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: I had the same feeling too, until I realised I don't care about honor rewards 'cause they're just skins and icons etc.
Welp would be nice if it only were honor rewards Not being able to use features like clash because you flamed one time is just %%%%%%et not to mention the fact that it takes 100 years to get a honor checkpoint but flaming "once" can literally deplete your whole honor Fair system I would say But what am I saying they got the 200 years of comprehensive balance on their side right ( looking at you aphelios and yuumi)
DutchPro (EUW)
: How can you complain about the meta without focussing on oneshotting and 15 minute games. Everyone oneshots everyone, and don't get me wrong I do not want a tank meta. However everyone being able to oneshot everyone makes for boring gameplay, I mean even tanks oneshot at this point. Also games being decided in 15 minutes seems rather boring. As a bot laner if the enemy jungler ganks 2 times, you and support go 0/2, enemy adc gets 5 plates + first turret and a 30 cs lead and its game over. 15 minutes and the game is 99% lost. Still have to play out 10-15 more minutes of useless towerdefense. A big part of this problem is for junglers as pointed out by OP. I personally don't like farm junglers since ganks add way more action to games, but after a failed gank or enemy getting many succesful ganks the jungler should still be able to come back and make ganks instead of getting hard stomped. Im just ranting I guess no one from Riot will listen nor change anything so
I maybe forgot about the 15 minute game meta but pretty sure thought that I mentioned the overkill dmg of this meta enough alone with the items and runes, thanks for the feedback
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: Mages going botlane isn't a bad thing, but a good thing. It makes the game more interesting and less stale and it is balanced now. I would say it's even too few mages that go botlane atm. Urgot isn't overdesigned nor aatrox (but atroxx should get nerfed). The reworked rune system made many champions viable again too. People often forget that. Stuff like predator made champions like Skarner playable again for example.
Riot once made a list with about 11 points that are important for a champion design and balance where they said that a good balanced champ should only have about 2 of those points, many high elo players and pros like Sertuss however give him 5 points of those for toplane and 4 for midlane which only can mean hes overdesigned and unhealthy Heres a video on the topic where a master player talks about Aatrox, he was the one asking Sertuss for his opinion on this too, its on german however so I dont know if you can understand it
: So you are basically saying that game has different items/champs and having to choose from those in unfair. There should be only one item/champ in this game, right? So it will be perfectly balanced for you. Guess who would want to play game with only 20-30 viable champions, like right now. People are leaving this game because of people like you QQ'ing on everything, asking to "nerf irelia". So this game ends up with 20-30 viable champions and people who mained other 80 champs are basically told to not play. PS. You can always play perfectly balanced game of chess IRL. This game, especially not in so-called "proplay", is just a game, where people get fun from winning. Not rage why their champion was nerfed to trash tier because of some "bjerksen play". PS2. Meta has some problems, but it's not the problems of certain items.
Who said that there should only be one champ/item viable? My point is that there are way too much champions overkilling with 2 skills, not even needing a full rotation to kill someone because all this items boost your dmg into absurd hights together with the rune system that increases your dmg even further. Dfg for example was an absurdly broken item that boosted ap champions dmg into oblivion and because of that it was removed so why continue the same mistakes and add more items with absurd dmg actvies / passives
: Do u want a tank meta? Cause this is how you get a tank meta. I don't disagree with everything (making jungle farming more important with lower xp camps that spawn more often is a good idea for example) but the new rune system is better and more interesting than the old one. Also 20 bans is ridiculous.
I would rather have a tank meta that plays around slower than this meta where games are decided in 10 minutes because snowballing is too potent since every item gives too much damage combined with this rune system. And before you call me a Tank main, no I mained bruiser but switched to mid because that lane atleast has impact
De Kus (EUW)
: I think RITO has to seriously consider to make separate balances between pro/high elo and "casual play". Some ideas popping in my mind: - Separate balancing for "rank x"+ (Diamond+? Master+?) and pro leagues - Separate balancing for normals and rankeds - Creating a new map with separate balancing which is somewhere between ARAM and Summoners Rift with a better design as Twisted Treeline (so basicly a successor to this mod) - Make a base champion line which is only available until "Rank X" (selection banned for pro play and any player with either higher MMR than X - like Diamond IV? - or has more than 100 MMR more than the games average, preventing high MMR normal game "smurfs" from abusing the system with premades too hard). You could then balance champions ignoring pro play. I am thinking around something like the current 450 BE champions. I am aware the core issue around many unsatisfying champion design is that they are not easy to balance for low elo and high elo at the same time. Leaving champions on boths ends borderlining the OP markers (pick/ban rate and/or win rate). I can understand that ranked Summoners Rift is supposed to have a balance focus on pro play, because well... obvious reasons for LEC/LCS and so on. Making a complete different map like Nexus Blitz or Twisted Treeline did not seem to hit the spot for a majority so far. They have said, they are working on getting a new "always available" mod, but all "candidates" have been dropped, because of declining interest/queues. A more casual game mode probably needs a little bit less tactics (like objects vs. kills, warding) and snowballing potential. The idea of only having 6 like in Twisted Treeline also obviously had the benefit of improving queue speed even with lower population. ARAM already has separate balances, so why shouldn't have a "real alternative to summoners rift" also have one?
You are right, I mean majority of the player base is gold and below, next is that the competetive player base is so small so why should the majority suffer because of the competetive part, I mean look at Kalista for example, that champ got killed because of competetive pick rate, if they had a competetive patch separatly to the normal patch maybe she would still be playable for us
: ***
People didnt want dmg people wanted last whisper to be effective against tanks because tanks literally didnt care about cleaver last whisper in tank meta
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