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: I don't know about pro play, but in ranked? 5 minute in practice mode is enough. And how long it takes to properly learn a new champion? Well, it depends on the champion. Some champions are similar enough to others that you don't need more than few games to adjust your existing skills. Others are more unique and you need to learn something new to use them well, which will take dozens of games. And then your personal skill matters as well, if you're bronze Yasuo OTP, then it won't be easy to learn something else. But someone in gold or plat with reasonably sized champion pool won't have to spend that much time learning new things. Overall I'd say that if you can't make champion work after 20-30 games, then you should pick something else
lol ye i supposes they wouldn't even play normal's ,having such game knowledge its probably not worth and being on a new champion wouldn't hold them back much i do personally love the challenge of trying difficult new champions and discovering new things as that fill out my understanding of tactics and the game as a whole with different roles and play styles do you still enjoy picking up new champions or do you know them all already? or have you found the ones you like now ?
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: what champ can carry me out of silver ?
i notice you don't list your supports, is that because you don't think you can carry as support because if so you would be wrong :P
i relay wish they would make this because it looks so cool, but if as you say all the blood moon skins are based off of bleach then just give him grim-jaw mask looks kool suits him and is he also the most bad as mf out there just like yasuo ;P ( since there is no ichigo champion)
: What is your List of OP Champions?
{{champion:122}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:58}}
: Play draft.
i do and i enjoy it but always end up playing support coz im too nice hahaha
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: I only need one bro {{champion:157}} :D i can play this champion only all my life
too true just wish {{champion:238}} did not exist


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