Þröstur95 (EUNE)
: Riot should do something special when you hit lvl 5 on a champion
I would love to see summoner icons that represent the specific champion. Perhaps riot could add a new level - 6 (50k or 100k mastery) which would unlock the champion icon for you to use. Or maybe make any lvl 5 champion have a chance to give you a small piece of their icon. once collected 3 or 5, they can be combined into the full icon. That, or riot can make a specific champion border for the "top champions" section. When you get one that you like, you can use that.
: Post Your Highest Mastery Champion
Anivia {{champion:34}} 188.5k
IcyzoR (EUNE)
: dota and dota 2
Interesting, I've never looked into that. Didn't know this existed already. Nonetheless, I think it would be a fun addition to the gamemode rotation!
IcyzoR (EUNE)
: Another MOBA already has that.
Rioter Comments
: Rune pages price adjustment
I would much rather an increasing cost than the way it is now, because I will doubtfully need more than 2-3 pages more. I've never bought any pages because I always felt the costs were way too high for what you are buying. Not to mention you need to buy the new runes as well. Thus why I prefer to get a champion, which would be much more meaningful and impacting in-game than a rune page. Knowing that I can buy many champions for the price of a single rune page.
: Cursor Bug
This happens to me almost every game. I think it's a well-known issue. I expect to see it fixed soon.
Chemtrail (EUNE)
: Give "Busy" status a purpose
Keep "Away" as it is, make a new status "Busy" or "DND" to hide/mute/decline incoming invites and stuff. +1 from me.
: [BUG] sion's q is bugged at twisted treeline
I imagine that's a pain to deal with, riot should fix this asap. Sion mains need some love too (I don't main him though).
Pootis 5 (EUNE)
: Well,there are too many rivals,he needs friends too,his friend cloud be bard,that would match perfectly,and I would like when he uses his ult to say something with sky like ,,To the sky/stars!''.Also I think he would match with an ability that would leave a light path for his allies/dark path for his enemies,slowing the enemies and boosting the allies.
At first, I was thinking of having him leave a trail of light, granting longer vision behind him for a few seconds or to have a slightly increased vision range than other champions, but I wasn't sure how good of a passive that would be compared to having direct vision with your teammates of the target you are attacking. "No more bush jukes when I'm hiting you" sort of deal. As for the quotes, I've only listed examples of what he could say. It can easily be manipulated though :) I see Spark as a friendly giver of hope to the team. Thus why he has encouraging quotes upon respawning or movement. Kind of like Lux's "We can do this!". Also, I imagine Bard and Spark would have similar goals and motives - to help those in need on their journey, as they are both traveling spirits.
Jens Cole (EUNE)
: This is how I play Anivia.
Hey, interesting build. However, I find it rather risky and possibly unreliable especially in the early-mid game. Since you have tear and catalyst, they both only give you lane sustain, which is alright, but you're investing a lot of gold for the chalice, roa and aa staff, which are alright for the late game. Personally, I think the build should vary, depending on how the game progresses. I usually rush {{item:3027}} first, then build full on ap, {{item:3089}} , {{item:3285}} and possibly {{item:3157}} if they have lots of ad or globals so I can be a little safer. I sometimes get the grail if my opponent midlaner is pushing the lane faster than I drain my mana. If the enemy team are building lots of MR, I get {{item:3001}} and/or {{item:3151}} , that extra hp would keep me safe from dying. Sometimes I get {{item:3165}} instead of {{item:3174}} , if there are enemies with heals/lifesteal etc. {{item:3110}} is also really great when they have lots of AD, as it gives you lots of armor, AS reduction of enemies, mana and cdr. Rarely will I get {{item:3026}} when I want to ensure I am kept alive in difficult teamfights, where they see me as a big threat and lay all their bursts on me and leave nothing for the rest of my teammates. It also delays them in focusing you, trying to kill you 3 times. You will either buy enough time for your team to clean up with or without you dying, or they will turn at your teammates, leaving you to revive and continue nuking them.
KayScope (EUW)
: Make Anivia W block Vision for the enemy
I've had many times to be egged over the other side of my wall and enemy ranged champs attacking me and dying because of that, this would save a lot ot deaths if you find yourself in the same situation. +1 from me. Edit: Though then Anivia could do some amazing combos by placing the wall in front of her and shooting out her combos without the opponent mage to see her. I feel like it would be great enough if the wall stopped either projectiles and spells and/or dashes through it.
: It is an Aram game. You get a random champion. I certainly cannot play every champ I own effectively. He still had 2 kills so he wasn't just running to enemy with 5 boots and giving kills. If you think about his build he was building just well, too bad he died so much he couldn't afford much more. It is basically one death in a minute plus deathtimer. Enemy team has lux, fiddle and nida. Lux and nida alone being some ridiculous op champs in Aram so no wonder that a poorly playing squishy tf gets sniped instantly. Playing bad is not prohibited and I simply don't see the intentional part from your pic. Arams shouldn't even be taken too seriously. It is all random and you throw fukin snowballs around? Its simply a chill mode to spend time without tryharding a victory. You lost nothing but 15 minutes of your time and you want the guy banned? -_- Just don't take these games so seriously :(
He was actually just running and suiciding. he got the kills at the very end. Everyone else was at least trying to play. Only TF was intentionally running at them under turret, when every one else was like "What the... Why?...". Even the enemy team was like "Oh come on man... another troll game?"
Abraders (EUW)
: Champion Mastery Ideas.
+1 from me, difinitely looking for stuff to unlock that are champion related. Would be nice to customize our profiles to the theme of our mains! <3
: [BUG] Zed's Q
I think it's intentional, but not sure.
: Books about league champions
Definitely would read for my mains :D That or some sort of weekly/monthly updated status of what the champions are doing outside of the Fields of Justice.
: vayne anivia bug
Oh wow, I was ahead of myself by posting a thread about this when there already is one... I really hope they fix this bug. Why would Vayne be able to tumble through Anivia's wall? It doesn't make sense... It makes one of Anivia's abilities completely useless. I understand when some champions can jump over, but dashing or tumbling through it makes no sense.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: [Suggestion] Champion sounds
I know SMITE has a similar thing, even with an animation. I approve of this though.
RuttLess (EUNE)
: azir bugs
Imagine if you stay inside the rock and pretend to be malphite. Such a weird bug.
Takkuru (EUW)
: Malphite's knock-up ultimate
I believe this has happened to me as well, if not more than once. It's a bit frustrating.
Onepete7 (EUW)
: Got Drophacked...
A few minutes, couple of hours should be sufficient for this issue to be fixed. In the mean time you could log on another account to play, if you are that desperate. Otherwise, just wait. I hope Riot find a way to prevent this drophack stuff. They are getting rather common lately.
: Team Ranked Logo?
That sounds like an excellent idea! I've always wanted team logos like the LCS teams have. Though it would require to upload tons and tons of files somewhere as numerous teams will be uploading their own. I have a feeling Riot might not offer us this feature. If they could, they probably would have let us upload our own summoner icons/images. It's been ages and none of this has been added yet for reasons known to Riot.
: In-game team Ranked system. MORE FEATURES!
Seems like a nice idea. +1 from me too.
Blink144p (EUW)
: Pink wards more dangerous than a fed Ekko pressing R.
Getting stuck in pink wards? That's next gen bugs right there. Jokes aside, I've not encountered this yet. Does it happen if you place the ward right next to you or did you randomly got stuck whilst passing by a placed one?
Niiael (EUNE)
: It could be from a previous game. That happened to me before in solo customs as well. Sometimes the honors are delayed to the next game (which should be fixed, by the way, if anyone is reading this :3)
That just reminded me of a time during the reveal and release of Vel'Koz, I got 7 teamwork honors after a game, but I figured it was probably from the previous game that adds up to 7.
Efinko (EUNE)
: [BUG] Hitboxes and skillshots
I've always been annoyed by these bugs. Most commonly encountered with Morgana, Tresh's Q, Anivia's Q. They sometimes hit when you don't expect them. Sometimes they don't hit when you expect them.
: [BUG] Patch 5.11 - Smarcast / Targeting bug.
As someone who has always been using smartcast with indicators, this started happening recently for me as well in almost every game with any champion. When it happens, usually prevents me from left-clicking on the minimap to place my camera there, which is very frustrating.
: The whole thing with the random spawning orb seems really really inconvenient and would not be put in by Riot I imagine since they have tried in past to move away from RNG which that has loads of. Like I can see you're just trying to make it unique but trying that hard to make things unique can really jarr gameplay sometimes and I feel like that would just be unhealthy for the champion. There's some kinda cool things about him too but I feel like you've tried too hard to make him unique while also having most of his skills largely like existing abilities. Just my opinion, you've clearly put loads of effort into this.
The orb mechanics could simply be an item which you purchase, but my opinion on that was the fact that there are already several champions that use that mechanic and it feels a bit generic, whereas randomly spawning orbs/essences add an extra objective for you. It occurs only 4 times anyway (early-mid game). Kind of like Bard's passive - chimes, it's a mini objective for Bard to harvest them so that he empowers his meeps, not to mention the speed buff he gets to assist him in roaming. Though I feel it is a slightly more impactful objective for Spark as it plays an important role in his late game. When I was designing his passive, I was going for an adventurous and courageous feel by decending in the dark fog of war, obtaining essence that reward the player with enhanced abilities that could potentially turn the tides of battle (thus why I stated that Spark was more of a high-risk, high-reward pick). If there are any suggestions you or anyone else can give, I would gladly read through them. There is only so much diversity you can think of when it comes to champion abilities. Unless you are actually a member of Riot to know what you can and cannot implement. I've recently had alternative ideas for Spark's Q by making it feel more manipulatable than just throwing it. However, that may cause some issues to cope with his other abilities. The alternative Q was to have it be manipulated by the cursor and/or make it interract with champions by attaching on them. But then it would resemble something like Orianna. Therefore I don't think you can evade copying an existing spell, unless you are within the Riot developer team to know what mechanics could actually be implemented without issues. Thank you for the feedback though, I really appreciate it! Makes me and everyone else who reads this thread think and improve. It is why I encourage everyone to share oppinions and suggestions! Looking at the poll, it appears that the main concept is interesting enough, it just needs fleshing out. I hope this champion suggestion does give Riot some sort of ideas for a new champion, whether it's Spark or someone else. EDIT: There is one thing I can think of to minimalize the RNG, which affects Spark's passive - have them appear in a close proximity, not as random as described initially - spawn randomly around the whole map, specifically in the friendly and later on in the opponent's jungle. But that still has a little bit of randomness as to where the light essence will spawn, which makes you think "Should I go for the essence or wait another 2-3 minutes until the next one?"
Pootis 5 (EUNE)
: He needs some more work,on the other hand i'll keep 7800 ip for him
Thanks for the feedback, could you be a little more specific about what could be improved? I am still thinking about Spark's Q ability monstly, but I can't decide how to change it so that it fits with the rest of his abilities and possibly combo them together. As it currently stands, he appears more of a poke champion (if played as a mage with his E+Q combo).
MLGMarkovec (EUNE)
: Ekko ultimate surrender
This bug happens when you are recalling as well, when you tp to base, the camera focuses on you instead of the nexus.
: {New Champion concept} *The Necromacer*, Lord of the Underworld (Detailed)
Interesting concept, is he connected with the Shadow Isles in any way? He could be a great rival to the champion I've designed - Spark :P
: Gender-Inverted Skins? 'Darling' and 'Dashing' Skins
Wonder how Anivia{{champion:34}} or Azir{{champion:268}} would change O_o
ironferas (EUW)
: It's a really good idea maybe send a ticket for riot or something we need something like that and you have hope for that to come (gnar was like that )
I really hope they notice this suggestion someday.
: [Champion Suggestion] Spark - the living light
Added potential icons for the spells, some may need more work.
: Teemo should be his rival. I mean, this champion seems very good, positive and Teemo is evil.
I know Teemo is a disliked champion by many people, but lore-wise, as a scout Teemo has most likely encountered Spark around Bandle City.
: [Champion Suggestion] Spark - the living light
I just made a conceptual image of Spark's ultimate target indicator, which would appear for both teams. (allies will see it during the casting and until explosion, enemies will only see it a second or two before the impact. What do you all think of this design: When ult has no additional effects: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/36076557/Spark%20-%20Starlight%20no%20effects.png With healing effect: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/36076557/Spark%20-%20Starlight%20healing.png With bursting effect: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/36076557/Spark%20-%20Starlight%20bursting.png With Flashing effect: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/36076557/Spark%20-%20Starlight%20flashing.png Basically, depending on how Spark upgrades his abilities, the ultimate will highlight one of the three symbols to send information to his and (for counterplay) opponent team what the following target location will inflict.
DoodleBox (EUW)
: Champion Concept: Wyrild, The Relic Keeper
Seems interesting, though his ult is a bit unreliable, I feel. Knocking allies could potentially cause drama. On the leaping forward in to the air and crashing, I could suggest having that as a second cast of the ultimate and have you manually aim where to crash. Perhaps something like Zac's mechanic on his sling, having a cone charge up as Wyrild is charging and a target location for you to place within that cone.
Limdel (EUW)
: Game crashed and stuck.. I think..
I've had that once in a normal game with 2 friends. No too long ago as well.
Amilyn (EUNE)
: Loading screen PORO suggestion
That's a neat idea, I'd like a chat window at the side to appear while waiting as well. That way we will know if anyone's having connection issues.
Gohlub (EUNE)
: Anivia Rework
I also main Anivia and I think she's still viable, just harder to play for new players. The only thing I would love added to her is to ignore minion collisions, since well... she's flying. Logically she should not collide with something under her feet.
Augustin77 (EUNE)
: Walking from fountain bug
I've seen that before, some of my teammates were stuck at our base and kept moving back and forth, we even tried to push him out somehow, but it randomly fixed itself.
: [Champion Suggestion] Spark - the living light
Updated: (12/06/2015 03:20 GMT+2) Q: ~~Light blast~~ Spirit toss E: ~~Light radiance~~ Radiance R: Cooldown ~~150/130/110~~ 180/160/140 R: added a refund of 50% mana cost and halved cooldown if Spark manually cancels his ultimate during the 4 seconds of casting). Fixed typo under late game information. Added future plans.
: [GAMEPLAY] Syndra W is broken (annoying bug)
I don't think it's just Syndra, I've experienced this almost every game with any champion, so did my friends the last few days. When that happens I can no longer left click on my minimap to place my camera there and it's rather annoying to manually move it all across the map. I have no idea why/how this happens, but I hope it gets fixed soon. Edit: neither can I ping.
Krucho (EUW)
: Im just gonna point out a small detail but that kinda annoys me, spell names are boring, stop putting Light everywhere, "Light Radiance" really? Just call it "Radiance". I mean the word "light" should only appear in one spell at most, even if it is the main theme of the champion, just look at Lux spells: Q Light binding => Light binding W Light barrier => Prismatic barrier E Light singularity => Lucent singularity R Light spark => Final spark
Seems reasonable, thanks! I will revisit the spells in that case :)
: This is ori, from Ori and the blind forest game.
Spark's appearance is slightly different than Ori, but since I do not have any actual images, I decided to use Ori's, since Spark is inspired by Ori. Even though in league, Spark offers a different set of abilities than what Ori possesses, most significantly Spark's Q, E's passive and R, along with all of the additional attributes the orbs give him. I will see how Spark progresses. If I receive enough positive or constructive feedback, I will develop him further. Already have some interesting stuff planned for the future :)
: > '...highly inspired by Ori and the Blind Forest' I think you just unmercifully copied main character from this game...
You are partially correct, but as I said, I've twisted the character to fit him more towards league. His kit does vary from what you are offered with Ori. The appearance of Spark will be different, I could only provide fanart of Ori so far as it is close to what I imagine Spark would be. This champion is being and will be further developed. I just want to share a general concept of a new and possibly fun champion.
Gnarmaw (EUW)
: Why possible rivals with Cho? I bet these two would be BFFs, joke aside, I feel like his rivalry should emit from the Shadow Isles. You really invested a lot of time into this, I think it's a great concept
Shadow Isles? Interesting, I could research and develop the Rivals further. Thanks for the feedback! :)
Petsho (EUW)
: IT IS CUTE I WANT IT Wish it'd make squeaky sounds instead of having a voice tho.
I was actually thinking of that as well. Could be an alternative idea :)
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