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: Indeed. They just don't care. That's why I started play WoW again.
Feel the same tbh, I really want to stop playing league because of this but i just dont feel like picking up a new game haha
: RITO only polices toxic words (verbal abuse/hate speech) and turns a blind eye to toxic actions (inting, trolling, afk/rage quitting) because the company treats the second category as helping in forcing everyone to play more games to climb. Toxic words can be simply avoided by turning off chat or disabling chat in game or in settings, but toxic actions can't be avoided; this is why they're are subtly encouraged by punishing inters rarely, trolls very rarely and afk/rq get not punishment so that on average everyone loses more games and plays more to climb. Also they help RITO in forcing the 50% winrates over time and like you say players have tried it themselves to int/troll/afk multiple games in a row without getting punishment but if anyone writes some words in frustration they will get punished in 1 game or few games. Trolls on boards will even write stuff like they never came across any inter, troll or afk player in their 10000 hours of LoL and only flaming players ruin games.
: Thanks for everything. Good bye.
I know your exaclt feeling i feel like the i get people the greif the game every other game, i mean maybe its not that often but in my last 20 games atleast 7 or 8 of them are ruined by people that just want to ruin the game for other. And i think the biggest issue here is that these players dont get punished for it. Or atleast rarely do. If you have time you can read my thread i just made and see if you agree or not https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/9T0N9ehF-trollers-in-every-other-game.
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