ModMayhem (EUW)
: Would be a cool spell :')
Such a spell has already existed before. I don't know why it was deleted. I think it might be because it wasn't worth using it. However, two weeks ago, I suggested to "relive" this spell by making it into an item for playing Support. Perhaps, this discussion will interest you. Here's the link, feel free to weigh in
Anttigo (EUW)
: And in ranked when the game is 5v5... i don't know why we get rewarded with -LP when the team only has 4. i think having 1 afk is already punishment enough.. but the system is bad designed for these situation. RIOT should think to rework the ranked system to be more fair in these situations.
Whenever there are AFKs when a ranked starts, the game should be cancelled! :'(
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: Idea new item for support!
This Spell have existed a day. The teleportation was a item before to become a summoner spell because it was too strong. On the contrary, I think that spell of fortification become useless should become a item (for support) for to be viable . I think that most beautiful games to watch this are those with a reversal of situation. If there are a big cooldown on the item also this will oblige the support to have a good utilisation as the teleportation
Perilum (EUW)
: Make it a sightstone upgrade. Best case: Everyone buys sightstone and you have a forest of wards. Worst case: Only the support buys it.
And why not a new start item as "ancient coin"{{item:3301}} or {{item:3302}} {{item:3303}} ?! :)
Cypherous (EUW)
: And how would you restrict this item to supports exactly? For it to be worthwhile for a support to pick up it would need to provide atleast some level of stats, there is a reason such an item does not currently exist
Nothing restrains me from buying an "Infinity Edge" while playing Janna, however I don't do it, because it's useless! Riot will find the appropriate stats
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: Fnatic not matured yet aka Trolling
You're just watching the teams lose without really understanding the reasons why. I agree with what you mean on Huni but, Fnatic lost because they were counter-picked. Fnatic have taken a compo rush-and-kill with Sir's and Olfa's ultis. They could have easily killed the AD Carry, but that was without taking Tahm Kench into account. Indeed, Tahm Kench gives a kind of free Zhonya (so to say) for the AD Carry. I think that Fnatic played a too-risky strategy and they would have probably won in BO3. Fnatic dominated the farming, Febiven had 100 kreeps more than Wesdoor! Fnatic isn't out yet and they are going to prove themselves against Cloud9!
: Origen is the team who took out 2 games off Fnatic, which is amongst the best teams in this year serie. That said, yes, LGD hasn't been really constant in LPL either, but I think it's mostly due to their overconfidence. When they feel the pressure on their shoulders tho, they perform greatly. You know, LGD is the team which 3-o'ed EDG in LPL semi-finals. [LGD vs EDG - G1]( [LGD vs EDG - G2]( [LGD vs EDG - G3]( They felt for their overconfidence against a team which is debatably the 2nd best or best in Europe. So, not exactly like they lost to paiN Gaming which, despite being a good team, is no match for World's standards. Don't get tricked by a single game. Watch LGD professional history through this year. They've lost games, but they came up ahead of everyone else on their region, 3-o'ing the MSI champions.
You're basing your predictions on past games, OG and Fnatic have trained since then. They are two new teams! They look like the most motivated teams for me to win the Worlds
Verrier97 (EUW)
: Fnatic, or origen. EU all the way :P
This year is the year of Europe! ;)
: I agree, MaRin carried that one. But I think that was just the beginning. I wouldn't say picking LeBlanc into Azir is a exact coutnerpick, but it sure is bad to be matched against. I mean they are the diffirent champions. Azir good late, while LeBlanc good early, means its hard for early Azir. When I'd have to rate how did SKT T1 play, I'd say MaRin did well, the others did decently(except for Faker). Faker was just warming up I guess. I think he will do better into the worlds. EDG was great. I think SKT might even lose to them or have a hard time. FNC has no chance(Actually has just saying). I can say that FNC will far, but I definitely would say that they won't win the worlds. I still trust SKT. But when excluding SKT from "who wins at lcs" then I'd say it would be EDG rather than FNC.
Woaw! The game of Origen vs LGD was amazing! In my opinion, I don't think Origen could win if they were to find themselves in the final. LGD shot themselves in the foot with their champions' choice. This was a huge strategic mistake. I don't see LGD qualifying for the final. I think that we have a good chance to see Edward gaming and SKT1 in final even if I would prefer to see a European team winning
: Who will win @worlds?
Hi guys, I have decided to write on the forum to work on my English because I am passionate about Esport! So here's what I thought of Thursday matches for the first match with SKT1 I don't think they did a good performance, I think MaRin carried the game with Fiora and, to me, H2K could only have won if SKT had made some mistakes. They didn't. Edward gaming showed a better team play, I think they are more likely to outweigh SKT1 on saturday. For me, the best teams at the moment are Fnatic and Edward gaming. Fnatic has was excellent everywhere: farming / map control/ rotation/ objective and team play. They were perfect and have a good chance to win the worlds It's difficult to know who are going to win. Let's wait for more results! I'm looking forward to watching the match between LGD and Origen Feel free to share your opinions with me! * take some crisps and a beer, and put on the Worlds on TV *


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