expect from a 13 year old with family issues. I made a new account for now to see if I even want to play. As I said I just wanted to check it out. Going to miss my nutcracko, though.
Np, and good luck! If you have any questions feel free to ask! :)
: Yeah dude but it's ult man. Shaco clone is oneshot Jihn for example can oneshot his clone for 4th shot (one auto) Equalize his ult with Ryze ult, he basically can tp whole team for backdor or for nash and win game like this, just for one ult =/
Ryze has his ult on a 3 minute cd
: It's just short logs from 1 or 2 games, I'll check the email. I don't use it anymore because it has an unprofessional name from my teens :P Edit: there's no notice of bans. Only some survey stuff from 2014
It's always good to keep old mails around. If it's not there then I don't know why you didn't get notified... Also, I personally wouldn't put mail screenshots on here, dunno about the policy of it. Anyways, I assume you got banned due to toxicity (yours or someone elses, as stated above you're responsible for any and all account activities and its safety, so you won't get unbanned from it) since you recieved logs, but good luck with what support tells you :)
: Some SHACO thing
Nah, about to get killed? Just swap clones. It's basically a giant dash, so even if opponents know it's a clone you can do a quick one and just swap. I'd rather not.
Karmaˇ (EUW)
: About Refounds and Runeterra official language.
I don't think 10 is a good number at all. If anything you have the free champion rotation every week to try out new champs and decide if they're good or not :) As for the language, I wouldn't know about that, but maybe lore youtubers like Necrit have a video on it, maybe you can ask him on stream or read it on the web if no one answers.
: So you talk about trolls then proceed to give an example in which you stalk people who FLAMED you(not trolled)?
Yes, because frankly, I haven't encountered someone who openly admitted to trolling after I started checking back on people's activity. I'm sure I've encountered some, but time passes and all.
: I have access to the account. When I logged in it prompted me to verify my original email I used to create the account with, which I did. After verification I got in and got the perma ban notice with the only option to click "I understand". I did and it closed the game immediately. I managed to submit a ticket now, we'll see how it goes,
while you wait, try checking the email account you used to access the game. Perhaps the notice of the perma ban has some more information you can use, like the date of the ban and the reason (unless the notice in the client had information and you're just glossing over it).
HdtvSK (EUW)
: Something controversial
I completely agree that people need to accept constructive criticism, but what you're doing is far from it. You don't tell someone they suck and that you'll report them for feed if they don't hug tower and say it's constructive criticism, that's the oposite of what you're advocating.
: You mean when they end up on reddit frontpage or some famous youtuber makes a video on them. Otherwise the trolling reports are always invalid.
That's fringe examples where a huge public outcry points riot's mods to the problematic people, it has to be a really big outcry to have riot manually inspect someone (let's face it, there's not enough man power in any firm to have this manual review policy, hence the automated system). Also, I've seen players get harsher suspensions (or new ones if they didn't have one already) from their qq threads on the boards due to mods finding their thread, reading it over and deciding it's better to just punish them harsher, so there is people doing their jobs. I wouldn't say that they're always invalid, but I also wouldn't claim that all reports go trough. I know from low-key stalking people on gg.op that they get punished due to a downtime of play on their account (after games with me where people go and call people r-ards, tell people to off themselves, or worse and get reported) even without me getting an instant-feedback popup. I'd say it plays a pretty big role in the system if they admit to trolling or not in the chat, otherwise it's a lot harder to detect.
: Give more punishment options and dont resort to permanent bans so fast
I disgress on the last part of saying anything and getting banned. Certain words trigger the system to the limit (even parroting and using the word in a positive context, as in 'you shouldn't call people f-ot or n-r') while other ones (f-bombs, damn, hell, c-bombs I assume) are way smaller offences (and even if they are I generally avoid using them still). Anyways, to the elephant in the room: should riot resort to more punishments? I'm not certain on riot's stances on these, but I'm guessing they'd be similar to these: More steps (ie. mont ban, year ban, etc.)- Banning someone for a month surely can't have much more of an impact than a 14 day ban, they've been warned several times to reform or get punished yet they still don't change. If a 14 day ban doesn't do the job, a month ban won't either and a year ban is overkill to a degree where they're more likely to just make a smurf and play untill they can get their old accounts back. It just doesn't have the same impact as a permaban. Content locking (skins and champs)- this is a lot similar to a permaban since it takes away valuable time (and money) from the player while aswell offering them to keep some of it. I don't think it's completely impossible to do, but it gives more than a few concerns. would riot crank up punishments to lock game content to make players spend more on it? Is it the same psychologically as a perma ban? At what point does this take place and where do the perma bans restart? How are skin and champ bans chosen? All in all I don't think this is viable currently, and compared to what they have now (locking us out from acquiring free loot) I don't think it'll be as effective as it is. sure it'll add variety, but is it really necesarry to have variety in punishment?
Flèsh (EUW)
: Guess yeh .. even if it never happened before.. anyway thank you for the info and have a nice day ^^
: gamertag
You have two different 'gamer tags' (I assume you mean usernames, since there isn't any tags in league) in league. The summoner name is the one you display in game and is mandatorily different from your username, the one you use to log in with. If you share why you need it for maybe we can tell you more about wich exactly is needed :)
: Right xd
Last I know the only way a troll/feed report is valid is when they announce it in chat.
Mr Ruiter (EUW)
: Hi.. eh
we can't help you with account recovery, you have to contact RIOT support for that ( and they'll have you fill out a small questionaire about account details (first champ bought, date of opening that account (might be hard without the original email you used to open the account), IP, what card the RP purchases were made from, etc.) and you can prove your ownership out of that. If it doesn't work out, lvl 16 isn't a big deal in my eyes, you can always make a new account :) Good luck summoner!
Flèsh (EUW)
: thank you and as i said even that it wasn't intentional to say something homophobic cuz im not .. but i had it coming and i lost control
Yeah, it's not entirely your fault since it wasn't used in a negative way, but you can't say the system was wrong since it's supposed to pick up such keywords and respond accordingly (14 day suspension on clean accounts, perma on repeat offences). Even if it's meant ironically and in the most friendly way possible, other players can't know that (or they do know but report you out of spite or as a joke too) and you'll end up punished. Personally, try sticking to friendly trashtalk on discord or skype or something, rather than in game :) sorry about your punishment, but I don't think there's a definitive way to prove you weren't at fault, so that's why I'm suggesting to just swallow the bitter pill and not do it again
Dathlan (EUNE)
: Dont have time to waste for this methods when the f5 didnt work so i opened a ticket on the first section stolen account i think only on that method i could open ticket when i'm logged in oh my...
It's not that time-consuming to do at all, but if you say so. Good luck summoner :)
Dathlan (EUNE)
: I was trying to submit a ticket but it says that I must be logged in, even though i am. I keep logging out and in and nothing happens...Have tried pressing F5 and it doesnt help......,
Try clearing your browser cache and trying again, or in another browser
Flèsh (EUW)
: Where are the fair Bans ??!!
It's common procedure to give 14 day suspension for your deeds, even on clean accounts. And unless he says he's inting/trolling he can't be accused for more than a bad game. Good luck in the future, be careful, the next step is perma ban.
Dathlan (EUNE)
: Yes but i would like to request Riot to investigate this person he could have stolen some accounts and he is using malicous link to hack people so justice must be served :)
: Coming out of the closet.....
If they say that then they'll get flagged np
4 seasons of knowing the game and simply having to tell you about gold efficiency. 40 ad is double the value of 40 ap. Have a good day :)
RallerenP (EUW)
: > Yes, I realize that, but as in a legal sense I don't think they can use your IP for anything other than that since it's not stated in the Tos, but I could be wrong. It is stated :) [Riot Privacy Policy]( (I cut out the non-relevant parts) > * _Usage Info._ We collect info about how you interact with and navigate the Riot services, as well as the device and software you use to do so. This includes data regarding: * your computer or device (such as** IP addresses**, unique device IDs, processing capabilities, manufacturer and model, language and other regional settings, geographic location, and screen resolution and similar settings); They also use that info for more than just running the game: > Summary: The personal info we collect helps us operate our business, provide and improve our products and services, communicate with you, and advertise effectively. The particular ways we use personal info often depend on how you choose to use the Riot services. >Common examples include: >* To respond to inquiries, fulfil requests, and process transactions; >* To deliver and tailor our communications with you, like by sending you important account-related announcements or promotional communications that we believe may interest you (for details about managing your communication options, check out Your Choices and Controls below); >* To administer surveys, contests, sweepstakes, and similar offerings; >* To monitor, analyze, protect, test, and improve our services operations; >* To promote products and services and measure the effectiveness of those campaigns; >* To personalize your Riot experience, including by presenting content or features better tailored to your interests; >* To operate and expand our business; and >* To facilitate use of or integration with the Riot services, social sharing and related functionality. >We also process personal info as described in Compelled Uses and Disclosures below. --- And I dont mean to sound rude, but don't go throwing around terms you know nothing about :/ DMCA has nothing to do with the storing and usage IP-addresses by companies. They're purely regarding copyright (as the name suggests: "_**D**igital **M**illennium **C**opyright **A**ct_")
RallerenP (EUW)
: > I don't think that even if riot wanted to track him that they'd get his IP. As in they are not legally allowed to do so. Whoever told you that should not be trusted. Quite literally for League to work they have to know your IP. (Or rather, you give it to them when connecting to their server, that's how they are able to send you data (can't send it to an unknown location)).
Yes, I realize that, but as in a legal sense I don't think they can use your IP for anything other than that since it's not stated in the Tos, but I could be wrong. I know that IP is needed to send the data to riot and back, but I don't believe riot stores IP beyond that and only uses it for gameplay, not legal proceedings etc. since all of that would require a DMCA or some other right to be given to them and only then they could use IP beyond providing the game for us.
opappi (EUW)
: na the words he uses are not okay at all and there are enough kids playing this game, which maybe don't laugh at it like me, but feel sad, fall in depression or worse. 15 levels are not that much either in the beginning. I am pretty certain aswell, that he will keep insulting people for nothing, because neither did I do anything. And just btw Riot is able to track his IP to 99.9999%, because if he doesn't use VPN, which I dont think he does, he connects to Riots Servers with that IP and taddaaaa, there is his IP. So that shouldn't be a problem right?
I don't think that even if riot wanted to track him that they'd get his IP. As in they are not legally allowed to do so. Also, IP tracking is a very inconsistent way of identification. I get that you're concerned, but there's only so much any one person can do. Unless he does the same on his main and gets reported for it, there's nothing anyone can do. Don't worry about it tough, there's some justice, he's just wasting his time.
: Is broken for you guys too?
Nah it's working fine for me
Smerk (EUW)
: You have an option: BE or champion shard, second option is much more efficient
Ah, didn't realise, still, it seems like a unnecesarry option if they just make the mastery cheaper and auto-disenchant shards
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