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: Talking about champions that make us tilt and not addressing there flawed design is the same as talking about people who like to beat women and claim she is provoking him and that is all right. I love you Riot, but the many problems that people tilt is, because when you feel powerless then the rage come, the depression the anxiety kick in and your left with noting but frustration. If it is a Chess game you can take your time and think, but the problem is that the game become way to fast for people to think and from my personal experience for the past few months is The Tilt happen like PTSD. You go in game 1st game of the day you are cool, you are ready to win even if you lose it is okay. You say to yourself "%%%% it is only a game I had a blast last night" and then someone die, or you die or someone make a pick you have no idea how to play against And your Tilted again! Ultimately you are to blame for not knowing how to play against it, for having poor game knowledge and so on. But I believe we are at a point that we got patches every 3 weeks now and if you do not keep up and you have no time to relearn all of the new match ups or abuse the what is "meta"/ "op" now you will be tilting your team mates, or you will end tilting yourself. Believing you are the problem and if that happen GL on not getting tilted when you press the "Play" button.
This is a pretty well articulated comment, thanks Zammea. If I'm understanding correctly, you feel like you can start with a cool head, but after the first game you already feeling pressure build... Are you saying for you the process goes something like: Bad in-game moment > frustration > lack of game knowledge (due to frequent updates) leaves you unequipped to deal with a champ/situation > teammates pile on > you tilt yourself? What would you like to see changed, whether it's us, you or others, that you think would help?
: Is it just me, or does this feel like Riot basically told us "You just hate playing against them because you suck, git gud"? Because it REALLY comes across like that.
hey NucleusBrain, Is there something particular on the page that's giving you that impression? Because that's certainly not why this piece exists. Tilt as a concept that is often misunderstood and in a lot of cases not even acknowledged - we feel it in all games and obviously in life as well. The purpose of this piece was to ask you guys: which champions do you feel like put you on tilt? And from there, find some practical tips on not only how to deal with those champs in terms of gameplay, but also to get a bit of understanding as to why they may be impacting your decision making - which ultimately leads to spiralling out of control. And all of the content here comes straight from the community. If there's something particular that's standing out for you, especially making you feel "git gud" is the only solution, then it'd be great to understand - perhaps we can even fix it .
: Climbing as a support. Please help <3
I'll try to keep this as short and sweet as possible after two seasons as a support main now with a peak of Diamond 3. It is entirely possible to climb as support. It's entirely possible to hit 65-70% win rates on certain champs (although not entirely sustainable), and the only way you can hit those sorts of numbers is to carry, but maybe not in the traditional sense. Some options: - Play Janna: she consistently has a really high win rate for a good reason. She makes her ADC stronger, she peels like crazy, she disrupts massively... if you can play her well she is always solid. - Roam: Pick up Thresh and/or Bard, rush mobility boots as your first item and don't be shy about moving between bot lane, mid lane and jungle. You can have a massive impact with these two champs because they lock down kills so effectively. It requires a bit of experience to know when to leave your ADC alone but it's pretty powerful and generally quite unexpected. - Position well: this is what I do mainly - pick up Tahm Kench, Shen, Braum or another tanky support. Be constantly in an awkward spot that threatens to engage, give your ADC a LOT of room to simply farm up, and become an incredibly annoying peel machine. Right now aftershock is really strong so playing a champion like Shen with Ignite can give you constant kill pressure and if you position well can scare the enemy ADC from farming too well I went through a pretty dramatic climb over a couple of months when I spent a lot of time trying to learn how to play League "properly" and have the maximum impact I could from support. The tips I spent a lot of time trying to remember and master were: - Always be warding. ESPECIALLY in the enemy jungle. If you can spare the time to get a ward down anywhere near an enemy camp, do it. - Keep up control wards - usually it's a good idea to have 2 on you at most times. They're important for holding vision, but also important for objective securing. - Understand your win condition. If you have a Miss Fortune ADC and you're on Blitz against a Vayne/Janna, you need to win lane. On the other hand if you're the Vayne/Janna then you're happy farming up and don't need to take big risks. Know your win condition and play to it. - Track summoner spells. If you click a summoner spell on the score screen (while holding tab) you can track the time of when it was used. Flash is on a 5 minute cooldown - if the opponents used their flash, you have a greenlight to keep up pressure on them. - Maximise your wins. Did you push them out of lane? Great! Push the wave under the tower before you go back. Did you get a double kill bot? Great! Now you need to take the tower or a drake with jungle. Did you get first tower? Great! Tell your top laner you're coming top now and get a big advantage on out-rotating them. Final thought. Your job is to get your ADC fed then keep them alive. Roaming and map presence are both important, but ultimately your role in the game (unless they go afk or feed like crazy) is to help the ADC be the hero. Keep that in mind and don't get tunnel visioned on landing hooks when you need to peel. Or going for low HP enemies when your ADC is under pressure. If you have any specific champs you're wanting to play I am happy to offer some more specifics, and GL on your climb!
Pelmorr (EUW)
: Should i wait to play provisionals?
Lots of good answers here but I think it just depends what you want to get out of ranked. If you want to get the best possible result, I generally find waiting a while and playing later means you get out of the craziness and let everything settle down a bit. If on the other hand you want to have some competitive games of League and improve then why wait? The truth is you are at a certain skill level now, and your provisionals are going to place you somewhere, but after a few games, you're going to end up where you belong anyway. Ranked anxiety is definitely a thing, but I personally prefer giving myself a few goals (right now I'm trying to figure out Galio top even though i'm a support main), and spend the first half of my season trying to hit them. Learn a new champ Get better with warding Get better at positioning Work on my shot calling Give yourself a solid start to the season and let the rank worry about itself, just ignore it and focus on playing games. It's much less about how you start and much more about how you finish.
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot TebsG,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=GYtN5Abd,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-01-15T15:06:22.606+0000) > > Thanks man! better knowledge than I have now. > > So literally never use Q except to clear minion waves? and try to 100-0 the other top during a gank? or should I be trying to poke throughout lane? get nullifying orb on galio. he already is an anti-mage champion, try to counter pick against ap champions with galio^^ the ult can be used in multiple ways this is situational: 1 to defend X teammate and make the opponents run 2 to initiate a fight using a teammate 3 to strategically place the ult using X teammate to divide the opponents ''divide and conquer'' keep passive for after you E an opponent if you have some cdr you can do this combo twice using W, if you have lichbane, if you don't have lichbane keep distance and poke Q, try to finish low health champions using E and passive. Q poke is most powerfull using liandry/rylai and pen shoes, the Q could be used to bully opponents and punish them for trying to farm. W is best used either : 1 after doing a combo using E and passive 2 initiating a teamfight 3 to farm against ''semi'' ranged champions, like illaoi or an marksman top or teemo. when/if the jungler ganks you try to initiate E on your opponent to get a kill. galio is best semi ap semi tank in my opinion. the items for galio you can use are : {{item:3100}} {{item:3102}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3047}} or {{item:3111}} or {{item:3020}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3075}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3193}} {{item:3373}} try several combinations and see what you think is best with your play^^ but i do recommend either 3 ap items and 3 tank items OR 4 tank and 2 ap items. like liandry, rylai and pen shoes to focus on Q or lichbane, abyssal mask and pen shoes for focus on passive. the only way you can make both viable is by going full ap. ofcourse you can adjust your build according to your opponent''s''.
This is great advice and a bit different from other things mentioned here - I like it. I'm going to try a much more AP focused build tomorrow. It's surprising there is no RoA here though, is there some reason you wouldn't build that?
: > I'm a sucker for punishment Play nunu Or just flame in chat, you'll get punished
Galio win rate is only marginally better than Nunu {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
ebovsky (EUW)
: Q for the max poke, it does a fair amount of damage and clears the minion waves pretty fast. Combo i would say: Q, E, AA, W, AA. or something. try to hit e in the q for max damage. Its very nice if your jungler or team is around to W Flash for the taunt! Ult also reduce damage taken so use it to save carries too, enemies often run when galio ults in or they go on and they do less damage :) GL!{{champion:3}}
Thanks bud, what runes do you usually run on Galio? I'm not sure if Aftershock or Comet is the way to go
Altiverse (EUNE)
: > When do I ult? (how much hp should someone have before i try?) Well, the question is why you're using your ult. In *most* cases, you'll want it to initiate into a fight. In that case, your teammate's HP is irrelevant; your enemies' positioning is. Generally, once they're commited to fighting your teammate (either fighting in melee range or chasing your teammate down), it's best to use it then. Otherwise, if your intention is to save your teammate rather than initiate the fight, obviously just use it ASAP if your teammate is in danger :). > What's my optimal damage combo in trades? Firstly, the key is to remember that hitting an enemy champion with an ability reduces the remaining CD of your passive by 4. Considering it has an 8sec CD, it's possible to use your passive twice in a rotation by using Ability 1 (initation) > Passive > Ability 2 + 3 > Passive. The question is the rotation of your abilities. Considering you have everything up, these are your main 2 combos: 1) E (initiation) > Passive > Q > W > Passive. Its obvious "pro" is that you can initiate with this from range, while its con is that you'll have to insta-cast your W (sacrficing dmg and CC duration) if your enemy can somehow escape during its chargeup (like a mobility spell). This is mainly used against any champion that keeps range from you (ranged champions or annoying pokers like GP). 2) Charged W (initiation) > Passive > Q > E > Passive. Its "pro" is that the charged W allows you to deal more damage and have enough taunt duration to safely follow up with your combo. Its obvious "con" is that you have to start it from melee range. This is mainly used when fighting against a melee that frequently gets close to you. >What should be my general game plan in-lane? Since Galio is quite mana-hungry, especially if you want to keep poking your opponent with Q (which you should do as long as you know you're leaving enough mana for a full combo), your first buy should be a mana item. {{item:3001}} against AP or {{item:3025}} against AD. It's important to know your matchups. Does the enemy champion have an easy way of dodging your abilities? If so, then don't use your E unless you know they can't dodge it. If you miss it and are left in a bad position, you'll very likely lose the trade. Sometimes even die. Does the enemy champion have Magical Damage? In that case, abuse your W's passive and force atleast a small trade, then charge it back up and repeat. This is basically as good as sustain. You can also itemize your damage composition accordingly to your enemies. Is that a tank that will build HP? An early {{item:3136}}, into {{item:3151}} later can massively boost your dmg thanks to its Magic Penetration that applies to your Q's MaxHP% dmg. Is that a squishy that just builds damage? In that case, can it survive a full combo if you buy some AP? if not -> Buy AP. ({{item:3100}} , {{item:3027}} ). if yes -> build defensively against it ({{item:3001}} /{{item:3025}} as mentioned earlier). Once you hit 6 always try going back and forth in the river while your lane is pushed. Look for opportunities to initiate mid with your ult, and let your midlaner know. (Also you can tell your jungler to try and counter-jungle the enemy's jungle side that's close to you, but that requires some more communication) Otherwise if your jungler comes for a gank post-6, it's extremely easy for you to dive the enemy. You can just mindlessly start the dive, and by using your ult the tower will switch aggro to your jungler AND give them damage reduction to negate the tower's damage. From there it should be too easy. Hope that helps ^^
Holy Moly! Thanks man! this is amazing! I had to grab a few people near by my desk and show them this as soon as I saw it. I also jumped into game shortly afterwards and even though I lost, I was +2 kills and +2 levels up on GP in lane based entirely on the advice you put here (then I found I had absolutely no idea when to TP and only managed to get 2-3 good ults off all game long - the perils of being a support main). But this is amazing, I'm going to refer back to this a few times and point anyone else that plays Galio towards this. GG! Thanks for the support.
Unlocated (EUW)
: My tips probably sucks since im not high rank.. im silver but well You ult as soon as you see an opportunity to enter a fight.. But you would need somebody that can engage, for example the support or jungler.. As soon as one of them goes in you ulti because your ulti takes some time to " charge " or however you say it.. i would say its e, q, aa ( Your combo in trades ) Your game plan should be to play safe until you get a gank from the jungler then just start snowballing him by rushing {{item:3027}} You'll get damage but you'll get health too.. Anyways my tips probably suck since im a silver scrub as every high elo calls me gl with learning galio :P
Thanks man! better knowledge than I have now. So literally never use Q except to clear minion waves? and try to 100-0 the other top during a gank? or should I be trying to poke throughout lane?
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Dainank (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot TebsG,realm=EUW,application-id=jeJYsmwG,discussion-id=4UEReYIA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-07T09:56:04.066+0000) > > Nice video sir! Always enjoy me some multi-person Orianna ults (watching obviously, none of us will live long enough to see the day I do one myself). > > I have absolutely no idea how you survived the Lux ult at the end with the shop window open. > > By the way if this is your first montage, it&#x27;d suggest there&#x27;s going to be a second, so keep em&#x27; coming! > > {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} Thank you so much! Hearing this makes me very happy! I am currently in the process of my second montage. It should be out by the end of today :) PS: Is there any way I could add you as a friend on League? Thank You!
Sure you can add me but i'm going to be a little inactive for the next few weeks, but we can maybe play some games after that!
Dainank (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot TebsG,realm=EUW,application-id=jeJYsmwG,discussion-id=4UEReYIA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-07T09:56:04.066+0000) > > Nice video sir! Always enjoy me some multi-person Orianna ults (watching obviously, none of us will live long enough to see the day I do one myself). > > I have absolutely no idea how you survived the Lux ult at the end with the shop window open. > > By the way if this is your first montage, it&#x27;d suggest there&#x27;s going to be a second, so keep em&#x27; coming! > > {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} Next video is out! Enjoy!
Nice! So apparently you just play all lanes then? :) Your bard escape at the end makes me want to play bard again... it might be time... gg wp!
Dainank (EUW)
: Orianna My New Main? (My First Ori Montage)
Nice video sir! Always enjoy me some multi-person Orianna ults (watching obviously, none of us will live long enough to see the day I do one myself). I have absolutely no idea how you survived the Lux ult at the end with the shop window open. By the way if this is your first montage, it'd suggest there's going to be a second, so keep em' coming! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: If im right it hasn't been in the Rotation for nearly a year now... (not counting Ascension)
Thanks man, good callout, it sure has been a while! I've updated my post to reflect that so it's not too misleading.
Themmmm (EUW)
: The routing problem to Bulgaria is back again.
Hey guys, We're aware of and looking into these problems, you can directly help us in resolving this quickly by giving us more info, head on over to this thread to help out, and get more info.
: Why did they remove Dominion :(
Not sure if you're genuinely looking for an answer to this, or just miss the game mode like a few of us here do, but here's a link to the full run down of "Why": TLDR 1. Less than 0.5% of players played Dominion (some of that still bots) 2. That meant it was difficult to prioritise Dominion bugs and imbalances vs other needs 3. Game quality varied wildly 4. Queue times were getting a bit silly (especially at off-peak times) Edit: Good news as called out by Glurch though, it has popped up in the game mode rotation, and Ascension offers a somewhat similar experience as it's based on the Dominion map, with a few twists. More info on Ascension if you haven't played it yet:
: Should i go for platinum?
Ultimately it's up to you Daniel, and depends on why you play and what you want to achieve! What I can tell you based on personal experience, if you are willing to put in some time, and self aware enough to admit when you make mistakes (or much harder to spot: when you do something sub-optimally but ultimately not a huge mistake), then you absolutely could climb from Gold to Plat because as you said, it's almost entirely decision making. The only exception would be if you have god like decision making already but your mechanics were left behind in Wood 4. Then you might need to work on mechanics at least a little. Short version of my story: we have an internal tournament at Riot called "Rumble", teams form, everyone has their specific roles they play, and although it varies by team, generally everyone wants to get better and compete. I started out in this tournament as a Gold 1 / Plat 5 player, hellbent on doing my best. Fortunately, my team was full of tryhards of a similar level. We would theorycraft before games, we would watch replays after and discuss where we went wrong. We'd call each other out on who made mistakes or isn't warding enough, and from this we all rapidly got better. Following that tournament, I jumped from Plat 5 to Diamond 3. My mechanics didn't get any better. I picked up some more in-meta champions. I really began to understand powerspikes and matchups in lane. I started to get a feel for when ganks were coming - noticing changes in opponents positioning in lane that suggests they're about to go for some big play. And making MUCH, MUCH better decision making mid-late game. I seriously can't emphasise enough how many games I win by just putting wards around things that are important at any point in time (Fire drake is next? ward up. Enemy team just got a powerspike and could go for a 25 min Baron? ward up. You took down mid and top turrets? Grab control of that jungle! ward up.) Ultimately if you want to make the biggest climb, I'd suggest just focusing on improving, and try as much as you can to ignore your rank. I never sit out to climb in plat or even try to hit diamond, it's just something that happened as I tried to refine my game. If you focus on near sighted goals there is a tendency to do "just enough" to get there, where as if your focus is on a much grander goal, you tend to fly past where you would otherwise have peak'd out :) If you ever want to chat Support stuff feel free to hit me up! But not mid... mid does not go well for me....
: wow, the first Rioter comment in my thread ever. ty man. Also i know. i know all of these things. Focus on own performance first. There is however one thing about teamblaming- every team has the weakest member. And sometimes the weakest member sinks the ship. If you play with players of equal skill- 80% of the time it will be someone else. > (Btw, how did you manage to get 17 kills as almost full tank Sion????) Utilizing crazy early game damage. Picking into vasly positive matchup. But most important of all.... Sion has very high base damage, but barely any scaling. And all his abilities have some sort of cc attached to it. To make the maximum value of such kit: 1. Hybrid penetration marks 2. Hybrid penetration quints 3. TLD with precision master for even more penetration 4. 40%cdr i stronglyb belive this is the way to play sion
Nice :) I main support and have been curious to try out Sion for ages - I'm sure you played him top lane with this build, but I might have to take this (or something similar) for a spin soon. GL with your climb!
: Demoted to gold.
> [{quoted}](name=BucZOtwocka,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=uzPodlJd,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-02-03T01:09:49.818+0000) > > TY AP sions > TY Kha&amp;#039;Zix/Zed Yasuo premades > TY guys who DC during my ganks > TY Bard who fed the fb and ragequitted right after > > ... ty me. since ultimately it is my fault, and no amount of teamblaming is going to change that. however i have this horrible feeling of inadequacy of my own performance to the result of the game. Sounds to me like that "...ty me." is going to be the thing that gets you back Plat! It always sucks being demoted, but keep in mind those divisions are only symbolic, and not actually the precise measurement of your skill in the game. The fact you made it to plat already means you clearly have the knowledge and mechanics to do it again - it's just a matter of bringing your A game! There's a human tendency to focus on those first 4 lines of your post (so it's already significant that you're not doing that) - look to your teammates for reasons to justify your losses, rather than looking at what you could do better. No need to feel inadequate, we all have bad games or bad runs, just take a look at what you can improve and get on it. * Did you pick the right champ for the occasion? * Did you take the right build? * Did you split when you should have grouped? * Did you stay in lane when you should have roamed? There is a looooooonngg way to go in the season, and taking a quick look at your match history you actually remind me a lot of someone I play with from time to time - they have the ability to absolutely crush their current ELO (looking at some of your scores - wow), but often have games where their head just isn't in it, or they just try out a new champ for fun, and that's from where pretty much all their losses come from. (Btw, how did you manage to get 17 kills as almost full tank Sion????)
: Official Rito post about: "We dont do anything about idiots/trolls/inters, but hey, you can be better also!" Will you EVER punish trolls in this game?
Trolls/feeders/others do indeed get punished, but of course there is always room for improvement in this space, and it's something that certain Rioters are actually focusing on full time - the effect of having someone aiming to ruin a game for 9 other people isn't lost on us, and I know from experience it can be especially painful if it's a few games in a row. My post isn't an official response in what Riot's stance on the matter is - I absolutely couldn't speak to that, but I do play a lot of games, both League and a ton of other stuff on my PC or PS4 - the above etiquette is something I try to apply to any multiplayer game I play, and however small the impact, it feels to me like it makes the game a little bit better for everyone. My personal take on it - punishment is a great short term solution to have an immediate impact on the symptoms, but it isn't a solution to the actual root of the problem. That goes much deeper. One of the ways in which to tackle player (or community for anything) behaviours is to choose to lead by example of how you'd like the experience to be. I don't expect everyone to want to play this way - and there are a whole bunch of players that just want to jump into a couple of ARAM games and go do other stuff. But incase it's helpful to anyone at all, I just wanted to share a few things that have helped me out over the years. If you're interested in a more specific answer to player punishment specifically just let me know - I don't have answers but I'm happy to go chase a few people around the office and see if I can dig up some info!
: Player Intelligence
Hey Vengeful Newb, I feel your pain on that one! I'm sure we've all had games where you run into some teammates that are clearly quite disconnected from either trying to win, or sometimes just being civilised people. A lot of the time you can chalk it up to a bad day, or maybe in the case of your Shaco they simply don't understand the team's win condition to the same extent that you do. While you can never avoid leavers or teammates playing considerably below their skill level 100% of the time, here are some things that I do which have made a significant difference for me over the course of many games: * **Communication**: Not everyone wants to talk, and that's ok! But I'd guess in 90% of my games when I start with a hello and talk to my team about how we're going to win this game in an optimistic fashion I usually get a couple of replies of people also interested in trying to win. Often you end up with 2-3 people on your team that will actively keep up this optimistic outlook throughout the whole game. * **DuoQ**: Of course, not always possible, but queuing with a friend can make a huge difference! You obviously have more immediately developed team play, and/or that positive attitude mentioned above - in either case this can often snowball a bit on your team and pull other players into a similar mentality. * **Add Friends**: Had a good game with someone? Had a bad game but they never gave up and kept trying to rally the team throughout the game? Add them! My friends list has been populated over time with players that are always trying to encourage their team and refuse to give up - great for setting up DuoQ games or the occasional flex :) * **Offer Advice**: Teammates aren't always going to be receptive to it, and pushing your luck on this can result in people thinking you're trying to make fun of them, but don't give up on this just because your Shaco said "No" to split pushing. Sometimes it can help to tell them *why* split pushing is a good idea - i.e. "Hey Shaco, can you split push? They need at least 3 to stop you, meanwhile we can 4 man shove the bot lane down to the inhib!" * **Don't give up**: This is the one I'm clinging to the most right now (I've won 2 games in the last 3 weeks almost - RIP LP). Over a large enough sample size of games, you're going to have a bunch of variance. We typically tend to end up remembering the 5 game losing streak with AFK'ers a lot easier than we remember our 5 game winning streak where we went 0-5 every game but somehow got carried. It can also help to remember that whatever the scenario, there is always something you can do to improve every game. It doesn't matter if one teammate is AFK and one is having a super bad game. Focus on you - depending on what your goal is. If you want to improve, win more, gain LP, etc. Then try to focus on what you can do to improve each game you go into, take a lesson out of it, and over time the victories and the LP will take care of themselves. If you're just looking to play for fun then I'd highly recommend my Pokemon approach of Catching em' all when it comes to friendly players you meet in game. Ultimately if you can't seem to break the streak feel free to add me in-game and I'll guarantee at least one somewhat reliable teammate for a game, and maybe we can turn it around from there!
Perilum (EUW)
: I'm watching you.
: Me to, loved the role. But i only played Alistar and Thresh ;p
Love both champs! really need to improve my alistar though :(
: i like supports that do dmg and can carry if your adc isnt very strong
and can carry? that's limiting the list. Off the top of my head super strong supports right now would be: Note: all of these guys are squishy and have quite limited escape options, so you have to keep up good vision and position well. Zyra - great cc, can build pretty heavily into damage in SoloQ, some insane burst if your plants line up well :) Brand - huge damage, often Brand supports do the most damage in the team (depending on the comp) because Brands damage bounces around the team so much. Great support to pick if you're expecting to team fight a lot, and he's pretty scary in lane - you just have to be careful with your mana. Vel'koz - More of a poke champ, but capable of big burst. Malz - pretty meta right now, with his ult he can almost 100-0 squishy characters, he can use his passive and voidlings to block all sorts of skill shots, just really really strong right now. In terms of play style, with all of these champs you *SHOULD* always be building Sightstone first - your team needs that vision, and it's going to help a lot more than doing a little bit of extra damage. Your two priorities in lane are keeping up vision to stay safe, and putting pressure on the enemy ADC - your goal isn't primarily to kill them (that's a nice bonus), your main goal is to put just enough pressure on them that they start missing last hits, and your ADC is getting more gold. Later game, you still need to prioritise vision control over anything else, but as you start to build more damage items, you'll become more of a threat.
: hey could you share experience with me, i wanna start main support but im clueless what to do
Of course! why do you want to play support? and what interests you the most about the "typical" champions? is it poking enemies down in lane? is it the crazy burst you can combo with your adc? is it the peel and utility you can provide to the whole team? is it engaging in huge teamfights? If you know what it is about the role that interests you then you can tailor your playstyle to it and you'll have better results and it'll be more fun. Of course if you just want to main it to climb and maybe duo with friends, then it's going to be a lot more broad.
: For me, it depends alot on what support you pick, for example a Soraka, she can be the key to winning in a teamfight, as long as you keep the fed one in your team alive, it's basically won, and because of this their team must focus you, so they focus you, and then become a target themselves, for me Soraka is one of the best supports right now.
Soraka is amazing. Someone told me the other day if you land a Q before you heal, your heal adds the passive regeneration on your teammate, making it way stronger. I haven't had a chance to test it yet but seems like I've been playing her wrong for a while :( Soraka's silence & root in teamfights is also insanely good, she isn't only a heal machine!
Perilum (EUW)
: Are you new? Don't recognize your name! Where is Croissant? Did you kidnap him?!
Not new, but haven't been as active as I'd have liked! Cannot confirm or deny kidnappings.
Sefi (EUNE)
: Dude, i play Soraka, my teams mistakes don´t matter if i can slap them on the head with a heal.
TIL Soraka heals are actually star slaps :o
: Question for support mains
I've been a support main for quite a while now! Definitely enjoying it! Enjutsu is totally right - everyone is dependent on their team to some extent. I actually feel like support is one of the few roles that can significantly help to amplify my whole team's impact. I can save teammates from certain death, enable kills that would have been impossible, interrupt and disrupt the enemy team from setting up all sorts of plays. Depending on who you main the potential impact is HUGE! I also feel like support can single handedly win bot lane (assuming your ADC at least autos whoever you're attacking a couple of times). Pro tip (well, mediocre tip): if you can, try to pick your support depending on the team you're playing with, and/or against. There are champions that are setup for specific types of games (Janna if you have tons of AD on your team and want to peel, Leona if you're lacking a tank and need someone to engage, etc). Having the *right* support for the game will make a massive difference in how impactful you feel and can be! If you're interested in playing some more support, and you're Plat or lower, I'd love to share some experiences and realisations that helped me climb last season (finished D3).
: Need help improving myself
Hey Rinderfiletsteak (great name by the way, although it's almost lunch time and now I'm starving), While having someone watching over your games can definitely be a big help, have you considered just playing with people of a similar level and asking for feedback? A lot of the time you don't need someone to analyze your gameplay, instead you can have them focus on their game and let you know where they feel you either made a mistake or missed an opportunity to do something. As an ADC main (former support main) I can definitely tell when my support does something awesome, or does something I disagree with, even though I'm focusing on my own performance more than theirs. If you don't have an ADC you duo queue with, feel free to add me up and we can play a few together (I finished plat last season for reference) - I'd be happy to give you some feedback from my POV but only if you return the favour and let me know where you think I could be better!
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: Riot really look Skins Fan ?
Holy cow. Having a Zed skin this might actually make my Zed "look" good, even when I'm playing it super bad :o Impressive stuff!

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