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: Teemo support mid should be reason for a ban, unless the whole team unanimously agreed he could play that way.
where does it say 'you cannot play teemo support mid'? He was actually trying to win, and it HAS worked in the past
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: me and my m8 just dodged 2 games in a row for this, i mean, maybe it's only draft thing. i'll try blinds and see if it works
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: Bruh, this thing has nothing to do with them not testing it on PBE. Remember CLASH? Uhh yEah. Clash was tested but wait, THE GAME BROKE WHEN THEY LAUNCHED IT HAAAAAA...
I played Odyssey since 8:00 am BST and it worked fine until 12:00 ish, probs when more and more people went on it went to shit.
Bnkirane (EUW)
: Odyssey's curse
Bruh, this thing has nothing to do with them not testing it on PBE. Remember CLASH? Uhh yEah. Clash was tested but wait, THE GAME BROKE WHEN THEY LAUNCHED IT HAAAAAA...
: Augments bugged campfire, come hang out while we wait
gonna work out in a few mins, you should've made the campfire 6 hours ago...
: still doesnt mean riot shouldn't fix it
Did I say that Riot won't fix it? They're working on it, they have been this whole time. It's not as easy as you think.
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: ok, nah seriously i think the devs didnt played odessey captain lvl before relasing, its IMPOSSIBLE!
We as 5 randoms did it xd. only 3 augments. Don't know how its gonna go be possible to do Onslaught with only 2 augments...
Sieptium (EUW)
: Odyssey bug?
The queue is bugged. Didnt get a 'Match found' so it auto declines, and now I gotta wait for 15 minutes :^))))
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Sliythe (EUW)
: I will stop with league aswell together with friends
They have different teams for different things. The chromas team doesn't work on balance. REEEE PEOPLE ASSUMING CUZ OTHERS TELL THEM WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR
Icepaw (EUNE)
: So... using gold as their private training ground, pissing on all true gold players. Get the f*** out.
Exhibit B (EUNE)
: Why is there a Yasuo icon?
he probably plays yasuo only :d
Mada (EUW)
: Just keep playing whenever you're in the right mindset. As long as you can keep up a 50% win rate, you will climb. Also: don't expect your teammates to do anything that's any good. You yourself have to win those games.
I'm at 58% win rate. Galio sucks :/
: As if for once the servers were gonna be up when said so, classic euw west
: i'm not defending Riot. as u can see in my name i don't work for riot at all. also theres nothing to defend. in this patch before the maintenance my ping was 17-18, max ping spike was 21 ms. riot did nothing worng on that issue.
Was I talking about my ping? The issue happens right after champ select when the game opens. This issue is well-known among my friends. We pin-pointed the issue being somewhat related to someone dodging at the 0 second mark or something. In-game everything works fine. It's literally the client messing up.
TheCrazyBoy (EUNE)
: What game we play ?
Umm, no. Still seems like the same 'Destroy enemy nexus' game to me.
Jhensu (EUW)
: As a fellow high elo player, I can tell you that no people ever smurf for fun. (maybe some platinum/low diamonds might, but rarely) Most of the people either need a 2nd account for warmuping, because not everyone can jump instantly into a chall/master/d1 game, or they have been punished for toxicity, 14days ban/perma ban. And player has no power over that when its enough to say "%%%%" and you can get the penalty.
Well, shouldn't say that in the first place :) You could just calm down and stay quiet instead of pressing Enter.
: then your friends also don't have the tools needed to play this game smoothly. whould u start winecellar if u don't know anything about wine? probly not rigt, this is the same with gaming. u need to know your stuff about pc's software/hardware and network providers/connections. the time of browser games (on the pc platform atleast) if long over already. its not just "install and press start" anymore. i can understand that the "average Joe" has issues with this but starting by pointing your finger at Riot all the time isn't the right way to handle things.
Yes 20 other people on my friends list across the globe have pc/network problems, you're right. None of us have the required technology to use the client properly anymore. Stop defending Riot. They did something wrong last patch. And now they're fixing it. I'm not one of those 'omg riot balance team is so bad, riot can't do anything right, riot doesn't care about their players'. This time it is Riot's fault. And if you can't see that then I'm sorry to hear that.
Icepaw (EUNE)
: Are you suggesting smurfing is not a common thing? If so, why has Riot officially stated its a problem? If so, why are very plat and diamond player on theese boards in collective uproar every time someone suggest to remove their smurfing "rights".? They think Gold\silvers are their private practice and stomping grounds, disrespecting the game joy of millions of players in those ranked positions.
I do agree smurfing is unfair. But what can you do when at that mmr games are horrendous.
: bugsplat is an error caused by your side, it has nothing to do with riots client. i suggest u check wich problems your pc has before pointing the finger at someone. most causes of this r antivirus/firewall, lan drivers, direct x bugs.
The Client has been performing badly lately. And not just for me, but most of my friends who play a lot. The occasional 'Can't connect to game' error. 'Retry' doesn't work. Pressing 'cancel' puts you on a 'skip waiting for stats'. Gotta restart client to get into game. Also sometimes logging in doesn't work properly? I've logged in but my friends list is empty and says 'you've been disconnected' and my profile icon just doesn't exist. Restarting client works. And as I've stated before, this is happening to most of my friends as well.
: i aggree that i will also perma ban yasuo with the new patch. but this is not the reason why vets quit at all. vets and pro players perfectly know how to deal with yasuo. and a 2nd point. if u guys only post to break down the OP then just leave it pls, this community is already toxic enough widhout this BS ing. everyone has the right to have his own oppinion.
And everyone has the right to share their opinion of other's opinion :)
Icepaw (EUNE)
: No no.. this happens frequently. Its called smurfing.
They smurf because they got where they wanted or because they want to try something new. Normal games are worse at plat/diamond mmr than Gold ranked games.
: By a {{item:3153}} ... you will shred him
You can't shred him. With all the resistances and hp it'd take up to 10 seconds, which isnt enough time for his QWEaaR combo.
: buff shen pls.. show shen some love
Buff Galio ;-; one of the lowest winrates ;-; {{sticker:galio-happy}}
: It Happened
So many League veterans are quitting? You wot m8? Obviously if you've played the same game for 7+ years you'd eventually get bored of it. That's natural.
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Riot does NOTHING to change ADC dominance
The game is not a mess whatsoever. I dont think ADC mains play Lux, since she gets a skin every month :^)
: has riot actually thought once about yasuo when doing the ADC item optimization
36% True damage. Which means lifesteal will be worse on him since he'll do less physical damage. Also the true damage depends on how much AD he's got. Crits do 2x your AD.
zykloni (EUNE)
Rip Client.
: Dunno about EUW, on eune it's live. You can select ANY champ or skin you own, even 520RP ones. Pretty kewl !
Euw this happened.
JenShen (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Smash me Galio,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=TZ5gXjZs,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-04-24T16:38:51.214+0000) > > Wait so, calling a fictional character 'cancer' is ban worthy? Basically almost anything right now can be banworthy
I'd get it if he was aiming that at someone. This is taking 'toxic' to a whole new level.
xKazumax (EUW)
: 14 Day Ban + A Chatlog
Wait so, calling a fictional character 'cancer' is ban worthy?
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hello Smash me Galio This weekend League indeed had some issues and players we're unable to log in or reach to the loading screen. But it should be fixed now. The profile bug is a known issue and has been happening since beta. Right now, are you able to play the game?
Yeah I'm able to play, but sometimes I have to restart the client a bunch of times. Got into a game late because of that bug.
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Hydnoras (EUW)
: Yes and that just proves the point. She was broken. So either too strong or too weak. The old LB was more healthy for the game and she has clear strengths and weaknesses. Ofc now after the revert, she does need a little buff.
I completely agree. She got gutted when people started going Gunblade instead of the typical Morellos. If anything Gunblade needs to be looked at instead of nerfing the champs that can use it. When they nerf the champs that can use Gunblade, without that item they're much weaker.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: First of all, why are you comparing varus to kai'sa? That makes no sense. They are completely different kinds of adcs and kai'sa is overpowered. Comparing anything to op champions is stupid. >Him being a hybrid marksman, his abilities don't have the ratio's equally spread out across all his abilities since building him AP seems to be more effective than AD Could be easily fixed by making his base damages scale better with levels/ability ranks and reducing ap ratios so building ad would be more optimal. Rework is not needed. >All of his damage is too Blight based, since his abilities alone don't really deal any damage and are only used to proc blight stacks. The stacks are his thing and make him unique. True they should make his q more useful but his e is completely fine as it does have the utility aspect in it. It's totally not lackluster btw. >His build path diversity effectiveness is much worse when compared to Kai'Sa (similar point to the 1st one). Kaisa doesn't have diversity in her build. >Varus in general doesn't bring anything unique to the game besides the blight proc'ing, but even that part of his kit is not mentioned anywhere in his lore making me question if it's supposed to be part of the kit or was it added because is seemed like a cool passive at the time of his release. He is a hyper carry with good hard cc, decently long range and good at killing tanks. The good hard cc already makes him unique among the hyper carries. Not to mention his laning phase is also strong. When it comes to lore, many champion abilities are never mentioned in the lore so that is not even going to be considered a valid argument. Not to mention that his lore has been updated so his w is actually older than his lore. Still fits to his theme completely. Corrupted being has blight stacks? Sounds appropriate to me. >His E is just a basic ability that slows enemies inside (has a small effect radius) And has grievous wounds. Combined with his ult it makes him a great counter to champions with heals. Also more potent ability in narrow parts of the jungle and choke points. >Q is a sniping tool that is perfected by Kai'Sa's W due to being low cooldown (with the upgrade) and having higher damage. Again, kai'sa is overpowered. Especially her w because it hits like the old nidalee spear which it totally shouldn't do. Secondly, it is a single target ability. Varus q is an aoe ability. Not to mention those champions build completely differently. Varus doesn't build flat ad to make his q hit harder while kai'sa does build flat damage so her w does deal more damage with items. Varus builds attack speed and on-hit items (not ap btw. Ap items are not in his top win rate builds). His win rate is also completely fine. It's actually like it should be on a hyper carry and an adc. Below 50% in the early to mid game and over 50% in the late game.
> Kaisa doesn't have diversity in her build. Are you sure about that? Kaisa has a full crit build, on hit, full ap, ap/ad mix...
HdtvSK (EUW)
: Nope, new Kat is more fun and more people like her, it was actually a more definitive full rework, so no, this will never happen. What you are asking is kind of like reverting Sion, which is literally impossible, unrealistic and will cost riot lots of money, losing 90% of new Kat players to satisfy the 10% that prefer the old. You also have to know that LB mini rework was a failure and LB was not played at all.
lb was a powerful pick in lcs for a short time, then Riot nerfed her to the ground.
True Sight (EUNE)
: Wrong board Post here:
I swear to God I couldnt find a bug reports board. Thanks tho!
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: Riot, What are you doing?
What are you talking about, I got around 40k BE from runes alone. Riot even put up a notice for everyone saying that we should reroll/disenchant our shards to make the most of them.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ìxeas,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=O34ItpB5,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-11-08T14:38:09.558+0000) > > Cait is always a good pick but never too strong nor weak. Reconsider your own pick. yeh, i thought vayne would be awsome but i dont like how she lacks damage, guess im going to stick with mid/jgler and not adc XD
Poke supports are a thing again.
: they will actually focus in game. what else
You can't focus once you're angry. Unless you actually try to calm down
: > I need to be able to see curent values - how much dmg Harvest will deal, or how much heal I will get. Exactly. it shouldn't be telling how much total damage i did so far, it should be telling how much damage in total I can do. I was messing with things on PBE, but I though may be they would fix this on live. Really important and really annoying you have to calculate after getting a kill or purchasing an item.
It's the same with abilities, you have to calculate yourself how much damage you will do or how much you'll heal for. Why add these damage values only to runes?
whyrawr (EUW)
: True, but there is even less sense in showing total damage dealt through whal game with those runes.
It doesnt even say in your abilities how much damage it will do, you have to add the base damage+scaling yourself, why should they put a damage value already added if abilities don't have that?
: i dont want to use the chat. but as long as it is there, and as long as i have countless reasons to use it in my games, i inevitably use it. and so do others. disabling chat in rankeds would lower toxicity by 99% and then only thing riot has to do is deal with trollers.
What do you think the raging people will put their anger on? One way they deal with anger is flame in chat. What will happen once you remove that possibility?
: if you really think he's that "overpowerd" ban him/pick him or stomp him, he is balanced
Come on, 50% max health per tick level 13. That's kind of crazy. I think his Q ratio is bugged out, well the max health part
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