: [Fun Activity] Can you think of a Champion kit from any of the following images? (16 images)
2. Ivern 3. Akali with katana instead of kama 4. Young Ezreal 7. Swain 8. Warwick 14. Project Zed
: Minion Block - at the cost of tilt
Well, it's not only the hitboxes of the minions that are the problem. Solving this properly means looking into the following: * Hitbox of the champion * Visual size of the champion * Hitbox of the minions * Visual size of the minions * Pathing Your solution is if I remember correctly already present in the game. But if it's not, it is certainly a good start. What they also could improve upon is the pathing. Right now it is garbage. Yes, it is a complicated mechanic but it is not something that can't be fixed. Your example nr. 6 shows this perfectly. All he minions are standing still yet Garen starts moving awkwardly. This should simply not be happening. If a path has been calculated the first run then that path should not change if nothing else changes (except for the unit following the already established path). Issuing a ranged command (like attacking/ability) over a wall should not redirect your champion around the wall if you can just as well cast it over the wall. Nor should clicking on a wall redirect you to the other side (if you clicked over the mid point of the wall). Things like immediately changing the path 180°, because say Taliyah walled you off, should not really be in the game. It leads to frustration as your champion starts all of a sudden walking in the other(wrong) direction. This is of course (partly) solved by clicking as often as possible close to your champion. But because there are other moving hitboxes in the game, such as minions, you will need to update the path frequently to make sure the unit arrives at the correct location. In Dota 2 these problems are addressed by introducing a "direct pathing" option, which removes all pathing calculations and only moves your hero in a straight line. The former criticism of me can thus be ignored if this is implemented and the focus can be on walking around/trough minions.
: > [{quoted}](name=HeärtNeT,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=WwzaEGze,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-09T11:33:09.095+0000) > > I think Jax is pretty balanced. > > Ok you listed his pro but what about his weaknesses? > > Jax doesn't have the best laning phase and is not that strong early if he doesn't have a good start. Also his build requires a lot of Gold. So you need to make it happen somehow. > > He is a bit of an "all or nothing" champ that snowball great but if you do 10 games with him you will probably not get fed every game (assuming you play at your level). Yes he has a E with a relatively low cooldown but it still requires timing and without this E he would be literally defenseless with no CC. Jax can play really safe early if he wants to. E to evade harass, Q to jump away. He gets Triforce and Titanic and he is on a roll. Considering u dont int and go even early, you will be a beast regardless. Once you get Trif Titanic, You start getting fed on champions, quickly getting the other items. Just because his build is expensive, doesn't mean he should be getting that much resistances from R. Take a look at irelia, Almost same build, She doesn't get free armor nor counterstrikes yet she is considered OP. Jax E has 5 sec CD. You can kite out until it is up since Q has 3 sec CD. About Timing? Didn't quite get what you meant there.
Spamming Q and E drains your mana quite quickly. E to evade harass: 16s cd early on, plenty of time for the opponent to take over the lane. Q to escape? Either need minions or a ward. This comparison between jax and irelia is nonsense, irelia has a different kit with different strengths.
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: I'm not complaining about her damage to champions and she was only pressing R to take down 3 but this is a turret, especially nexus turret. It must be more tanky because there is nothing to defend nexus behind it.
nexus turrets are the least tanky
: why is garen allowed to be in his current state?
Garen's early game isn't the strongest, but sure classify him as a bully (he can be bullied as well easily though) His late game is much worse. (check wr) Generally there are 2 tactics in the late game: splitpush or teamfight. He can clear waves quite decently but his 1v1 potential drops enormously to the point where most fighters and some tank out duel him. His team fighting isn't all that great either, as Garen you have little options. All you do is cha... no... yeh... charge in and pray you have enough damage to kill your target in one rotation, that is, provided you reach your target. Most likely there will be another champion in the way preventing your obvious and relatively slow approach. This all is further complicated if your target decides _oddly enough_ to move away from you. When you finally reach your target somehow, and you, having calculated your damage to be just enough, unload your stats leisurely while your target waits nicely inside your spin range, you conclude that against all odds your target still lives! While the last of your strength fades, and your screen starts turning gray, you see an enchanter in the distance. grinning. Your target steps lively over your dead body, and as if nothing has happened, proceeds to murder the rest of your mates. Okay, I got carried away. Sorry.
: The "way of doing it" that you not describe here, you should define that precisely. Don't just say "there is a way". Actually say what the way is and then make it a rule or at least a value that is promoted. You should take that over to NA and the moderation team there, because they are so absolutely not receptive for any kind of feedback regarding how players should communicate. I think the goal should be that you get players to understand before they judge. That they express their opinion using facts and logic. This should be promoted but it really isn't, it's all about political correctness, topics that you are not allowed to talk about, not "being offensive". The voting system promotes an environment where logic and reason do not matter and it's all about liking or disliking something. But you cannot challenge somebodies ideas without the risk of making them feel offended. And it doesn't matter that they feel offended, it's not harmful, it's important. Me and others tried so hard to get this damn moderation team to understand this, they do not care, I probably wasted hours there for just nothing. Please read all of this, every single comment. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-moderation/d1ZpVMQ8-is-moderation-affected-by-the-popularity-of-an-opinion https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-moderation/LmsEE6aZ-herald-evangele-be-consequent-at-enforcing-your-rules-or-reconsider-them https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-moderation/U5p75LTV-even-tho-recent-threadscomments-are-towards-riot-members-twitterboards-spree?comment=0002 https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-moderation/PAkJ9pGY-i-will-try-to-quit-using-boards-but-hear-me-out https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-moderation/YAvhEMKr-mods-are-trying-to-kill-the-discussion-about-riots-planned-sjw-brainwashing They even made this hilarious attempt to create an elite gameplay+ board where everything gets approved by them and then a) they are not promoting reasoning but instead you can argue based on feelings like "i think this is frustrating therefore it's an issue, here are my solutions: remove, rework" b) the rules are again too soft and not precise, for example I discussed with a mod about what they consider a hyperbole or thoughtful analysis and literally nothing come out of this, other than that they have authority and I apparently can't convince them to come up with a logical justification. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-moderation/ByB8yWJk-my-thoughts-on-the-new-gameplay-board c) flaws that have already been adressed by many users like the voting system are still there, just without downvotes, but this does absolutely nothing, whether you vote up or down doesn't matter, but the result matters and the result is always that discussions in progress get promoted or suppressed by people who push a button and do nothing else. it's just wrong. It's almost like NA is mentally corrupt so you really can't talk about anything, but this is where Rioters post and get most feedback. They don't even make a difference between "i think " or "i feel like", as if feeling something is equal to thinking. Well, think about what that means.
> a) they are not promoting reasoning but instead you can argue based on feelings like "i think this is frustrating therefore it's an issue, here are my solutions: remove, rework" I can see the value in reason and why it should be promoted, but do not think it the only way to communicate meaningfully. Neutrality or objectivity on a matter is practically impossible when you have an opinion on said matter. As feeling (and thus opinion) is a big part of the game it should also matter and not be ignored or discarded as "just opinions". Ofcourse, it should be distinguished from reason and it should be weighed to the right degree. I think making a seperate board for short posts and/or (highly) opinionated posts might solve distinguishing the two. Also, this way opinionated posts get judged by other opinions and reasoned posts get judged by (hopefully) reason as most of the opinionated people will be on another board. But sadly this still leaves your b) and c)
: any root will prevent people from dashing... singed sticky pool, cassio miasma, etc... you cant dash or flash while standing on it... and stuns will also prevent any dashes from happening, unless they are unstopable like malp/ww ults... "Heck I could make up my own cc and put it in here." - exactly... you proved my point... you could make stuff up and put it there, which isnt true... anyway i dont get the point of all of this... im happy you had fun creating this epic scenario where morde is op, but this wont get anywhere... the funny part is... you asked for opinions and feedback and quickly disregarded everything to justify your point of view with completly made up stuff like mid air roots and stuns (which was hilarious btw... thanks for that)
A root will perhaps prevent champions from dashing. But it wont interrupt the dash if it is going. If you were unaware of this: a champion can't be stopped mid dash by stuns or roots for example. Some abilities however do interrupt dashes mid-air while you would not expect them to. The additional effect these abilities have is called knock down. Singed and Cassiopeia apply grounded (which disables movement abilities) but do not interrupt a dash mid-air I said **here** (in this tread), not **there** (on the wiki). Your inability to read or to understand things does not make them false or wrong. I am willing to answer your questions but I can't help you when you refuse to accept what I say. You gave your opinion and I respect that. But that does not mean on all fronts I should agree with you. In this case I disagreed and tried to give you reasoning behind my standpoint yet of no avail.
: Notice also that I listed the possibility that he is slowed while channelling his E. -> sure he is slowed... but the enemies are also slowed and increased slow over time... The wiki has this listed as CC, I encourage you to take a look at it. -> the wiki's are always made by the fanbase, which means the info isnt 100% accurate... and the CC name that appears on to top of the character ingame isnt anything of what you described... jinx is root (https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/game-info/champions/Jinx/) and veigar is a stun (https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/game-info/champions/Veigar/) there you go... official info... Insane sustain->passive has damage reduction, W has a shield, and E heals him... what you want to create isnt a heavy CC tank like the ones you mentioned... you want to create a CC character with lots of damage (by lots of damage i dont mean high burst skills like zoe, but every skill IS a damage skill... even the passive deal damage...) also top that with the sustain i just mentioned previouslly... ill say it again... the kit is TOO heavy...
But it does not make him more mobile, which was the point. Perhaps info is not 100% accurate, but it is miles better than what Riot offers. A normal root would not be able to disrupt normal dashes. Nor would a normal stun. Yet both abilities do so. And even then it does not matter what type of cc they have or whatever you opinion on a wiki is. Heck I could make up my own cc and put it in here.
: Holding keys down seems a tricky business to me.
It's part of the fun :)
: being able to move while casting stuff, is in fact mobility... not only dashes or jumps... also i dont get that new type of CC you just mentioned... there is no knockdowns so far in the game and whats with the mid air thing? overall the kit you are saying is too heavy... either he has insane sustain or he has all that cc... both things will just create a cancer champion worse than zoe or the new akali...
Okay, so look at it this way Current: Instant cast, cost, damage and shield. Concept: Instant cast, cost and (obviously) less damage, afterwards a possibility of a channel with cost, cc, healing and damage. Sure it adds more effects, but it also requires more effort of Mordekaiser and introduces more counterplay. Result of this change should be that the total damage of this ability is slightly higher, but spread out over more time and with longer cooldown. Notice also that I listed the possibility that he is slowed while channelling his E. I could have gone ahead and make his E rotatable instead of movable, But rotation would be much less of a use in many situations and it would work clunky with attacking... You being ignorant of that type of cc is not surprising as it seems Riot goes out of their way to tell as little details as possible. [The wiki](https://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Types_of_Crowd_Control#Knockdown) has this listed as CC, I encourage you to take a look at it. In short it stops dashes/ enemies who are in the air. Veigars E or jinx' E both have this effect. Insane sustain from where? Current Mordekaiser has this problem where he gains a shield for a percentage of the damage done and has healing on his W. I moved the healing to his E, made it heal over the duration instead and made it a skillshot. and all of a sudden he has insane sustain? Really, he does not have the cc to lock someone from afar nor the mobility to quickly close the gap nor has he burst to kill them in a short time frame. No, his cc is close ranged and/or delayed. And even if he had "all this cc" I believe he wouldn't be a worse problem than Zoe. Take for example Nautilus, I don't see many players complaining about him having too much cc. Or any other tank: Alistar, Braum, Sejuani Zac, Maokai. Let's be honest, he does not even come close to any of these in terms of cc.
: so... knock ups, stuns, slows and grounded... plus self heals and shield... why not give him also true damage somewhere like every new champion/rework? ohh and to make the cherry on top of the icecream... give him a supression cc when dancing... no ... just no ... too much CC, sustain and mobility while doing all that? there is no way...
He has no mobility, which even less when considering he does have ms buff now. He already has sustain with his W, I moved it to his E. He already has self shielding. There is no knockup, but a knockdown. which does nothing to units except when they are mid-air. **Potentially** (if it works) a small stun on hitting the Q just right. 2 Slows, of which one is minor and the other one can be dodged. The slows are there to stick onto his targets and allow him to build something else then Rylai's and moreover, it makes him less feast or famine as cc is generally not linked to items. It also let's him to a degree deal with his weakness which is good as it creates more interactivity.
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Kurotsu (EUW)
: Press Spacebar to accept match
What, a QoL? They don't have the manpower to do such things man...
person (EUW)
: To be honest I hate this idea lol. sometimes when you are in chat typing with someone, and at the right exact moment the accept things appears, you are still able to write in the chat. I dont know if thats intended or a bug, doesnt matter, i LIKE IT. I like to be able to keep typing in teh chat. and obviously when you type, you use the spacebar... to .. make spaces between words. If OPs idea was implemented, I couldnt do that anymore. Furthermore, why spacebar and not enter??? (also wouldnt like enter because that still prohibits me from typing with accept button on screen)
chatting should restrict other uses of those keys, just like in game.
: > You turned Akali's dry and calm personality to a rebelous teen One could also argue that her lines portrayed her as being dry and calm because there was no personality injected into those lines. Akali's previous lore was that she was a prodigy in martial arts and she's part of an order which tries to keep the world in balance - and that's it. That lore is fine, but it's a little thin and reads mighty like an edgy anime story :) Akali was always a teen, even in her previous lore. Ultimately, her new lore and character reflects how a teenager who was a prodigy might feel when their home, the Kinkou order, is taken over by Zed (remember that Zed was released *after* Akali was so even though they were in the same order for a time, Akali's viewpoint of Zed was never expressed in the story). I guess what I'm saying is that Akali sounds like an edgy teen because.. she is. She's probably in her late teens (I don't have an exact age for you since it's not in the lore), she's seeing her homeland being torn apart and her people dying and she's being told to sit put because balance dictates all things. ---- I don't have anything to comment on Aatrox because I don't really know his lore all that well. But not every champion is an edgy teenager. You've picked three that sound particularly edgy including one that was changed a long time ago. What about all the champions in between, like Zoe, Irelia?
I don't know the champion you referred to as "one changed a long time ago" but Evelynn rework is not even a year old (7.20). ___ OP is referring to the reworks and not to champions in general (although it might seem like that) He seems a bit angry but mostly sad and disappointed to me. Specifically about the voice lines, but i doubt this is specifically about edgyness (not really in to that stuff)... I rather think it is about the loss of the identity those champions had. Reworking a champions always sacrifices some identity. Most lores and skills are not that identity defining, play styles, visual, thematic and **voice lines** are quite a bit more defining. As more identity gets changed, more players will feel they lost something (rightfully so). The part they liked about that champions is straight up gone, and will most likely never return. Unless the part removed is replaced with something better (for them), this feel of loss won't subside quickly. Parts that are often and easily replaced with something better are the visuals and the abilities. But keep in mind it is all a question of taste. The rework can be deemed successful (by Riot and/or a lot of players) but for those players it is not. Most players don't care about if it makes sense now. We don't care that said champion is this way because something happened to them in lore. Especially looking at how lightly Riot takes ret-conning things (you really shouldn't!), the lore is not important if you like for example the gameplay. Same with the voice lines players get attached to over the years as they hear them every time they play that champion. There are a lot of different things people can get attached to with the voice lines: the tone at which is spoken, the message conveyed, the personality (embedded in those lines), the way things are said or special effects in those lines and probably some more. As this is such a big part of the identity (again, you hear them every game, unconsciously or not) any change in either of them can lead to it that some players feel they lost something and makes altering quite a risk. Altering more means that more players feel the loss more profoundly. So when players are asking for a revert or call a certain rework a failure keep in mind that more often than not, not the entire rework is meant. Only a part, but for them a significant enough part. When doing a rework it is smart to keep in mind that more does not mean better. Changing Identity defining aspects should not be taken lightly as they are very risky and will cause upheaval ___ tl/dr: We don't care if it makes sense lore wise, we lost and miss the old... (insert anything here) _voicelines _ ___ ___ **A few examples on how I got attached to certain identities.** {{champion:39}} Take the latest Irelia rework for example. For me, the voice lines are okay, visuals are neat, and I had not read her old lore so initially indifferent about that one, in hindsight new lore is quite good. But her new play style is not what I liked about her before, and for me it's not an improvement as I prefer playing bruiser top. Not assassin-y mid. The play style changed too much. {{champion:266}} The Aatrox rework has been a lot of debate about. Visual, abilities, gameplay and voicelines and lore. Almost sums up the complete champion. The visuals were a question of taste, and for me the least changed identity aspect. The playstyle went from on-hit or attack based focussed to AD caster with some seemingly clunky abilities. The lore got ret-conned into something even more confining. And the voicelines changed a lot, pretty much all the things I mentioned above were changed. Whenever I played Aatrox, I felt strangely courageous or inspired due to some of his lines. In that sense his voicelines matched his lore pretty well in which he inspired whole armies. The mysterious vibe was also quite intriguing. For me, all that had to change to Aatrox was some of his kit. His Voicelines could have been extended if necessary. {{champion:90}} Or a more distant rework of Malzahar. Voicelines and lore stayed the same but the play style altered and a certain ability (W) was quite mediocre (very unreliable). Initially big loss, almost wouldn't play him again if not for his cool thematic/visuals (potentl void magic, powerful sorcerer). Over a lot of patches (~10), I had adopted to a new playstyle I liked (and needed), namely battlemage top. And the end of those 10 patches I felt quite good and proud about playing him, got some skins on him and unlocked level 6/7 emote. Sadly he was apparently too strong and got nerfed, changed and nerfed again, to a point he could no longer be played top. (needless to say how it ended)
: They should just bring back the legacy client, like, if people wanted to play in the new client, they would have an option to open it, and if they wanted to play in old client, they would have an option to play in the legacy client, it's so dumb how they just retired it. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Legacy client doesn't add anything else, if not more bugs. And two clients makes it more difficult to ship features.
: I didnt see the redemption stats ;)
Oh that? Don't worry about it! The wiki has got you covered. Just like with so many other details Riot "forgot" to mention./s
: Redemption (Runic Bulwark) and Ahri P incorrect tooltip
Luckily it's a simple wording error. So it can be fixed quite quick. But hey, why would they fix that? they don't get more players by fixing it so...
JustClone (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rouwhorst,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=mVZQK9WG,comment-id=000700010000000000000000,timestamp=2018-07-05T13:52:13.850+0000) > > Well, you were the one claiming it would go trough so technically speaking you should provide the evidence. > But I will make a clip of it as it's almost no effort. > So.. here it is: [https://streamable.com/5f1uh](https://streamable.com/5f1uh) > Yes it's short due to size restrictions but longer is not necessary. does his Q goes on cooldown?
JustClone (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rouwhorst,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=mVZQK9WG,comment-id=0007000100000000,timestamp=2018-07-05T09:24:28.562+0000) > > Okay, show a recent clip to me of any other melee attack going trough fizz' E. > If you can, it will be significant evidence that blitz E is not bugged and what you claim is true. > > _I've tried this with Garen Q and Leona Q in practise tool and they didn't hit._ And what do I get? otherwise: Okay, show a recent clip to me of any other melee attack not going trough fizz's E. If you can, it will be significant evidence that blitz E is bugged and what you claim is true. _Hasan the Honest one, saw how I hit the Q._
Well, you were the one claiming it would go trough so technically speaking you should provide the evidence. But I will make a clip of it as it's almost no effort. So.. here it is: [https://streamable.com/5f1uh](https://streamable.com/5f1uh) Yes it's short due to size restrictions but longer is not necessary.
JustClone (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rouwhorst,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=mVZQK9WG,comment-id=00070001,timestamp=2018-07-04T13:10:54.144+0000) > > A normal basic attack will fizzle, just like a turret bolt will disappear when fizz hops on his E. > Blitz E is listed on the wiki as possibly bugged. Blitz E is not bugged, like at all. And it concerns melee attacks.
Okay, show a recent clip to me of any other melee attack going trough fizz' E. If you can, it will be significant evidence that blitz E is not bugged and what you claim is true. _I've tried this with Garen Q and Leona Q in practise tool and they didn't hit._
: Well... I think it's just another one of those instances where League is being inconsistent, like with the Teemo "Move Quick" ability. On every ability, after the name it says the level of the ability in parenthesis after a space. On the Teemo W the space is missing. Also, Fizz is untargetable but turret shots and shit disappear if he uses E while the shot is on its way. With Zed I think that point and click abilities like a Fiddlesticks E will follow him and do the damage if he has ulted somebody, but a skillshot like the Ahri kiss that you talked about will miss.
Fiddle E should still disappear. His tether [W] however persists on untranslatability when cast beforehand.
JustClone (EUNE)
: Auto attacks cannot be evaded by distance or becoming untargetable. This is why for example {{champion:53}} knock-up will pull champions like {{champion:8}} or {{champion:105}} out of their state. It is very common to see this actually, right after pull , fizz will click E, and the stun will interrupt him in the middle of the first dash.
A normal basic attack will fizzle, just like a turret bolt will disappear when fizz hops on his E. Blitz E is listed on the wiki as possibly bugged.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: The window is very small. Not to mention the fact that untergetable doesn't mean undamagable. Any and all projectiles will land before the shadows briefly disappear or after they reemerge. Altho you can't still target zed that time, he is past the actua' untargetable stage where he can avoid damage or even skillshots
0.75 seconds according to the wiki, https://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Untargetable projectiles will not land but rather disappear. Things like ignite will keep ticking, but karthus R can be dodged this way.
Metharius (EUW)
: i really do not know why they madea 120 on his voice (but hey galio was worst with a complete 180) .. it feel like i am playing with edgy collossus
Well, Galio's was more expected as he would get a complete overhaul plus his identity wasn't as strong Aatrox's.
Rift Crab (EUNE)
: And they said they would not do a complete rework for Aatrox. Oh, the lies. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
well they kept a dash and a revive... that was his identity...right... right?!
: BUGS - Garen Q interaction with Stormrazor and Statikk Shiv
Yeah shiv hits before the attack goes trough. This Happens with Garen's Q and Ekko's E. As the attack did not happen yet, Shiv won't guaranteed crit.
LordChampa (EUNE)
: i should add damage scaling? So in my mind the armor is one of the darkins. The armor is a darkin so thats why he is "the Blooded Armor". Basically its an armor, and the person in it is a blood figure, something like Zac(jelly figure). That blood figure is the "Slither" i mentioned, the one that takes control after u cast a Blood Wish. The passive, read carefully - so u have a health bar, and its devided. one part of it is normal health, and the other is 5 - 15 times the total armor which is counted as health. When Abgore uses a Blood Wish he sends his armor(loses the armor based health), and he is left in his Slither form which has 390 movement speed to cover up the missing health and act more like an assassin. Furthermore, the playstyle is like first cast ulti sending the armor to create opening for your team or yourself, and then use 1 - 3 Slither abilities to deal more damage, finishing with a second cast ulti to return the armor, return the second part of health(the armor one). when Abgore loses his armor based health his ulti goes on a larger cooldown, and thats that.
No damage scaling is not necessary. There is a bit of ambiguity with the word armor in your post, as it is also a gameplay mechanic. Replace for example all the visual armor with "blood armor" You could look into rephrasing the Innate/passive a little bit to prevent confusion. The visualisation of the character you gave me should definitely be included into the original post (at the start), perhaps even more extensive. Visuals are hard to describe, so if you find a fitting picture that could help. Don't force this as fitting pictures are hard to come by and should match your idea, if they don't, it can do more bad than good.
LordChampa (EUNE)
: [Champion] Abgore ,the Blooded Armor [Concept]
Perhaps you should add more details and background information. I have no idea how your character would look. If i understand correctly this champion has to use his R before he can use any other ability? I don't understand the passive fully. Another thing is that all the blood wish abilities seem to have the same initial part: "charge the armor in a line..." Which could make it difficult to play against and will make the kit probably a bit dull.
: I definitely think there's an argument to be made that the current runes aren't satisfying, but OP seems to be referring more to effectiveness than satisfaction.
Well, the OP perhaps did not phrase it very well, but I think he wants a special keystone for mages. This is indicated by "can AP Mages get a rune that better works for them?" and "So it would be nice for Mages to have something unique to them" and a few examples of others stealing 'their' runes. The strength in power budget terms or in raw damage is I think not a point the OP is concerned with. You focussed on the examples he provided to prove why he thinks a new or better runes are necessary, I too disagree with the way he tried to tell this, but that is not the point. Your whole post kind of missed it's goal and only focussed on his argumentation, not the main point. And even though a lot of runes might be used by mages, this does mean those are great options. At most it would mean they are the best option available. OP wants a pure mage keystone, completely tailored to ~~his~~ their needs, just like some other classes have. effectiveness in this sense lies close to satisfaction.
: Mages already have plenty of *keystones* accessible to them and generally speaking only used by them! > Summon Aery is a support rune and is only decent on a few champions It's actually not a support rune; it's great on anyone who wants to trade frequently, especially when there is a range disparity (ie you are ranged and the opponent is melee). - Orianna - Swain - Azir (who can also go comet) - Diana - Karthus - Kassadin - Malzahar (who also goes spellbook and comet) - Taliyah - Viktor - Vladimir (who also goes spellbook and electrocute) It's a great rune for lane dominance. > Arcane Comet is way too slow and is used on ADC's as well, like Lucian and Jhin Lucian almost exclusively runs Press the Attack. Both MF and Jhin run Comet because they can proc it easily with their slow/root. It's still a powerful rune and does a lot of damage if you can reliably land it, which is the niche it is meant to fill: it's much better on champions with 100-0 combos who cannot reliably proc Electrocute, who want to trade infrequently, or who have some kind of slow or CC to guarantee it landing. Champions like: - Lux - Anivia - Azir - Brand - Lissandra - Malzahar - TF - Ryze (rarely) - Vel'Koz - Veigar (who also goes spellbook) - Xerath - Ziggs - Zilean Then you have the other keystones commonly run by mid lane mages: Phase Rush, Spellbook and Electrocute, taken for mobility, lane safety/utility and all-in potential respectively. Phase Rush and Spellbook in particular are mostly taken by mid laners, with a couple of supports and top laners taking Spellbook in professional play. Personally, I think mage keystones are fine; if anything I'd like to see some of the changes to Sorcery or Inspiration reverted somewhat as right now those trees feel really bad to take (particularly the Nullifying Orb/Ultimate Hat/Manaflow Band row). The only instances where I'd say rune has been poached by other roles would be when boots/stopwatch were just bonkers and not mutually exclusive and when comet was stronger it was poached by top laners (looking at you, Camille). Note: not on the balance team, just my opinion as a mid main :)
The problem I think the OP is pointing at is that the keystones for mages do not feel perfect for them. Sure, they might be strong or not, that is not the question. They are just lacklustre, they do not play up our imagination, they do not feel exciting. As the OP said: "Summon Aery is a support rune". Perhaps mages use them, maybe even with success, but it's just not very exciting that you get some extra damage on your spells with on minor cooldown. On top of that, not all mages have the ability to shield or heal allies, making you feel as if you only have half a rune (suboptimal use). Comet on the other had is quite weirdly designed where the opponent has tools to negate the effect, whereas the user does not have any way to counteract this except when they have sufficient CC in their kit. If this 'prerequisite' so to speak is met, the opponent has on his turn no way to negate it. Besides that, it forces you to use a specific ability first (the one with cc), even if your optimal or preferred pattern is otherwise. Both of these keystones suffer from a problem where the activation is just "damage an enemy champion"(with an ability in Comets case) and the effect is solely potentially more damage. There is no moment of power, no window of opportunity. This starkly contrasts with the precision page... Phase rush on the other hand can be quite difficult to activate, this is however not the biggest reason why it does not feel great. The effects are mostly underappreciated or overlooked. The bonus movement speed is so little that it feels as if it has no impact, let alone the normally invisible part where it gives slow resist. Again, in most cases you won't be using the slow resist so its somewhat suboptimal. More sound and visual effects might fix this underappreciation. Besides that, "why would I need movement speed when i can deal more damage". In short there are other keystones that give more directly useful stuff. Perhaps the reason why mages have "bad" keystones is because of the lack of stat levers they have. But I think you guys can do better. Here a small list of most of the possible stats you can provide for a generic mage (or deprive): Ap/magic pen (damage), Spellvamp/health (in shield form preferably) (durability), mana/mana regen (resource) and CDR, MS and range (utility). A few ideas: Spellvamp can in this way be gated behind a cooldown and bypass the problems the passive spellvamp had. CDR can be (partially) refunded on next spell cast. Range of spells could increase. Or do something crazy like "all bonus AD is converted to AP" and/or "critchance on spells" or a rune that allows mages to use powerful basic attacks. Please come up with something more novel for the mages!
DutchPro (EUW)
: Odd that you take the multibillionair's side on this. The 'people' you are talking about are is the independent administrative body with its own legal personality. Funded by the government. (https://www.kansspelautoriteit.nl/organisatie/) You accusing them of doing it only for the money is basicly just like all the people who see conspiracy theories in everything. The fines are paid to the goverment, and their loans are paid by the goverment, irrelivant of the fines they give... Not only they decide to fine they also decide to stop the companies from selling their games. You just busted your own previous arguments by admitting they exploit gamlbing addiction and going into this conspiracy. The fact that they are doing is because people are spending huge amount of moneys on chances of getting good stuff, without really realising what they are doing. They urge the companies to protect the youth from themselves, not for their own personal gains...
Being so closely connected to the government, they are automatically suspicious. Whatever they say does not alter that. The article doesn't make clear what they have decided to do yet, the possibilities are stated though.
Spárta (EUW)
: New locket can not make it to live..
That thing has a delay you know? Assassins can still oneshot before the support has reacted and the zone activates. It's rather bruisers who are going to get the biggest hit. They can't get and/or kill the backline quick enough before the zone has activated.
: As far as I can tell, no one has been in the Void. The most anyone has been to is the caverns and caves that the Void has created/broken through into.
So... Kai'Sa refers to the caves as the void? That creates misconceptions and can lead to wrong idea's either about the void or about Kai'Sa. Well, I guess that makes my post more valuable.
Èclair (EUNE)
: I think they implied that she escaped through the collapsed village to the Void and then she lived there. It's just that her bio kinda misses the point and fails to focus on more interesting bits that are, as I said, only implied and not explained. It says that she is the _"hunter of the Void"_ and they are going for that theme with her VO. Upon respawning she states: > "In the void, I had no one, I was a doomed outsider. Here, people are everywhere, and they are all mine." And there are probably many other quotes I just can't be asked to dig up.
Correction: her title is "Daughter of the Void" which kinda implies that she was born from it... I found some contradictions in her lore too. She says the void is not so much a place, but then talks a few times about "in/from the void".
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The Tuner (EUW)
: What if critical strikes are not random?
Well, in doing this poke or crit (champions) will become immensely strong since they can attack when a crit is stored up. Buying only a slight bit of crit becomes very valuable, since you have so much control over it. Besides that, the trading pattern will increase in complexity since you have to take into account how much crit you and your opponent have stacked up. It will become a sort of mini game like Cait's passive, which is okay, but not liked by everybody. Just like with Cait, Jhin and Kled, you want to save this empowered attack to hit the enemy with, not to last-hit a minion. But this moment will come sooner or later and then you have to make this choice: minion, or zoning strength? By using it on a minion your zoning strength effectively decreases which somewhat forces you back. These types of choices are not that fun to make. I don't think this is the right way to do it, neither is adding simply % bonus AD as is often suggested. I could post my idea here, but probably nobody is interested or will not even read my post let alone if I increase the length by adding it here. No, if you want to know you have to ask me or search my profile history.
: Opinion on Gangplank Nerfs (Discussion)
Well if it is or causes a disadvantage to use your barrel in the brush, then why would you even use it? Nobody is forced to use their barrel to check the brush. So it is clearly not a punishment, at most a trade off. I would even argue that it is a very valuable option to have, considering the impact it can have. A barrel in a top-lane brush isn't that terrible either, it can be used for surprise attacks. But sure, it wasn't really the reason why he was too strong or frustrating to play against.
Eambo (EUW)
: Games that were in progress are terminated during platform restart - no win/loss/penalties etc.
Would an in-game notification be a thing, so we know we have to hurry and that when the server is down we don't have to try anything?
WuggyBoo (EUW)
: Role champion got played: https://imgur.com/sYT7D7v Main role of the Pro-Gamer: https://imgur.com/itEe9Qe hope i could help u <3
Oh, >< my bad sorry. I was looking at the champion stats and there it shows the role first and then the player with their main role besides it in white letters. The white letters probably grabbed my attention a bit too much in comparison with the role icon. Perhaps swapping the player with the role would have prevented it since the focus of the page is in the middle. (Or it is just me) Now we are at it, I think the role icon is a bit too ambiguous for top and bot. Yes the darker part is where the player is went, i figured that out, but I think the difference is a bit too subtle. Graying out / removing the other lanes from the icon solves this most likely. (a more pronounced difference) Overview: Total minions killed is very low for junglers since it only looks at minions, showing cs is more common, but what you want to do with it is up to you (different shade for neutral monsters perhaps). At least it shows what it says. overall, the site looks very neat, but not something for me, I am more into the statistics or personal games.
WuggyBoo (EUW)
: After hours of blood, sweat and tears, my site for match analysis has finally spawned
Looks decent but I noticed that the roles do not align with what is actually played. Probably due to swapping during champ select and the way the role is extracted, but it still looks really odd.
garyd2407 (EUW)
: After Match Grading (S-,S,S+)
It is because riot does not want to release information about this so 'nobody can abuse the system' Therefore we shove it into the ~~"you were just unlucky"~~ i mean "it is calculated differently for different champions" http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Champion_Mastery
Jinsοyun (EUNE)
: Conditioning rune Bug
The 5% of the base armor seems to be added to the base armor. No idea about the 8 bonus from conditioning. The 5% from armor items do add to the bonus. In the end you are awarded the right amount **total** armor. But not the right bonus and base armor. Certain abilities and items scale with bonus armor so it does make a difference. (tested with bramble) At most you can get ~6,5 base armor extra and ~6,5 Bonus armor less (Braum level 18) No idea if this is intentional, iron skin also increases base armor so it seems like it. The description Riot gives is probably just off again...
Maluber (EUW)
: It does seem bugged. It seems like its granting the 5% armor as base armor. You can test this in training. I took blitz who had 44 base armor. With conditioning his armor goes to 55 (47 base + 8). After buying a cloth armor his base armor goes DOWN to 46 +24.
Probably just a rounding error
Rouwhorst (EUW)
: Dash abilities cause an basic attack to be queued. So if that is the case this should also be the case for other champions Perhaps Yi's Q is coded differently, or the vision granted on his Q (path 6.24) causes this. Do you happen to have a video/replay?
Never mind, this mechanic has been apparently a long time in the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wq7noBrJl8
: Master yi gets a free auto attack after alpha striking, even when akali is in her twilight shroud.
Dash abilities cause an basic attack to be queued. So if that is the case this should also be the case for other champions Perhaps Yi's Q is coded differently, or the vision granted on his Q (path 6.24) causes this. Do you happen to have a video/replay?
Fajerk (EUW)
: Well I guess I can tell you exactly what happens, but I'm not sure if it is fully intended feature. By default, every time champion uses an ability that targets enemy champion directly, an auto attack is queued up automatically. This can be overwritten by manual command. Now, invisibility does not prevent you from being hit, it only prevents you from being targeted by enemy players. If mastery Yi targets you with Q while you are visible, and afterwards an auto attack get's automatically queued up against the same target, it does not really care that you are invisible since it has acquired you as target already (when his Q was cast). It technically is intended behaviour duo to how Yi's Q acquires it's targets, even tho queuing AA against invisible target is kinda off.
> By default, every time champion uses an ability that targets enemy champion directly, an auto attack is queued up automatically. This can be overwritten by manual command. Unit targetted abilities do cause auto attack queue. However, I found that non-dash abilities only queue an attack if it was cast out of range (champion had to move), if it was cast in range no attack would be queued. Dash abilities work either way.
Synric V (EUW)
: Plat 5 negative winrate wasting his time with champion concepts {{sticker:sg-janna}}
You act as if climbing the ranked ladder is ~~his~~ a life purpose.
Warheart1 (EUNE)
: Here's my list of champions who look outdated or their abilities or they are just boring to play and need something new: {{champion:20}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:50}}
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