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thwink (EUW)
: Dia 3 and 5 LF Ranked team for Ward skin
looking for the same, plat 1 promos atm - mid/top, if you want 1 more to create a new team
Personater (EUNE)
: Thoughts on Kennen changes? Is he coming back to the meta?
Imo the buff for him was the Protobelt, but his W and in my opinion his ult were nerfed. The reason that I think his ult is worse now is that, while it potentially does a tiny bit more damage, people need to stay the full 2,5 to 3 seconds in it. With the old ult I could activate it before and hit W right away, which would cost me damage now. The biggest issues for me though are that the damage can be completely dodged by hourglass/Vladpool which just wasn't the case before since it lasted 8 seconds. I had more time to move around with my ult and hit different people who were spread. They also said it was a problem that the old ult sometimes wouldn't hit the priority targets, but I've never experienced that problem and I actually think people who had that problem a lot were playing it wrong. Pretty sure the ult change is sold as a buff, but to me it sucks and so does the range nerf on W If they wanted to buff Kennen, they should have just given him better ways to deal with tank teams because they laugh at the damage, even with 0.3 AP ratio more on the ult. Also knockbacks and any form of cc will cost him a lot more damage now. The 25% potential dmg increase on one ability isn't worth the tradeoffs. The only situation where Kennen himself is buffed is when the other team stacks up to stay in the full duration of the ult and not a single hourglass is used. And the belt... the belt makes up a bit for the changes (nerfs).


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