duccy (EUW)
: Victorious Skin Season 9
According to what Riot said for what they take into account when they choose what champion to do (reference: https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2018/08/victorious-skins-more/ ): Victorious {{champion:254}} . 1) She has no championship/legendary skins. 2) She didn't receive a new skin recently. 3) Last Victorious skin was for a midlaner. 4) Both her popularity and winrate skyrocketed recently going from a 49-50% winrate to 52,5% winrate and becoming one of the top 3 jungler across all ranks in terms of winrate. 5) Has a fairly decent number of skins. 6) She's not mechanically complex (since i guess Riot tends to avoid mechanically complex champs due to the fact said champs wouldn't be usable by everyone [that's the motivation i guess why in s8 they picked Orianna over LeBlanc cause LeBlanc would've fit the Victorious skin 10x times more than Oriann :/ ])
: Unable to create lobby/join other lobbies
Same here, finisehd a 3v3 Ranked Flex (without getting Loss Prevention even if Ranked queues are disabled...) and now i'm unable to play at all.
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Hydnoras (EUW)
: Key fragment* And they do not drop after games. They drop randomly when you simply play games and then the next day you might get them the next time you open your client. There is a limit of 12 key fragments per month. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/207884233-Hextech-Crafting-Guide
Is it normal that during my first 11 lvls i didn't get even a single key fragment? In that time i played like 20 games with at least 10 wins. Looks kind of strange to me according to what my friend told me about his drop rate...
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