Renold (EUNE)
: How is the same amont of be lel????I played 2 days and i got 1 lv 1 champ 800 be...and i cant buy nothing...Playng all day long for 2 days could already have 4000+ip...Now i got only 2000 be...Its a very big reduce seriously.Its ballshit.
MadEclair (EUNE)
: >Link to Riot officially stating that the ammount of Rewards stays approx. the same Except that overhaul of leveling system was looking promising only because it would solve the problem of endless grind that League has to offer. Don't get me wrong, I don't have problems with grinding in general but this doesn't not mean that grind in one game cannot be executed badly. And it was... well, **IS** horribly tideous if you're looking forward to getting large champion pool. Fact that new system doesn't change anything is worrying and this is probably why people are upset. This and fact that we're traiting steady income for something _(you don't know what it is and how much it is worth - game doesn't tell you)_ each time you level up. Wich might be off-putting for some players, especially newbies. >Im already used to only getting "real" rewards from leveling up thanks to Overwatch and CS: GO where the system is quite similar. These are cosmetic items only. >And im fine even if Riot would really try to make more money from Champion buys due to the removal of Runes and introduction of Hextech Crafting. Are you also fine with this decission having negative impact on growth of League's playerbase? Because people will talk and express their displeasure with amount of grind this game has and eventually people will start to avoid League due to it's freemium reputation. Even if this change don't directly affect you, you'll feel its impact anyway because after all it's F2P multiplayer game. It needs large playerbase of both casual, hardcore and pro players.
Meh i never thought that the promise of leveling system was to remove the grinding factor of league but then again maybe i misread an official statement regarding this matter, explicitley mentioning their intent to make league less grindey. Maybe you can get me a link. Also in the end you could argue that a player only plays like 1/10 of the champion pool available and every further buy is just for the sake of owning it, making it additional and "cosmetic" because they dont get any real value out of it. I highly doubt that this decision will have such an outright horrendous impact on league playerbase. The system is two days old and i see way too many threads claiming to have the ultimate math, proving that Riot is ripping them off. It was like back then with Flex Queue where everyone and their grandmother was harrassed by premades and no one gave the system a chance to prove itself. You can gain Champion shards with different value but all the people complaining have just drafted the 1 shard low BE value champion. But where are all the people having gained high BE shards? Dont they exist? It would be nice to have some official statistics regarding the gains that were made so far. Most likely it would not prevent people from complaining......
: It's not hidden. 10 normal games and two bot games. You can read what other said, already told them. Does CS:Go have champions? Didn't know that. I thought CS:GO was pure cosmetics. Oh, wait, it is. As for OW, you need to buy it with money, it has a completely different reward system.
Well does not seem that you have played OW.... It has a level system where you gain loot crates to unlock stuff. You do have a point that CS:GO is purely cosmetics. I think you were just unlucky. Like, it is possible to gain one champion shard with a low value like yours but then again you could have also gained another champion shard with more BE / up to 4 Champion shards while leveling up. Generalizing it and making statements about the whole system because u were unlucky _once _ is rather silly. But then again i guess i could relate to this feeling if i would care more about rewards and stuff. Getting %%%%ed by RNG must be bad if you cant enjoy game otherwise. Maybe your more lucky next time.
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des323 (EUNE)
: Ok so iv wanted to buy kled for awhile now but saved up for all these chromas how long will it take to get 6300 be in the past it took a week to two weeks depending but now when i level why the hell are the rewards random champ shards that may or may not be worth something i thought they were trying to take random out of this game also am i the only one that noticed theyve nerfed orange essence for disenchanting if you know the reason please tell me why it was a grind already to get enough oe but not for every two skins disenchanted ull need another to get the same value but the price is still the same to make permanant like wtf??? Why sneak that change through?
Im sorry to mention this but the gains are the same or better with the new system u just need more patience
: Hahaha, not worth leveling, impossible to gather IP/BE like we used too...
Imho youre keeping important information hidden. What type of games did you play? Hw much IP would you have gained in the old system compared to this? Besides the fact that OW and CS:GO work the same way with loot crates and everyone is happy about it.
TTekkers (EUW)
: If you were trying to be funny you missed the mark. If you were trying to be informative you missed the mark by so much you can't even see the mark. That mark is a DOT.
Neither one nor the other. This is a quite realistic and maybe a tad zynic description of the boards.
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: In this case... When you are talking about "other chain abilities" i assume you are refering to Kled's Q?? If so, you have to remind that kled is a bruser... Kled is someone that is meant to stick on top of his target... Because he wont get blown up by someone... Now LeBlanc, if you are forced to stay too close to her target, she can blow up easly... Her E range is high because she is pretty squishy... That is what i think about it... In teamfights, make her E shorter range and she will be "useless" because if she tries to full E someone, she will get in range of the enemy team's frontline.... Well, thats my oppinion... Her damage is high, yes it is... Just like every other assassin... But i dont think her E needs a shorter range...
Not really. There is also Karma and Morg Ult. If you think about it, now that her W is mainly a repositioning tool, you could use it to maintain contact with the enemy she has chained herself too and quickly get out of range by recasting it. So i guess a shorter range would be less of a problem. Im not even talking about much shorter, just enough to be able to flash out of it if you get caught while being on the outer range.
Grandvolt (EUW)
: The whole point of counterplay to the ability is that it isn't an easy skillshot to land so if a lb lands it the tether range guarantee is supposed to be a reward for doing so.
I never found that her E is difficult to land..sure im not high elo or anything so i guess my opinion is not worth much but if you can land hooks or morgana Q or anything similar it seems rather moderate in terms of difficulty.
: Just no. She'd be even more %%%%ed in teamfights. Not saying she is balanced but that is not the solutions with her problem. Maybe increase the range with level in E, considering that is usually the thing maxed last anyway? It's not comparable to some other stuns in the game (I know it's a root btw.) Her teamfights already suck because of her gated burst when ADCs can simply dps you. Edit: It's a skillshot, that forces her to commit.
Might be a idea cause in the early levels its less risky to use it anyways as there are no other opponents to prevent you from finishing the cast.
: No escape?? I mean, unless you are playing with imobile champions, there are lot of champions that can get out of her E... Plus, you can always play behind your minions... Since her E will hit the first unit... LeBlanc doesnt need any change... If you are good with her, you will win... If you are bad with her, you lose... If you know how the champion works, you can counter her... If you dont, you cant... As simple as that... I wanna see what will a LeBlanc do if i play safe, whenever she W (minions to try hit me) and if she hits i stay under tower until passive goes away... Right, she will do nothing... She will be forced to roam if she wants kills (since her build its not that cheap) and that is your chance to push and try to take some towers at midlane... Not hard to counter her right? (Okay, lets forget the fact that with {{item:3146}} {{item:3100}} you are able to 1shot any adc with Q+RQ+Gunblade... But besides that, there are lots of ways to counter her)
Yeah of course dodging a skill shot is always the intented counterplay. Thats not just like this in LB case but with every skill shot based ability. Yet my point was not that its undodgeable but the range of the chain is too long. If you compare it to most other "chain" abilites hers occurs to be the longest one. If you add this to the fact that it also holds one of the higher damages in her kit this seems kinda out of the loop. Edit: If you E + Flash with a Ekko for example and the LB just follows you ever so slightly to maintain the spell you wont break it from my experience.
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IvanBrony (EUNE)
: So about the new skins
Loading borders are usually implemented for updated skins or skins that were not availablle for purchase before, to show other players that you did not bought it but gained it by doing special stuff. For example the Victorious Riven Skin Loading Border, only available for those who had the skin before the remodel / official purchase option.
IvanBrony (EUNE)
: Some animations are missing
Might be that you run the client in low spec mode? It reduces quite a lot of the animations. Its just a tick in the settings.
Yolo Ekko (EUW)
Maybe they should all start playing Tank Supports with{{item:3302}} to never miss them again.
Penskrin (EUNE)
: Champions?
You know Riot as in the company that created league of legends will most likely never ever use 100% of a champion concept made by players. Yet if your idea is well developed and gains a lot of attention it might be a source of inspiration for them they might start building a champion upon. So you could always try i guess.
: Ofc you can carry as Support stop spreading that low elo nonsense. You can almost solocarry as a dmg Support (brand, zyra, velkoz) and you dont need your adc at all there. As to objectives, they are easily earned with your dmg and zoning potential. Typical low elo mentality that supps cant carry.
Theres a difference between the type of supports you mention and the one im tallking about. Ofc carrying with a more independant sup is possible.
: "I can't carry... I'm supp"
I used to play a lot of Soraka back in the season 5 and well you cant carry with a sup. You support the carries in carrying but especially on enchanters in the end its all about your team mates. You can have the best heals, shields and item builds, if your team does not take turrets, dragons, baron or good team fights, but decides to split up and get caught out of position every time, then you are done for. You enable your team, you dont carry.
: How do you stay motivated for ranked.
Well in promotional matches you tend to get matched with players of higher rank, which tends to be sometimes quite a gap related to your normal experience in games. Yet afk, feed, flame does not just happen in promo games, believe me on this. I could easily blame my last four losses in ranked games on my team mates for disconnecting, going afk, feeding like there is no tomorrow. But. Will it help me achieving higher ranks if i do so? No. Of course not. The thing that always helps me about continuing is the knowledge that i can do better than this every time. I just dont feel like i gave my best in games i lost and i yet have to reach a point where the struggle is too hard to climb. So yeah, i get my fair bunch of bad games with team mates from hell, yet in most of my games i can get things rolling and as long as these games happen more often im sure that ill have space to grow.
Ârzo (EUW)
: Who's good, will climb, but the "speed" depends completly on luck
Well not much to add as you have already gained the mature insight that you will climb in the long term if you perform good yet will always get some small stones in your path to climb, lowering your speed. I mean i recently had a losing streak where two of those games where due to an disconnect / afk and the other one was someone picking kha top and vayne mid both going above the 0/10 score. Its tilting but you will just have to learn to live with that. You cant do anything about trolls, afks, flamers and honestly, waiting for this community to mature is a waste of time. Yeah some people grow older, some wiser, yet new players start out every day, being potential trolls, flamers, afk´lers. The problem is, league of legends has such a big community that also the negative parts are increased. Just look at crime rate. If you have 1 criminal in a small village of 100 people its 1% of the population. Just assume that 1% of League community are the mentioned afk, trolls..... and so on. Its always like this. Further we tend to remember the negative experiences more than the positive ones, explaining things like prejudices or bias. Tl; Dr: Just keep on grinding.
: {{item:3109}} is actually pretty bad for the lategame. Statistics have proven that the highest winrate for this item is when it's bought before 30 minutes. Lategame it seems their are plenty other items that scale better. Useally lategame those tanks go {{item:3110}} to cap their cdr. On this point they basicly have no real option to not remove this item. I think this would be a good opportunity to think about replacing the coin line with the Murksphere line (a black market brawlers item): Offcourse they could make some changes towards it: * Murksphere line active is now changed to a passive. The shield will regenerate from time to time. Changing it into an item you actually want to trade with your enemy. The passive is disabled for a while when you kill a minion to prevent abuse by solo lanes. * Murksphere line gold rewards is 5% damage reduction when the shield is active * Murksphere grants you 5% cdr. While the upgraded Swindler's Orb will give you 10% cdr. * Globe of Trust should recipe wise give you 20% cdr. However it will only give you 15% while extending the cdr cap with 5% * New Item Eye of the Luminary (sightstone merge version) * Globe of Trust is the AOE shield skillshot. However the gold rewards with 5% damage reduction will also be aplied to this. {{item:3069}} offcourse need to be reintroduced as an item. Something like {{item:3105}} + {{item:3114}} would be nice.
yeah i was thinking about this one late game item that my build did not include yet i was unable to name it. Because threre is a slot left in my example build. Frozen Heart is the one that finishes my build. Games just dont ever reach that point for me. And Murksphere just seems like a early game version of Face of the Mountain to me.
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: I doubt the lost of health regen be have a hugh impact. The only thing that health regen did for tank support was been able to get bullied less hard in the lane fase. The problem was that they still got bullied hard despite having all this regen and it was only good when they where winning the lane what only happends when the jungler or botlane made a hugh mistake that shouldn't have happend in the first place. It was actually even so bad if a tank support wins lane it was actually a negative experience for the game itself since during how powerless the lane would play out. But despite all that enchanters had way better itematisation options so the managed to catchup in the mid to lategame purely by item synergy and naturally outscaling in the very lategame. Making the tank support not that great when the factor of winning purely depended on their midgame powerspike they had to obtain by outplay and abuse of enemy mistakes. Tank supports have enouge support in the lane fase now. They have the relic line sustain & two keystones that both give them great sustain & trading options. Their was actually nothing wrong with tank supports or their kit. Their issue was entirely involved arround getting outclassed by itematisation & build options depending on how the situation goes. It's still not perfect but compaired to how it is now. It's a massive differents as for outclassing in the area goes. That those untraditional tank supports struggle in the toplane actually has nothing todo with when they are played support. Actually useally when they are strong in the toplane they are strong in the toplane as well. To be fair {{champion:48}} & {{champion:78}} are still really powerfull toplaners. {{champion:48}} has been on the rise for a while now but got pushed back to the ballanced tier when things like AD {{champion:85}}, {{champion:157}} & {{champion:114}} start to apear that we all known are going to get nerfed add some point. Tank supports generally struggle really hard to max out their cdr right now. They useally can't risk to go {{item:3158}} for the needed cdr and most of the health items that grants them reliable tankness are often to expensive or to situational to buy like {{item:3401}}, {{item:2303}}, {{item:3083}}, {{item:3065}}, {{item:3001}} (current version), {{item:3194}}. This was one of the reasons why {{item:3107}} was so popular on them. I agrea that the {{item:3301}} line is still really strange even after all of this. It's clear they are trying to push this item line to catchers (a new class riot came up with). I have a feeling with the extra mana it won't be that bad for {{champion:53}} now. That's probally their goal with these changes. I still think this won't be the last change made towards this item.
Well i was looking rather at Naut when i said weak toplaners went Support. And regarding CDR. My normal Tank Sup Build is {{item:3401}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3117}} {{item:2045}} {{item:3109}} so i agree with the lack of CDR yet i never felt limited. Maybe in prolonged fights but it almost never came to this. And one final thing towards the coin line: Riot said they will most likely pull the changes and think of something different.
: Excuse me but why do People by abyssal?
I mean i would actually buy it on Alistar but not on Lee. Dunno. If i have AP Ratios on my damaging abilites i´d consider it, alongside some good mages in my team. Otherwise just Visage and Adaptive Helmet.
: I think you'll have to delete Yasuo or completely rework him
I think the mindset of banning Yasuo is just: You ban him cause you want your team to not play him. There is way too much complexity in his kit and in lower elos people will outplay themselves. Too many mindless dashes trough minions, bad use of windwall / ultimate. He´s a fine champion with an interesting kit and quite a skill curve but just like {{champion:64}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:429}} there are some champions that you dont want your team mate to play in the lower elo.
: Tanks Supports are coming back to the meta
While i like tank supports in general it´s also a sad thing that many of the champions that will be and are currently played as supports are actually tanks struggling with top lane too much to be played there. Also a lot of % Health Regeneration will be lost on some items, which seems rather bad imo. Sure there is a tradeoff and getting CDR on Tank Supports is rather nice, yet lowering the amount of items with health regen is meh. And {{item:3301}} Rework looks wonky. Mana was no problem with the new passive and the coin drops. Rest is kinda fine imo.
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ShadWooo (EUNE)
: no because technical issues happens
As i already mentioned i think the ammount of players affected might be neglible in this case.
: yh u are so right . ,, people have lifes. anything can happen while playing a game house on fire ? sure 10 games of normals. your child needs attention ? for example pain or scared ? sure 10 normal games someone at your door . maybe important people (work , bill collectors etc ? sure give it 10 more normal games . you are pretty stupid to think that the only type of humans here . are children , online games will always have people with situations . just get over it or play later in the night and im 100% positive you will not have afker's (maybe toilet but afk for the first 2 min isnt a big of deal .
Thanks for assuming my intelligence based on an thread i made in an online game forum. If you have read it which i doubt, you could have seen there was never something like 10 normals games as punishment. I think a higher LP Loss is something people are more willing to accept as it may be equal to one maybe two ranked games to get back to their old standart. If it happens to be an emergency like the house catching fire, baby crying and so on i highly doubt that you would be upset about some mere lp and if yes then your priorities in life are kinda mhm.
Ârzo (EUW)
: Am I the only one feeling like to be useless as adc?
You know that is something i also tend to think on every other class. My favourite tanks seem to be made out of paper once a teamfight starts, getting shred faster then i can CC anything. Mages feel way less bursty due to more MRes on everyone and dont get me even started on assassins. In the end im most likely just playing them wrong.
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abraklaas (EUW)
: Off topic uninteresting random page dont waste your time
Dont you have to count the female yordles as well? They all have some kind of fur.
Possible (EUW)
: Please provide me with some form of evidence that kids are more toxic than adults are. As far as I know kids are not more toxic than adults.
This was not purely about Toxicity. You can also get reported due to a team mate having a bad day and reporting everyone just for the cause of it. Or someone going AFK during a match. I´d expect going afk for whatever reasons more from children. Like it´s time to eat for them or the parents saying they should rather do their homework than playing.
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: Hahhahah, ok let's make it clear dude. They just got buffed massively:{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} * {{item:3053}} buffs * {{item:3026}} changes {{item:3102}} was rarely build on those guys. {{item:3065}} provided much better stats including cdr. And keep in mind they still have {{item:3156}} was basicly forces the enemy into building {{item:3135}} just for having this got dam thing.
Steraks is Juggernaut / Fighter Item GA is for ADCs now Maw is also Fighter. And lets not talk about Void Staff which is the only % MPen Option in the game and a must buy in every mage Build these Days.
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Coterus (EUNE)
: Good bye "Attack Speed" and Hello "Criticals"
I mean in the best of Worlds Ashe, Twitch and Kalista would be still viable along with the Crit ADC´s
Evoki11 (EUNE)
: What champion would you rework?
{{champion:36}} Just because id love to see what Riot can do with him. His Personality has so much potential but aside from spamming cleavers like you would expect from the Madman of Zhaun there is much more that could be implemented. Further there are a lot of older champions just waiting to get a new and shiny modell + kit to stay strong in the modern era of League of Legends.
: Yasuo induced burning rage!!!
Does Naut Q count as a knock-up? If yes then yeah he should maybe have used the ultimate. If no, well...not much to Ult there. Also there might have been other factors making him decide not to use his Ultimate: * A canon minion * Brain-Afk due to the unexpected occasion of getting a gank * A Bird flying outside of his house catching his attention * A giant meteor crashing in his garden The thing is, as you have already discovered for yourself: Never expect your team mates to do anything useful. No Follow-Up on Ganks, no Peel for the Carry in a Teamfight, no focus on objectives instead of chasing kills. It will only frustrate you to assume rational behaviour from your team. It gets better if you climb higher but even then there might be certain events where everything goes wrong and that carefully build house of cards falls together due to one gust of Yasuo Tornado.
BIuePaw (EUW)
: There's a Lee Sin every single game for 2 entire seasons
Look the thing is. Nerfing wont remove him, unless we are talking about a good old gutting. He has just too many things going for him that he will always remain on top of the popularity charts. For Example: * Cool Archetype : Ripped Martial Artist with sassy quotes (Bonus for Blind) * Used by many YouTubers/ Streamers for their montages due to versatile kit and flashy play making * Build-Path Options * Played in the LCS * Lots of nice Skins * Strong Early Ganks * Not as limited by the Map due to Ward-Hopping as other Jglers * Mastery Curve * Viable across all Elos
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: When is Dreadnova Darius Coming Out ?
He might already be available but this Skin is Crafting Exlusive so you might either gather 10 Gemstones or be lucky with Skin-Shards from Chests.
: Midseason Durability - Goals and Direction
I dont understand your post. Basically you want Mundo buffed in some kind of way? Besides that the value of Sunfire Cape was always standing in the middle of the enemy team therefor the quote of Split-Push vs Teamfight is not really logic i guess. Besides Warmogs got a neat buff which might help Mundo as its passive procs with less health and has less downtime against minions and monsters.
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