: His a Troller..... be careful playing with him, i Warn you guys he Bought his Account with Real money he got elo boosted. BE CAREFUL!
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Kurotsu (EUW)
: TFT Mobile?
LoL, if u cant wait for riot to release that u can: Get "AnyDesk" on your pc Get "AnyDesk" App on your phone Enjoy the game ! (with anydesk u can remote control ur pc from your phone, and yes i tried it and it works perfect.)
: Lag, much lag
Its 99% ur pc, maybe factory reset ur pc(deletes everything from ur pc and u cant get any data back again once deleted.) , that solves most of problems a pc can get. if u need step by step instructions for that add me in lol
ZawardoJJ (EUW)
: Champion that you can hypercarry with? (1v5 the enemy team)
Im a main support in Gold 2. If i could climb from bronze IV to G2, you can do it too, and you dont need 1v9 chamos or shit like that, u need skill. watch yt guide videos for ur role/champ. Im now hardstuck in g2 (the 8th time i dropped out of g2) and what i do is, watching pros and learning from them and then trying to implement what i learned. So just get ur 3 champs and master them.

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